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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 05:53 pm
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A week or so ago this meme was going around and it got me thinking about my fandom loves. I figure that instead of posting this and responding individually, I will just write up my answers for 6 fandoms in one post. I picked these six fandoms because I'm much more deeply entrenched in them due to fanfic - I either read a lot (and bookmarked lots if anyone wants recs) or I wrote fic myself. So while I love many other things like Supernatural or Doctor Who or Dresden Files, or other Star Trek or Dollhouse or Agents of SHIELD or Battlestar Galactica or Farscape etc, fanfic in these 6 fandoms in particular lets me to think about the show/book and understand did a bit deeper. If anyone wants to ask me about other show/TV, I will do this meme in comments but here are my main ones.

These fandoms are, in order of my involvement: Harry Potter, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy, Torchwood, Highlander: TV Series, and Glee.

Here are the questions.

* How I entered that fandom
* Favorite character
* Least favorite character
* OTP(s)
* Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get
* Favorite thing about the fandom
* The thing I most dislike about the fandom
* If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be?

Harry Potter )

Star Trek: Voyager )

Buffy )

Torchwood )

Highlander: TV Series )

Glee )
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Happy Birthday, Yeva!

Friday is not my longest workday but it feels like it since I need to get up at 6:10 to carpool to University. I got an egg on a bagel sandwich and tea at Au Bon Pain and read the National Geographic for breakfast time and then took the bus to my teaching campus and set up there. I had a nice quiet hour and a bit before my morning office hours and I just sat in a café and worked on my RS Games fic.

Today is a rough draft day so I just basically handed out my worksheets and I then could work on grading their homework and looking over the first rough drafts. I need to comment on draft by Tuesday. And I had a student actually come to my afternoon office hours to work out logistics of her missing a week of class because she is going to India for a wedding. Oh, and it occurred to me today that I can actually fix the problem of students having that stupid space between paragraphs but turning on my laptop which I carry with me and showing it to students who still didn’t figure it out on rough drafts. I think I needed to explain it to one student three times since it is obviously so hard to remember which very logical buttons to press. Now I will have to do this in my other class too.

I capped my work day by heading to the main library and reading my Roman law textbook for an hour and a half. Roman family law and marriage law is my favorite part, I think. Very interesting.

After dinner, I got to go rollerblading. I had to stick to the parking lot since the beach road is still too sandy but I was just happy not to be sitting down.

This article made me all emotional today. How an astronaut saw 9/11 from space .

Torchwood S4E10 )
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Today was the first day of the writing classes and I got to school early enough to make photocopies of the syllabi and the handouts, including the writing sample I was giving to the students. I went to the main campus first to the computer lab and then took the bus to where I teach. The writing center where I’m based this semester has a very crappy and temperamental copy machine. It copies most of the syllabi but I needed to go to a different computer center and just print out the rest. It is annoying but it will be a reality this semester.

The classes themselves went over pretty well. The classrooms are very user friendly and the students seem very good. I don’t get the sense yet of which class I will like more, although the students in the second section talk slightly more and ask more questions. I gave out the syllabus, went over the class requirements and gave them their writing sample. I read them already too and no one seems too terrible. They did have a slight problem figuring out what “not just beneficiaries of change but also agents” meant so I will probably bring it up in discussion on Tuesday and maybe have them think about it for the first assignment.

Since it is a Labor Day weekend here – I usually head over to Bear’s house for the whole thing. Technically, it is our anniversary weekend but we are not really doing anything special. Bear did give me one rose as is our custom. We’ve been together thirteen years now. It is really weird when I think about it.

Since the offices closed early for Labor Day, I skipped my office hours and headed straight for the train station. The three hour ride on two trains passed really fast actually as I was working on those writing samples and then started reading “Gilgamesh.” I did get a chocolate chip gelato while waiting for the second train and that was pretty good.

Torchwood S4E9 )
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Yep, this week is weird in natural disaster stuff. I think it is my first hurricane too.

Well, we have to evacuate. It is official. Yeva is awesome and offered her place since her apartment in Zone B is empty right now as she is living with her boyfriend. So we will go there tomorrow morning.

All the public transportation is shutting down at noon tomorrow. And the play got cancelled too, which is good since we really don’t have time for it with the evacuation. I mean, we are not going that far – just 30 minutes, but the bridge might close earlier. And I should pack for a couple of days. We did move lots of books from downstairs and put tape on the window in an X pattern which my parents said people used to do in the war to protect window from bombs.

Torchwood S4E8 )
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Parents went on theater/opera tickets buying phase this afternoon and I joined them. We will go see “War Horse” next Saturday and there will be an opera in October. Yay. While I was at it, I got tickets for opera for the Spring. I wanted to see the new production of “La Traviata” for a while and I didn’t realize Hvorostovsky will sing in it this year. That means not as many tickets left and good thing I ordered now. Mama will definitely will go with me and I can make it her birthday present this year even when the Opera itself is not until May.

Bear finally started looking at potential apartments for us and sent me a few links. I think we are thinking Brooklyn more than Queens because of the commute. But the good thing is that he is actually taking initiative or trying to. I was in such dreadful mood all week because I thought that he might not do this and still be too scared and I really can’t be in the same place with our relationship anymore no matter how much I love him. And after thirteen years together (it will be thirteen years in a few weeks) it was really painful even imagining that that would be it. Now I have a ray of hope and maybe we can actually do this. Everything feels so tentative right now, I can’t deal with it other than not think about it too much. But at least I have hope.

“Shelter” So sweet a movie. A story about growing up and realizing what you want and not just being stuck. Family obligation and expectations are sometimes hard to overcome. A sweet romance too that helps Zach, the main character, to figure out who he wants to be. I loved the quiet acting in this movie too. Highly recommend it.

Torchwood S4E7 )
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I watched “Mildred Pierce” Episodes 1 and 2 today. I know nothing of the story so it was not always going in the way I was expecting. Kate Winslet is amazing as always. It is a good miniseries. I like the portrayal of women’s choices in the 30s.

Burn Notice S5E8 )

After Elton Torchwood in 10 minutes Episode 6

The beach fair was this weekend and we did all go in the evening especially since we had a guest. The weather was quiet cool, actually. I didn’t buy anything this time, though. I already have four ankle bracelets and I didn’t see anything else I was interested in.

I turned off my computer early and just read in the evening. In was nice. Maybe because we had an overnight guest since Mama’s friend Irina stayed over but I went to sleep at normal time so as not to disturb anybody.
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NPR list of top 100 sci-fi and fantasy books chosen by people. Mary Stewart is on it with “Crystal Cave.” The second book in that Merlin trilogy “Hollow Hill” used to be my favorite book before Harry Potter.

I was working on my history of law syllabus today and the introduction lecture. I figured out all but the first section – the Roman law. I probably should use their textbook as a guide.

In the evening I wanted something more substantial for supper than just cottage cheese so I walked to the pizza place and got a spinach roll to go. It is a nice walk actually. And after I was craving an éclair, so I took another walk. But the local bakery was already closed and bakery in the supermarket did not have individual éclairs. And as I much as I wanted the cream I didn’t want to resort to a donut tonight. So I got ice-cream. I’ll try for an éclair tomorrow.

Torchwood S4E6 )
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Since Mark Watches started “Battlestar Galactica” and since it is on Netflix instant play – I have been rewatching episodes along with him. There are several shows I watched twice: “Buffy” “Farscape,” “Firefly” (usually with Papa while I introduced those shows to him) so it has been interesting to start this show at the beginning with full knowledge of what to come.

Torchwood S4E5 )

After Elton's Torchwood Episode 5 in ten minutes

'Leverage' managed another decent episode last week. Maybe this season can be salvaged.

The US credit rating just got downgraded . It is not a good thing obviously but part of me thinks Congress and its stupid ‘negotiations’ of the last few weeks deserve that for putting the interest of their own re-election ahead of actually thinking about people. The whole political shenanigans right now just make me want to shake my head.
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I went rollerblading this morning which was a great way to start a day. Then I washed my hair and got ready for my day since Bear was coming over and we were going to be social today. Papa ordered Adele’s “21” along with Dresden files book so I listened to that while I got ready. I like it but I need to actually pay attention to lyrics in some of the later songs. I wore my red summer dress today which was a hit. (I was all red from dress, to glasses to handbag, phone and camera. My favorite color is actually blue but I have lots of things in red.)

Bear and I went to see “Cowboys & Aliens” The reviews were not good and I was not really in favor of seeing it but Bear really wanted to and I had free movie tickets so we went (with me registering my reluctance based on reviews). But I really enjoyed it. Maybe because I had low expectations but I liked the story and the action. And the actors. Cowboys & Aliens ) It was an enjoyable summer movie and we definitely had fun with it.

After the movie we went to the Chinese place (with has Thai food too) and ordered enough food for six people because I volunteered to bring food for our visit with Marianna. Some of Adama’s friends were visiting too and I really didn’t want Marianna to worry about food at all since she is so busy with the baby. We got mango chicken, beef with spring beans, drunken noodles, chicken and broccoli, chicken and eggplant and beef with vegetables and steamed dumplings. We also got some brown and white rice. Lots of food.

Marianna also made a salad and baked fish and her friend Ayana brought cupcakes that she made herself (she bakes and makes cakes as extra income). And we just hang out and ate and talked and it was very nice. I held Galya for a little while – I never held a baby younger than seven month before so it was new for me. At the end of the night we even sat Bear down so he could hold the baby since he never did before. She liked it. She wasn’t too fussy today; I think Galya liked at the attention. She will be two month next week already. Today was a very nice evening and day in general.

Torchwood in Ten minutes: S4E4 After Elton review

I have not been posting for the last couple of weeks mostly because I got too busy/distracted. I did take notes as usual and I will slowly post those days but I will not put them on reading pages so as not to clog the reading pages up, unless these was anything interesting. Last few weeks have been mostly uneventful, though.
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Leverage S4E5 )

Torchwood S4E4 )

For the last few weeks my upper right teeth have been bugging me. Not enough to cause too much pain to see a dentist right away but enough to be annoying. If this continues by Monday, I’d have to see a dentist which is not a favorite thing.

“Ghost Story” has arrived! Yay. I already skimmed it for main plot details. I really like the ending and where the story will go in the next book. Now I can settle in and slowly savor the book.
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Amy Winehouse died today at age 27. It is not really a huge shock with her troubled life. But it is sad. 27 seems to the age for some artists.

After Elton continues their hilarious recaps of Torchwood.

Jury duty check came today. It is even more than I thought since they were very generous in covering transportation costs.

Went to Brooklyn in the morning and it was nice to be outside just a bit after a week of heat.
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Norway massacre is just horrible.

Deathly Hollows Part II reactions from someone who never read the books.

We had a few power outages today because of the heat - at 3:30 for a bit. . Then at 3:53 and from 5:50 to 6:19pm. But Internet takes longer to reset. I really hope everything will be restored by 10, since really don’t want to miss Torchwood today.

Dylan Thomas “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” I liked listening to it more than reading it since I don’t have patience for reading it – but it was a little abridged which is silly for a short story.

Finally, I got some tentative class schedule for the writing program. It is on a campus that is further away though, I’m hoping they would change it, but they probably won’t and I can’t really be too picky.

Leverage S4E4 )

Torchwood S4E3 )
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Mark Watches is doing Torchwood: Children of Earth this week. Yay. That is really awesome although I suspect just reading about it will make me all emotional again – I’ve never been able to rewatch it completely especially the scene with the politicians discussing children in Part 4. It was too horrifying. But it was such great TV and I’m glad he is doing it before Battlestar.
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Netflix Starz only starts working at exactly 10 for me which is fine but it makes for nerve wrecking wait time to see if the show starts. But at least I could watch it. I also have it on for the repeat just to see some scenes again.

Torchwood S4E2 )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Torchwood radioplay: House of the Dead )

Almost passing out is not fun. Mama called me into the kitchen around 5pm to look at the small French print of the sauce she got from France and while I was looking at it in the kitchen I felt the eye unfocus and blood start rushing into my ears a bit. I did not get dizzy but I felt like I was about to pass out. So I quickly sat down on the floor and the feeling passed. I knew I had to lift my feet up. I also drank some water. My body felt a little weak for the evening and my head felt like someone was squishing it. My blood pressure probably jumped or something. Mama got worried of course and made me lie downstairs on the couch for a bit but I was fine. I’m just glad I didn’t actually pass out.

SYTYCD Top 12 Perform )

“Social Network” Papa and I watched the first half of it. We both liked it so far and can’t wait to see more.
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Today was the last of my court dates and it took me three month to actually write this entry down (September 27). The day is just so vivid in my mind that it feels wrong to try to describe it. We started with closing arguments where both parties did a great job making the case and then the judge read us instructions in law for about an hour. We went into deliberation right before lunch and lunch was actually ordered for us.

We deliberated for about three hours, maybe a little less. And the process actually made me really believe in the jury system and the logic of deliberation. All of us wanted to consider the evidence and discuss it so as one juror put it, we can sleep at night. One juror, the chemistry professor, Martin, liked order and careful consideration. We often had to wait for him to agree with the rest of us which made us go carefully through the evidence.

We decided that Mr. Shah did know Sonny Bince and did lie to investigators about it because the woman who testified to that had no logical reason to lie. We did not think the prosecution proved that they had phone contact since it was a business phone. We all thought the defendant most likely did bribe Bince but that guy’s word alone was not enough to prove it. So we voted non-guilty on bribery and guilty on two counts of lying in federal investigation. All of us were happy with that.

On the train home, I got to chat with Martin who led an interesting life – being from Argentina, living in Ireland etc and other jurors. Overall, the jury was a good experience.

Torchwood Radio play 2 “Gwen, you can’t set him up like that” Jack, stop chatting up Ianto’s ex. I like Carli quickly accessing him and shooting him down. “Mentioned the Doctor 57 times” Hee. Admiral Harkness. Ianto broke out ‘sir’ when worried. Jack’s “I promise” was sweet. “Oh well he’s got another one” – when Gwen breaks the hand and then she broke his other hand. Jack saying there is nothing in the afterlife and saying “I’m the face you see when you die” was very sad and compelling. A little too much pointing to “Miracle Day”

Netflix is raising its price extra $5. Now it will be $20 a month for 2 DVDs plus unlimited. I might change it to 1 DVD at a time.

Finally finished “Lavinia” It was a good book but it took me a while to get through it. I’m glad I read it but I probably won’t reread it. Le Guin did do a good job using the text of Aeneid to write.
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Today was my court day – I was a one of 12 jurors hearing a case in federal court. They said this case would take three days but I think we would be done tomorrow, if we all agree, since only closing statements are left. I cannot talk about the case in any way until it is over even with fellow jurors so I will write about it only once it is done.

I think the interesting thing about being a juror, other than listening to the case, which I as a student of history of law find not the least boring, is meeting and chatting with other jurors. And since we can’t talk about the case with each other until we are told too, it is fun to talk about work and travel and Broadway shows. Half of us are teachers of some kind so we can all bitch about that.

I am starting to feel some anxiety about tomorrow and deliberating our verdict because this is someone’s life in our hands. And this is a criminal case so a person could go to jail. I guess we just have to do our best and let collective judgment stand.

I preordered my Harry Potter tickets today. Bear and I are going on Saturday. Can’t wait.

So what does one do when one of the stars of your movie is in a successful TV series? If you are Peter Jackson, you adjust your schedule to fit Martin Freeman’s “Sherlock” schedule and then apparently, hire Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock to Freeman’s Watson) to be in the Hobbit too. That makes me super excited about the movie even more.

Torchwood Radio Play 1 - The Devil and Miss Carew )

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday, July 8th, 2011 11:39 pm
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Atlantis shuttle launch was today. I had the launch window open on my computer all morning but I had to leave to drop off lab work. I figured I would be back for actual launch but I had to wait almost 40 minutes just to drop off the lab work. I didn’t need to do anything at the office- just drop it off but I still had to wait, which pissed me off. I watched the replay as soon as I got home but it is not exactly the same. Still gorgeous to watch but not the same. It just this is the last shuttle flight. Which is a little sad.

Really good article on fanfiction in Time magazine.
I think my favorite part was how people who don’t always understand fanfiction might not have a problem understanding why someone might want to play someone else’s music and build on it.

A NY Times Magazine article about marriage and monogamy and Dan Savage’s world view. Lots of points are presented. I don't really agree with him - people can control their impulses and make rational choices based on our cultural values without blaming evolutionary impulses - but I agree with idea of honesty in relationships.

Torchwood S4E1 )

Hee. Recap of Torchwood: Miracle Day first episode in 10 minutes.
Voyager (and other Star Trek) is now on Netflix Instant Queue. I will probably start watching some episodes again – I loved that show – not for the writing or continuity which was often crappy but for the characters. I had such a Chakotay crush as a teenager and shipped Janeway and Chakotay even before I heard of shipping. And I still want to make a more consistent way through the original series.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 11:45 pm
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Another not that eventful day – which is probably a good thing.

Internet continues to be finicky lately. It tells me everything is connect but sometimes it is slow to load or won’t connect. It is not my computer since this happens on all computers in the house. I reset connections often. It is annoying me and hopefully Papa could figure out the problem or get the cable company to actually fix it.

I listened to Torchwood “Sin Eaters” Audio book on YouTube tonight. (Once the internet evened out). Gareth David-Lloyd does great Jack and Gwen and Rhys voices. He actually sounds like John Barrowman sometimes. I loved all the little character moments in it. It was very entertaining.

I also went Rollerblading tonight, which was lovely. I came home all sweaty and sticky but it was worth it. I really needed a break from sitting all day.

Today was the day I had to fill out a regional travel survey. We got special diaries for everyone in the household to write down every single place we went to today. Very detailed. I like doing surveys especially if they will prove helpful in some way.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 10:16 pm
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I had a good birthday today. I like being 31 already.

I woke up in a really good mood today because presents! My parents told me where they put them before they left on vacation.

And I got a Kindle! Usually Papa gives me a book or two – this time 61 on Kindle! (Except I accidentally lost them when I re-registered my Kindle to my name, but then once I creates new categories I saw that they were still in memory, just not organized like Papa wanted). He got me a Kindle! I briefly suspected this a week ago in the conversation with Mama because she used the phrase “Dad’s Kindle” but then I dismissed the idea because why would Papa get me one, I never really expressed the interest or used his before the last two weeks – but he did get me one! With a pink cover with a night light. (I’m not really a pink person but it will match my laptop). And I can use it to read things like Burton’s travel accounts and his Arabian nights translation (which I already downloaded for free) and other free old books that are out of print. So I am happy to get one although I still prefer regular books.

My parents, who are awesome, also got me $25 iTunes gift certificate (Lady Gaga and SYTYCD music here I come), Mozart’s “Magic Flute” CD and “Torchwood: Children of Earth” DVD. And I got a Ralph Lauren orange t-shirt and green cargo pants.

In the afternoon, I went to the store to take a walk and also to get the Chinese menu in case I wanted Chinese tonight. And I wanted to get ice-cream too or some sort of desert. On the way I saw an ice-cream truck and I figured it was a perfect place to get ice-cream. Very summery. So I asked for a mixed cone with chocolate sprinkles. The guy asked me how I was doing as he made the cone and I was in a very good mood and I told him it was my birthday. He didn’t initially really believe me but I had my driver’s license with me so I showed it to him. He asked if I was doing anything special for it and I said not really. So he told me to put my wallet away and then he tossed the cone he was making and took the Big Gigantic Waffle Cone and not only filled it with gigantic amount of ice-cream and put sprinkles on it but also put the whipped cream on top! It was sugar overload! I don’t think I will have sugar for a while! And it just contributed to my happy mood. Thank you, Robert, the ice-cream guy for making my birthday great.

I decided on pizza in the evening and I invited my neighbor Laura and the kids over for it. Alexis came over earlier around 6 since she wanted my help with her school project. She is in the 3rd grade and was doing a project on Israel. Each kid in her class had to pick a country in Asia and research it. She already found many things. I showed her an Atlas and how to use it. Laura gave me very tasty tea and tea cups as a present. I got half cheese, half mushroom pizza, garlic knots and buffalo wings.

Then we watched SYTYCD and the Spelling Bee. Those kids always amaze me. It is insane what they can spell. It makes me love language and words even more.

And, of course, my favorite thing about today is that I get to speak to all my loved ones – family and friends who call to wish me happy birthday. Like my friend Sveta who called from across the world and my aunt.

Weird things customers say in bookstores . Really funny.

So apparently the Governor of NJ went insane and passed a law that only residents of NJ should be considered for public positions in the state. This includes Trenton employees, Rutgers University and other people who work for the public sector. Many people who work in NJ don’t live there because New York and Pennsylvania are so close. I know Rutgers negotiated with the state government to come up with some exceptions to this highly ridiculous law because, hey lots of professors want to live in New York City, but this law will affect many people. Not everyone can just move. The Governor calls this law “New Jersey First Act” and it even sounds stupid. I realize he is trying to reduce unemployment in the state but is it really feasible?


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