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Tanya and I went to her pediatrician this morning to get her flu shot. She was sniffling this morning, but the doctor checked her out and felt all was good for a shot. Tanya is fine but is still sniffling a bit and is a little dramatic about the snot. Other than that, a pretty normal day.

And no matter how many times I say in class that we only comment on Rough Draft 1 and final drafts, there is always that one student who asks when she will get the rough draft 2 back with my comments. Head desk.

Book Meme

5. Which genre(s) don’t you read? Why not?

I don't read horror; it's just not for me. I rarely watch horror movies either. I don't read romance since fanfic satisfies that. And I don't like thrillers. I mostly read sci-fi, fantasy, classics, historical fiction, history and occasionally non-fiction. Once in a while I will read a detective story or a modern book or YA, based on recs.
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I'm watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony right now. The parade of nations. I love the Parade of Nations. It's just fun seeing different uniforms and so many excited people. And a geography review! And I can blog while it's going on. I watched the first 20 minutes of Opening Ceremonies (NBC stared it an hour late to fit 8pm primetime, I missed the Olympic music theme on NBC), and then had to go put Tanya to bed. I had my phone with me so as she was settling down I downloaded the only app you can watch the Olympics on the the US: NBC Sports. Then I was generously given 30 minutes of Temporary Pass so I can watch the Ceremony that was airing free on TV. After that, one has to input their cable provider details to keep watching. We don't have cable. We have just internet and Netflix, which is more than enough. The last Olympics (Winter 2014) I watched online was with my parents' password but they cancelled cable this year too because it was getting too expensive. I couldn't sneak out of the room until 9:40 since Tanya had trouble falling asleep, so I missed Belarus walking. I did find a clip on YouTube though. I will watch letters C on live, which is great. I just really don't like NBC viewing policies. I wish they set up a way to pay for Olympic Access - I would pay $20 to watch, for example. Anyway, yay Olympics. I love Olympics. I was wearing my USA Olympic T-Shirt all day. I got it in 2008 and I usually just wear it on 4th of July and during Olympics.

This weekend is going to be nice and quiet and I'm looking forward to that. We have no plans, we won't have to go anywhere, unlike last weekend. Last Saturday we went to the playground in the morning, managed to have Tanya nap for a hour before waking her up to take a train to Long Island City. We went to a Thai restaurant, Tuk-Tuk, to celebrate Tanya's and Ida's 2nd birthdays with Marianna and her family, her Dad, sister and brother-in-law, Yeva and my friend Olya. (Tanya and Ida, Marianna's youngest daughter, were born two days apart). Tanya behaved well on an hour train ride and we had a really good time at the restaurant. (Well, she did get a little bored after eating her rice - she demanded her rice - and was saying 'domoi, domoi' or 'home, home' for a bit but then she went to play and color with Galya and Ida and was running around a little). The food was delicious, it was great to hang out and I haven't seen my friend Olya since the last year's birthday party, so it was really great to catch up. We were hoping to go to the playground with the views of Manhattan after, but it was pouring rain, so we just took the subway back.

I've noticed that lately I've been getting more and more anxious if we have to go somewhere. I hate being late, always did, and I usually plan well, but I catch myself getting more snappy and stressed when we have to travel. I really need to relax. We got to the restaurant at 3:05 for 3pm meeting time, I planned well and there was a nap. Everything went really, really smoothly. At yet I was stressed up until we got on the first train. I really need to curb it and figure out why it is so much worse lately. (Marianna and I moved the time to 3pm from 2:30pm but didn't tell Yeva on purpose. She got in at reasonable time :) Some people really don't worry about it).

On Sunday, my parents came over in the morning, but it was raining so (Go, Team USA - they just walked in!) we just hung out at home. In the afternoon, Bear, Tanya and I went to visit my grandparents. So the weekend was very nice and it was great to see everyone but a quiet weekend would be really nice.

On Monday, I took Tanya to the pediatrician for her well-visit checkup. We've been practicing with her toy medical kit, so she would know what to expect (she probably forgot since last time). We took it with us too to the delight of Nurse Masha. The visit went very well. Just a little crying during one shot and some crying at the blood test, but soothed well with a lollipop. She's 35 inches (89cm) and almost 27 pounds. Of course, she still recounts getting that blood test five days later, pointing at her vein by the inner elbow and telling us how we went to Doctor Aibolit (a doctor from a children's poem) and Nurse Masha and another Nurse took blood and how Tanya 'plakala, plakala, plakala, plakala i potom uspokoilas' 'cried, cried, cried, cried and then calmed down." And then tells me how we took the bandaid off. She likes to recap her injuries. Like months later she still talks how she fell and scraped her knee, and all her toys fall and have to get pretend wiped with rubbing alcohol.

The rest of my week was pretty ordinary. I finished reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children , which was alright but I don't want to read sequels. (I will do a book post this weekend) I started Maurice Druon's She-Wolf . I really missed reading him. His prose is so easy and airy and just lovely to read. I still have 50 minutes of Jonathan Strange to watch. I did watch Minions movie as I did the exercise bike. It was cute but really not necessary. And I've been cross stitching the little owls.
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I want to do a sort of week in review. It's mostly real life with a partial movie review at the end.

Not much happened on Monday or Tuesday. Monday, my Mom came over for half a day and we both went to the playground with Tanya before I went home for a little break. It was pretty uneventful other than we actually had a pleasant time together and didn't really fight about anything. Usually, she finds many things to be critical about so it was nice overall.

On Wednesday, in the afternoon, Tanya had her first bus ride when we went to visit my friend Yeva. It's not a long ride but it would have taken 30 minutes to walk there and it was 92F (32C) outside. Tanya had fun looking at the people on the bus. She is a social one. It was very nice to hang out for a few hours until Bear came to get us after he got home from work. We don't see each other as much lately so it was great just to talk and catch up. Yeva also has this massage chair and I got to use it a little - just what I needed since I managed to pull my shoulder muscle a few days earlier.

On Thursday, my Mom was over again for half a day to make soup for Tanya (she makes it on Thursday and I make it on Sunday) and I had a dentist appointment in the late morning. I had to do a filling but at least it was on the tooth that had a filling earlier and just needed a slightly bigger one and now I have a white filling instead of a black one. The whole thing was still anxiety producing but at least it's done.

Friday was time for Tanya's doctor and a year well-visit and vaccines. That office is so disorganized. I like the doctor, she gives helpful advice, but her office is frustrating with wait times and general feeling of people not being very efficient. The appointment was at 9 but the doctor and nurse only got there at 9:15. Tanya won't exactly sit still and wait - she wants to move around. So waiting extra time is stressful for me. She weights 19.5 pounds now (almost 9kg) and is 75.5cm or 29.7 inches. She didn't gain any weight since last month. Well, she lost a little when she got sick and gained it back but her weight gain for the past 4 months has been a bit sluggish. She does move around a lot and she is gaining in height, so it's fine. Although I do worry. But babies will eat what they need, I guess.

She got her two shots, which was scary enough for her. And then we had to wait a while to get her blood drawn. That office does need to move faster. Poor baby. She was already upset enough. Of course, taking blood from the vein is not always fun for an adult, and she freaked out for most of it. She wouldn't really stop crying until we left and went outside and I ended up taking her out of the stroller and just carrying her home. She was also tired because her nap got delayed.

On Saturday (yesterday), we drove to Long Island in the morning to visit Bear's parents for the day. This was Tanya's 3rd birthday party since his parents couldn't make it to the other ones. They decorated their living room and got lots of presents like a truck, and a teapot set. In the afternoon we went to a really fun playground. The newer playgrounds like near my parents and in Long Island seem to be all bright and very creative. There are obstacle courses and slides and tubes. I don't like the swings there but it was pretty entertaining otherwise. There is a climbing wall by the older kids' section. At one point, instead of heading back on the slide or another part of the playground, Tanya made her way to a corner by the fence (where two fences meet) and sat on the grass there to play with the dirt. It was a little funny. We left for home at bedtime and both Tanya and I napped in the car. It was a very nice visit. With cheesecake.

Today I made soup in the morning and finally started watching 'Birdman'. It's been a while since I watched a movie. (Big Hero 6 couldn't sustain my attention - I was trying to watch it last. I gave up on it). I only watched 40 minutes so far and will try to watch more tonight but it is interesting. The way it is shot, with the camera following the actor, and all closeups, with single takes is weird. I guess it is trying to convey a theater atmosphere. But it is an interesting commentary on state of today's cinema and theater and shows the process of acting and building a play that is intriguing to me. Edward Norton is amazing in it. The best scenes for me are between him and Michael Keaton. I can see why it was voted the Best Picture -an insider movie. I don't know if I love it yet but I am enjoying it despite the weirdness and it's sustaining my interest for sure.

And in the afternoon today we went to visit my grandparents for a little bit. They live right next to the ocean on Coney Island, so we also took some time to go to the broadwalk. I just sat on the bench enjoying an ocean breeze, and boats and cruise ships and people watching while Bear and Tanya played in the sand a little. She didn't want to leave.
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Last week went pretty quickly and I wanted to do a recap of it.

Monday, June 15th was Bear's birthday. It was a pretty quiet day since it was rainy. Bear took a day off from work so we just hung out. I gave him my presents in the morning which ended up being pretty much books - 2 superman graphic novels he wanted, a Shel Silverstein book he was nostalgic about and had on his wishlist, Ethan Watters' "Crazy like Us" (which is about exportation of American cultural concepts of psychological disease to the rest of the world and problems with that - I've taught a chapter about Japan last semester and thought Bear would like it), and Reza Aslan' "Zealot: Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth." We had Malaysian food as take out - I had ginger duck soup, indian pancake and noodles dish. Nice quiet bday.

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment (just a yearly check-up), so my Mom came over for that hour. My doctor's office is now all electronic, which happened in Tanya's pediatrician office this year too. My doctor helped me set up an app on my phone as part of the visit. It is pretty cool - by Saturday I could just access my lab work myself on my phone. (Still anemic - my Mom brought me more meat to eat.) It's neat but the potential for hacks is worrisome. Best part - since it was preventive visit, no copay.

On Wednesday, I made turkey meatloaf, eggplant and pasta as part of Bear's birthday week dinner. I wasn't a big fan of meatloaf in the past. I didn't grow up with it. I made it once before and it wasn't that great. But this time it turned out fantastic. I looked at a few recipes online and combined them, kept it in the oven a bit longer and Bear just loved it. I put green pepper in it and fried the onion beforehand. I will definitely make it again. I wrote out the recipe I used in my recipe book.

Thursday and Friday were pretty quiet.

This weekend was really really good.

On Saturday Bear and I had a date - first in like 6 months. My parents came over early and took over Tanya duty and we had a chance to get ready for the day. We left at noon and got back at 7 30. First, we had 'Hedwig' musical on Broadway. We took a subway and ate our sandwiches on the way. Bear almost lost his Grand Canyon hat in the Times Square station but crisis was averted. He paid an extra fare to go back and luckily spotted it. After the musical we wondered around and went to a bookstore. There was a Barnes and Noble nearby. I haven't been to a bookstore in so long, maybe a year and it just wonderful to browse. I even got a new blank notebook on sale.

Then we hit a bit of a snag with the food. I found this Indian place online and the prices looked reasonable on online menu. When we got there the prices on outside menu were only a dollar more so we went in. And it looked nice. But prices on actual menu were $5 higher. So we left. Argh. I hate that move by restaurant. It took us a while to find something else and by then we were short on time. We ended up at a pizza place and I had eggplant parmigian hot sandwich. Not the best option but good enough. We got back to a sleepy baby and it was really nice just to have time out.

On Sunday, Father's Day, we traveled to Long Island for the day to visit Bear's parents. Father's Day is big in his family. Bear himself was born on Father's Day so his family always combines Father's Day with a birthday party. And it was Bear's 1st Father's Day as a Dad. I gave him a card - that is the extent I'm willing to indulge a fake holiday. There was no traffic and we made good time. After Tanya ate, Bear's parents were heading to church. They are very Catholic. And Bear indulges his Mom and goes to church when he visits.(he doesn't mention to her that he doesn't really go anymore). I didn't want to be home alone with Tanya for an hour -I get enough of that during the week - and I figured she likes seeing new places and people - so I decided we would go too. I think it made his mother's day. Tanya did like seeing all the stain glass windows and did pretty well. For me going to church is a social observation thing, although congregation chanting creed is creepy. And I don't mind Tanya being exposed to. She should learn about all religions. We decided long ago that Tanya can pick her own religion if any when she grows up. I'm Jewish and atheist, Bear grew up Catholic and is now agnostic.

Bear's brother and his girlfriend came over in the afternoon. They have chickens and bees so we got eggs and tasty, tasty fresh honey. Yay. There was a nice dinner with steaks. Tanya had some hummus for a snack. There were presents and ice cream cake. We didn't get home until 9 30, and Tanya didn't want to fall asleep in the car until 9, but it was a very nice day overall. Great weekend.

So that was last week. Tomorrow I will do a book post, including Dante chapters from last week.
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June is continuing to be unpredictable and slightly weird. Maybe that's just what happens after 35. On Tuesday morning, I had a nice set plan for the rest of the week: a check-up with the doctor on Wednesday and then going to my parents' house until Saturday since there was the last eye doctor appointment on Thursday (today). Yeah. That got upended at the last minute.

Around noon on Tuesday I get a voicemail wondering why I never responded to an email about a group interview for a charter school I applied to, which was going to be on Wednesday. What email? That was my question. I quickly got my laptop and checked the spam folder and sure enough there it was from four days ago! 9:15 for the next morning. Obviously, I called right back, left a message confirming the interview. I'm glad they followed up with the phone call.

Then hectic planning: calling my Mom to see if she could come at 7:30 instead of 11 and basically wisk Tanya to her house herself. (She got my Dad to work from home so they could both show up before 7 even and get Tanya and my stuff for the week). Then I rescheduled the doctor's, and then started putting together stuff I needed for the interview.

One thing I needed to come up with was object of personal significance to introduce myself with. My mind immediately jumped to Mary Stewart book -books 2 and 3 of the Merlin Trilogy, in Russian, since that was what really made me focus on studying English history and reading the first book of the trilogy later in the English language felt like a major achievement after I was in the US for a year. That book really changed my life. I had Papa bring it. (Now I want to reread it) It turned out very short intro anyway, I didn't need to be too elaborate. Someone brought the little statue of an Eiffel Tower, one young man brought a game boy, another person a memory box.

Interview itself went ok. We had to do a teaching lesson based on their philosophy - I went first but I should have waited to benefit from more feedback. It was a long process. I'm really crappy at interviews - I get awkward and talk too fast. I need to remember to look the person in the eye more and to slow down. I don't think I'm getting this job (and the hours are super long, so I'm conflicted about it anyway) but I'm very glad that at least I got called for an interview - progress!

I went to my parents' house after the whole thing was over around 3pm. I took the ferry which was very nice, in the warm summer weather. I've seen the Statue of Liberty many times, visited it twice, been to the very top but still, everytime I see it, I want to just stand and look at it. It is pretty cool.

When I got to my parents's place, Mama and Tanya were in the backyard. They got Tanya a baby pool and she was splashing around, playing with my bath toys (I started collecting rubber ducks from trips quite accidentally. I have a space ducky from Kennedy Space Center, a pirate ducky from Pirates of Carribean ride at Disneyworld, cruise ducky from a cruise and even a rubber piggy, I think from Montauk.) It was pretty adorable.

Today I went to the eye doctor for the dilation. Last part of the check up. That doctor's office is so ridiculous with the wait times. Very disorganized. It took two hours to hear that my eyes are fine and get my new eyeglasses prescription. At least it's done. Funny thing, but really not that funny: I had a $35 copay, plus, the receptionist informed me, a $12.24 that insurance didn't pay in the previous visit. The receptionist then took out a calculator to add 35 and 12. Sigh. She probably gets paid more than me too. Overall, I paid $117 for this check-up in there visits. (I figured that out without a calculator). I could have had a cheaper exam in Costco without insurance. But I guess I should do deeper test every 8 years or so.

'Agents of Shield', Season 2 went up on Netflix today. I actually got to watch the first episode while my Dad played with Tanya in the evening. That show really benefits from watching the whole season at once as it is just one long, highly serialized movie. Also, Lucy Lawless guest starring is an automatic 5 star episode.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 07:40 pm
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My Mom showed up at my place at 8am today. We all start our day at 7am every day, sometimes a bit earlier. On Tuesdays when Tanya and I go to my parents' house for the week, my Mom usually comes around 9 so we could quickly pack and travel during nap time. I like a leisurely hour and a half to eat breakfast, wash the dishes and pack my stuff. Bear is busy getting ready to leave for work for half the week too. But today we had to rush a bit because my Mom woke up early and wanted to get ahead of hot weather and traffic.

So I was a bit hectic packing my bag and the kitchen stuff while dealing with paperwork and having Bear sign our lease renewal etc. Busy morning. It is the last week we are doing Tuesday to Saturday at my parents. Next week we are going to Bear's parents for a week for a change. My parents are going on vacation and Bear's parents wanted some time with Tanya too. And since I'm done with the semester I can go there for week now. Then I will just be in my place and cooking.

After a busy early morning and a 30 minute car ride we got to my parents' house and then I took Tanya for her morning nap in the stroller, especially since she didn't sleep in the car. Today was a hot summer day weather but it was still very pleasant 75F in the morning. My parents live in Staten Island, which while it is a New York City borough is very suburban, with mostly private houses. We walk the same quiet streets back and forth and there are not a lot of people about. It is quite nice.

At one o'clock I went to an eye doctor appointment with my old eye doctor. I haven't checked my vision in 4 to 5 years and it was really about time. I wear glasses for nearsightedness and I know my vision got worse. It used to be 3.5 in the right eye and 4 in the left and now it's 4 in the right and 4.5 in the left. I don't think I'm going to get new glasses for a couple of months though; I just wanted to check my eyes in general - they've been feeling tired lately.

When I was a child, I was farsighted and had to wear glasses all the time from age of 6 to 12. I couldn't see much without them. I was the only person in my class with glasses at the time; it wasn't common, so I got my share of being teased for it. Then my vision corrected and from age of 12 to 19 I got to enjoy perfect vision. And then it went the other way and I needed glasses for distance since the second year of college.

Well, my appointment was for 1pm but I didn't get called in until 2 and then had to wait more for the doctor and then wait some more to make another appointment. I didn't leave until 3. It's near my parents' house, I walked there in 10 minutes or so but I was still frustrated since I have to nurse my daughter at 3 and I thought I would have plenty of time. My Mom gave her her veggie and chicken mushy soup, she just had to wait a bit more for milk.

And the worst part was, the eye doctot couldn't do all the tests at once. She just did the basic ones and I have to come back twice more for a visual field test and for dilation. Each doctor visit is $35 copay; even with insurance it's not that cheap. So that 2 hour visit was maybe 10-15 minutes of actual check up and I would have to pay more later. I go back on Friday afternoon.

Now, Tanya is actually sleeping in the crib (at least for a few hours before she wakes up again)- last few nights she just wanted to sleep in my bed curled up to me, holding on to my hair -I'm going to read my Kindle. I'm reading 'Kosmobiolukhi' , a Russian Sci fi book and enjoying it a lot. It is pretty funny.

My Dad, who is a voracious reader, always reads any book I mention or ask him to get for me - he can download books from magic websites - he already read two books in the series and is teasing me a bit about how interesting it will still get. He read Hunger Games in secret when I once told him I was going to read it in passing on our commute. Then he told me he read it and that he has it on his Kindle. I read it on his Kindle when he went on vacation. This was right before he gave me my own for my birthday 4 years ago.
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The snow storm on Thursday made this week feel strange. My university first cancelled all morning classes late Wednesday night. One of my classes was therefore cancelled but not the second one. I was supposed to give the midterm and I didn't want anybody not showing up because of the storm and having to do a make up later. Plus going in for just one class was not worth it with all the commute. So late Wednesday I cancelled my second class and rightly so for on Thursday morning University realized that the snow kept falling. All classes cancelled officially. Papa worked from home and Mama was watching Tanya and I could grade some papers. The snow was very pretty and heavy.

On Wednesday afternoon my Mom picked Tanya and me up and we left for my parents' house for the next week and a half. Bear has started his work season where he needs to stay late at work from Tuesday to Friday and works Saturday morning with Sundays and Mondays off. It is much easier for him to stay at his parents' house on late nights as his work is much closer to their house. And my parents love having Tanya around. And as much as it is often difficult for my Mom and I to be under the same roof, it is ultimately better for Tanya. And Papa can drive me to work instead of me taking the train. Next week Bear needs to work Monday so he is just coming here tomorrow and I'm staying put. But regularly until May I will spend Tuesday afternoon to Saturday morning at my parents.

I definitely can get some grading done while my parents play with my kid and I have Folder Review on Monday (meeting with a program director) so I need to get a lot done. There is plenty of misreading and failing grades. And one student fudged formatting and thought I wouldn't notice how wide the spacing was. I pulled up his paper since they have to submit it online as well as a hard copy and I 'fixed' his formatting. It was 4 pages instead of 5.

My Mom picked up us on Wednesday instead of Tuesday because Tanya had her pediatrician appointment on Wednesday for her last two vaccines until August. She is 69cm already and 17.5 pounds. She's getting heavy.

The doctor, however, is overly concerned that she is not sitting independently yet. She can sit, she just still leans forward a little though and is not sitting up by herself. She rolls around a lot; it's hard to contain her and she gets to toys easier that way. I think she is still a little scared of sitting. I read that on average babies sit at 6 and a half but there is no worry until eight months. And my Dad sat later and so did many other babies I heard about. So I am not worried at all. But my doctor thinks action should be taken now and I should call the early development program to have her evaluated. She already wants to say that Tanya has a gross motor delay. But Tanya does absolutely all other skills and American Pediatric Association only says diagnosis is appropriate at 9 months nor at 7. I get that the doctor just wants the best for Tanya but I think it is really too early to worry and it makes me a little uncomfortable. I'll probably call anyway, it wouldn't hurt I just don't think it is really of such an immediate concern.
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After last week’s break, went back to tutoring today. Valerie just wants someone to chat with. She does need to read more in English but she is the client, so it is really up to her. And it’s not like I mind sitting there and chatting for two hours for almost $50.

I made the appointment for a doctor check up next week, now that I finally have the insurance card. When I had insurance through University, I didn’t really feel comfortable going there for a check up – just for any problems. So it has been a while since I had a blood test. Plus this office is for internal medicine/cardiology, which is good since they would know how to handle my palpitations. Which were acting up today and making me super tired. I really don’t like it when that happens.

The couch magically appeared today. :) Yay. The delivery guys were so fast and efficient with the set-up. They had the drill to attach legs and worked so quickly. My parents got up a sofa-bed, in black fake leather so it is very light and pretty nice. I think I will need to get some little pillows to sit on it but lying down on it is very comfortable. It will definitely make a great guest bed, not that Bear wants to advertise that fact.

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I walked to the doctor’s office today to basically get the all clear. They don’t really know what is causing the symptoms so I will just not worry too much and keep doing what I’m doing.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 11:00 pm
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This was a morning of chores: bank, post office, doctor’s office. My tests were fine but I need to do more since there are still some slight white cells without an infection and the doctor just wants to rule out as much as possible.

I get a house to myself again for Fourth of July long weekend. My parents left for a mini vacation in Canada (they usually like driving somewhere for 4th of July and I sometimes come along, but not this year since I just went on vacation.)

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Rhode Island passes a civil-union bill – go Rhode Island.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 10:21 pm
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I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning which is always a good walk. My tests were fine but he still wants to do a bit more. Good thing I have insurance until September.

Since my parents were coming back from their vacation this evening, I spent all afternoon cleaning the house as thoroughly as I could. Mama is a stickler for detail and has very high standards and anything would have gotten a comment. So I vacuumed, washed the floors in the kitchen, living room and on the first floor and cleaned my bathroom. And I cleaned the kitchen too. I hate washing the floors, it is my least favorite chore, but since there was no comment about it, I consider this high success.

Parents back with chocolate and they brought me lots of stuff from their vacation:

1. silver Swiss coin (I have a coin collection)
2. magnet cow (moo)
3. pencil sharpener from Switzerland with cow on top (I have a dragon one from England - I have lots of little knick-knacks from everywhere on my bookshelves. One day I will take a picture of them and post it here.)
4. postcards! Lots of them! I always get postcards wherever I go and I use them as bookmarks. So Papa got me one from every city they’ve been in and they’ve been in a lot. (Saint-Paul, Lausanne, Monaco, Sanremo, Lyon, Luzern, Zurich, Cannes, Geneva, Bern, Nice, Marseille, Liechtenstein, Grasse)
5. Marc Chagall print (it is gorgeous)
6, perfume from Grasse, France
7. little gift set of soap and soap dish
8. skirt, belt and shirt for a French outfit.
9. pink necklace from France
And Chocolate!

Here is a picture of my new outfit:
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I was watching an episode of “Dead Zone” on Netflix called “Cabin Pressure” because Peter Wingfield is in it and the SFX recommended it but it would be nice if Netflix did not spoil some of the plot in the episode description.

I’m almost done with “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. I have two episodes left: Part 3 and 4 of “Sozin’s Comet.” Good set-up so far. The episode about a theater production of the adventures was a great way for writers to make fun of their own show; it was really amusing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, May 27th, 2011 11:00 pm
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I had my Doctor’s appointment in the morning. The test was quicker than I thought it would be and not too uncomfortable. I’m just glad to get that done. And the time waiting in the office passed quickly with a book.

On the walk home I did some food shopping. I’m having guests over on Sunday and Bear is staying here from Sunday until Tuesday so I’m thinking up food menus. I’m definitely going to bake banana bread and maybe make baked ziti on Monday. For Sunday I’m thinking stir fry with Thai Red Curry Sauce and a fresh salad and bbq in the afternoon with burgers. I do love having a kitchen to myself.

I do love modern technology. I called parents in France this afternoon from Skype and talked with them for more than 20 minutes for less than a dollar. They are doing a bus tour of Switzerland and French Riviera and visiting a lot of cities. They wanted me to come with them and part of me wishes to visit all those places (I only been to Zurich and Nice) but I’m enjoying my solitude.

Our government newly renewed ability to look up library records and other personal information like that for ‘suspected terrorist activity’ makes me very uncomfortable. Patriot Act is so creepy.

Very true Cracked article: 5 things nobody tells you about being poor.

It is 1:40 in the morning and I just finished reading “Hunger Games.” I think I read half the book just today. After 8pm, I did something I haven’t done in a long time – I turned off the TV and closed my laptop and went into the computer room to its nice couch to read. And I kept reading and reading. It has been a while. But I just did not want to stop. I did take a break to talk to Bear on the phone and then wash the dishes (when I lived by myself I always wash all the dishes right before I go to sleep, it is soothing and I reverted to old patterns) but otherwise I just read.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, May 6th, 2011 11:30 pm
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I woke up at 7:30 because I had a doctor’s appointment at nine. It was only about 25 minutes away by foot, so I walked there and back. Nice clear weather too with lovely blue sky. I’ll have to do another test at the end of May. Well, as long as I have the insurance I might as well.

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DW meme:

9. Tell me about your default icon.

I needed an icon so I went to Google image to find a picture of polar bears to reflect my username. And I adore polar bears. I had a few choices and then I picked the one I have with a big bear and a little bear since it could represent Bear and me.

10. Pick 10 random icons from your userpics and tell me about them.

I don’t have many icons, I had just the default for the longest time and then during Fannish Library Fest just this past month, there were so many awesome icons of books and libraries from TV shows and movies. Like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Harry Potter ones and Buffy ones with the library and Giles. Then mar_see_ya made cool ones too just for me. So now I just have to remember to use other icons and not automatically just use the default.

Cross stitch: more pumpkin for the big bear’s head – that head is gigantic. Also some terra cotta for the head and light pink for the ears.
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Local College has finally got me the passwords to access the systems and I can look not just at the roster of my students but at their entire schedule. That is creepy

This morning I had my second test at the urologist. This one was a little more nerve wracking and I was happy when it was over. It didn’t take long but it wasn’t the most comfortable and I’m not a fan of pain.

I walked home and I got a bagel with cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts which was delicious.

I’m getting lost in Jack/Ianto – there is a lot of good fic and I’ve been rewatching various scenes. I really need to rewatch all of “Torchwood” since I think I would like Season One much better a second time.

Exercise: 30 min walk
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49 out of 50 states have snow. That’s the whole South. And some people don’t want to see that the weather is changing. We got a good amount of snow but now as much as in post-Christmas blizzard. Since we aren’t actually blocked in our house, it is a plus.

‘Got Medieval’ has a great response to Palin’s use of ‘blood libel’ and the subsequent Jewish WTF response to that.

I turned on TV at 9pm (while still doing the free stepping thing in Wii – I do like the option of watching tv while technically exercising) to see “Modern Family” and ended up watching Obama’s speech from Arizona memorial service. It was a good speech. I really liked the part that we should aim our government to be like the little girl saw it. It was a bit unsettling to go to “Modern Family” comedy right after that for a few minutes. Good show, though, as usual.

I had my sonogram at the urologist’s office today. Everything looks fine so I’m happy with that. I really liked the sonogram technician. She kept up fun dialogue and generally made it fun. One more test on Friday.

Exercise: 36 min on Wii. I really like the advance bicycle course and I think I got over the virtual dog running after me. (I have a phobia for real dogs; I’m usually ok with dogs in pictures and such but first time I did the bike game when the virtual dog started running after me I got very uncomfortable. But my brain is back to seeing it as not a real dog.)

Cross stitch: tan on the little bear’s face and paws and some light brown for his ears.
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Happy Birthday, Mama! We had lots of birthday food today with salads and candy. As usual she grumbled when actually opening presents but she really liked them and even thanked me for the hand cream in the evening. She really liked the sample they sent too.

I had my doctor’s appointment with an urologist today. Finally seeing a specialist who can actually offer an explanation is priceless. Having a hot intern take my history also didn’t hurt. They think it is just inflammation and there will be a few more tests in January but it is good to actually put a name to what’s been going on.

Since it was Mama’s birthday, my cousin who lives in California called to wish her happy birthday and then they got on Skype so we could see her little seven month old baby Iris. Iris has these gigantic brown eyes.

I ordered the quilt cross-stitch project on Amazon; I didn’t realize they had them. It will save me a trip to a crowded mall to Michaels. Of course, I had to pick one where animals are reading a book. I’m really looking forward to making this. I usually prefer counted cross stitch and this is stamped one, but I like making something specific as a gift.

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