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I bought the first book in the summer of 2001 because I've heard buzz about it and a lot of kids in the summer camp where I worked were reading it. (I was 21) I read it that fall and liked it. But it was only when I saw the first movie in the movie theater that November that I wanted to read the sequels. My Dad's friend got me books 2 to 4 in some sort of promotion deal and I spent the next 2 months or so reading them. I really got into them then and was waiting until 2003 to get book 5.

I wasn't much into online fandom then, although I did go to some sites, I think. Mostly, it was fun to talk about the books with others. My first real conversation with one of my close friends was about Snape and our mutual love for the character.

I got Bear into the books at the end of 2004 by leaving a copy of the 1st book in his room and loaning him the rest as I went to England to do research in 2005. He caught some of the 2nd movie on TV right before and showed interest so I seized the opportunity. He ended up being a big fan to (although he prefers Dresden Files).

2005 was a big year because that is when I really got into fanfic. I read an article about Harry Potter fanfic in USA Today newspaper and went to check out the sites. I was hooked. Before long, I was reading a lot of Snape/Hermione pairing, mostly because I wanted to read a lot about Snape and that was most common pairing that. And Ashwinder was a good site. I had to limit my intake because I was reading a lot. So many stories.

At some point my friend recommended Sam the Storyteller's stories and I read my very first slash story with Remus/Sirius. It was strange but interesting and took me on a slash path on which I'm still on. And Remus/Sirius are still the pairing I read (and write) to this day, while my Snape phase has cooled.

In the summer of 2005 I was in London, so I got the 6th book at a store there. I wasn't feeling well but I dragged myself to the store, trying not to pass out on the way, but I got the book and read it over the next 4 days. I loved those days where we didn't have all the books, so there was a lot of speculation and a lot of theories. I even got one of those books with speculation essays for New Year one year.

In 2007, my friend and I got book 7 in midnight release and I stayed up for the next 21 hours reading it non-stop. No sleep for me.

After books ended, there were movies but I was mostly in the fanfic world. Around 2010 I started writing my own stories. I wrote one Snape/Lily but then I mostly stuck to Remus and Sirius. In 2011 I got brave enough to join RS Games, which I did every year since and other fests. Writing the characters gave me a deeper understanding of them. I always loved Remus but I couldn't care much for Sirius in canon. But writing about Sirius gave me an appreciation about his character.

In 2011, Bear and I went to Orlando to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which we both loved. In 2014, when Tanya was born and my brain was too tired from lack of sleep, I reread all the books on my Kindle, and that was a great decision. And this summer I eagerly read "Cursed Child" and was happy to be in that world again. I still have to watch Fantastic Beasts but I don't have the chance to go to the movie theater now so it would have to wait.

Still my main connection with Harry Potter now is fanfic. Although this year I can see my interest waning a bit, mostly because of real life stuff. But Harry Potter remains one of the core defining books of my life be a use it defined my online life and real life friendships so much. And inspired me to finally write. I'm less intense about it now but no less in love with the world of it.

Fandom Meme

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 05:53 pm
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A week or so ago this meme was going around and it got me thinking about my fandom loves. I figure that instead of posting this and responding individually, I will just write up my answers for 6 fandoms in one post. I picked these six fandoms because I'm much more deeply entrenched in them due to fanfic - I either read a lot (and bookmarked lots if anyone wants recs) or I wrote fic myself. So while I love many other things like Supernatural or Doctor Who or Dresden Files, or other Star Trek or Dollhouse or Agents of SHIELD or Battlestar Galactica or Farscape etc, fanfic in these 6 fandoms in particular lets me to think about the show/book and understand did a bit deeper. If anyone wants to ask me about other show/TV, I will do this meme in comments but here are my main ones.

These fandoms are, in order of my involvement: Harry Potter, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy, Torchwood, Highlander: TV Series, and Glee.

Here are the questions.

* How I entered that fandom
* Favorite character
* Least favorite character
* OTP(s)
* Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get
* Favorite thing about the fandom
* The thing I most dislike about the fandom
* If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be?

Harry Potter )

Star Trek: Voyager )

Buffy )

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, May 14th, 2015 07:11 pm
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I got Harry Potter stamps today! I was in the post office, mailing our lease and I saw them right in front. So, of course, I had to get that stamp book (20 stamps). I don't think I can bring myself to use them. I want to keep that Snape stamp, at least. And the stamp of 11 year old Hermione raising her hand high is pretty awesome too. They come in a pretty little booklet too. I can't believe I didn't know there were Harry Potter stamps. (I was wearing my Ravenclaw summer baseball cap that I got in Harry Potter World in Orlando too; I'm a proud nerd.)

I went to the post office in the first place today because my Mom and I made a trip to Baby R Us with Tanya napping in the stroller to get organic baby food. I do love going to Baby R Us for that because of both sales and variety. I got 20 squeezables for $15 and 20 Earth Best jars for $16. And we had $5 in reward points. She is set for a while. The store is maybe 15-20 minutes away walking and post office and bank are not too far from there to make it worth the walk.

The weather got to lovely 68F today. It was warm with a bit of wind to require a light jacket with gorgeous blue skies. My morning walk was over an hour too, so my feet are nice and tired.

Yesterday we went to the Zoo. It's free from 2 to 5 on Wednesdays and the weather was finally warm enough. It's not too far, about 30 minutes by car with a free parking lot. We took a cooler with Tanya's homemade soup with us since she eats at 3 and drove there right after her nap.

We spent an hour and a half there and it wasn't too crowded yet. Lots of kids and families. Tanya was very serious most of the time - she is an observer when it comes to new environments - and she is too young to really understand or pay attention. Still, I like showing her new stuff. She did smile a lot at the alligator, but that was probably because first we looked at the eyes sticking out of the water and then had to go lower to look at his body underwater. She liked going up and down. We came back to that alligator maybe an hour later and he didn't move at all.

We saw kangaroos and emu, children's zoo with sheep and goat and Llama like brown creature and big fat pig being led on a leash, geese, ducks, 2 black swans, etc. I liked children's zoo a lot; you can feed the animals and we read about all those animals. I can't wait until she is old enough. The famous groundhog Chuck was lying on the steps of his wooden house in a very relaxed position, just chilling. It was pretty funny.

We also saw otters, amur leopards, different monkeys, lizards and snakes and some fishes and many other small creatures and birds. At 3pm we found an area with picnic tables which was pretty empty except for various loud peacocks roaming around. Tanya had her soup and then I nursed her as we watched one peacock unfold his big magnificent tail.

As we made our way through the zoo I got to be quite social and talk to other moms or grandmothers, which I generally don't do. But with so many little kids around and Tanya looking cute too, it was pretty easy. We met a little 7 months old girl named Ophelia (which is kind of an awesome name, although I immediately thought that being named after a disturbed suicidal fictional character might be hard for the girl later).

And when we were standing by the leopard area, instead of looking at the leopard, Tanya saw and focused on the bright green Ninja Turtle hat a little 1 year old boy was wearing next to us. She loves hats. Reaches for all hats all the time. The little boy smiled at her and both babies reached out to say high. She is nine months old and it already starts!

Bear was sad a little that missed the first zoo trip (and was suspicious of the little boy's motives :) ) but we are going to aquarium in a few weeks for my birthday so he gets to do that with her.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 27th, 2012 11:00 pm
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Today Bear and I spent the afternoon riding around Brooklyn in his car looking at neighborhoods for our apartment hunting. We are thinking of getting something for August, so it is still a little early but we wanted to get a general picture. It is a little overwhelming but exciting too. But, yes, we won’t have much money left over after all the rent and food.

We also printed out the contract for the priest and wrote that deposit check.

On the way back home, we stopped by my grandparents where I got a nice birthday check. So now I can order my Ketubah and put the rest toward the rabbi payment. It was nice to visit them; I couldn’t make it yesterday when my uncle from Chicago was visiting (my Dad’s cousin) but at least I made it today.

And in the evening we had time to go rollerblading too. Yay. After dinner, I finally got Bear to go on Pottermore so he could be sorted. He was never sure what house he would be on – he kept thinking Hufflepuff because loyalty is important to him but he wanted Gryffindor too. And to my delight and his surprise he was sorted into Ravenclaw – like me. He does like books too but I think it was his artistic sense and value for individual quirkiness. It was interesting to see that many of his sorting questions were different from mine.
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Since Mama wasn’t working today, I didn’t go in to school early but worked from home instead. I put together two lectures – one on India’s independence and another on Joan of Arc and I graded the “Sex, Power and Identity” response papers. The latter I did on the balcony in the sun – that was a good place to work.

Both classes went well, I thought. When Prof. S. did show up to observe me I got a little self-conscious but it was not like I was going to do anything differently. I was going to show the YouTube clips of “Joan of Arc” movie but the internet wasn’t cooperating, so I talked to people about their papers just a little bit.

I joined Pottermore yesterday and I’m officially a Ravenclaw. Yay. I was a little reluctant to get Sorted since I really didn’t want to be in any other house – but it worked out.
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And it’s cold again. The weather can’t decide what it wants but can’t complain about it because it is March after all.

On the positive note “Community” is back! While it was not their best episode ever, this show is still funnier than most comedies and I missed it so. I’m going to rewatch it to make sure I catch all the jokes.

I’m writing a Harry Potter story that is due this Sunday. It’s been sitting at the back of my head for a while. It is a fic from Sirius’ perspective, which is the first time that happened and really shocks me too, and the story is flowing out of me. It is writing itself, basically. I just wrote over 2,000 words in one sitting. I like it when that happens.
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I was up at 6am grading and then went to teach. The students were discussing the final exam reading today. One of my classes had real trouble with connections to Goodall while the other class just sailed through it. We’ll see how exam goes.

In the afternoon I was grading map quizzes while listening to Wicked soundtrack. My Global History students did really well! Yay, studying. That is what happens when you get all answers beforehand and actually prepare.

My RS Small Gifts story got posted today and my recipient left a great comment on it. Yay. I was a bit nervous writing specifically for someone and hitting their like points.
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Norway massacre is just horrible.

Deathly Hollows Part II reactions from someone who never read the books.

We had a few power outages today because of the heat - at 3:30 for a bit. . Then at 3:53 and from 5:50 to 6:19pm. But Internet takes longer to reset. I really hope everything will be restored by 10, since really don’t want to miss Torchwood today.

Dylan Thomas “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” I liked listening to it more than reading it since I don’t have patience for reading it – but it was a little abridged which is silly for a short story.

Finally, I got some tentative class schedule for the writing program. It is on a campus that is further away though, I’m hoping they would change it, but they probably won’t and I can’t really be too picky.

Leverage S4E4 )

Torchwood S4E3 )
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Harry Potter movie )

Bear and I had a great date with the movie and then going rollerblading together. I like just sitting on the bench at the end of the route before heading back, looking at the ocean and just chatting. We capped the date by going to have Indian at our usual restaurant and it was delicious as always.

After Elton continues with their hilarious Torchwood: Miracle Day recaps.
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Today was my court day – I was a one of 12 jurors hearing a case in federal court. They said this case would take three days but I think we would be done tomorrow, if we all agree, since only closing statements are left. I cannot talk about the case in any way until it is over even with fellow jurors so I will write about it only once it is done.

I think the interesting thing about being a juror, other than listening to the case, which I as a student of history of law find not the least boring, is meeting and chatting with other jurors. And since we can’t talk about the case with each other until we are told too, it is fun to talk about work and travel and Broadway shows. Half of us are teachers of some kind so we can all bitch about that.

I am starting to feel some anxiety about tomorrow and deliberating our verdict because this is someone’s life in our hands. And this is a criminal case so a person could go to jail. I guess we just have to do our best and let collective judgment stand.

I preordered my Harry Potter tickets today. Bear and I are going on Saturday. Can’t wait.

So what does one do when one of the stars of your movie is in a successful TV series? If you are Peter Jackson, you adjust your schedule to fit Martin Freeman’s “Sherlock” schedule and then apparently, hire Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock to Freeman’s Watson) to be in the Hobbit too. That makes me super excited about the movie even more.

Torchwood Radio Play 1 - The Devil and Miss Carew )
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When I go on vacation, I generally stay off the internet and instead keep my journal in my little notebook. Then I transcribe it back here. So I apologize for posting so many entries all at once as I catch up.

One thing about having a vacation at amusement parks is the need to get up at 6:30 or 7 in the morning to get a shuttle and get to the parks early. And after twelve hours there come home with very tired feet. But it is certainly worth it and it is a lot of fun.

Today we went to Universal’s Islands of Adventure since the first thing I wanted to do was go to Harry Potter World. We got on the 7:50 shuttle that I booked yesterday and we were there by 8:15. We had breakfast at Three Broomsticks scheduled for 9 so we picked up our park tickets and headed to Harry Potter World (along with tons of other people).

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SYTYCD Top 20 Results )

2nd Harry Potter trailer came out - my heart will break for Snape all over again. Looks really good. Can’t wait.

I finished “Queer as Folk US” Season 2. I think I liked it better than Season One since the characters are better established. But it is a show I like but not love. I will watch other seasons and everything but it is not must watch for me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 10:43 pm
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As I got up this morning, first thing I did was book the vacation Bear and I have been talking about for the last month. Orlando and Harry Potter World here we go. I’ve never been to Orlando and I’m looking forward to Disneyworld too; I did want to go ever since I was eight and read the first Mickey Mouse book. So in one month I will finally get to see it and be a kid for a bit.

Avatar:TLA S2E14-15 )

This evening I also watched “Borgias” (I do love having on Demand): the rest of the first two-parter and Episode 3. I like it a lot and can’t wait to see the rest of the season. All that scheming. And I’m enjoying the characters. I do prefer it to “Game of Thrones.” I’m really liking Cesare, which is unexpected.

When will this rain stop. It is making everything so depressing.

Cross stitch: with yellow and gold for the balloon I finished all the cross stitches for the blanket. Now I just have to do backstitch, stem stitch and French knots and signature and I’m done. I’m thinking of adding the baby’s name somewhere too.
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Graded more history papers this morning. And gave the last lecture for the history class on Exploration and Columbian exchange. Now I just have a review class on Monday, where I will give a map quiz as well and then finals. A few more weeks!

It took me much longer to get home because we had a flat tire. Joy. I had to call in Geico and we had to wait 45 minutes. I think it was a nail. At least the weather was nice.

President Obama finally got fed up with the birthers and released his birth certificate. This whole fake drama was so stupid but I’m sure the detractors will find a new way to be ridiculous.

Avatar:TLA S1E11,12 )

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer All those Snape scenes. This movie looks epic.

More DW questions:

Do you crosspost? Why or why not?

No, since I don’t have LiveJournal.

What do you do online when you’re not on DW?

I read fanfic or I watch Netflix. And check my gazillion email accounts for school and personal email. And use Google Image to come up with Powerpoint presentations. And read a few blogs; mostly tv reviews and recaps and blogs of writers.
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First day of school. I feel I just got done with folder review and here we go again getting up at 6:30.

The morning was really dreadful in weather. First it was sort of rainy, that in between rain and snow sleet that makes the roads icy. It was really hard to walk on campus, especially in the morning. One had to walk very very slowly and careful and sometimes ice skate so as not to fall. By about eleven the roads turned into sludge and the rain kept pouring. I actually preferred sludge to ice. This will not be a fun week.

In the morning I caught up on HIMYM episode (which was moving) and got breakfast before my non-stop day of photocopying and getting ready for all my classes – both writing and history since the University were I teach my writing classes has a better and more accessible copy machine. I bought index card holder to go with my index card where students put their personal information for my easy use. I photocopied syllabi, reading guides, grammar presentation sign up sheets, rosters and notes for tomorrow and some readings to put online for my history class. I had a whole big list which I worked through. I also went to the other campus to finally turn in all the financial paperwork that we have to fill out every semester. (In the sludge. At least another professor was heading there and she gave me a ride. I took the bus back.)

Then I got lunch and went to teach my two writing classes. I do have a nice group of students and I can already tell that I will like my second class a bit more; they are friendlier and the room is better. For the first class, only one person bought the book already so we couldn’t do a reading exercise I wanted. I let them go early. For the second class, I made photocopies of the pages I wanted them to read so we had a better discussion.

So I’m assigning that Jenkins article on Harry Potter wars and the intersection of the old and new media. In each class, maybe five people actually read Harry Potter, not that it matters for the purposes of this class. They need to analyze the article in front of them, no matter the context. I just find it weird since they were children right in the midst of the craze.

I also felt very weird and jarring to have to explain what ‘fandom’ meant. I’ve been living in the fan world for at least the last five years and the high percentage of my internet use is fandom related, mostly TV and books. And I did start with Harry Potter although I was a Star Trek fan since my teenage years and went to a Star Trek convention right before I turned sixteen. And I live in my head so much that I really forget that most people use internet differently. But I went around the room and make each figure out if they were fans of anything and then what would it mean to be part of ‘fandom.’ One guy who said he was a fan of Batman found the idea of going online and talking about Batman weird and too nerdy. Hee. I kept thinking of Bear’s Joker animation of “The Killing Joke.” I am looking forward to the discussion of this article to see what they think of this world foreign to them.

Exercise: 30 min on Wii. The Island Run was a bit too long for me – 11 minutes, I get bored easily, I’d rather do the bike I think. But it was nice to do something physical after being so brain tired from work.

Cross stitch: light green today for little bear’s pajamas.

Fic: Never Friends

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 07:05 pm
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Title: Never Friends
Author: bearshorty
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: When Remus is injured, it is up to Snape to help whether he wants to or not. In the process, they talk of the past, air grievances and perhaps offer each other a tiny bit of friendship. Written for Snape’s birthday. Mention of R/S, R/T, Severus/Lily, James/Lily.
Word Count: 5068
Warning: Tiny mention of slash. Don’t read if it is not your thing.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters and I’m not making a profit.

Never Friends )
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We are still snowed in today. The big pile of snow is blocking our driveway. The plow crews that our community hired did come in today but they did the other side of it first. So right now no one can take the car out. I did get outside for a bit to talk to one of the plowmen. I love the snow even as I don’t like the hassle it causes many people.

Mark, who did great reviews of Harry Potter online this past year, has started watching “Doctor Who” and posting about the episodes he is seeing. He knows nothing of the show, so this is really first impressions. So it made me want to rewatch some episodes. I watched “Father’s Day” again from Season One and that episode always makes me tear up. Then I rewatched “Doomsday” from the end of Season Two. It is funny, but for me there is a strong association between Harry Potter and “Doctor Who.” In 2007, when I heard that James Marsters would be on ‘Torchwood’ for a few episodes, I figured it was time to finally check out “Doctor Who.” I heard about the show but I had very little knowledge of it. So I ordered Season One, disk one, on Netflix. I got the disk close to the night of Book Seven release. Medusa and I were going to the local bookstore at midnight to get our Deathly Hollows books and we had some time to pass. So we got Chinese food and tried out “Doctor Who” together. And we both really liked it. It was a good mix of sci-fi and a bit creepy and interesting. And I really fell in love with the show and the concept with that first season. My favorite Season is Season 4, because I adore Donna and love every episode. It is fun to see the show again through the eyes of someone just watching it for the first time.

Tempest Act 4 )
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Before my classes this morning, I looked at the collections of essays in the Expos book, which I will probably teach from next semester. I haven’t taught Expos in a while; I’ve been doing Basic Comp lately since I like it more, but I can’t be picky. Since I’ve taught it last, a new edition of the book came out. So as I was browsing it I discovered to my delight this article:

Henry Jenkins, 'Why Heather Can Write: Media Literacy and the Harry Potter Wars"

This is the official description of it:
"Young people are immersed in technology, texting friends, chatting online, wandering virtual realities, and surfing the Web. Does this immersion work against literacy, or does it redefine what it means to be literate in the twenty-first century"

This article is basically about the Harry Potter fandom and how that works with the old media. And a big part of the article is about fan fiction and how it affects writing and how it can teach children to write better. There is a discussion of beta readers too. The article is about the conversion culture of old media that is dependent on hierarchy and a new more egalitarian media of the internet. And the article also has a large section on censorship attempts and how some Christians are actually using the books in the positive way to advance their values. (This was published in 2006)

I am so teaching this article next semester. Harry Potter was my first internet fandom, it is what really introduced me to fan fiction so this would be fun for me to teach and see what 18 year old think of it (they did after all read the books at a very different age than me. I was 21-27 through the series and I read for adult characters more than for the kids.)

In class today, the students turned in their Paper 3 and did some proofreading and then we did some close reading of the next article by Lenore Look. I was thinking of doing more grammar but we actually got into the first section of the essay well. The class went really well. They do have hard time picking out themes from the paragraphs they read; they get a small detail but not big picture.

Since this was Halloween weekend I was spending it with Bear at his house (Both of us love this holiday). So I took two trains for a very long ride to his place. By the time I got to his house I was falling asleep. I did get into some conversation with other people on the train, mostly because I finished one book and pulled out the second one, which was read half-way. The old gentleman across from me, who was also reading, found it amusing.

I finished “Theatre” by W. Somerset Maugham that Papa gave me for my birthday. I give it four out of five. The prose style is excellent; the man can write. And I especially enjoyed the last third of the book, since the subtle ironic humor was really strong here. The story is about a middle age actress Julia who has an affair with a young man and the repercussions on her emotional well being and her ability to act. She has an affable husband with whom she started a theatre where she works and one son, but she is actress first and foremost. She acts not just in the theater but in her life as well. I really didn’t like Tom, the young man who had an affair with Julia, mostly because he is using her to advance in society, but I wasn’t sure if he was actually self aware about that. Or maybe the perception of him changes with Julia’s views of him. I did rather liked Michael, Julia’s husband, they had a nice real marriage and partnership that wasn’t really about sex and they were certainly best of friends. But Julia not knowing what is real or not was fun. The more I think about the book the more I like it, but I certainly did not felt anxious to finish it or to pick it up like I just had to know what happened. So 4 out of 5.

Bear and I had dinner with his parents and sister and then we had a Halloween TV night – rewatch of “Community” and “Modern Family” Halloween episodes and then “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I got Bear into “Community” – he doesn’t watch TV that much, but he watches TV with me when I show him something. He certainly watched all my favorite “Buffy” episodes without actually having the sense of the show narrative. He does like ‘Community” a lot. This was also the first time Bear saw “Rocky Horror” and he had this look on this face like he couldn’t believe anything can be that campy and weird. But it was certainly perfect for Halloween and the start of the Halloween weekend.


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