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On the first day of the Olympics I always watch the most. It is Saturday too, which makes it easier. I did try to sample a few sports – some on TV and some on the Internet.

I also went rollerblading today for 40 minutes and I could pretend it was the Olympics.

My favorite and unexpected sport of the day was archery with men’s team competition. That was a lot of fun to watch.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, May 13th, 2012 11:00 pm
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Sandman: I finally finished Volume 4: “Season of Mists.” It was interesting but my brain is too tired I think so it was not holding my attention as well as it should have. Maybe because I’ve read it before, not that I remembered much. But now I will be in Sandman uncharted territory since I never read other volumes.

What I am really enjoying is reading Walter Miller’s “Canticle for Leibowitz” That is one fabulous book. It is technically science fiction since it takes place in the future, centuries after a nuclear war set the civilization back. But it is set in a monastery which is pretty much the only keeper and preserver of old knowledge, waiting for civilization to be ready for it again. So it feels like it is set in medieval world. And all the fabulous church latin just makes it more fun for me. And preserving books and knowledge, and looking at artifacts and not understanding them! Also there is a lot of humor in this book and it is just a very enjoyable read. It hits so many of my buttons. I only read the third of the book so far but I already want to highly recommend it to everyone.

Today was such a fabulous and warm day that I sat on the balcony off the kitchen, just reading my Kindle and then I moved on to the back yard. I think I got a sunburn on my arms but it was so worth.

I went rollerblading too.

And for the first time in almost a year (with the exception of little owl in the summer) I did some cross stitching. I sorted the colors on the little “hang in there” project. A mouse is hanging of the branch with the cat lying under it waiting with words ‘hang in there’ – very cute. I think it is time to pick my hobby back up.

Late in the evening I ended up watching “One Day” since it was on HBO onDemand. (I really don’t miss Netflix DVDs coming to the house and I haven’t watched that many movies lately).movie spoilers )
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Today the weather was so nice and so summery that I just wanted to go rollerblading for the first time this year. My parents did not want to drive to the beach, they were too busy watching a movie so I walked to elementary school about 20 minutes away to try the parking lot there. That didn’t turn out to be practical since there was baseball and just not good surface so I did go one the nice paved sidewalk beside the school – even going down a hill at one point which made me nervous. I also rollerbladed home despite the ridiculous sidewalks. Yeah, the beach area is the best for this.

I watched “Swimsuit Issue” on Netflix. It is a Swedish movie Netflix recommended about a father and daughter story. I liked it; it was very sweet. That is why I don’t even miss having DVDs come to the house or rarely watch regular movies anymore. When I need a movie fix, I go for unusual on Netflix.

Grimm S1E17 )
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Lots of prep today. I think my Monday to Wednesday is my busiest days where I don’t much time to sit down, although I do try to watch something in my evening dead brain time. Thursday I spend breathing some air and Friday is on again. So I don’t have a chance to write out full blogs until Fridays, but I do keep notes.

Last night I made my big long list of stuff for teaching to do this week. It actually really helped to keep track of everything and feel in control of my week:

My list for this week )

Lectures went well today. The law class got into the groove. They did like Cicero death scene and the details of the Late Republic. And then I put them in small group to go over Cicero (and I made students who didn’t bring the reading to class to go print it). So it felt like they learned something.

Mama and I went to the beach. Papa was working from home and Mama didn’t want to wait and for the light to go. Which was a good thing since Papa was still working (and watching tennis) when we got back. But when we did leave, he stood at the window looking at us like a little sad puppy. Mama and I played badminton (which I haven’t done in a long time and my parents usually play it and it did turn out to be a bit of a workout) and then I went rollerblading. Since the hurricane, the beach road is still full of sand, so I have to stick to the parking lot. I did try a new way along the roads and parking lots of the park area but it is not the same. I guess no beach road until next season.

“Downton Abbey” I watched the first few episodes today. So good and so addictive. It so hits all my buttons. I don’t know why I find early 20th century British class system so interesting to watch. Maybe because I like order and precision. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is on Netflix instant play and it is so worth it.
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Happy Birthday, Yeva!

Friday is not my longest workday but it feels like it since I need to get up at 6:10 to carpool to University. I got an egg on a bagel sandwich and tea at Au Bon Pain and read the National Geographic for breakfast time and then took the bus to my teaching campus and set up there. I had a nice quiet hour and a bit before my morning office hours and I just sat in a café and worked on my RS Games fic.

Today is a rough draft day so I just basically handed out my worksheets and I then could work on grading their homework and looking over the first rough drafts. I need to comment on draft by Tuesday. And I had a student actually come to my afternoon office hours to work out logistics of her missing a week of class because she is going to India for a wedding. Oh, and it occurred to me today that I can actually fix the problem of students having that stupid space between paragraphs but turning on my laptop which I carry with me and showing it to students who still didn’t figure it out on rough drafts. I think I needed to explain it to one student three times since it is obviously so hard to remember which very logical buttons to press. Now I will have to do this in my other class too.

I capped my work day by heading to the main library and reading my Roman law textbook for an hour and a half. Roman family law and marriage law is my favorite part, I think. Very interesting.

After dinner, I got to go rollerblading. I had to stick to the parking lot since the beach road is still too sandy but I was just happy not to be sitting down.

This article made me all emotional today. How an astronaut saw 9/11 from space .

Torchwood S4E10 )
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I woke up pretty early because I think I had nightmares from the movie we saw last night.

Bear drove me home after breakfast and we went rollerblading The beach road is extremely sandy and we couldn’t skate on it so we went to a riding surface near a parking lot. We watched a Dad teaching his little boy how to ride a bike. It was very adorable. I realized it had been twenty years this year since I learned to ride and my summer of the bike.

After lunch, Bear went home. I cleaned the bathroom, went to the bank (I’ll have health insurance, yay) and basically did chores. I was also thinking up my assignment question for tomorrow. And I caught up with True Blood.

True Blood S4E11 )
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Papa and I went to Brooklyn this morning to visit my grandparent. My grandmother always likes going down to the building yard/common area so she can show us off. After we got back home we went to the beach and I went rollerblading. So I had a very nice morning. The rest of the day wasn’t very exciting. I watched some “Battlestar Galactica” for next week’s Mark Watches posts and read.

Ghost Story by Jim Butcher )

A few days ago Mama and my Aunt Vera, her sister, were talking on Skype (my Aunt lives in Minsk, Belarus where I was born). And my Aunt was telling us new information that she learned about Max, their grandfather. Max was first married to my great-grandmother and had one son, my grandfather. When my grandfather was young, before WWII, Max and my great-grandmother got divorced and then Max moved to Saratov in Russia while the rest of the family stayed in Minsk. In Saratov, he remarried and had another family with three other children. At the end of WWII, my grandfather went to Saratov to his father since all his family in Minsk was killed during the war. In Saratov, my grandfather met my grandmother Tanya who was evacuated there during the war and my Aunt and my mom were born there too. Only in 1960, did my grandparents and my Mom and my Aunt moved to Minsk where my grandfather always wanted to return. What my family didn’t really know was why Max moved to Saratov in the first place. It wasn’t easy to just pick up and move cities in Soviet Union. And why Saratov of all places? So it turns out that Max was a scribe and when someone from the synagogue in Minsk was moving to Saratov he needed to take a scribe with him and he offered Max a job as a scribe in a synagogue. I find this very interesting. My grandfather was a scribe during WWII too. I guess it runs in the family. Knowing languages too.
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Why do best writing ideas come to be in the shower? It is weird. Today I finally understood what my RS Games story is really about – before I knew when it will take place and where but today in the shower, the core of the story came to me. I need to actually start writing it now.

I went rollerblading for 45 minutes today – it was good, I didn’t feel tired at all.

Leverage )

I’m reading actual books again in the evenings – it is great to get back into it.
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Rollerblading tonight was a bit of an obstacle course. There was a beach fair – lots of services were advertizing and a bouncy castle - so there was a sizable crowd walking slowly in the middle of the beach road I rollerblade on. So I had to get through it slowly there and back. But it was good to get out of the house.

“Never Let Me Go” As I thought, this movie is very sad but interesting sci-fi. I really need to read Kazuo Ishiguro – the movies based on his books are always sad and emotional but very human and often about missed opportunities. This movie was more about the time people are given in life. So I did like it but it was sad. I do adore Carey Mulligan.

An interesting article from The New York Times about the famine in Somalia. There was another article about the Western media and how it is not paying too much attention to it.

Test Your Vocabulary
My results I know as many words as the top average native English speaker which I think is pretty good. And since I’m a geek I looked up all the words I didn’t know in my Kindle dictionary.
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I got back into cross stitching today after a two month break. I was going to take the whole summer off but my hands were itching. I did the little owl on the baby bib from the book of designs for kids Bear gave me once. Now I need to decide what else to add to it. I’m thinking pink hearts and Galya’s name maybe. I was watching “Real Time” and cross stitching and it is a good way to spend Sunday afternoon.

I’ll actually be fine in September with just getting one movie a month from Netflix since I barely have time to watch the two they sent me. I rewatched “X Men: Wolverine” today, even as I was not really in a movie mood because I want to get my next ‘QaF US’ DVD (I still don’t know why they skipped it on my queue.) Unlike X-Men 2, this movie was fine to watch in the movie theater but not as interesting upon re-watch.

I did get to go rollerblading again tonight in the evening. The right one is cutting into my foot a bit for some reason; I need to watch that.

True Blood S4E6 )
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I went rollerblading this morning which was a great way to start a day. Then I washed my hair and got ready for my day since Bear was coming over and we were going to be social today. Papa ordered Adele’s “21” along with Dresden files book so I listened to that while I got ready. I like it but I need to actually pay attention to lyrics in some of the later songs. I wore my red summer dress today which was a hit. (I was all red from dress, to glasses to handbag, phone and camera. My favorite color is actually blue but I have lots of things in red.)

Bear and I went to see “Cowboys & Aliens” The reviews were not good and I was not really in favor of seeing it but Bear really wanted to and I had free movie tickets so we went (with me registering my reluctance based on reviews). But I really enjoyed it. Maybe because I had low expectations but I liked the story and the action. And the actors. Cowboys & Aliens ) It was an enjoyable summer movie and we definitely had fun with it.

After the movie we went to the Chinese place (with has Thai food too) and ordered enough food for six people because I volunteered to bring food for our visit with Marianna. Some of Adama’s friends were visiting too and I really didn’t want Marianna to worry about food at all since she is so busy with the baby. We got mango chicken, beef with spring beans, drunken noodles, chicken and broccoli, chicken and eggplant and beef with vegetables and steamed dumplings. We also got some brown and white rice. Lots of food.

Marianna also made a salad and baked fish and her friend Ayana brought cupcakes that she made herself (she bakes and makes cakes as extra income). And we just hang out and ate and talked and it was very nice. I held Galya for a little while – I never held a baby younger than seven month before so it was new for me. At the end of the night we even sat Bear down so he could hold the baby since he never did before. She liked it. She wasn’t too fussy today; I think Galya liked at the attention. She will be two month next week already. Today was a very nice evening and day in general.

Torchwood in Ten minutes: S4E4 After Elton review

I have not been posting for the last couple of weeks mostly because I got too busy/distracted. I did take notes as usual and I will slowly post those days but I will not put them on reading pages so as not to clog the reading pages up, unless these was anything interesting. Last few weeks have been mostly uneventful, though.
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Since I got my Kindle back from Bear I can get back to reading Thomas Hardy. I just love his humor and his prose. But I have a feeling it will take me a while to read this book.

We had guests today – Papa’s best friend from high school and her husband. We had lots of food and even went to the beach where I rollerbladed despite the heat. We also had the Women’s World Cup (soccer) in the background as one of the guests watched it very intently. He would yell loudly at certain point startling us. It was fun.

True Blood S4E4 )
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Harry Potter movie )

Bear and I had a great date with the movie and then going rollerblading together. I like just sitting on the bench at the end of the route before heading back, looking at the ocean and just chatting. We capped the date by going to have Indian at our usual restaurant and it was delicious as always.

After Elton continues with their hilarious Torchwood: Miracle Day recaps.
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Finally, I got to go rollerblading again this morning. It was rather lovely but a bit tiring. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful.

True Blood S4E3 )

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Happy Birthday, Bear!

Bear is being a bit grumpy about his birthday so I was calling him all day with the mission to make it a fun birthday. I told him that instead of one day of celebrating he is getting a week.

For me, the day is pretty ordinary which is fine. I don’t like that I can’t just drive myself to the beach to go rollerblading and have to rely on other people who while they promised to take me this summer so I could exercise usually need to be persuaded. But I did get to go today. And today apparently was my one day a year where I fall on my bum. There are speed bumps on the beach road (I don’t know why, it is not like there are cars there) and, while I’m ok with smaller ones, there is one big one I always try to avoid by going around. Well today I overbalanced in going around and fell nicely. I did fall properly and in the sitting position but I did pull my right arm just a bit and it is never that pleasant to fall. These things happen and I just kept rollerblading, of course. As long as I don’t break anything.

SYTYCD Top 20 Perform )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 11:45 pm
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Another not that eventful day – which is probably a good thing.

Internet continues to be finicky lately. It tells me everything is connect but sometimes it is slow to load or won’t connect. It is not my computer since this happens on all computers in the house. I reset connections often. It is annoying me and hopefully Papa could figure out the problem or get the cable company to actually fix it.

I listened to Torchwood “Sin Eaters” Audio book on YouTube tonight. (Once the internet evened out). Gareth David-Lloyd does great Jack and Gwen and Rhys voices. He actually sounds like John Barrowman sometimes. I loved all the little character moments in it. It was very entertaining.

I also went Rollerblading tonight, which was lovely. I came home all sweaty and sticky but it was worth it. I really needed a break from sitting all day.

Today was the day I had to fill out a regional travel survey. We got special diaries for everyone in the household to write down every single place we went to today. Very detailed. I like doing surveys especially if they will prove helpful in some way.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 11:04 pm
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It’s 22 of May and the weather thinks its early April or something. Yesterday we had some inkling of the summer weather – I even put on my ankle bracelet that I wear in the summer – but today it was back to depressing skies, cold wind and a jacket. Can it stop raining/being gloomy and start being actual summer.

Bear and I had a nice quiet Sunday today. We went to the Indian place for their awesome lunch buffet and went rollerblading too. It was a bit chilly but I really just wanted to go, I miss roller blading by the beach. My legs were all tired after half an hour; I need to train myself again. Then we went to the frozen yogurt place – another one near my house and got a nice mix of flavors. I liked the mango one since it was nice and tart.

We are thinking of seeing the new Pirates movie but since I can barely remember the last two, we decided to rewatch the first three before heading to the movie theater. So first Pirate movie tonight. I was cross stitching during some of it but it was just as awesome as I remember. This movie came out the summer I taught my first class and my roommate drove us to the movie theater as the celebration for the end of class. We decided to see it but were really not expecting the awesomeness. Watching it this time made me really appreciate Norrington. I always liked him but more in the later movies; it was fun to really like him here.

Papa left his kindle at home when he left for vacation yesterday so that I can read “Hunger Games” while he is travelling. I re-read the first chapter and read the second one and I did not want to put it down. This hasn’t happened for a while with a book. I have a feeling I will read it quickly. It will be my reward next week for writing my dissertation during the day.

Cross-stitch: backstitch for the book and a little for middle bear.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 13th, 2011 09:59 pm
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Since we had guests last night I did not have a chance to watch “Bones” which is probably a good thing since I would have been cross stitching. And this episode was actually really good, so I’m glad I watched it this morning.

Bones S6E22 )

“Brothers and Sisters” is officially cancelled. I was checking the news every day and even though it was expected I’m still sad about it. I know it is just the TV show but I loved the characters.

I finished my semester today. I graded all the final exams and calculated the grades. I have a few students who did not turn in their final papers and I gave plenty of chances so those are the only D and Fs. The rest did pretty well, a nice curve. I was done by 2pm and took the rest of the day off. Yay, it is summer.

I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” and one “Avatar: TLA” episode and then I went outside and actually did something active.

I was showing the Kid and her brother how to rollerblade. It felt nice to get on the roller blades again, it really feels like summer now. I spent an hour outside.

Our guests are staying until next Thursday, I think. It is weird to have to be social every evening.

Cross-stitching: all purple is done, that’s Big Bear’s bow and middle bear’s suit. It is coming along, two more weeks if I keep up this pace.
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I finished my cross stitch project this morning. Finally. I took me a while for this one. I don’t know when I’m going to start a next one. I’m not up on a big project yet. But I’m very much amused at this one.

my cross stitch project )

This afternoon I got tired of sitting down and figured I should go for a walk. The weather in this corner of the world was fabulous today. Sunny and in the 60s with nice crispy warm fall air. But, as I was leaving, I saw Kid and her brother getting on their bikes and David, their dad, getting ready to leave. They were going to the beach to bike and run. (there is a great scenic path along the beach) So I asked if they minded if I would come with them so I could rollerblade. I thought they might be going by car but they were going to walk/run/bike there and pick up David’s nephew and niece too. By car, it is about 5 minutes to the beach, while walking there is a brisk half-hour. But on a day like today, I figured why not. I really needed to exercise. And I ran into my parents on the way there and they wanted to come to the beach later too, so I knew I would just walk there, then rollerblade and then I can get into my parent’s car. And it was fabulous. I ended up walking at a good pace for 35 minutes and then rollerblading for another hour. Mama joined us later with her bicycle too (Papa just walks). So at the end, I rode her bike around the parking lot a bit too. My legs are tired but this was a nice excursion.

“Dorian Gray” 2009 movie with Ben Barnes, Colin Firth and Rebecca Hall. I never read the book, but based on the book plot summary, the movie changes many things but does keep with the spirit of philosophical questions asked. So it was a successful adaptation despite the plot changes. It was a good movie; I rather liked it. It was fun to see Colin Firth as the devil-type character, tempting Dorian to live only for pleasure and for the moment. Good acting and cinematography. A little too blue in hue to show drama and all, but a nice movie.

I'm playing the song "They" by Jem on the loop this evening. The refrain is just stuck in my head.
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It’s 10/10/10 Only two more years of fun dates left.

I keep meaning to link Bear’s “Killing Joke” monologue 3D animation project. He finished it this summer and it came out great. (For those who don’t know, Bear is my significant other of twelve years and computer animation is his passion). Well, here it is .

I read this fun article about procrastination in New Yorker today. “Procrastination” is my favorite word in the English language and I love its Latin derivation.

This morning, after we dropped Mama off at the last day of her seminar, Papa and I went to visit my grandparents. Then we went to the store to get bread and I got Cranberry Blood Orange tea.

I also went rollerblading today since the weather continues to be nice. The way to the peer was pretty smooth, but going back I was facing a really strong wind so it felt I had to put twice the effort into the rollerblading. I don’t know if that was a good thing or not. My legs will probably complain tomorrow.

Two of my favorite ways to relax is rollerblading by the ocean and cross stitching and I got to do both today. I really needed that because my palpitations decided to be loud today for the first time in a while. They are not as bad as they were a year ago but they just make me tired. At least when I woke up this morning and noticed that I had trigeminies I just noted it very matter of factly and didn’t pay too much attention. So yay to that. I guess I really did learn to live with them now.

Today I also spent a very boring hour just sitting in the car listening to stupid talk radio while waiting to pick Mama up. She underestimated the time when she would be finished. I missed “Dexter” because of it, but I can catch it later onDemand. I did watch “Brother and Sisters” and this show is like comfort food. I think this is the last season and I would really miss the characters.


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