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Because of the ice storm the Local College opened later and I went to school later too. So I decided to sleep in an extra hour – not that it helped much, my head is still stuffy. Then I wrote out the first In Class Exercise for my students for this afternoon. I’m asking them about the similarities in how four earliest civilizations – Mesopotamia, Egypt, India China – viewed the legitimacy of kingship and political authority. And I just know that many won’t really understand what legitimacy means. So I did define in on the assignment sheet. It is a little sad.

Then I finally took care of some paperwork that has been piling up. I’m finally mailing in my Uni teaching contract, National Geographic renewal check, and extra co-pay for all the doctor’s test I did in the last month. Then I cleaned my bathroom both because it needed it and because as much as I need to start on rough drafts I was not looking forward to that.

Outside today it was not raining but it felt like it if you were around trees. The world looked very white with the fog and the icy trees. It was a bit surreal and a little scary walking under the trees.

The lecture on Ancient China went well. I gave them their in class exercise so I only had to lecture for an hour. Next week, just have to get to Confucius, teach them how to write a paper and give a lecture on Ancient Greece, which I wrote a long time ago for a different class.

This evening I commented on rough drafts. Some do summary and I think tomorrow I will make them work on topic sentence to try to avoid all summary paper, since summary is automatic non pass. I have to do a lot more rough draft. I really need to comment less but I can’t help it.

Yeva told me today that she broke up with her boyfriend. I really wish I could cheer her up a bit. We are going to dinner next week, so I will try then.

Exercise: 30 minutes on the wii
Cross stitch: yellow and purple for the letter cube.
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This morning I finally finished “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” Good book. It is really a book of four things:

1. life of Henrietta herself (she was my age when she died which is really weird)
2. the origin and development of HeLa cells and its impact on science, medicine and ethical law
3. Henrietta’s children and family and their relationship with their mother’s cells
4. the author’s research into the story

This book brings up the fact that there are really no consent laws on tissue research and the patients who donate cells or have cells taken, even through blood test, have really no control over what happens to it all.

I spent the morning reading/commenting on second section of Close Reading Assignment. They weren’t terrible but not many can be very clear in their ideas.

Teaching: I wasn’t feeling that great in the second class, probably because I’m tired and I’m not sleeping that much lately and it will be a long week and I probably need iron too. I drank some water and was just glad it was Peer Review Day where they worked on reading each other’s papers. Also, in talking to some students it was funny to see how students like to blame the teacher for failing the writing class the first time. Not their lack of effort or ability to read and comprehend. They were sucking up a bit by telling me that I was a better teacher than their past ones because I put my expectations on the board and explain more. Right.

My parents bought me some new clothing. They ordered it online from the designer company Papa works for. I got a work black skirt, two blouses –white and pink, wool black pants, and a grey track suit. Mostly work clothes. I really, really hate shopping and I told them I really didn’t need anything but they got some anyway. They are awesome like that. And I like not having to go to a clothing store in any way. Now a bookstore is another matter.

After I got home I did some Wii Fit exercises and then had a nice dinner of eggs over easy with black bread with butter and vegetables. When I was little every time my grandmother made me an omelet, she would take a piece of bread, put butter on it and cut it into little squares. So to this day if I have bread with eggs, especially in the evening, (and I have black Russian bread with everything, it is how I grew up), I would cut up the bread in the same way. And it always makes me miss my grandmother.

In the evening until midnight I was working on my Ancient China lecture and powerpoint. And I decided to use Monty Python’s constitutional peasants scene from the Holy Grail to discuss legitimacy of government in lecture. So I had to watch it to note down the timing. And no matter how many times I see it ‘farcical aquatic ceremony’ and ‘just because some watery tart threw a sword at you is no basis for a system of government’ I laugh and laugh

Exercise: 31 minutes on the wii

Resolutions for February: (Having these resolutions worked more than I thought it would. I actually go and do some Wii Fit or make myself go walk even in cold weather. It is not a lot of exercising but it is getting up and doing something. No internet until 6 didn’t last long, but I want to try again.)

1. exercise 30 minutes a day on something
2. cross stitch a little every day
3. no internet until 6pm unless for work
4. write and post one fanfic (I am going to write a Torchwood one that has been sitting in my head)
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When I woke up this morning I really did not expect all that think blizzardy snow. The forecast was for Wednesday night so I was not expecting anything in the morning. I thought I would work from home in the morning, read the primary sources for my Egypt lecture and then go up to campus after noon. But one look outside and I knew I needed to not risk the snow blocking the roads completely. So Mama, who luckily had a day off from work today drove me after breakfast. It took us maybe 40 minutes instead of usual twenty and in part and on hills we were going very slowly. The roads were pretty bad. And if we came to a stop, and the snow kept falling, the car did not want to always move or at least wanted to try to skid. But slowly we were driving in. The last part of the drive to Local College is up a fairly steep hill and Mama knew there was no way she could drive up there in these conditions. So she dropped me off on the bottom of the hill and I walked uphill, in the snow with think white flakes completely covering my coat and my hat. It was really beautiful, all the white snow, but also messy and not the best commute to work. But it was definitely winter. I knew there was no way Mama should drive to pick me up after work, so I took the bus back in the evening. The bus option was much better in this weather.

For lunch I got vegetable minestrone soup and small French fries, maybe because didn’t want to wait too long for them to make it and also because it was the soup type weather. And it was a good meal. The small French fries were actually a ridiculously huge portion.

My Egypt lecture went ok. It was not my best probably because I’m not that comfortable with the subject. Once we get to Greece it will be much better. The discussion of the primary and one secondary source reading (about status of women in Ancient Egypt) went over much better because shockingly many actually read them and brought the print outs to class.

I get so tired around 7pm now but brain needs a bit more sleep than I’ve been giving it lately.

I’m actually hoping University will cancel classes tomorrow, it is not like tomorrows class that is basically a review of what a paper looks like is that important.

Exercise: 15 minute walk uphill in the snow and 18 minutes on the Wii
Cross stitch: pink.
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I woke up this morning and read my Henrietta Lacks books a bit before getting up to watch Oscar nominations. That I actually don’t miss; it is my favorite award show and I watched every single movie that ever won an Oscar and this in the years before Neflix where I had to track them down through the library. This year I’ve seen 3 out of 10 movies: The Kids and All Right, Inception and Toy Story 3.

In the morning I put together Assignment 1 for the writing classes – it actually came together very quickly. This is my question for the first 5 page paper based on Jenkins’ essay on new media: What role, if any, should traditional institutions like corporations, cultural conservatives or educators play in the new media?

I hope some would be on the side of corporations or at least make their arguments more complex than regular people should do whatever they want online, but they rarely go against authors they read or make complex arguments.

Again my Section 2 is much better than Section 1 – group dynamics and class personalities matter so much. In my section 1 of the writing class I got a few smirking boys who really don’t want to be there or want to read or care and they throw the whole class off. When I asked all students to go around the room and tell me what they thought of the reading, if they liked it and why, if they disliked it, maybe some sections they did find interesting – my first section just found the reading repetitive and boring and all pretty much answered the same way. In the second section, although some found it long, everyone found one moment or point that they found interesting. I have so much more fun and better discussion with this class. It helps that all students who had to present in the reading showed up. In the first section, two out of three skipped out.

I watched the State of the Union while cross stitching which was a great combination. I do like see the State of the Union live, even during Bush era, I get a little optimistic about our country after listening to its rhetoric although I logically know that it is not like something would be accomplished. But I did like the congress people sitting together. The standing ovations while still obviously partisan did not present such a clear division visually. Lots of emphasis on education in the speech but humanities matter too – if you can’t write or think it is hard to innovate. Good speech.

Exercise: 31 minutes on Wii. I did Wii Fit plus routines today with a combination of yoga, strength and games. I get bored a bit doing this but it was a change.
Cross-stitch: all nice deep pink on the little bear’s blanket

Late in the evening I was working on my Egypt lecture, outlines and Powerpoint until midnight.
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49 out of 50 states have snow. That’s the whole South. And some people don’t want to see that the weather is changing. We got a good amount of snow but now as much as in post-Christmas blizzard. Since we aren’t actually blocked in our house, it is a plus.

‘Got Medieval’ has a great response to Palin’s use of ‘blood libel’ and the subsequent Jewish WTF response to that.

I turned on TV at 9pm (while still doing the free stepping thing in Wii – I do like the option of watching tv while technically exercising) to see “Modern Family” and ended up watching Obama’s speech from Arizona memorial service. It was a good speech. I really liked the part that we should aim our government to be like the little girl saw it. It was a bit unsettling to go to “Modern Family” comedy right after that for a few minutes. Good show, though, as usual.

I had my sonogram at the urologist’s office today. Everything looks fine so I’m happy with that. I really liked the sonogram technician. She kept up fun dialogue and generally made it fun. One more test on Friday.

Exercise: 36 min on Wii. I really like the advance bicycle course and I think I got over the virtual dog running after me. (I have a phobia for real dogs; I’m usually ok with dogs in pictures and such but first time I did the bike game when the virtual dog started running after me I got very uncomfortable. But my brain is back to seeing it as not a real dog.)

Cross stitch: tan on the little bear’s face and paws and some light brown for his ears.
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What I really, really don’t like is when I load a DVD to watch a movie and they keep showing trailers and commercials for more than ten minutes with no way to go to the main menu. I get that I can do other things, but I just want to watch the damn movie! It was actually 17 minutes according to the screen counter! That is insane.

I was watching “Going the Distance,” once I actually got to the movie. I liked it. The humor at times was a little too juvenile and cringy but I liked the relationship. It felt very realistic and the main characters faced real obstacles, not made up stupid ones. And the resolution was realistic too. So overall, a good movie.

So Local College is having paperwork issues and it can’t give me access to their online system yet. I had to email people who wrote me recommendations to ask them to resend it. That is a bit annoying.

Today is not my day – I just went into iTunes to finally download “Glasvegas” on my gift card and my whole iTunes library and my Purchased playlist is missing. I’m trying to follow their help guide but I’m starting to panic. I have back-ups on CD and for most of the stuff I bought but I really don’t want to start over here. OK, I can’t get it back with their “support” instructions but I do have all the files still in my computer under “iTunes Music.” I need to figure out how to get back my library from that and not just click on the gazillion songs one by one. Plus I liked my song counts and Purchased list.

Exercise: 30 minutes on Wii. (having the resolutions for a month really helps since I made myself stick to this.)
Cross-stitch: just a tiny bit in orange – my plans got disrupted by iTunes meltdown

Edit: Ok, after a lot of internet scouting I figured out why my iTunes drama happened. I have Sony Vaio and apparently once you turn on their music program it messes with iTunes. I never turned that on before this week when I was looking for a way to copy some of my DVD stuff to Powerpoint. I've been following some online suggestions so hopefully it should help. I will probably need to click on all my music again, which sucks since I probably lost my play count and playlists.
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Not going on the internet until 6pm except for work stuff is a really useful resolution. Go work! I need to keep maintaining this. I had a good productive day alternating my own writing with my Global class prep.

This morning, I called Professor S. who is teaching the other section of Global class since I needed to see if the books had come in already. And they have. So I went to Local College and got my books in addition to other books I could scan online. In the next two weeks I need to read the Silk Road book (it is short so I will read a chapter a day and finish it on Saturday) and I will read Marco Polo once I finish my second Riverworld book. I already read the first chapter of Silk Road book and I like it. Prof. S. doesn’t want to make students buy the whole book, but I think I will include some chapters in PDF on their online site for them to read. I was working on the class plan for my first class today and I think I will actually use that ‘town meeting scene’ from “Nightmare Before Christmas” to introduce the concept of how we all view things from with our own cultural baggage before I will bring up one primary source that we could discuss. Bear promised to burn that scene for me off my DVD so I can put it into Powerpoint for easy access.

Anthony Grafton, “History Under Attack” Perspectives on History , January 2011 - a really great article that defends why history and history teaching and research is relevant in our society and in academia. The link only works if you are a member of American Historical Association so I will copy it here because it was such a great article.

Grafton article )

Exercise: 30 minutes Yoga on Wii (I have a 30 minutes routine set, which I haven’t done in a long time. It was a nice change of pace. I miss my Yoga class.)

Cross-stitch: all eyes and noses in satin stitch are done.
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What I like about New Year’s Day is that it usually a very relaxed day where we open presents, enjoy them and eat left over holiday food and I get to spend the whole day with my parents and with Bear.

When I was little I would wake up very, very early and then Sasha and I would go open our presents when all the adults were still asleep. (Sasha - short for Alexander - is my first cousin. He is only six month older than me so we grew up together until I moved to America. I call him my brother because in Russian language we don’t say ‘cousin’ we say something like ‘second-level brother’ and I always thought of him as my brother and his sister Katya as my sister.) I would stay over my Aunt’s house for most of the day, and we would open presents and then go to kitchen and eat left over olivie salad and cake.

Now as an adult I don’t rush to open presents, I like to sit there and look at the tree with presents under it for a bit. Still in pajamas.

My New Year Loot:

1. Not the Messiah (Monty Python CD) – from Bear
2. The Complete Sherlock Holmes (books) – From Bear
3. “Sherlock: Season One” DVD – from Papa
4. Adam Lambert CD – from Papa
5. $25 iTunes gift card –from Papa
6. “Gateway” by Frederik Pohl (book) – from Papa
7. purple pajamas – from Mama
8. socks – some from Mama, some from Bear’s brother and his girlfriend
9. $25 Barnes and Noble gift card – from Bear’s brother and his girlfriend (rest of Riverworld books, here I come)
10. Castle Keep: The Game of Medieval Strategy and Siege - toy from Bear

We spent the morning talking to relatives all over the world from Belarus to Russia to California on Skype. I love having cameras in the computer and seeing everyone. The technology is awesome. I found out that Sasha might actually come visit in May. He’s never been to America before. Now he just needs to get a visa to leave Belarus which is not 100% certainty. Fingers crossed. I don’t want to get too excited until he actually gets a visa but the idea of it is making me very happy.

Bear and I went for a walk in the afternoon before lunch and I had to find three different types of stain removal pencils/sticks – the drawback of a real tablecloth and lots of food. It got warmer today but we still had to negotiate walking in the snow.

After lunch, all of us watched “A Study in Pink” the first “Sherlock” episode. My parents really liked it. Bear did too. I was glad to see all the scenes deleted from PBS broadcast.

Then I ordered my Riverworld books and Bear and I played on the Wii. We tried some Winter Sports games and then mostly played on Wii Fit.

Today was a nice day.

Exercise: a walk and some Wii.
Cross-stitch: I started with purple color on the ball. I’m trying some parts in two-ply and some in three to see which I want to do. Two-ply is neater but three might look better.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
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Really warm day again. This will be a really nice week with summer weather. I love summer and the heat, so it always cheers me up.

I went to the bank this morning and the interest rates are so low now it is ridiculous.

We finally got Netflix to work on Wii properly by updating the internet connection and the system. No more pauses to retrieve data. It is nice to watch Instant Play on Netflix on the flatscreen TV. This should be fun. I loaded the first episode of “Angel” for Papa (he’s seen “Buffy,” “Angel Season 5,” “Firefly” and “Dollhouse.” What he focused on is trying to see where he knew Christian Kane from. I had to remind him that he is on “Leverage” now.
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A little bit of everything for this Saturday.

I couldn’t fall asleep after watching that Doctor Who special, my brain wouldn’t shut down and my heart had a party with its own rhythms too. So I got up a bit late again. But since it is a Saturday, that was OK. And it was too cold to go anywhere anyway. So I cross stitched, watched next “Mad Men” DVD, read my book, played Wii (I finally finished the Obstacle Course and unlocked advanced feature!) and watched “Doctor Who” again with Papa. I think I finally got closure there by watching the ending again.

Mama has a guest staying over so I had to be a bit social.

I also need to exercise a bit more, after only 23 minutes on the Wii games I got a bit off balance and shaky – although I can’t decide if that was the balance board because of the bike jump I did or if it was my head – still I stopped and had water just in case.

I also figured out that “Mad Men” is the kind of show I would watch if I have it but I don’t care about it too much that I don’t really hanker to watch the next episode. It doesn’t grab me as other TV but I will watch it if it is there.
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Palpitations were really bad today, so I am not in a greatest mood. I’m tired and a bit jumpy and anxious. After another lazy morning where I read more “American Gods” and the newspaper and made myself breakfast while Bear worked out, I sort of just hung out until lunch and tried to distract myself. We left after two in the afternoon and were stuck in the horrendous traffic again. We passed at least two accidents on the way and it was generally a long drive. But at least we could hang out in the car together. We drove by the comic book store near my house where I picked up “Willow” one shot and the second part of an “Angel” comic. Both were good.

Bear tried out Wii when we got to my house. It is funny how Wii Fit considers him overweight when his weight is all muscle. It even helpfully suggested that he should work out his abs to help get rid of all the flabbiness from his six-pack stomach. Hee.

Today is my grandmother’s 80th birthday and I wished her happy birthday over the phone. She sounds much better now and will start rehab tomorrow to recuperate from surgery.
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Today was the last official day of classes. Not that I had to do anything; it was the second day of their final exam. At least by the second class of the day I could grade some finals of the first class. The finals are Pass or Fail but I am taking notes to help me with the decision about their grade for the semester. My folder review and giving grades is on Tuesday, so I will be extra busy until then.

On Wii today I tried setting my own routine. I picked all Yoga plus one snowball fight.

I started Chapter 7 of Hebrew book – complete perfect tense with all pronouns not just ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘they’ but ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘you’ I all its forms. It is sort of learning backwards but it works. Pronouns and verb endings rhyme nicely which I appreciate for easy learning. I’m so used to conjugating verbs that the learning comes easier than learning nouns and conjunctions. I finished three exercises out of eleven for the chapter. Now that the semester is winding up I will try to pick up the pace a bit. I did look at my Chanukah candle blessing today in my Jewish holiday book in preparation for tomorrow night. That book just has transliterations and English. I then took my prayer book with Hebrew and English prayers (with no transliterations) and read the prayers in Hebrew and then compared to see if I was pronouncing it right. I was and I could follow the prayers and read them in Hebrew! Which is the whole point of me wanting to study the language! This made me happy. Tomorrow when I will read the Chanukah blessings I will read in actual Hebrew.

Bones S5E10 )
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I finally called payroll personally. I really don’t like calling on the phone and dealing with people. I get a bit anxious at it, like I shouldn’t ask for things. Unless, of course, I feel really frustrated about a situation, like I am now. Payroll tells me that they don’t have the forms for the second class and only the department can turn that in. I also sent another email to the person in charge of English payroll; she should be back on Friday. I will be on campus on Tuesday so I hope to bug them even more and in person. I kind of need to pay tuition for next semester. I also gave a call to my union; they said they would pass my info to someone who might help. I’ll just wait and see.

I discovered how much I like “Obstacle course” in the Wii fit plus. It is just fun to jump and run and avoid giant pendulums and logs. And I get quite a workout from it too. I don’t want to over do it but it is a really fun game.

“Julie and Julia” came from Netflix today. I wanted to see it since I saw the trailer for the first time last year. Meryl Streep was amazing as Julia Child and Amy Adams was good too. Someone at work had some negative gossip about the real person Amy Adams played but I will just treat it as gossip. The movie was about love of food and finding yourself and all that, but my favorite part of their portrayal of marriage and loving relationships. It is nice to see that love between people who support each other and fit well together. Overall verdict: liked the movie a lot.

SYTYCD. Since I missed the performance show on Tuesday I watched some clips in the morning to catch up on some dancing and then I watched the results show in the evening. Ashleigh didn’t dance because of injury but she was still voted into final six (the finale this year will have six, instead of four). Mollee and Legacy went home. I actually liked these choices and I like everyone in the final six. I think I want either Jacob or Kathryn or maybe Eleanore to win the whole thing, but I will enjoy all the dancers. Nothing particularly stood out in the clips I saw online this week, so I was not even remotely sorry for missing the show. I am, however, looking forward to the finale.
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We got the first snow if the year! Ok, it is raining now and the snow will melt quickly but for a little bit: snow!

I was playing more Wii Fit Plus again. I am trying to keep up a half hour every day. So far I’m just trying different preset routines before I will build up my own. A mix of Yoga and Aerobics and a bit of strength seems to work so far. I do like the games too. Today I worked out on in for 21 minutes before Mama wanted the TV. We have three TVs in our house, one on every floor but, of course, she wanted the big tv where the Wii is hooked up. And she is damn stubborn. I had to interrupt it, and I really don’t like doing that. I did manage to get back into it after an hour. I was trying this bicycle exercise where you step in place to pedal and use the remote to steer. You have to hit 13 flags and then get to the gate. I really enjoyed it except for one thing, there was this dog that just followed me as I was biking on the screen. Now, I realize the dog is not a real dog, and me on that bike isn’t really me but even having a fake game dog run after me in the game just made me feel really uncomfortable. My phobia never extended to tv or movie or pictures of dogs, just real dogs, but I guess since the Wii character looks like me my brain is just uncomfortable. I will play the game again to see if the dog always follows but that really distracted me.

I finally watched “Office Space.” I’ve never seen it and it came up on my Netflix queue. It just seems a movie that I had to watch and it did amuse. I spend just a bit of time in an office setting as a temp and those places do seems to deaden your soul. I prefer academia for a variety of activities one has to do, although it would be nice to leave work at 5 and have free non-guilt time in the evenings. Good movie, funny in many places, don’t know if I can watch it more than once, though.
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My cold actually made me feel low on energy today mostly because of palpitations. I stayed on my couch most of the day, but I did squeezed in 30 minutes of Wii exercise. I like the one where I have to flap my arms and fly like a bird on the screen. And step aerobics too.

Dollhouse S2 E5-6 )
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My cold has moved lower into my vocal cords so I now sound like I have a cold or how Phoebe from “Friends” would have put it, all sexy voice. I actually feel a bit better overall, just the voice is a bit weird. When did I start liking chamomile tea?

I spent the morning sorting various bureaucratic stuff that I’ve been forgetting to take care of, like cancelling annual conference which I’m not going to go to but I’ve registered for and filling out department application for some conference refunds. The first one was actually relatively painless. All I had do was to pull up the email receipt with cancellation instruction, type up in writing that I wanted to cancel it and then just email it. I lost $20 for all that, but at least I got most of the money back. For the department form I will have to photocopy a bunch of receipts and credit card statements on Monday.

It felt really useless going in to teach; a monkey can do it today. The students were discussing the reading for the final exam and I was not allowed to chime in at all. That was fine in one class, where they were capable of sustaining a discussion and having more or less intelligent opinions. The other class is still a bit less college ready. They couldn’t talk too much or go deep with the text and has very stupid tangents. Well, all they have to do is pass the final.

I started actually playing Wii Fit and trying out Yoga, strength, balance and aerobics. I just tried individual exercises. I do like the yoga and aerobics and the personal instructor. It looks like it can sustain my interest. My goal is 30 minutes a day. I won’t sweat too much on it but I will move and get my brain to wake up and fill with energy, hopefully.

I watched “Food Inc” today since Netflix put it online. It really makes one want to eat just organic foods. I read Michael Pollan’s stuff in the writing program so the whole movie was not a surprise but I did learn something. Like the fact that tomatoes in the supermarket are picked green around the world and then make red by a certain gas. I really want to just get farmer’s market tomatoes after that. Or the fact that cows who eat just corn have higher instances of very bad e-coli. If they just had a bit of grass the level of bacteria would go down. Now, most of the beef is soaked in ammonia a bit to kill the bacteria. And poor chickens make so big they can’t stand up. Organic food in general just seems better. And 1 in 3 Americans born after 2000 will have early onset diabetes because all crappy food is cheap and available.

Bones S5E9 )
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Happy Birthday, Medusa!

I was so happy that I rested enough the day before and that my sore throat was manageable to go into the city to celebrate Medusa’s b-day! I was looking forward to that and really didn’t want my allergy/cold to stop me. And it didn’t. I think I’m just used to functioning on a weak/tired level that it is just my normal now. And I take everything day by day anyway. And I felt pretty good once I got to Manhattan. It was a total SoHo outing since Spring Street is a really fabulous street with lots and lots of fun store that I got to discover even more of. I got there a bit early so I wandered about to do some store browsing and, of course, ended up Christmas shopping. First I stopped by at L’Occitan and the salesgirl convinced me that hand-cream would work nicely as a present for Bear’s Mom. So after short deliberation I just bought that. Then I stopped by at another store that combined various creams with green products and healthy stuff and found a classical CD made especially for relaxing and distressing, so I got that for Mama’s birthday and as my sales person was wrapping that up it was time for Indian food for lunch.

We discovered this Indian food place quite by accident several years ago (I think it was years, I don’t remember exact timeline. I think I was still living in NJ at the time). It was the best Indian food ever and it didn’t disappoint. They had lunch specials and I got chicken curry and appetizer and naan and desert and it was all very delicious. After stuffing ourselves we headed to a fancy Chocolate place where she picked out truffles for birthday present. (Made it easy for me to shop too  ). The store also has samples, which confirmed that I don’t like chocolate that is too dark.

After wandering about a bit we also patronized a coffee shop with nice comfy chairs that felt all European and then Medusa introduced me to a rice pudding shop that had so much in its tasty portion of chocolate chip pudding with cranberry fruit topping that I, who loves sweets of all kinds, couldn’t finish it and had to take the rest home for Papa to finish. Overall it was a great outing and it was great to celebrate her birthday in person. Although we communicate in some shape or form practically every day, we don’t get to see each other in person too much lately with all dissertation writing. December should be better.

I got on the bus home about four in the afternoon to head home, after actually having to think about where on Canal street the express bus would cross and knowing the in addition to W. Broadway there is an actual Broadway. Still having to think about directions in the city I lived in more than half my life is sort of fun. By the time I was getting on the bus I felt the start of a headache. It was going to rain and I used to get headaches after day trips into central London too. It was actually nice to feel a familiar pain. I had to take an aspirin and later advil to head of the migraine but I welcomed the familiarity of it. My migraines have actually been better and I take relief in knowing that even as palpitations become really noticeable since migraines pulsate kind of loud and follow the pattern of the heartbeat, it wasn’t freaking me out. Yeah!

At home, once Papa got home, we set up Wii Fit and did the basic weight measuring and fitness test. I actually stand pretty centrally, not leaning on either side, I was 49% to the left. Mama leans right and Papa leans left. And my BMI is 22.6 with optimum being 22. I love that I’m kind of almost smack normal since I’m not a tiny woman and I wear size 10. My balance coordination is a bit weak, though, according to Wii Fit and that will be something to work on.

SYTYCD. Noelle and Nathan went home, which was the best possible outcome. I liked the guest dancers LXD and Snoop Dog’s performance too. Overall, not a bad show. Although why is the finale in two weeks? Will they have six person finale or eliminate two dancers next time?

I started “Into the Forest” this morning (the book a historian sent me). I just read ten pages but so far pretty interesting.
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I finished “Lions of Eldorado.” The book switched perspective in the middle of the story from Stella’s point of view to Terai’s point of view and his valiant effort to save the planet from an evil mining corporation who really wants to rule the universe. Stella just became a love interest as I predicted as she served her purpose of bringing information. The prose is not really inspiring and the dialogue was often too expositionary and awkward. And the main character is stereotypical. The book was interesting to read, I just can’t get into the story without analyzing its many faults and too many anvils and “social messages.” Verdict: meh.

For the final reading in my Basic Composition classes I assigned the article called “From frying pan into the fire.” I one of my classes the students didn’t really know the phrase, which is a bit scary. I mean they could technically figure it out logically but they refuse to use their brains.

We found out today that Sasha had laparoscopic appendectomy last weekend and is still in the hospital recovering. He didn’t really have appendicitis, just an intestine inflammation but since they were doing exploratory surgery, they figured they might as well take it out. Still, surgery is still surgery and I’m glad we found out after the fact so I didn’t have to worry too much.

We set up the Wii that Papa got for himself for his birthday. Well, really his parents paid for it with their birthday check. So we were playing Wii for the first time. It was really fun. I tried some tennis and some bowling before Mama commandeered the remote control and was just playing herself.

My dance show was postponed for Obama’s Afghanistan speech I know that the foreign policy decisions are more important and it was interesting to watch. And it is interesting to see his West Point audience. He didn’t fudge anything which is refreshing – he admitted to corruption of Afghanistan government and the distraction of Iraq. He went on a bit too long at the end and “let me be clear’ which he inserts in every speech is worthy of a drinking game. Still I wanted my dance show and was surprised Fox actually pre-empted something on their regular channel. But I guess it was about war and stuff, so they treat it better than health policy.

SYTYCD. Top 10 show. It was a good show. Nothing stood out too much except Jacob/Ellenore pairing. They actually managed a good quickstep and had a fabulous Sonya jazz number that was worthy of their garden dance. I don’t like that YouTube clips are not stable links. I wish Fox put out a DVD of great routines or something. Nothing else really stood out for me.


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