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I really need to figure out how to handle my work stress better. I work part-time during the semesters teaching two sections of writing classes at a University. The rest of the time I'm home with my 18 month old, which is another job in itself. Of course, part-time is a relative term. I physically go to work two days a week and teach two 80 minute classes. But during the weeks where I have commenting on rough drafts (for papers 1 and 4) or grading papers (there are 5) - so seven weeks total, I don't have any free time at all. My every spare moment, which with an 18 months old and household stuff, really just includes nap time and bedtime, is used to grade.

There are 43 students at present, and I spend about 30 min on paper, sometimes more. Plus, after reading about 4 to 6 of them in a row, especially this early in the semester where the writing is very terrible, makes my brain literally hurt and shut down. So grading and commenting weeks are weeks of high stress for me where I try to get through 6 papers a day, every day for a week, to try to get them back in a week. I do have half a week backup time, just in case, but that just prolongs the agony.

So this week, from last Thursday to this morning was commenting week. I was fine, stress wise until Monday. I got a whole class done by Sunday night and I was on track. Of course, by Monday night I was exhausted from waking up early and teaching and commuting, so I got less done. And on Tuesday night, Tanya decided that she needed me nearby at 9:30pm to sleep, so I ended up commenting on two papers with a flashlight. But then I felt so exhausted I fell asleep, 3 papers from my goal. That really shouldn't have raised my stress that high - I was still on track. But by the evening I was feeling it. Frustrated and testy. I really try hard not to take it out on others, so it's probably bottling in too. I got 3 papers done during Tanya's long nap on Wednesday and actually managed 6 in the evening without my brain drying up. And I got 3 done on morning commute and last one in office hours. I was all ready for class. But last night, it really wasn't helpful to start getting upset over it. So I need better grading stress strategies. I'm going to really try to stay on track this semester.

On the upside, I get a grading free weekend. Yay. I still have to write a letter of recommendation, write a bunch of emails, and read the essay for next week to prep Monday's class, but no grading! I get Paper 1 on Monday, so I should really enjoy it. I just watched the latest episode of "Supernatural" - yay, girls! - and now I want to curl up with the 3rd Robert Galbraith book Career of Evil (J.K. Rowling detective books) which I got from the library today on my Kindle. I got notification in the morning and took our my other book I'm reading and stuck a Kindle in my bag to read on the way home. Unfortunately, the Kindle didn't pick up the school Wi-Fi so I couldn't download it. I ended up reading National Geographic on the way home, which is fine, I'm behind on them but I can't wait to read my book it. It already had a very, very creepy beginning from the perspective of a serial killer targeting the main character, so it should be fun!

Tanya continues to be awesome and watching her pick up language continues to be super fascinating to me. She is repeating absolutely everything we say now and is starting to sing along with songs. My Mom told me to try reading her some small baby poems which I've been reading to her for a while (some Barto ones) and not to say the ending word on the line to let her say it. And she totally did! And she did that with the alphabet poems too. She really does remember it or at least recognizes the rhyme.

We also started letting her wear just the underwear at home for about an hour in the afternoons to get her to recognize when she needs to go pee and to start asking. She's been good about pooping in the potty for a while now and knows how to ask that. And in this last week, since we started diaper free time she really started to pick it up and has been mostly recognizing when she needs to pee, although she can't quite hold it all the way yet. Still, no giant accidents. I'm really impressed how far she came in just a week of this. We want to get her diaper free by summer. Fingers crossed. She has been having fun with putting all her stuffed animals on the potty. She picks Elmo up, for example. says, "pee, pee. begi (run), begi (run)" and runs with him to the potty and tries to put him on. It's hysterical sometimes.
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It's very humid and next few days should be very hot. That should be fun. Sigh.

I was very tired and sluggish all day. I know it's because today was the heaviest day of my period so I'm even more anemic than usual and not a lot of oxygen is getting to my cells but that doesn't help to motivate me to try to be anything but lethargic. (And I envy my friends who didn't get their periods back until they stopped nursing, while I just got a three months break despite nursing for a year. At least my cramps seemed to have gotten better).

So I sort of had a day off today since my parents took care of Tanya and took her to playground in the first half of the day twice. I was only in charge of naps and now bedtime. I got to sit in front of my computer and watch more "Agents of Shield" with amazing guest stars. I did go to the backyard a little to enjoy the sun when Tanya was in her baby pool in the afternoon but even then I felt pretty detatched.

New National Geographic came today with the cover article on Pope Francis. He is a very interesting person and he fascinates me so I read the article right away. It was very good and I feel I got a better glimpse of him as a person.

But I also found a historical mistake in their graphic on all the popes and the history of the Roman Catholic Church. I'm sure they were trying to be concise but it bothered me to read that Emperor Constantine 'converted to Christianity in 312' and 'moved the capital of the Christian Empire to Constantinople'. First of all, Constantine did not officially convert until his death in 337 and even that was more hedging his bets for the afterlife. He worshiped other gods not just the Christian one after 312. Second, he issued an Edict of Toleration in 313 - the Empire did not become Christian until 380 at least. I guess they were referring to the battle in 312, where he saw a cross and had his dream, as conversion but Constantine just took a victory and the vision as a sign to accept Christianity not to make the Empire Christian. It's minor differences but as a historian it irked me and drew me out of my lethargy a bit. I actually wrote an email to National Geographic, which is a first for me.

We went to the beach on Friday and will probably go again tomorrow. Hopefully my energy will be back by then.
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It was a long day today. I left the house at 7:30 and was back 12 hours later. So I'll just do a bulletpoint list of my day:

-a very weird blind guy was sitting next to me on the subway this morning trying to chat too much while I'm reading my writing samples and clearly told him politely that I really don't have time to chat.

-in addition to writing samples, I grades all my Global papers for tomorrow.

-I got an early lunch for chicken cutlet parm in the Student Center while figuring out the first Assignment question, which I did and later posted for students.

-taught two discussion classes on Loffreda article

-read three National Geographic articles on the train back and during breaks: one about the brain, another on a Hindu religious pilgrimage but really about the positive effects of crowds and a weird one about this one guy's memories of living in Minneapolis/St Paul.

-graded some Gender class papers

-watched "Teen Wolf" once I got home - excellent Stiles moments - I'm liking this season so far.
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For the last few weeks I was not in the mood for books. I have at least two books sitting on my nightstand but I just have not been picking them up. (I’m starting Eco but I’m just not feeling it right now). I have been reading a little more Sandman “Endless Nights” and my National Geographic and fanfic but not actual books. So today I went to take a look at my shelf of books to read and I figured maybe picking up a non-fiction would work. And it did. I started “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, her memoir and I already read 50 pages. She recounts her childhood in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and other African and Middle Eastern counties and then her adulthood in the Western world. I do like autobiographies and especially about a complete different culture. This book is making me very grateful that I was born in the Western World (well, Eastern European World of Soviet Union and then USA when I was almost 13). Especially as a woman. Reading an account of her circumcision was very difficult. I’m looking forward to the rest of the book.

I like having the Olympics in the background and watching random events. I do wish they would show the full decathlon, not just the two Americans.
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I was reading the article about the Apostles in National Geographic and the picture of Iranian-Swedish woman in the Mary Magdalene shrine was stunning to me because I can’t imagine anything that would move me so much. Her tears could be seen on her chest and her face held such devotion. I spent some time just thinking about anything that would affect me that much and I really can’t think of it. This picture just speaks to me in its emotion.
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I did some grading this morning – can’t escape it, even on Spring Break. Still the sun is shining, it is very warm and it is nice not to have to lecture today. I walked to the Post Office in the afternoon to mail the invitation and it was just lovely. Love the weather.

I was reading an article in National Geographic about nomadic tribes in Papua New Guinea and the story recounted their origin myths. Sickness, and greed and other negative emotions came to the world only after one man snuck away to the women’s cave and had sex with a woman for the first time. Why do so many origin myths all over the world involve sex leading to bad things? The article was very interesting overall.
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What the Hell? I’m sitting here crying over everything wedding related again. And I’m mad at myself for getting upset. I think I figured it out – this is a cultural difference in how we see a wedding. Laurie, Bear’s brother’s girlfriend emailed me about how much a ceremony is important and a city hall ceremony just won’t do. She wanted to contribute $300 for us to have a ceremony since it is the main “Event” and the restaurant is just an afterthought apparently. Not in a Russian wedding – the whole day matters including the restaurant. Why do people want to put their five cents in?

And also Bear’s mother wanted us to change the date from a Sunday to perhaps a Friday, since Bear’s godmother has to drive back early that day for her children’s first day of school. No! Since when do we have to poll every guest to make sure they are comfortable with the date. We already have the invitations and I don’t even care if she offered to compensate us. If she wants a religious ceremony, it has to be a Sunday, since you can’t have a Jewish one on Friday or Saturday. And Sunday less people actually need to take a day off than Friday. Argh. We’ll made sure his godmother is part of the day – he has to pick me up at 1 or so – it will not just be about the restaurant in the evening.

Around the middle of the day, I stopped being upset and crying over all this stress and just got mad. I am compromising a reasonable amount but some things I will not do.

Other than that fun time, I actually had a pretty good day. I read National Geographic and other readings and I took a one hour walk because it was so warm and lovely outside.
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For our first hike we went to the State Park by the Lighthouse. We walked along the beach and went on the rocks for a bit. I was hoping to see some seals but they stayed away mostly. Still, really beautiful scenery. I did have a little headache that spoiled the mood just a little but I didn’t let it get to me too much. It seems like Advil is my very best friend this week.

National Geographic article on King James Bible was brilliant. I have a poster with many phrases that came into English from Shakespeare, which we quote every day. But the King James Version gave us so many phrases too, which we don’t even think about. That would be a fine poster too. I love the evolution of language. My brain clearly needed a rest since it took me way too long to connect that this a, article is out now since in 2011 it is 400 years since the King James Bible was published. Also, to look up one of the Bible passages, it was easy to just look in the hotel shelves since there is always a Bible around there, a fact I still find very amusing.

Bear made lunch and I made most of the dinner. We got sausages and I cut up onions, zucchini and pepper and all that mixed with tomato sauce plus pasta. And viola, dinner for two nights.

I called my grandmother to wish her a happy 82nd birthday.

I also skimmed the Stephen Fry book – can’t wait to read it in detail. I love his prose style and use of words. I was sitting by the hotel fireplace in the lobby; you can just sink into the couches there - so comfy.
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I finished “Good Omens.” Definitely my favorite book of the year. I just love the humor and the references. And how you can go wrong with Pratchett/Gaiman Apocalypse. I thing Crowley and Aziraphal are one of my new favorite characters.

After Bear worked out in the morning (and I was chatting with his Mom mostly), we packed the car with lots of snacks we got on Christmas and left for our Montauk getaway. No traffic at all, so we got there fairly quickly. We tried a different room but ended up going to the old one. It is comfy and very familiar now. And it has no neighbors on one side so it seems more private. And has nice mirror closets. We just settled in and only left to get groceries. Tomorrow we will go on a hike.

I also finished November’s National Geographic – I’m working through the backlog of magazines and books and I have a goal for the week.
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I went to sleep a little after midnight planning to get up at 6 and grade some more. And, of course, I couldn’t just fall asleep. I resigned myself to a sleepy day. I never look at the clock when I can’t sleep so that I won’t grow frustrated but still. And once I did fall asleep I woke up twice with nightmares. Not a fun night. At least the day wasn’t too bad even with the lack of sleep.

I did grade in the morning. Paper 1 is done and I get Paper 2 for one section today. Grading is never ending. I did have two students actually come to my office hours so that’s good. Next two weeks is midterm time which means all I have to do is write the midterm (and well, grade their paper 2) and I don’t have to prepare much for class itself.

After my afternoon office hours, I got a new ID card, went to the library to get a book for my history students. I knew that work wise my brain was done for the day.

I did get to read a National Geographic article on Amundsen today. This year is 100 years since the South Pole expeditions and it was a lot of fun to see old pictures and read about it. When I was a kid I used to love reading about explorers. Amundsen was very meticulous and a good planner, which is why he won that race but he also shot some of those dogs that traveled with him for food. A practical guy, there. Scott wasn’t really ready for the conditions. All the horses he took with him died

Last night I read the article on Brazilian women and the big drop in fertility in Brazil over the last 40 years based not on government initiative but on women themselves. Partly, this demographic changed was inspired by novellas (soap operas) which showed small families. I find that kind of demographic studies fascinating.

Doctor Who S6E9 )
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I went to sleep late again, I can’t seem to want to go to sleep earlier than 1 or 2 lately which is not good. And today, since we are in Yeva’s place and my parents usually go to sleep at 10pm, that will be a problem. Maybe, I’ll read Kindle with my night light.

Yeva actually woke me up after 8am when she called to make sure we remember to bring pillows and other things since she moved most of her stuff to her boyfriend’s this summer. I finished packing, added a pillow, took a shower, ate breakfast and then helped Papa put garbage bags over books. He is not worried about TV or anything breaking or flooding – he is just really worried about his books. I also took my big cross stitch paintings off the walls and put them face down on the floor in case the windows blow in or something. Basically, many precautions that I hope won’t come to anything.

We left about 10am and the sky was already gray and it was raining a bit. Got the keys from Yeva and settled in to her place. She just has antenna TV so it was basically news about Irene on all the time. I can’t believe some people actually think the hurricane is great for surfing. I’m just glad we have power today so I can use my computer. There is internet and I can watch Netflix too.

I did work this afternoon and figured out my syllabus for the writing classes. (Which involved read many many articles from the new textbook.) I’m going to start with Kristof and WuDunn’s “The Girl Effect” (which is an intro to one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read in the last few years), then go to Gladwell and his pretty erroneous thoughts on Twitter and revolution, then on the Sherry Turkle’a “Alone Together” and robots and sex and whether we lose authenticity is attaching ourselves to technology and forming connections with and through technology. (I have a feeling my students might like it.) The fourth reading will be Slater and the ethics of brain implants for physiological problems and the fifth reading will be the one I taught before: Lisa Belkin’s “Made to Order Savior” about the ethics of having a child to be a genetic match and donor for a sick older sibling. I will figure out the final exam reading at the end.

I also put together the first day writing sample, which is basically to see if the students can understand what they read. And the reading guide for the first reading. I’m set for next week.

In the evening I also caught up a bit on National Geographic and read the article on Cleopatra and the search for her tomb in the July issue.

One thing the hurricane Irene is preventing is me watching the new episode of Doctor Who. I did look at some spoilers, though. And I found that someone already made a hilarious YouTube video of Hitler rant about the latest Doctor Who episode “Let’s Kill Hitler.”
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True Blood S4E1 )

Today was a pool day. I got egg and cheese on English muffin and hash browns and tea at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then I just went to the pool. I finished the June National Geographic and went swimming. Then we got Indian buffet for lunch and wrapped up gift shopping. I got a little Minnie bowl for Galya for when she is old enough to eat solid food. After lunch it was pool again. And now I’m all packed. It has been a really good vacation and I don’t really want to go home but it is time.
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Today was our day to recover from all the park walking and just relax. We decided to do two days in parks and then a day off. So today was day off. Which included sleeping in past 9. It is relaxing and recuperating day. We spent all morning until 1:30 at the pool at the hotel. I swam a bit and tried for a tan – for some reason I’m not really tanning that much. It is weird.

I read National Geographic June issue, which I saved for this trip – there was a great article on the earliest human Temple 11,000 years ago in Turkey and ideas about the causes of Neolithic Revolution (which I should incorporate into my lecture for Global history next semester).

We went to find lunch and actually explored around the hotel area a bit – we got pizza buffet with really good desert and then we explored the gift shops – I got Mickey and Minnie pens and crayons for Alexis and Andrew and a shell owl for Marianna.

It started to rain in the evening as I walked to Dunkin Donuts to get tea and a bagel with cream cheese for dinner. I love the smell of rain on a hot day.

In the evening I went on the internet for a bit (Bear brought his netbook, but it is on public access so I’m not really logging in on anything with a password) and then I watched some TV.


Burn Notice S5E1 )

I arranged the Disney shuttle for tomorrow this morning – it was surprisingly easy – our hotel partners with Universal so we get a free shuttle there but for Disney we just had to pay extra. Can’t wait – I feel like a big kid.
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I actually woke up by myself at 6am, which usually happens if I know I need to wake up early to go somewhere. We had to leave at 7 for the airport even as our plane did not leave until 11:40 because Papa was awesome in driving us to the airport before going to work. It was out of his way too. I made bagel with cream cheese to take with us to eat at the airport and the whole flying and the logistics of the day went really smoothly.

We were at the airport by 8:05 despite some traffic, checked in one of the kiosks and dropped of our bags. We had our bagels then and went through security. By 9 we were in the airport proper where I got nice big tea at DunkinDonuts. JFK airport is one of my favorites because it has nice shops and atmosphere. And the next two hours passed really quickly. We walked around a bit to stretch our legs, I got USAToday to read and we bought some sandwiches to eat on the planes. (I got this really good turkey sandwich on wheat bread).

And I was not really nervous today until the time we actually had to board. Maybe it was because Bear was here too and because it was only a two and a half hour flight. I never flew JetBlue before but it was a nice flight, not surprising based on their reputation. There was TV in front of every seat and I could watch the “Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” in the second part of the flight. So despite some turbulence and my ears hurting as usual on descent, it was a good flight.

I passed the first half of the ride by appropriating Bear’s netbook and writing a short fanfiction story about Remus and Sirius where Sirius is nervous about flying on a plane with no magic around. I was basically using my nervousness while flying and being creative with it, which was an excellent way to pass the time.

Once we got to Orlando, the logistics went smoothly too. We got our bags really quickly and our ride met us by the baggage claim as promised. I really liked the little train that takes you from the arrivals to the main terminal. And I liked the car with soft leather seats that took us to the hotel. The check-in went pretty quickly too.

It is over 90F but since it is a very dry heat today with no humidity, it really does not feel that hot. After unpacking, Bear and I took a little walk close to the hotel to buy water and breakfast for later in the week (our hotel has a fridge and microwave). Then we went to the pool. We sat in the shade where I got Bear hooked on “Hunger Games” while I went swimming. The water was so warm it was lovely. Then I just read National Geographic although article about child brides was not congruent with a lovely hot summer day. Great article though.

For dinner we went to the hotel buffet restaurant, which was actually pretty good – lots of options, pretty cheap and desert.

Tomorrow, Harry Potter! I can’t wait.

And now a treat: Weird Al's parody video of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way"
Here is "Perform this Way"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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I went up to University campus early this morning, and by early I mean I left the house at 6:45. I couldn’t sleep well past 5am anyway because I was going to see my Advisor today and really figure out my future. The last few years I have not really been working too hard on my dissertation. I let a million things distract me. And I was seriously thinking of just stopping, taking the masters and doing something else. But I just don’t like quitting. I took my Toronto Latin PhD exam many, many times just because I couldn’t not quit. So today I asked my Advisor if I could just have the summer. Either I get it together this summer and finish it or I’m done.

To encourage me in this venture – because I really don’t want to work on it even if it is more than half done (dissertations suck) – I am putting certain incentives in my way. I asked Advisor if I could email him every evening this summer (except for my vacation week) with the day’s progress report and if I don’t email him that he should bug me about it. Since the last thing I want is an email from the Advisor, that might help. I also got Bear to help – since we talk every night on the phone before we go to sleep, I need to tell him about daily progress if I want our nightly ritual – a definite incentive.

So this summer I need to be busy and I came up with a list of rules for myself – like limiting internet time and TV too. I really need to push myself despite my natural inclination for procrastination because the constant guilt I live under and the feeling of failure needs to go.

I also picked up the rest of the book I requested at the library – the books I will teach next semester in my “History of Law” class. I started reading “Roman Law” book by Riggsby – it is written for undergraduates and it will work really well, I’m glad I chose it and I will get a free copy too. This afternoon, I worked on Global Encounters syllabus for next semester too, with new dates and paper due dates and I started to figure out the “History of Law” syllabus too. I know this is not a priority right now but I just needed to feel like it is sorted in case I won’t have time closer to end of August.

Falafel for lunch and finishing National Geographic for May was a good lunch break too.

Bones S6E23 )

Cross stitch: I started backstitch with dark grey. It stands out really well. I did the ball and the duck backstitch and a bit of a baby bear.
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Bear drove me home this morning, right after breakfast. Coming back from his house always feels like coming back from vacation. I didn’t have to go to work today since Local College has Easter Monday as a day off.

I finished the National Geographic April issue with the article on acidification of the ocean. The weather and amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere changed in other eras, but not so rapidly. The life in the oceans can’t keep up. The whole article and the situation is just very sad.

Doctor Who S6E1 )

For entertainment sake I rewatched “Brothers and Sisters” pilot on Netflix – amusing to watch now. Still consistent in character. But in five years the show moved on from so many plots.
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After the rain yesterday, today was summer. It was so warm that I ended up in a t-shirt.
And it was perfect day off where we could just relax.

pictures )

The day started with the Easter breakfast. Bear’s Mom made egg and sausage bake (and she made sure all the food was kosher for Passover, so I could eat it. She used mazza instead of bread. I really don’t like causing all that hassle, but it was very nice of her.

I read National Geographic article on an active volcano in Africa that is pretty much endangering one million people. And more people go to that place every day for refuge from war. Volcano pictures were gorgeous. And I like reading at breakfast with Bear there, since I can tell him about interesting stuff from the magazine. He was reading the newspaper.

Then while Bear went to church, I started Ursula Le Guin’s “Lavinia”. I like it so far. I really like the premise and I read “Aeneid” a few times, including once in Latin. Well, the second half in Latin. I had a class on it. And I like Le Guin’s writing style in general. I just read “Left Hand of Darkness” before but I can tell I will like this too. I probably won’t have time until the semester is over, or until after May 5th at least, but it will be good to read a real book.

In the afternoon, we all (his parents, sister and Bear) went to visit his Grandmother and have some Easter treats. There was fruit and cheese and other snacks. We sat outside in the garden area for a bit and it was warm and summery and nice.

When we got back to Bear’s place, Bear and I went for a walk since I was tired of sitting all the time and I didn’t want to waste such a gorgeous day and then we went for a bike ride too since we could. I got lovely exercise of the best kind, where it just feels like fun. Bear lives on really hilly roads and I don’t even have to pedal sometimes and I just feel the wind. (I do also have to go uphill, but the downhill is worth it.)

After the family Easter dinner (all very delicious), Bear and I watched “Megamind” which was cute. Lots of great one liners. If they just had one more female character, the movie would have went from fun and good to excellent. But it was really amusing and played with superhero tropes really well.

“Brothers and Sisters” S5E20. Now that was an awesome episode, so much drama. Kevin and Scotty, I will always adore you. You are the best couple and no matter the drama, you will always persevere. And writers on this show never drag out plots, which I kind of like. More de-Walkering. This kind of episode reminds me why I love this show so much and this tv family. I was all accepting with the idea that the show might actually end in two weeks, but now I hope the show will be renewed. And I discovered that Netflix has the whole show on Instant Queue. I will so rewatch some scenes.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate.
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The article on domesticating animals in March National Geographic was pretty interesting. I read it this morning as I had to get up at 7am and adjust to the time change. I never really thought about that domesticated animals changed their genes and evolved to coexist with humans more. I mean, I knew humans developed genes like lactose tolerance in order to have domesticated animals but I never thought of things like multi-colored coats or floppy ears are genetic markers of domestication.

In the morning I worked on In class exercise 3 prompt and Paper 1 assignment. Professor S. sent me good discussion categories on El Cid and her old paper prompt (which was very broad). So I sort of adjusted her prompt and combined it with the discussion categories (religious attitudes, male honor, female honor, money issues, political relationships etc) to ask:

How does El Cid help us understand life in medieval Spain (specifically, your topic)? Can we trust El Cid as a historical source?

She will use my prompt. Since we are collaborating, I also send her my “Writing a Good History Paper” handout, which I developed in teaching in the writing program with the help of previous handouts from other instructors. Prof. S. said that she will not only give it to her students but will show it at the department meeting to adopt for the history department. Which is cool. And students do need detailed instruction of what a paper should be.

I bought blue headphones this time. Frelling plastic casting! It was really hard to pry it out.

Class 3 is so much better. I’m reminded of this every week. They listen to the lecture like they care. I put on the Gregorian chant for them today since we were doing Christianity.

Mama made Napoleon cake with proper cream. Yummy.

House S7E16 )
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I read in the National Geographic today that cats are the only animals to domesticate themselves. They changed their genes on purpose to appeal to humans! More proof that cats are aliens and we are their pets.

When I woke up I just worked on the Christianity lecture. I’m combining two lectures to talk about how Christianity grew to become an official religion of the Roman Empire in three and a half centuries, the changes in the church structure and belief and the rise of the monasteries. I then made Power Point on it. I always love this lecture. I always like to talk about how traditions develop and what people think are always true is actually part of a historical development, like celibacy of priests or power of Popes.

I also figured out the rest of the readings to put online for my students. I’ll use some Maurice Keen on Charlemagne and Feudalism and a little of Einhart. And for Spain, there was a good book scanned online on Muslims in Spain.

I need to buy new headphones tomorrow. The left one of the purple ones doesn’t work anymore.

Cross-stitch: dark pink and pink for bunny
Exercise: 35 min walk and 15 min jump rope with Kid

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 09:49 pm
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I couldn’t really sleep today, I kept waking up and having light nap time dreams. I had to wake up at 6:15 to get to work today because of mid semester folder review (this is for my Writing Class, I’m really glad Local College is on Spring Break this week). So my head was wacky all day and I was in a little slow motion.

But I did manage to get ready for folder review. Because I’ve been teaching in the writing program for a while I’m very confident in my comments and grades, so folder review is more about talking about trouble students who might fail and how to try to help them. Experience really helps. So in the morning I graded the papers for those students and got those folders really ready. One of the folders gave me a paper cut for my troubles.

Folder review itself went really well. I’m going to require three students to get tutoring (it is free and all students really should just take advantage of it). And I’m putting five on warnings. Hopefully, those students can get it together.

After the folder review I got lunch and slowly graded the rest of the midterms and got ready for tomorrow’s class too. I need to grade more papers, I want to return folders for one class tomorrow and the other section can wait until after Spring Break. Oh, I’m so ready for Spring Break from the writing class. I like this class but I’m just tired and need to recharge.

I did read the article from February “National Geographic” on Paris underground . Not the metro, the system of underground caves and other open spaces. That was just fun. I liked the visual of all the tunnels underneath Paris from the 12th century limestone quarries that used to be outside the city. Now they are under it with catacombs and other spaces. It is fun to think of the whole other world under a city. I remember going to Bath when I was doing a Semester Abroad in England and going to Roman baths and standing on what used to the be the city level and now was buried a few stories below the town. I like the idea of cities growing and having this whole universe beneath our feet.

Shuttle “Discovery” just came back from its last mission .


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