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I put together the Peer review sheet for a research paper for Monday. I hope I remembered everything and perhaps it will be productive for them. But I’d rather do this than lecture at this point. Can’t wait for my break.

I also finished “Battlestar Galactica” again. I don’t know why people don’t like that finale. It is perfectly satisfying to me. I love the flashbacks and that battle is pretty intense. And it makes sense to me. (There are two episodes I didn’t watch in Season 1, but that is fine, I read their reviews).
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In the morning, I worked on my “Jury” lecture for the afternoon. I think writing the lecture made me keep it all straight in my head more. I do learn a lot when I teach, probably more than the students. For Global I gave the Mongolia lecture on Genghis Khan and conquests. Good lecture day.

I’ve been rewatching “Battlestar Galactica” for the last few months because of Mark Watches reviews. And it is even better the second time around. But I couldn’t bring myself to watch Season 4’s “The Oath” episode and the one following it. It was two weeks since the previous episode for me. Finally I buckled down and watched it today since the review for it goes up on Friday. I think I got too invested in some characters this time around and knowing what happens just made it worse. I think rewatching “Buffy” (that is his next project) will be less stressful!

Today was the official end of 2011 RS Games on livejournal. Team Sirius won but, my team, Team Remus wasn’t far behind. This was my first big fest and I found it a good experience. Plus I get to read and comment on a lot of good stories. And even though I was nervous about it I liked my story for it, despite it being a story about grief. Masterlist of all stories. Now I need to write my Small Gifts story - I meant for it to be extra fluffy but some angst is sneaking in; I can’t help myself.
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This Thursday at least I was able to take it a bit easy. I should be grading more, I know, but I really needed a little break. I did catch up on the reading for the law class and put a Byzantine reading handout together for the Global class.

But I also started Season 4 of “Battlestar Galactica” rewatch and watched “Grey’s Anatomy” and went for a walk for a change. So, overall, a good day. Back to work and grading and teaching tomorrow.
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Yom Kippur this year was a little tough on me. It really varies from year to year, some years the fasting is easier than others. And today the time just crept very, very slowly. Probably because I woke up at 7am and had another twelve hours to go. The lack of water was really hard – I got the dehydration headache pretty early in the day so that prevented much reading, which how I usually spend the day. I don’t work or write anything but I do read. And I watch a lot of shows and TV but even that gets old. Time was really stretching today.

I did read my fiction book in the morning and then I watched some “Battlestar Galactica” to catch up for next week. Which is not as fun as it sounds since we are in the second half of Season Three and I’m not a big fan of those episodes.

Last hour as usual was the hardest because of the headache. But then came 7:08pm and fabulous two glasses of water. Papa fried up some pasta with egg for us. He seemed to handle the day pretty ok – the last hour was the toughest for him too. The pasta was from yesterday so he warmed it up in a pan with about four eggs – it just makes delicious pasta-omelet. And there was tomato too. I went for a walk after that to clear my head. And had tea.

Tomorrow – Indian buffet – so looking forward to it.
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I do love having the house to myself on a Saturday where I feel I can slow down. I read some fiction and Brundage for my law class (how I love him) and I went to the library to return a book for a 40 minute walk while listening to “Cabaret.” And I cleaned the bathroom and watched two “Battlestar Galactica” episodes to be read for next week’s Mark Watches recaps. All before 2pm. I like a quiet house.

Yesterday in my writing class I was preparing my students for their midterm reading and we had some interesting questions for pre-reading in the textbook. One of the questions was about if any of them have an online identity that is different from their real one and if they feel like different people. None of them thought they had a different online identity – they all use their real names. After some prodding a few did remember using a pseudonym for online gaming. Also, while most found the idea of texting a roommate in the next room to inform them of a visitor (as happened in an example in a story) over the top, a few actually found it perfectly normal. I do like seeing the difference in the current young generation.

Doctor Who S6E13 )
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I spent all morning in final preparations for first history lectures tomorrow. I have to combine the introductory lecture with the first actual lecture since the classes got cancelled on Monday. The main uncertainly is the classroom and whether it will have any technology. I’m preparing for the worst case and will make sure I print out enough outlines for students. That classroom that we got moved to because of renovations is just so terrible. At least I hope for a lectern.

I just realized tonight that my first day of school was 25 years ago when I was six and I was all excited for first grade. (We didn’t have kindergarten in Belarus, just grades 1 to 11. Although my years was the first one that got to go to school at the age of six instead of seven. Before that it was grades 1 to 10. I always felt special because of it). I got to wear my uniform, as everyone in the whole Soviet Union wore that same school uniform and I had flowers for my teacher and I was very nerdy in my short haircut and big glasses. And now I get to be on the other side of it. I still get nervous until I actually enter the classroom.

Tonight I watched “Battlestar Galactica” ‘s Pegasus arc. This was one of the most uncomfortable arcs and that is saying a lot on this show. But I had to watch all three episodes, I couldn’t stop – this is really just one long movie.
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Papa and I went to Brooklyn this morning to visit my grandparent. My grandmother always likes going down to the building yard/common area so she can show us off. After we got back home we went to the beach and I went rollerblading. So I had a very nice morning. The rest of the day wasn’t very exciting. I watched some “Battlestar Galactica” for next week’s Mark Watches posts and read.

Ghost Story by Jim Butcher )

A few days ago Mama and my Aunt Vera, her sister, were talking on Skype (my Aunt lives in Minsk, Belarus where I was born). And my Aunt was telling us new information that she learned about Max, their grandfather. Max was first married to my great-grandmother and had one son, my grandfather. When my grandfather was young, before WWII, Max and my great-grandmother got divorced and then Max moved to Saratov in Russia while the rest of the family stayed in Minsk. In Saratov, he remarried and had another family with three other children. At the end of WWII, my grandfather went to Saratov to his father since all his family in Minsk was killed during the war. In Saratov, my grandfather met my grandmother Tanya who was evacuated there during the war and my Aunt and my mom were born there too. Only in 1960, did my grandparents and my Mom and my Aunt moved to Minsk where my grandfather always wanted to return. What my family didn’t really know was why Max moved to Saratov in the first place. It wasn’t easy to just pick up and move cities in Soviet Union. And why Saratov of all places? So it turns out that Max was a scribe and when someone from the synagogue in Minsk was moving to Saratov he needed to take a scribe with him and he offered Max a job as a scribe in a synagogue. I find this very interesting. My grandfather was a scribe during WWII too. I guess it runs in the family. Knowing languages too.
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Since Mark Watches started “Battlestar Galactica” and since it is on Netflix instant play – I have been rewatching episodes along with him. There are several shows I watched twice: “Buffy” “Farscape,” “Firefly” (usually with Papa while I introduced those shows to him) so it has been interesting to start this show at the beginning with full knowledge of what to come.

Torchwood S4E5 )

After Elton's Torchwood Episode 5 in ten minutes

'Leverage' managed another decent episode last week. Maybe this season can be salvaged.

The US credit rating just got downgraded . It is not a good thing obviously but part of me thinks Congress and its stupid ‘negotiations’ of the last few weeks deserve that for putting the interest of their own re-election ahead of actually thinking about people. The whole political shenanigans right now just make me want to shake my head.
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From Cracked article : “Purim is a Jewish holiday, and as such, it celebrates the same thing all Jewish holidays celebrate: narrowly escaping genocide.” Hee.

Agh, Amazon. Where is my “Ghost Story”? Papa pre-ordered it with his gift certificate and usually pre-ordering a book mean it arrives on the day it is published. But Amazon didn’t even ship it yet and it can arrive anytime from Aug 1 to Aug 15. That is ridiculous. I wrote an email to Amazon complaining about this. I don’t expect much of them – they will probably blame the shipping options but I was mad about this. We waited longer for this installment and I want to know what happens next and then give the book to Bear then Papa.

Battlestar Galactica Baltar is much more interesting the second time around, still sleezy but more interesting. This rewatch should be interesting.
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Happy birthday, Marianna!

Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize for literature this morning. I have never read his work. Papa read one of his books a long time ago in Russia and he really liked it. I think I will go through Amazon’s author’s page and pick one of his books to read sometime soon – they do sound interesting.

Hee. Lifetime is making a reality show about Brighton Beach . Brighton Beach is a center of the Russian-American community in Brooklyn. It is a long avenue with some side streets that has lots of food stores and an awesome Russian bookstore and other stores and some fancy restaurants. A subway passes over it and that adds character. There is also a nice boardwalk and an actual beach that is quite popular in the summer. My parents and I visit there occasionally when we go to visit my grandparents in Brooklyn. I find the idea of a reality show based there very amusing. I might even check it out.

I saw today that “Battlestar Gallactica” is now on Netflix Instant Play. Well, at least it will be easy to rewatch my favorite scene when they crawl into my head.

Buffy Season 8 #37 )

Bones S6E3 )
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Unpacking most morning; it is a pretty unremarkable day, just a bit cranky from missing my Bear – I usually get ‘Bear withdrawal’ after spending uninterrupted days with him. The cold weather isn’t helping.

On Christmas, when we went to visit Bear’s grandmother, there was a piano in a lounge where we gathered. While we were waiting for everyone to show up, I went up to it to play a bit. I learned to read music in fourth grade but I took piano in high school for a few years, not that I remember much at all. There are only two melodies that I could play without any notes “Greensleeves” and “Fur Elise.” But apparently now even muscle memory is fading, I could barely get through the first part. So when I got home I took out my keyboard piano and my old notes to try to remember it. It has been to long since I touched a keyboard, I always mean to learn again but then I never do.

Otherwise this was a pretty unremarkable day

“Battlestar Galactica: The Plan” finally came after a long wait and Papa and I watched it. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan )
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Today was a bit rainy and gloomy, a typical November day. Still a good day. In the morning, after breakfast, we went to Brooklyn so that Mama and I could get a haircut. We are going to a wedding in two weeks in Boston so we figured we should just cut it now. I asked for a bit shorter haircut, shoulder length with a bit of layers and I’m pretty happy with it. I figure it will grow back some later. I only started getting regular haircuts at professional saloons maybe four or five years ago, before that Mama used to cut my hair. I like going to the Brighton salon because it is pretty cheap and the hairdresser is pretty good and knows my hair. We also got some lunch out too, but by then it started raining pretty heavily so we just went home.

I finally was able to do some cross stitch after a long hiatus. For the last month my weekends were a bit busy. It was nice to just sit down and do that for a bit. Although, I just had to do one boring green color. I’m ready for some blue. Basic green is not that appealing after a while, I like it more if the shade of green is either brighter or darker. But it is coming along.

Battlestar Galactica )

Deuteronomy WTF moment of the day: I’m finally ready to get back to the bible and finish the Torah. Chapters 16 to 20 repeat some information about holidays, talk about law courts and kings, prophets and going to war. You need at least three witnesses to a crime/worshiping other gods for people to stone you and those witnesses themselves must cast the first stones. Witchcraft, reading omens, contacting the dead, casting spells and burning sons and daughters in a fire are all ‘detestable practices” according to 18:9-13. Harry Dresden and Harry Potter must not like that. I do like the part where Moses speaks about future prophets. He asks God, “How can people tell if the prophet is real and speaking words of God or if the prophet is a fake?” And God responds that, well, if it comes true then he is a real prophet. That is mighty hedging there by God. Can’t go wrong. Another interesting thing I discovered is the context of “eye for an eye” quote in 19. It actually refers to giving false testimony. If someone is discovered to be a false witness he must receive whatever punishment was intended for the person he informed against. This saying is not really about revenge but about karma. And finally, the complete destruction of people in the land God is giving Israelites is still a bit jarring. This is not some peaceful take-over.
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This was a long and tiring day. I actually woke up by myself at 6:30 and felt I had the energy for the day. I knew I still had eight papers to finish and I might not have to time to give them back but I thought I could do all that and still make it to a medieval lecture at 5pm on main campus. I got to school around 7:30 and graded three or four papers by 9 something and prepared for my class when one of my students showed up for office hours. It was actually during office hours that I started feeling really tired. Ever since I had vertigo or whatever that was year and a half ago, when I get really tired I feel a slight lack of balance like the ground is not steady under my feet and I can just collapse at any moment. I generally learned to ignore that feeling when I teach and just get on with it but it is a bit hard, I feel like I just have to be on all the time. But, of course, I just went teaching. I gave each class three sample paragraphs and by accident I chose good ones, some even with great grammar teaching moments. I thought as usual the first class went better than the second. I still wasn’t done with five papers from the first sections so I made those students show up at 4:30. I basically got it done in the afternoon with my head literally lying on my arm because I felt if I held my head up by itself I might fall down of something. I was just very tired from the trip, flying and grading and I recognized that as my tiredness response. I also recognized that I won’t be able to go to the lecture because I won’t be able to concentrate or stand for much longer really. And much as I wanted to go even if just to be social, I just knew I should go home and rest. At least I finished grading. (Well I still have to do two papers as soon as those students actually email them to me.) I was just happy I got done as much as I could.

I couldn’t go to sleep right way when I home, it was too early so I distracted myself by lying down on the couch and watching TV. Papa and I watched Battlestar Galactica )

House S5E7 )
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Today is the election day and it feels really weird. It feels small and inconsequential, although it really is not, since local offices matter much more than national ones on many levels. Last year’s campaign season and Presidential election was such a big deal and there was so much coverage you couldn’t avoid it. Plus it was all historic and stuff. This year’s election had much less momentum although it is important this year too. We had a mayoral election for one of the biggest cities of the world, borough president election and a bunch of local offices plus a few amendments like letting prison inmates participate in no-profits. I usually vote Democratic but in local election I do look at the candidates. Today I went to vote with Mama in the afternoon. It is still weird to me that all they need for you to vote is your name and signature and no proof of ID. For borough president I actually voted for a republican incumbent because I feel he is doing a good job. He certainly improved the borough in the ferry terminal and the boardwalk and park area and summer activities. I voted for Bloomberg for mayor too, although as an Independent candidate. I liked Bloomberg and his reign as mayor in the last eight years. I didn’t vote for him eight years ago but I did vote for him four years ago. The only thing that really concerns me about him is that he moved to repeal term limits for city officials so he could run for a third term. That makes me very uncomfortable since it is a bit creepy and smells of someone who gets around rules to keep power. However, this year’s democratic opponent wasn’t strong enough. In the bit of a debate I saw, he kept stumbling over words. So Bloomberg it was. It doesn’t bother me that the mayor spent so much more money on the campaign because he is so rich personally. I understand the concerns of some who says he is an example of how rich keep power. But that campaign money goes into the city and pays salaries and business. Plus, he clearly is not a mayor for the money or adoration of power, he seems like a mayor who works hard and loves what he does. (And he does work for a $1, which in this economy is a bonus). The rest I voted democratic. I knew all the names: they sent enough literature and there was even a personal phone calls a few times. It is fun to actually vote.

Battlestar Galactica )

SYTYCD was fun too. I liked the tango, the waltz and car wash hip-hop the most. Wade’s piece was fun in concept as usual, I can’t look at Van Gogh the same way again. I’m sorry to see Bianca go home but otherwise it was a good how. Adam is really good judge and his comments really make sense.

Deuteronomy WTF moment of the day: chapters 6 to 10 continue with anticipating the commands and some recaps of other books. We get the Shema, which is nice to read. They also mostly give reasons why we need to follow the laws in the first place; it is the mixture of fear and love, threats and promises. I do like that it is emphasized that God doesn’t chose the chosen people because they were the majority but because of love and promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is a lot of repetition to emphasize why we need to follow God’s command, a reminder of all God did in Egypt and since then. It is a little harsh for God to command the total destruction of seven nations already living in Canaan. God does state that Israelites are not getting the promised land because of their own righteousness but because of the wickedness of the nations already there. That is a nice subtle distinction that might forestall pride. I also did not realize that “man does not live on bread alone” was a Bible quote (8:3) Forty is also a popular number with religions for some reason. Forty years in the desert, repenting and praying for forty days and forty nights seems like a common theme.
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I haven’t posted in two days because I saw them as pretty much lost days since I got obsessed with a new awesome fanfic site I found on Tuesday. It is all about Adama/Roslin, my new mushy obsession. (It doesn’t help that they are the cutest thing ever) Argh! This is why it is so dangerous for me to read fanfic, I let it take over my world because it is so nice and comfy. And I can’t just read for an hour or two, I need to devour and skim as much as possible. I recognize a pattern in myself. Since last Saturday when I had my headache/blood pressure spike and then followed by a week of heavy palpitations, I get down and depressed and fanfic is like comfort food. So I binge. Which then feeds the depression and it makes me feel terrible and fogs my head. And I recognize this but I still have a hard time stopping myself. I need to really tell myself, enough, go cold turkey again and clear my head. I had such a nice 38 days and it felt good to have focus, I need to remember this. I’m cutting myself off, again. This needs to stick. I feel like I need to come up with a reward system, perhaps, of some kind. And not resort to comfort reading when my palpitations get bad.

I did finally feel well enough (and it wasn’t raining) to go for a nice walk yesterday and today. Yesterday was Halloween (and Change of Time day, so it was an extra hour, it felt like). I saw a lot of little kids in cute costumes and some adults too. And we didn’t have many visitors for candy so we have lots of candy left over. Yay. Halloween has always been a fun holiday. I have three clear memories of Halloween in my sixteen years in America. (not to mention other Halloween’s like visiting College for the first time on Halloween) My first Halloween was when I was thirteen years old and had no idea what it was about. It was a Sunday and my ten year old friend, Vera, who lived on my block told me all about it and persuaded her parents to let us go trick-or-treating in the afternoon. Her parents, figuring I was older, let us do that, although her grandfather did trail us a half a block away. I didn’t have much money, much less money to buy a costume, so I made my own. I had these bright orange stockings, and a puffy white jacket. I made a cone hat and painted by cheeks red - I guess I was going for a silly clown. Vera got dressed as a gypsy. It was pretty cold but we had lots of fun and went door to door and got lots and lots of candy. It was pretty amazing for an introduction to this weird holiday. (when I was little we wore costumes for New Year kid parties only) The next clear Halloween memory was when I was fifteen and boyfriend and I went trick-and-treating in the evening. I don’t think I wore a costume, just my leather jacket and but he wore a Klingon mask. He was at least six feet tall at the time too, so I imagine the people who opened to door for us weren’t exactly comfortable. That added to our teenage amusement. The third Halloween memory is of couple of years ago. Bear picked me up for a Halloween themed weekend in LI. We met up with his friends and went to a pumpkin museum, which had lots and lots of unusual carvings and displays and the weather was nice and cool and very Octobery, and rainy. It was great. We then went to a haunted firehouse which was amazing. Not too scary, just one guy lunging with a chainsaw made me jump. We had to wait more than an hour to get in, but it was so worth it. The rooms were very elaborate and fancy. The next day Bear and I got pumpkins at this farm place and went back to his house to carve them. It was the first time (and only time) I carved a pumpkin. It was great, although his pumpkin was scarier than mine. But then Bear is an artist and has hand/eye coordination. That was a great Halloween weekend. Oh, I’m just remembering another amazing Halloween a year before. First, I got tickets to the original “Halloween” movie screening, it was one night only, and I knew how much Bear loves that movie. So Bear picked me up after teaching and off we went. We had Chinese food in the car and then saw it in the full movie theater of fans. (“Halloween” is actually the first movie we saw together, a few days before we were officially dating. I came over to his dorm room and he introduced me to it) The next day we had a Halloween party at my friend’s house. I was a sexy witch and Bear was Darth Vader. Tons of fun.

This is too cute.

Battlestar Galactica )
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I hate palpitations, I really do. They are particularly strong since last night and there were not letting me sleep. Knowing that I had to get up at 6:30 did not help. I think the problem is that it is now cold outside and I’m not exercising. The whole summer and especially last month, they were nice and mild and more manageable, and I think it was because I went rollerblading often and walked more. And this week I barely left the house because of the rain. I’m looking forward to Papa buying a Wii for his birthday next month; I might actually use it to move. I have an elliptical in my room but without TV to watch I get bored on it after a few minutes. I might just have to make myself go on it. I’m more pissed at palpitations today than usual, I hate that they hijack my life and make me feel like crap after a while. Days like today are when I think I should take the beta-blockers and just let them help. But I really don’t want to be dependent on any medicine and they don’t cure anything, just slow my pulse so I won’t notice them. I look back fondly on two years ago when I didn’t have to think about what my body is doing and could just live my life. I’m trying to ignore this as much as I can but on days like today it is really hard.

At least, even sleepy and tired and feeling crappy, I had a good morning teaching. I was ignoring not feeling well as much as possible. I worked on Assignment 4 question this morning. They are reading Andrew Sullivan’s “The He Hormone” about the effects of testosterone and how physical sex differences affect gender roles. I’m asking them to think about to what extent culture determines our identity vs. biology. Sullivan gives a bit more weight to biology. I then worked a bit on my conference paper and practiced it; I need to finish it tomorrow and send it off to the commentator. Karen mentioned on Monday that I always look like I don’t want to be there and I just want to escape and she was right to point that out. That kind of shocked me a bit to hear from someone else. Last couple of weeks I was bitching a bit too much because I was either sleep deprived for folder review or I had a headache. I don’t want to be that girl, I don’t want to always complain about stuff. And I do like teaching, I just don’t want to feel like I am about to fall over sometimes. So I made a resolution today not to be bitchy about work at work, just be bitchy about students like we usually do. I’m happy that I can actually work this semester without the lack of balance. I had good classes today. My afternoon was a bit of a wash because I really needed to sleep so I tried to take a long nap. Now I’m more or less saner.

Battlestar Galactica )
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Battlestar Galactica )

I finally looked up the lyrics to “All Along the Watchtower” since it will play such a large role in “Battlestar Galactica” from the end of Season three. It is a damn hard poem to understand. Wikipedia gave a link to a useful website that breaks it down. The explanation actually helped me to see how perfect the song was for the themes of the show: the question of worthiness of human life, the repetition of history and patterns, opposing forces of establishment and change and other themes.

Grading today; I have folder review on Monday. I’m spending too much time on each paper; I need to be more efficient and not spend more than half an hour on each paper. I think tomorrow I will just need to stick to a schedule and grade lots and lots with little breaks.

I did start Chapter 5 of the Hebrew: Feminine Nouns and Verbs. Also learning “from” and “and.” I read much faster now and some basic sentences are fun. For example: ‘David listened to a girl from Egypt’. There is a lot of nuance, I just have to not let it overwhelm me and just take one chapter at a time. Guttural letters just cause so many exceptions. Still I can read most prayers easily now. I do need to learn more words to understand them. I did half the exercises for the chapter today, I’ll finish the rest tomorrow if I get the time with all the grading. I do like that in Hebrew letters serve as numbers: first letter of the alphabet is 1, second letter is 2, etc.

Numbers WTF moment of the day: chapters 6 to 10 are about making a special vow of separation, offerings at the tabernacle dedication, setting up the lamps and again emphasizing the special nature of Levites, celebrating Passover and then, finally, leaving Sinai Desert. Much feels like repetition again. The action was described previously and now people are doing it. In the modern storytelling it would just be redundant. Each tribe is also giving identical offerings yet the Bible has to list each, one after another twelve times. And then a summary of all the offerings. I realize this used to be important but it is really boring to read and even write about. At least I learned that everyone can celebrate Passover even those ceremonially unclean from touching a dead body or traveling. And aliens who want to celebrate Passover have to follow the same regulations. This is pretty much how every Passover Seder I’ve ever hosted or participated in went (the aliens part not touching the dead body part, unless dead chicken counts). Sometimes I had more Catholics/atheists at my Seder than actual Jews. I also learned from these chapters that to make a special vow one can’t have anything made from grapes, let his or her hair grow out, can’t go near a dead body even those of family, and in the end have to shave the head completely. It is also kind of fun that the Israelites are pretty much following a cloud around and letting it dictate when they move on.
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Teaching day today. We went over paragraph formations and connections. I hope they were getting it. It is always interesting how two different groups process the same lesson plan. Two classes are never the same.

I got lunch at the student center today and to my surprise they had the most delicious cheeseburger and fries. The fries especially were excellent.

Bones S5 E3 )

Battlestar Galactica )
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Today was a pretty mellow day, not much going on. I was watching more “Battlestar Gallactica” with Papa. I like watching it all at once; I think the show benefits from uninterrupted viewing since the episodes occur one right after the other. And I like all the characters, which is rare in a show. It is not my favorite show ever but it is entertaining.

Genesis WTF moment of the day: I can’t believe I’m almost done with Genesis, tonight I will read the last five chapters (I read them late at night). I think sticking to a plan of five chapters a day and looking for a crazy moment to write about helped me to stick to it. Last night’s reading was not that crazy but still some moments stood out. I did like some realistic touches like when pharaoh gets Joseph out of prison after two years, he gives him time to shave and change his clothes, since I’m sure he was stinky. And when Joseph leaves the room to cry for a thousand’s time after he interacts with his brothers – who sold him in the slavery in the first place – he takes time to wash his face before going back into the room. Joseph tries to be a bit of a bastard and play his brothers since he wants for them to bring his youngest brother Benjamin into Egypt. Then he tries to set it up so Benjamin would remain in Egypt by having his men conceal a cup in Benjamin’s bag, not really counting on his brother Judah try to trade himself for Benjamin’s freedom. For all his scheming it seems Joseph’s heart is not really into it because he confesses to his brothers about who is he pretty quickly (since they did not recognize him). He also cries a lot and doesn’t blame his brothers for selling him into slavery that much. Well at least he grew rich. It just the whole story with his brothers not recognizing him, and traveling back and forth from Canaan to Egypt and hiding the cup, turned out pretty pointless since they still got all “happily ever after” ending.
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So it turns out that not getting enough sleep plus bleeding plus not eating until 2pm causes lightheadedness and the whole about to keel over feeling. Probably anemia acting up or at least that is what I choose to believe.

“Bones” had an episode with a James Bond theme. That show is like cotton candy, a flimsy fun show, the only procedural I like and mostly for the characters. Although the images of dead flesh, especially one guy’s body eaten by cats, were a bit too much. I did like how they focused on some kitties afterward staring at Booth and licking their faces.

I also appreciate that people on “Battlestar Gallactica” have hair and dirty faces one would have in a shitty situation, and not perfectly coiffed with nice make-up in the middle of apocalypse like many other shows and movies I won’t name (cough... terminator:salvation …cough)

Genesis WTF moment of the day: When Jacob returned to the land where he was born with his whole family, one guy in a neighboring town took a liking to Jacob’s daughter Dinah. So he took Dinah and raped her. But, of course, it was OK from his perspective because he fell in love with her afterward and wanted to marry her. The guy and his father went to Jacob to get his permission and everything. Jacob’s sons (and he had twelve from four mothers) did not take this so well and planned revenge. They pretended they were good with the marriage as long as the guy, his father and every single male in the town got circumcised. On the third day after the whole town did that and all men lay there still in pain, a few of the brothers came to the town and killed all men while they were in their weakened state. Of course, the brothers also looted the town, took away all herds and money and women and children to. A little excessive on their part there. Oh, and Rachel had another son, Benjamin, and she died in childbirth asking Jacob to name their son Ben-Ori. Jacob disregarded her last wishes there.


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