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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 11:00 pm
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I need to keep all my fanfiction in one place especially since I want to write more of it. So here it is.

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What I like about January 1 is that is tends to be a nice and quiet day, usually quite relaxing, like a breath you take before a new year starts.

We drove over to my parents' yesterday in the morning for the New Year celebrations. We always celebrate at home as it is a family holiday for us. We Skyped with relatives in Minsk and in California to wish them Happy New Year and just to chat and chilled a bit. Around 5:30 we all dressed up, mostly in red and pink colors, for the upcoming Rooster year, (except Bear who was a black rooster), and took lots of annual photos around the New Year fir tree. Then we had our holiday dinner. So much yummy food! My Mom made the usual olivier salad and pod-shuba (beets with herring), crab salad, fish liver salad and beets/plums/nuts salad. She also made regular veggie salad and cabbage/egg pie. And for main course there was meat french style (meat covered with potatoes and dried apricots). And there were open faced sandwiches with salmon and also with caviar. And bread, of course. So much food! (and lots of leftovers for today). In the past, I wasn't always a big fan for beets and herring classic, but I'm really into it lately.

After this giant meal, we did bedtime for Tanya and I put her to bed. I was pretty much falling asleep with her but my Dad made sure to get me up by 10:30pm to sneak out of the bedroom so I could come downstairs and have some desert - they got fruit tart cake, and there was zefir (marshmallows in chocolate), and dried fruit, with tea, of course.

Then we mostly watched TV and hung out until midnight and watched the ball drop while drinking some sparkling juice. Then I just went to bed, I was very tired. But, of course, I couldn't easily fall asleep once I was in bed and the night was a bit restless. Still, it was a good calm new years, full of deliciousness and family time, just the way I like it.

In the morning, Tanya slept in until 7:30am, but then we all got up, got dressed and went downstairs to the New Year tree to open presents that Ded Moroz (Russian Santa) left for Tanya (and a couple for Bear and I) under the tree. Tanya got 4 books (2 from me - Crocodile Gena in Russian and one of the Elephant and Piggie books in English, and 2 from my parents - both in English - 5 minute Princess Stories and When the Tiger Came to Tea). And she got a little magnet fishing game, which is also a puzzle, and a nice tea set with toy dishes, cups, tea pot, forks and spoons. She is playing with all her new toys. I got Bear a Deadpool graphic novel he wanted (we split our presents to each other in two - some for Christmas and some for New Year) and my parents got him an Amazon gift certificate. I got "Star Trek Beyond" from Bear and the last Leonard Cohen CD and a book by Stefan Zweig from my parents. I was very happy with my presents. I'm listening to Leonard Cohen right now - which is a little bittersweet.

Around 9:30am, Bear, Tanya and I went to the playground. The weather was beautiful today, not too cold, and sunny. Tanya went on her little tricycle, which she actually pedaled by herself a little bit today. It felt like the whole world was still asleep. There was no one about and very little cars on the road. We had the playground to ourselves. Well, and the three squirrels who kept chasing each other. I had fun watching them. There was also a field full of geese right outside the playground - we watched them walk around a bit in the little puddle. They had black necks and white faces with black beaks and white bellies. Tanya really liked watched them. It was just very relaxing to spend time together, chase Tanya a little around and go down a few slides. It was only when we were about to leave after 11 when someone else came. New Year is definitely a nice quite day.

I even got a little nap in when Tanya went for a nap and read my book too. I'm reading "It's hard to Be a God" now and the main character's attitude to the culture he's studying is driving me a little crazy. I go from liking the book to slowing down in wanting to read it because of the whole "civilized" attitude of the protagonist. Reading Strugaski brothers is always strange though.

We came home after all the naps, I unpacked (including all the holiday food my Mom passed along, yum), paid the January bills (at least for this apartment, still have to do the new one), and just catching up online a bit. Overall, a nice day.

I don't do New Year resolutions but I guess I want to try to be more present and not waste too much time online. And read and write, of course.

I'm not very concerned about LJ issues, I don't write anything that should matter to any government, and I have been cross posting from Dreamwidth for years - in fact it remains my face. But if anyone wants to add me on DW for back-up, I have the same username .

My Remus/Sirius Small Gifts story was posted a week or so go. It's called Christmas in July. If you are curious you can read it here.

And finally my Book List 2017 is here with books I would like to read this year.
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RS Games are now over with the author reveals so I can now talk about the stories I wrote and post them elsewhere - and share them here. And yes, "stories", plural because I ended up doing a pitch hit in the middle of October. I realized only a few days that both stories end up letting Remus escape his lycanthropy - huh, I guess I had a theme.

The first story, Moon Dog , was inspired by the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. I played it while writing the story and one of the commenters said the rhythm of the words reflected it, which was quite accidental on my part. In the story, Sirius the Star hears music and comes to Earth to meet the beautiful musician (Remus).

My pitch hit ended up being a Space AU. It is called Sailing Far Beyond the Air . It is very short, less than 2000 words, because I only had a few days to put it together but I might end up exploring the idea later. Sirius grew up on the colonies of Mars where most pureblood families live (I basically adopted canon to sci-fi) He finds Earth very confining - so the story explores Sirius' ideas of freedom and imprisonment (which fit the prompt I used). It is character study really, with Remus playing a small role in the end.

My favorite story of the Games was a Muggle AU called No Longer Easy On the Eyes by [ profile] nerak_rose. It has Teddy and Harry and a wonderful slow burn of a relationship between Remus and Sirius. It is long 26K but I couldn't stop reading and it didn't really feel that long at all. I just got caught up by the wonderful storytelling.

And now I need to write my story for RS Small Gifts - I'm feeling some self imposed pressure, since my last two stories for that fest are by far my most popular ones (judging by AO3). I also want the recipient to be happy with it. But I think my idea is good enough. I'm going to incorporate Russian New Year holiday traditions in it so that should be fun.


A few days ago I finished the 4th book (out of 7) in the Accursed Kings series by Maurice Druon The Royal Succession . It a historical fiction that is about the succession to Regency and then the Crown of Philippe V of France who ruled from 1316 to 1322. I really love this series. The prose flows so easily and the historical details feels researched and accurate enough (although dramatized accordingly). He often included details like types of dresses the royalty wore or what was pillaged in a castle based on actual 14th century accounts.

Sometimes, I can't read historical fiction if the characters are too far from how I imagined them from studying the history (I'm a medieval historian by training, specializing in 14th century England). But this series works so well for me. In this book, there is a plot involving the poisoning of a baby - and that was very hard to read - too graphic. Now that I'm a mother it is certainly hard to read about terrible things happening to kids (and Yahoo keeps putting gruesome things involving children when I go on it, despite many times I click on the button to remove those kinds of stories.)

So the series continues to be great and next up is Isabella, wife of Edward II. I'm really glad this series is finally getting a good English paperback treatment with Books 6 and 7 coming out soon.

TV: Grimm
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Cross stitching
My friend Janna is having a baby girl at the end of February so I decided to make a small birth record counted cross stitch for the baby. I picked a 5X7 design of a toy train with animals - it is nice and colorful and a project small enough to be manageable. I haven't cross stitched for 15 months - last thing I did was Tanya's birth record, so it was so nice just to do a little bit today. And I love projects with bright colors.

Today, I just wrapped the fabric in masking tape and found the center. Then I did two strands in orange for the giraffe. I made a mistake, which I thankfully caught before I finished the first strand; the fabric needed to be in landscape but I started doing portrait automatically. Good thing I realized it and was able to pull the stitches and start over again on the proper side.
Catching a mistake in time.
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I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch today but she called me this morning to tell me she has a cold. The day was rainy anyway so it wasn't terrible to stay home but I was looking to get out of the house a little. At least tomorrow, we have a social gathering so that would be nice. And my parents are planning to come over on Sunday.

I mostly spent the day finishing Season 2 of "Supernatural." I want to finish Season 3 before new semester starts since I won't have much time to watch after. It is only 16 episodes, so I can certainly do that next week.

I signed up fro Black Circle DJ fest again - it's Remus/Sirius fest based on music and last night I listened to a pretty nice 16 song playlist made by the mods. The third song in it, "Wishlist" by Pearl Jam really stood out to me. I never heard it before but I really liked it. So I'm going to write a story based on it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 09:53 pm
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I had a dentist appointment this morning to get a cleaning and my dentist is near my parents' house. So I got up early and took a subway and bus to get there. I had to wait an hour, which was annoying, and then, this time, the cleaning really hurt. Usually it is just bothersome but fine, but today was just terrible. My teeth are still feeling it. I got fillings last week and it went much better than today, and usually it is the other way around.

One thing I knew I could do near my parents' house, other than go visit them, was to do some shopping, since they live near two shopping plazas. I needed to get a toy for Galya's birthday in June (she is turning 2) and there is a Toys R Us right there. Most of the fun toys were 3+, though. Next year will be much more fun. But I think I found a good one - it is a little xylophone/piano combination for toddlers. Then I stopped by at Kmart to get cheap summer shorts to wear at home (I have home clothes and clothes for outside and I don't mix the two. It is the way I grew up and it is weird to me to be in jeans in the house, for example. Or shoes.) And, finally, there is a store where I can get greeting cards for 50% off - I needed four of them (birthdays and baby showers coming up). I got my shopping list done - the only thing left is a present for Bear's Mom. She is turning 70 in June.

After all the shopping, I walked to my parents' house. My Dad took a day off, since he has extra days left over he needs to use and my parents are in the middle of renovations of their top floor. He was needed to help the guy who was installing their shower today. Plus, he knew I was coming over today. With the renovations, I can't stay overnight at their house right now - they gave away my old bed and couch even but I thought I would hang out there until after dinner. But I only stayed for lunch, as my parents wanted to drive to Brooklyn to look at a few warehouse to find their wood railings and shower shelves. I went to a few stores with them, and after they drove me home. So I ended up cooking some pasta for dinner instead.

Netflix put up "Struck by Lightning" this week (the movie Chris Colfer wrote and starred in) and I watched it today. I ended up really liking it (Alison Jenney is amazing) and it even got to me in the end. I also watched "Modern Family" finale - which was pretty emotional at points. This season was not that good but this show still certainly has its moments.

In the weird things I read today column was the news that Amazon is getting into fanfic business and got licenses from a few TV shows. It is just such a weird thing - as a writer, I would not want to give my copyright up and, as a reader, I can just get some much for free.

I've been reading a few articles lately about students loans - there seems to be a major discussion in the media lately. And it has been really depressing to read comments who mostly want to push toward 'useful' degrees that don't include humanities. And I find it sad. As a culture humanities are important. Learning English and history is not a waste of time - not just because of analytical, writing and reading skills but because wide knowledge and rich culture made a society. Why is knowledge not a good thing of itself today? I understand that people want a return on their investment but college should be more than just a path to money. Now, I never had any college debt - it was a combinations of a State School, scholarships, my parents and graduating in three years instead of four. And I understand when many get frustrated with debt but college should be about more than that.
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On Friday, I went to see “Les Miserables” with Yeva. I walked over to her place and we drove to get tickets and then we had about 30 minutes to get desert. That desert place is so delicious. Yeva’s new boyfriend Sergey joined us for the movie. He wasn’t really interested in the movie, he just came along to spend time with her (ah, new relationships!) and it was also the first time I got to meet him. They are getting a bit serious now - I’m just very glad to hear Yeva so happy again. Her break up seven month ago was really hard on her. But when she called me right after the New Year to recount their recent trip to Vegas, she sounded like herself again. Of course, I’m hoping for dinner soon so we could met Sergey properly, with conversation.

Thoughts on Les Miserables )

I also spent the first week of the new year, finishing the 14th book of the Dresden Files, “Cold Days” by Jim Butcher.

Spoilery thoughts on Cold Days )

Downton Abbey S3E1 US )

Tomorrow, Bear and I are going on our real delayed honeymoon. We just going on vacation really. We are going to Arizona to Grand Canyon. I’ve never been to a desert environment so I don’t really know what to expect. Pictures and TV and movies are not same and I’m looking forward to seeing it live. I did decide to have an internet break. I will put pictures up when I come back.

There is a new LJ community – RS Library –and it has compiled a list to all Remus/Sirius fests and their masterlists.
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Today was my wedding shower, so most of the day was about that. I got to wear my nice summer light green color dress and nice black shoes. Papa drove Mama and me to the restaurant in Brooklyn where the party was taking place and then he went to drop things off at my apartment and visit my grandparents. There were about ten of us in the restaurant, including Yeva (who was hosting), Marianna, Janna, Yeva’s Mom, my Mom, Bear’s Mom and sister, my cousin Anna and my friend Fran.

I’ve never been to a wedding shower before (it is not a Russian tradition) but it ended up being pretty nice. I got to wear silly pink bunny ears that said “bride to be” on them and Yeva brought balloons. I think I was just nervous about so many people having to interact and all the drama that Bear’s family can be. Also, Yeva, in her Russian perspective, expected all the people to pay for lunch themselves but I knew the American side expected the host to pay. So I gave Yeva 2/3 of the money to cover most people except my closest friends, who are also Russian and expected to pay. That actually made me feel more relaxed about the shower and enjoy it more. I used some of my birthday money but it was worth the peace of mind.

The food was very good – unlimited cocktails (although I just had one pina colada since I was taking Advil today), and a nice brunch menu with salad and desert. And I got to open lots of presents. I got a lot of tea stuff from Teavana – I just had a thermos on my list but Marianna got me a gift set with lots of teas and Anna got me a lot of nice tea too. There were also lots of other nice gifts.

After the restaurant, everyone wanted to see the apartment so we all went. Anna came in our car and she texted my Uncle and Aunt to meet us there – there were hanging around in Brooklyn and visiting my grandparents too. So everyone came, saw our new place. Next up – wedding in two weeks. Everything turned out well today.

And in the evening to make it a perfect day, we watched the Olympic closing ceremony. I adore British music so it was a great giant music party that made me want to dance. My favorite part was definitely Eric Idle. Now comes Olympic TV crash with no more sports to watch.

My Highlander fanfic was also due today so I scrambled to finish writing it. I still need to proof it but I did at least post it. I’ll need to proofread it this week.

Fic: A Lifetime

Sunday, August 12th, 2012 11:30 am
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Title: A Lifetime
Author: bearshorty
Challenge answered: 20 years: The Immortal View
Characters/Pairings: Richie, Michelle, Joe, Duncan, Amanda, Methos.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,146
Summary: Twenty years can be a whole life or just a moment. Six characters reflect, sometimes reluctantly.
Notes: This story isn’t betaed so forgive any typos. I take prompts too literally sometimes and I apologize for that. Thank you to the organizers of this fest for making us remember all these wonderful characters and to reflect on this show.

A Lifetime )
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May 14: My semester is finally over so I can catch up here. I will try to keep most of it off the Reading page so not to spam anyone. It is really nice not to be grading anymore!

I signed up for R/S Firsts Fest, knowing that by end of the semester I won’t have time. But I could write a very very short story. So I did just in time for a deadline today. And I got Bear to beta it since it was such last notice. How much do I love my fiancée for his willingness to read my slash stories!

Mama and I went to Brooklyn to do my wedding hair trial. Yeva recommended the hairdresser so off we went. And I did like the style and her and the hair did hold all day. Lots and lots of pins in my hair. So although it would involve a lot of traveling on the day of, I will do my hair with her.

Grimm S1E19 )
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Last week really ran away from me, since I had to set up the new computer and grade way to much. So I was not in the writing mood. I still have lots and lots of work but I really need to try to catch up.

I posted the History Big Bang story today – I still haven’t heard from the artist but I’m just glad I got done in time. My lovely beta got back to me this morning. Big Bangs are too stressful for me, I think – I prefer shorter stories. Still, I’m happy it is done.

Today was the day of our annual Passover Seder feast at Marianna’s and, as usual, it was a lot of fun with all the cooking and hanging out. And Galya looked all pretty and cute at 10 month old. She is walking already and she basked at all the attention since all adult were playing with her at some point. I got her a little stuffed owl.

Getting to the Seder was a little adventure. Originally, after visiting my grandparents, my parents were supposed to drop me off at Yeva’s but, as usual, Yeva was going to go to an appointment and she forgot to tell me about it and it was just so much easier to call Bear and get him to pick me up at my grandparent’s house. It would be faster for him to drive straight there, and he also has a tendency to come an hour late but it was still the least frustrating option. And it is always much more fun to travel with Bear and talk about religion and other things, especially since we need to have that conversation with his mother about the ceremony.

At Marianna’s, there was lots and lots of cooking – we made chicken soup (I was much more active in really making it this time – it is really time for me to master soups), cutting up a lot of vegetables, making Passover plate and haroset, roasted potatoes, chicken legs, salad, mazza bread with mushrooms, boiled eggs etc. Bear actually could barely finish his plate which was very surprising.

So great time was had by all and we only got to Bear’s house around 11:30 or so.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday, April 7th, 2012 12:30 am
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Tonight is the start of Passover and tomorrow we are gathering for our annual Passover Seder Fest with my friends where we cook all day and then have a gigantic feast and where I actually get to go through the whole Haggadah and not the fast version my parents go for. When we did our First Seder with my parents tonight – they just mostly wanted to eat as usual so I have to do a fast forward reading and ceremonies.

In the morning I went shopping for tomorrow (I send the list of ingredients each of us has to bring) and I stopped by my bank too. So all the chores are done. I just need to pack an overnight bag since I’m going to Bear’s afterward for his family’s Easter celebrations.

While the Seder itself was a bit too fast at home, as it usually is, the food was fabulous. There was salad, egg and fish and there were potato pancakes. And mazza, of course. And I make a great haroset (a mixture of apple, pear, walnuts, a little grape juice – tomorrow I will make the actual version with cinnamon and ginger. Mama doesn’t like cinnamon, so I have to be tame). There was also Passover cake!

I didn’t watch “Grimm” tonight because I was in the middle of Buffy’s “Restless” episode and I didn’t want to stop. So I’ll catch up on Grimm later.

I did finally finish my History Big Bang Highlander story, which I will post tomorrow. I’m just relieved I got it done on time. It is not my best story ever or anything, but I got it done, so yay.
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Title: A New Life or Something Like It
Author: [personal profile] bearshorty
Artist: viviantanner
Fandom and Time Period: Highlander: The Series; 2012 and 1347-48.
Characters and/or Pairing: Methos, Rebecca, Duncan. Mention of Methos/Rebecca and, if you squint really hard, Methos/Duncan.
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Davis-Panzer Productions. I’m just playing with the characters for fun and not for any profit.
Summary: In 1347, Methos was looking for a new life. He found it in Norfolk, of all places, in a midst of a court case. And he should always listen to Rebecca.
Word Count: 10,000+
Warnings: none
Author’s note: The case in this story is based on a real trial including the names of the litigants, the judges and the sheriff of Norfolk. If Methos was there, his name mysteriously vanished from the record. Thank you so much to heartofspells for the last minute fabulous beta.

A New Life or Something Like It )
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I had to put together the Colonialism Powerpoint in school because my laptop doesn’t want to work for longer than one hour before flickering. The LCD screen is really going. My Dad will ask around how much repair shops would charge but I think I will be buying a new laptop this weekend to my chargin. Sony definitely will not fix it for less than $500. I will not buy a Sony laptop again, that’s for sure, because three years is not long enough for this breakdown.

In much more fun news, well for me, today at Black Circle DJ Fest, my Harry Potter fic went up. It is my first story from Sirius’ perspective.

After school, we also drove to the mall so I could order Bear’s ring. There was a sale at Macy’s today that the salesperson told up last weekend about. So that is done.
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I finally finished Pratchett’s “The Color of Magic” – I read the second half of the book in one weekend. Overall, I liked it, especially the second half but I’m not really inspired to pick up other Discworld novels. To me this book seemed to be a cross between Douglass Adams and the Princess Bride. On to “Stardust” next. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to read it.

My computer occasionally cooperates, even as I have to hold it steady sometimes, but I did manage to put together mysticism lecture for tomorrow with Powerpoint. But I did get frustrated with it in the evening and went to edit my History Big Bang story on my parent’s computer. I still need to write about 3,000 words but I think I can make it to deadline.
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And it’s cold again. The weather can’t decide what it wants but can’t complain about it because it is March after all.

On the positive note “Community” is back! While it was not their best episode ever, this show is still funnier than most comedies and I missed it so. I’m going to rewatch it to make sure I catch all the jokes.

I’m writing a Harry Potter story that is due this Sunday. It’s been sitting at the back of my head for a while. It is a fic from Sirius’ perspective, which is the first time that happened and really shocks me too, and the story is flowing out of me. It is writing itself, basically. I just wrote over 2,000 words in one sitting. I like it when that happens.
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Did some grading this morning and afternoon. Mostly midterms for writing class and the hagiography response papers for the “Sex, Power, and Identity class.” After grading half of the hagiography papers I decided that I’m going to make my students rewrite them for after Spring Break. The assignment question asked them to pick a biography written before 1300 – so mostly a hagiography or life of a saint - and analyze it in terms of medieval gender norms. I even listed questions they could answer right on the assignment sheet. And half the students just did the summary of the saint’s life and stories. Analyze not summarize is such a foreign concept to them. I think making them rewrite might make them learn something – at least I hope so.

Bear picked me up around 5 since tomorrow is his Grandmother’s 95th birthday party so I was going to his place for about 24 hours. We stopped by the Russian store and I got some deserts like chocolate covered cheesecake type bars and hamantaschen and things.

It was great to discover that “8: A Play about the flight for Marriage Equality” was live on YouTube at 10:45, so I watched that. It was really really good.

And because I stayed up late watching it, I ended up going to sleep at 1:30 because after the play, I was writing for another hour – History Big Bang will not defeat me even if it won’t be my best writing. I’m writing about a chapter a night since 75% of rough draft is due March 8. It will be about 12K, not that bad. Next week is Folder Review week and, of course, this is due too – I won’t sleep much.
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Lightheaded start to the year. I was fine when I went to sleep last night but for most of the morning I felt like I will get dizzy and fall any second. I had to lay down for most of the morning. Which took some fun out from opening presents. I still loved them and had a good New Year morning breakfast of olivie salad and cake. Bear left after lunch and by then I was back to my normal self. I even went for a walk in the late afternoon, enjoying the warmer than usual weather.

New Year Loot )

I listened to all my new music and I love it all. Lots of new music. I also made a list of all books I want to read this year. I’m not going to buy new books – I’ll either read what I have or use the library. And I think I’ll have a moratorium on buying DVDs, although I haven’t been buying new ones lately. Music, of course, is another story.

I signed up for another Remus/Sirius fanfic fest (I’m still on this kick) – it is song based which appeals. I listened to snippets of 100 songs or so and narrowed it down to nine, but I think I know what I want to write. I’ll make it a challenge for myself to write from Sirius’ perspective and a new genre. Fests do make me write more.

No resolutions this year since they never really work for long but I will try to exercise and write something every day.
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Bear proposed today!

We were on the hike on the Waking Dunes and it was a very bright, sunny but really windy day and the sand on top of the Dunes was a little too active. But that spot with the view of a the valley leading to the ocean on one side and high hill of the floating sand island overlooking tops of trees on the other is a very beautiful and original view. That hiking trail is one of my favorites. So Bear decided to give me the ring there. Because of the wind I almost didn’t hear him ask me the question! The ring itself is beautiful and perfect for me because it is not tiny but not huge either. Just the right size diamond. And the sides of it (the ring is white gold) are decorated in art deco style.

I kind of knew it was coming over this holiday season and I hoped for the Montauk proposal. I really didn’t want a public Christmas one. I did think he might put the ring under the New Year tree. I thought he might do it yesterday with the lighthouse, but this spot today was perfect and it did catch me slightly by surprise until the couple of minutes before.

I’ve been thinking since how strange it is that having a formal proposal and a ring changes my emotional state even though it really shouldn’t and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I mean, we’ve been together thirteen years and we talked about marriage for a long time and it has been a committed relationship already and all that a lot, and one would think the ring really wouldn’t matter, but it kind of does. Yes, it is just symbolic but it does represent a nice symbol. Maybe tit is about social conventions and how others respond to a relationship where it is taken seriously with the social conventions of engagement or marriage. It in the time Bear and I have been together many people I know met, got married and got divorced and their relationship is treated as more ‘committed’ or ‘significant.’ Perhaps, having a ring just feels like a step forward. And yet, it is not like anything really changed in terms of job prospects and being realistic about it all. We are still the same.

In addition to the hiking in the morning, for we also went to the wood until lunch time, I also went on a step machine to work out. My legs are going to kill me.

I finally signed up for Archive of Our Own, no more anonymous kudos. But it was time and in the new year I will post all my stories there too.

And I finally finished “Slynx” today after taking a break for “Good Omens.” All I could say about the ending is WTF was that. I loved the first 25% of this book – it does built an interesting post-apocalyptic world but then the plot drags and the main character is a bit unlikable and by the end the plot just got really weird like the author was on drugs.
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I’m so so happy today is done. I still have history final exams to finish this weekend, but those I just have to read and grade, no need for commenting. I got up at 6am to get to campus and pretty much graded non-stop from 7 to 2, with a break for Folder review with the program director. I got 18 papers done – which is a lot. On a marathon day 16-18 is the most a brain can process and only under duress. I graded maybe 80 papers this week – I bought a new pen on Monday and it is almost done.

The folder review itself was fine. I was very happy with the grade distribution for my students and got the director to agree to an A for one of the guys even as this last paper since needed a little bit more. But he had a great complex thesis. And he came to pick up his folder and I love seeing the joy in these kids faces when they see they did well or even passed. One guy was taking this class for the third time and was thrilled with a C+. (It is a requirement). I had lovely students in both my sections this semester – definitely one of my favorite semesters.

After the folder review I went to the main campus to pick up the textbook for next semester and filled out all the paperwork too. Then tea and jelly thing at DunkinDonuts and some relaxation.

And to make me even happier, on top of being done with writing stuff for the semester, I got the most awesome story as my gift at RS Small Gifts exchange. It has Teddy! And it is just perfect. Thank you [personal profile] deathjunke!

Grimm S1E7 )
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I was up at 6am grading and then went to teach. The students were discussing the final exam reading today. One of my classes had real trouble with connections to Goodall while the other class just sailed through it. We’ll see how exam goes.

In the afternoon I was grading map quizzes while listening to Wicked soundtrack. My Global History students did really well! Yay, studying. That is what happens when you get all answers beforehand and actually prepare.

My RS Small Gifts story got posted today and my recipient left a great comment on it. Yay. I was a bit nervous writing specifically for someone and hitting their like points.


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