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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 05:53 pm
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A week or so ago this meme was going around and it got me thinking about my fandom loves. I figure that instead of posting this and responding individually, I will just write up my answers for 6 fandoms in one post. I picked these six fandoms because I'm much more deeply entrenched in them due to fanfic - I either read a lot (and bookmarked lots if anyone wants recs) or I wrote fic myself. So while I love many other things like Supernatural or Doctor Who or Dresden Files, or other Star Trek or Dollhouse or Agents of SHIELD or Battlestar Galactica or Farscape etc, fanfic in these 6 fandoms in particular lets me to think about the show/book and understand did a bit deeper. If anyone wants to ask me about other show/TV, I will do this meme in comments but here are my main ones.

These fandoms are, in order of my involvement: Harry Potter, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy, Torchwood, Highlander: TV Series, and Glee.

Here are the questions.

* How I entered that fandom
* Favorite character
* Least favorite character
* OTP(s)
* Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get
* Favorite thing about the fandom
* The thing I most dislike about the fandom
* If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be?

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Fic: A Lifetime

Sunday, August 12th, 2012 11:30 am
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Title: A Lifetime
Author: bearshorty
Challenge answered: 20 years: The Immortal View
Characters/Pairings: Richie, Michelle, Joe, Duncan, Amanda, Methos.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,146
Summary: Twenty years can be a whole life or just a moment. Six characters reflect, sometimes reluctantly.
Notes: This story isn’t betaed so forgive any typos. I take prompts too literally sometimes and I apologize for that. Thank you to the organizers of this fest for making us remember all these wonderful characters and to reflect on this show.

A Lifetime )

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 10:51 pm
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I made fried potatoes for dinner after my omelet plan went awry after one of the peppers did not look right. But potatoes were really good.

This day has been a bit weird – I was a bit lazy and I really can’t afford to be. Well, tomorrow is a new start and I’m going to make it count. A year ago I was in Minsk, visiting my family and my birth city, waiting to turn 30. And it has been an interesting year. I really like being in my 30s. This year I got to teach history again, which was unexpected and interesting and I really learned a lot about world history myself. And I started writing fanfic too. And I met interesting people online too. I had good trips to New Hampshire and Montauk. I watched and fell in love with “Highlander” and “Queer As Folk UK”. And my friends and I are really adults now, it feels like, especially with Marianna’s baby about to be born any day. This past year definitely had many good memories. I’m looking forward to being 31 because it actually feels like a crucial year. Either I finish my dissertation or I’m done. Either Bear and I move in together or …not something I want to contemplate but I know I can’t be in limbo anymore on anything. So this year feels important but I really need to take it one day at a time and figure out my life.

Avatar: TLA S3 E13-15 )

SYTYCD Atlanta auditions were great - great girls with bodies of real people and great guys too. (I refused to watch the last ten minutes of wacky auditions and went to the other room to go online). New York auditions were great too – lots of impressive people. And I really love it that this year the producers are showing mostly great auditions and very little terrible ones. Very excited for Season 8.

“Men of Certain Age” is back! I love this show.

There was a TV spot for TNT’s “Falling Skies” the Spielberg’s alien invasion tv show. I won’t have time for it this summer but I would be interested in reading reviews for future reference.
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Title: Holiday in the Sun
Author: bearshorty
Fandom: Highlander: The Series.
Pairing: Duncan/Methos
Summary: Six years after Endgame, in the middle of a busy and tiring Christmas season, Mac receives an invitation to a holiday.
Word Count: 7,777
Warning: Slash, nothing explicit. Don’t read if it is not your thing.
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Davis-Panzer Productions. I’m just playing with the characters for fun and not for any profit.

Holiday in the Sun )
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Highlander S6 E11-13 )

Grading today so TV served the needed break in grading. I need to return Paper 3 to the students on Tuesday. Bah.

I also took a break to order Papa some birthday presents from Amazon. I wish I had the money to get him a Kindle, since I know he really wants one. He had a really hard year with his mother's open-heart surgery and his own thyroid cancer and all (although technically, he had it for years and just didn't know it) and I wish I could get him something to really make him happy. I hope he will like the stuff I got him.

Dexter S5E7 )

Brothers and Sisters S5E7 )
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Cross stitching – I’m almost done with this project (‘The Good Book’ one with a bear reading a book on a toilet). I’m doing back stitch and I probably just need one more day to finish it. I have to do a lot of grading in the next three days so I don’t think I would have to time until next weekend, but it is almost there.

I watched “Lost in Austen” tonight since I was avoiding grading for as long as possible. I liked it. It was a silly romp. It did very much feel like Austen’s world. I’m not analyzing it too deeply. It does make me want to rewatch 1995 “Pride and Prejudice.” I think once the semester is over.

Highlander S6E10 )
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There is some trouble with Bear’s sister and her ex-boyfriend that feels very surreal. That kind of stuff happens on TV; I never encountered people this troubled and crazy in real life. What kind of person calls ex-girlfriend’s elderly parents and threatens them, instead of just waiting for his small-claims court date with his ex? And then hits the cops that come to arrest him? There are harassments, threats to the family, restraining order, cops, jail and other stuff like that. This all is really getting to Bear who is rightfully unsettled by the whole situation since he is being threatened too and the guy is out on bail. And I wish I had a way to make this ok, since I don’t like seeing Bear upset in any way. And there is really nothing I can do other than try to stop Bear from overthinking.

I did some cross stitching this afternoon. I did the pink bear slippers today, a toilet roll and part of bear himself. I am still amused by this project.

I also started grading midterms. It is actually easier than grading papers and not just because the exams are shorter. They seem to be clearer in their idea when they had a rough draft day to think about it before the final draft day. I wish they applied this technique to regular writing. Favorite silly line of the day – “Humans have been around for decades.” Hee.

“Just Wright” It was a nice movie, I do wish the trailer did not give the plot completely away. What I really liked that her friend who was dating the guy because he was a basketball player, stepped aside rather graciously when she realized the guy is in love with Leslie. And they remained friends. I really hate stories where the other person is so obviously wrong for the main characters that it becomes a caricature. And I like that the main characters fell in love over three month where they got to know each other really well. Some of the supporting acting was subpar, but these kinds of movies are not about acting.

Highlander S6E9 )

Internet is failing me. On the last Highlander episode I heard that song again that was in the beginning of “Forgive us Our Trespasses” episode. After a massive search trying to figure out what is was I still could not find it. It is a dance club song with a fun beat. I give up.
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Highlander S6E8 )

I don’t know where the day went. Not much happened, really. I’m really liking “An Evening at Joe’s.”

I’m glad all the miners made it out.
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“Community” I love you, show, but, please, why do you have the impulse to spoil the only movie I haven’t seen yet that I deliberately avoided any spoilers for! I haven’t seen “Inception” yet and I’m looking forward to the DVD and I tried really hard to avoid all internet chatter about it. Thankfully, I really didn’t understand the spoiler fully and once I realized it was a spoiler I made a deliberate effort not to retain the information to my long term memory. I don’t know, of course, if this would just make me connect the dots sooner once I actually see the movie. Really, show, did you have to do this? I get it that lots of people saw it in the movie theater but some of us are waiting for the DVD.

Hathor Legacy had a link about Star Trek: Voyager and the women in it that I just had to link here. I love Voyager. TNG is my favorite Star Trek as a series but Voyager has my favorite characters, and no matter how uneven the storyline, I just love that show for the characters. Janeway and Chakotay are one of my all time favorite ships (I pretend the whole Chakotay and Seven thing hadn’t happened). This is a really good article about it.

I don’t like getting up at 6:30 but I had to this morning because of work. Teaching was easy today since I only had to take notes as my students talked about their midterm article. There was a weird division today - one class gets the text but can’t get to connection with Kingsolver and the other class is the opposite. Now I just have to write the midterm question.

I finally went to the health center today in the hope that they solve the mystery that is my bladder. Really, body, why do you have to be mysterious. I had a really nice registered nurse today and I could have a good conversation with her so hopefully they can figure it out. So the actual appointment went fine. It was updating my medical history that really got to me since I actually have something to add since I last went to the health center in April. Actually saying ‘my father had thyroid cancer’ to the nurse was not pleasant. (Papa is ok with me talking about it on my blog now since his treatment is over and everything. He is fine; it has just been a stressful summer.)

I have these Netflix movies just sitting there and I just don’t feel like watching movies lately. It is weird. I watched “Highlander” instead.

Highlander S6E7 )
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I’m always the voice of reason for my friends; I calm some people down, I think. This morning I explained why a pre-nup is a rational choice and why marriage is a social and economic contract. I hope that helped my friend calm down a bit since she is a bit of a romantic at heart. Sometimes having a historical perspectives on things like marriage really does help.

Teaching today – they turned in Paper 2 after proofreading, I explained the midterm and then they worked on some grammar. Good class actually. Most kids actually brought the folder with all their work so far like they were supposed to – some still managed to look at me blankly when I said they needed to turn in Paper 1 as well (I only told them four times this time).

After classes I got lunch, figured out my folder review schedule with the department and re-read Michael Pollan’s “An Animal’s Place,” which is the reading my class is tackling next. I do like this article. His main point is that if we are to eat animals (which actually is good for nature and environment since a purely vegetarian diet won’t work for the amount of land needed), we need to look at them and understand how they live and die. He is very much against the industrial complex that treats animals as production units and machines. I like this article, but I think some of my students might find it a bit complex; the idea of reading a 20 page essay was horrifying to them.

I then went to the main university library and did some actual dissertation work for a few hours. I love the new computers in the grad section – the huge computer screens where you can see two pages in Word side by side. It is really good for my eyes.

I came home at eight, very tired. Ate some soup – Mama made very delicious pea soup with lots of vegetables and little turkey meat balls. I had black bread with smoked salmon too. And tea. I do like New Republic teas – I tried Apricot this time and it does taste good. Just what I needed. And then TV to relax a bit and back on the wheel tomorrow.

Highlander S6E6 )

Caprica S1E10 )
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I picked up the New Yorker Magazine yesterday while I was at the New Yorker Festival. I read an interesting Malcolm Gladwell article “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be twitted.” He was challenging the idea the social media can actually influence real meaningful change in the status quo since real activism is high-risk and depends on real personal connections between participants and on hierarchies, both of which social media like Twitter or Facebook lack. He doesn’t deny that social media can be good for some things like networking and information gathering and new ideas but he points out that it is not how real meaningful change (like the Civil Right Movement type of activism) works.

House S7E3 )

Highlander S6E5 )
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I’m feeling ridiculously lazy today. Like not wanting to get out of bed lazy. I did get up eventually but I just want to be in my own world, read something or just be on the internet and I was not really up to interacting with anyone. I didn’t even go to visit my grandparents today. I just feel tired and sluggish.

“Love Happens” I watched this movie with my late breakfast. I do like having OnDemand HBO. The trailer really didn’t know how to advertize this movie properly. It was not really a love story as such. The characters really felt like real people and acted like normal people without any romance clichés. Aaron Eckhart plays a man who lost his wife three years ago and instead of really dealing with his grief, he wrote a book and helps others to deal with their pain. He sort of becomes a self-help guru while ignoring his own teachings. He comes back to Seattle for the first time since his wife’s death to teach another seminar and being in his former home town forces him to deal. He also meets Jennifer Aniston’s character who owns a flower shop and doesn’t really put up with bullshit. He is interested and she is sort of too, but their interactions are very grown up and are not about grand romance. They like each other and they like to hang out and she is coming out of a relationship and he is trying to live for the first time in three years. And relationship tension comes not from movie cliché misunderstandings but from their organic story. I really was not expecting this – romance is not really a center of this movie at all – dealing with grief and learning to live again is. Jennifer Aniston’s character is very well rounded too, she feels like a real person and quite different than the usual silly comedies she plays in. I really liked this movie.

“Hawaii 5-0” is no go for me. The second episode was a pretty ordinary cop show. Looks like no new shows for me this tv season – not that I don’t have too many as it is to watch.

Highlander S6E4 )

Ok, now I’m going to get off the internet and go read an actual book. I’m still reading “Theatre” by W. Somerset Maugham. I like the story and I like the prose but I’m not compelled to pick it up to see what happens that much. We’ll see how the story progresses. I do love its Britishness.

Places I visited maps (I found this on someone’s blog and it is fun to see):

visited 22 states (9.77%)
Create your own visited map of The World

visited 20 states (40%)
Create your own visited map of The United States
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This morning I did my exercises, I think I’ve settled on every other day since I get a house to myself in the morning. I did crunches, 15 minutes on elliptical, sit ups and push ups. I will conquer the damn push up! It is a worthy goal.

Dan Savage is doing “It Gets Better” Project” posting videos to tell young people, especially gay teenagers, that life gets better after high school. This was prompted by a suicide of a 15 year old boy. I think it is a worthy cause. This was his and his husband’s video and it is very amazing. High school sucks for most people mostly because being a teenager sucks in many ways and it is hard to imagine life after high school until you actually leave. My high school experience was pretty good, actually, much better than junior high, mostly because I met my girls there and I wasn’t bullied in home room, but there was still some teenage angst. But I know too many people for whom it was much worse.

Some new policies under new health care law – this USAToday article actually spells out the new rules in a chart on the bottom. I was actually curious about it all and ashamed that I didn’t know too many details before. Health insurance is sort of important.

I started reading “Theatre” by W. Somerset Maugham since I’m irritated at the writing style of “Catherine the Great” biography. I really like his writing style and, now that I read the first chapter, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the book.

I went with Mama to her doctor’s appointment and was sitting in the doctor’s office grading papers to Mozart’s Requiem. It drowned out the TV and the noise and was actually great music to grade to. After Mama was done we visited my grandmother’s cemetery to water the plants. We only had two water bottles so I was going back and forth to fill them with water for a while. After all the morning exercises and the sit ups my legs were mad at me.

Highlander S6E3 )
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Fasting today – mostly that means watching lots of tv to distract myself. It actually went pretty well. I didn’t even get dehydration headache. Fast ended at 7:42pm and then I had a nice dinner although I discovered that I can eat only so much asparagus even when I’m hungry.

Michael Pollan is giving a talk at my university next month! My writing program director emailed us this morning to ask if anyone would like to go to dinner. I submitted my name. I don’t know if there will be room at the English Department dinner for me, but I definitely want to at least try to get in on that. I will go to the talk, at least. I’m very excited about that. Neil Gaiman and Michael Pollan in the same week. The universe can be good sometimes.

Highlander S5E22, S6E1,2 )

“Little Ashes” I watched this movie today; its been in my Netflix instant queue for a while. It is interesting that Robert Pattinson picked this movie after all the hoopla of his other stuff; it is good he is trying quality stuff too. The movie wasn’t the best movie ever but it was nice and interesting. I certainly knew very little about Federico Garcia Lorca, other than he was a famous poet. Pattinson did a great job playing the genius and the the related craziness of Dali. Spain is very pretty, I loved the landscape. The scene in the water with the full moon was shot gorgeously.

“The Big Lebowski” I just got bored watching it. I couldn’t make it past half an hour. I know I promised Papa I’d watch this but really I can’t.

National Geographic article on Madagascar is very depressing. And the environmental devastation, particularly of the redwood trees, can’t just be blamed on the new post-coup government. The previous, more environmentally conscious, president wasn’t exactly free of corruption. I also didn’t appreciate the picture of a cure lemur on top half of the page balanced with a picture of lemur soup with boiled lemur heads on the bottom of the page.

As I was looking for internet links today, I saw the there will be an article on Jane Goodall in October issue of National Geographic. Very timely for my class, I did post it on class website, not that they would read it.
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Teaching today – all about quotes. I woke up at 7 and finished the rough drafts. I also brought Oreo cookies to class to teach them about paragraphs. I liked the second class more today mostly because the first class already came up with examples for me.

I did my patriotic duty this afternoon by voting in the primary election – just attorney general and senator for me. There are new voting machines. Scanner ones. Instead of the trusty level, now we fill out a form and then feed it into a scanner machine. I’m just glad it is not all computer and there are paper copies.

I apparently forgot my flash drive at school. Good thing the department secretary emailed me before I even realized this. The way their computers are set up is really makes forgetting the drive easy. I’ll just have to pick it up on Friday. At least I know where it is.

I watched “The Daily Show” today. I kind of took a break from it this summer, I was not in the mood to interact with the world too much. But now it feels right to watch it again. I really wish it was still on Hulu, their website likes to buffer a lot. Making fun of media’s overreactions to current stories on Quran burnings and the community center near Ground Zero (or as Jon Stewart calls it “Community Center of Death” was great to see.

I should really finish Season 5 of “Highlander” since there is only one episode left, but I’m not a fan of that storyline so I rather read my book instead.

Some links:

Climate changes and melting ice are uncovering lots of archeological artifacts . The ice is actually melting too fast to get to everything and preserve it.

The wage gap between men and women is shrinking due to crappy economy. Sounds a bit like Bennett argument that while things sometimes improve for women, it is special circumstance that won’t last in the long term. I just love that they need to qualify and justify why the wage gap was diminishing.

In other news, for the first time ever, more women than men earn PhDs in the US .

Get Medieval has an awesome writer – my type of snarky humor. This time: maidens and dragons and general badassery of women saints.
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This morning I had a fairy lazy morning. It is raining and with five hours of sleep it feels like a lazy Sunday. I made Bear oatmeal for breakfast. Then I downloaded pictures from the restaurant. We also got a professional picture done in the restaurant last night. Bear had to leave for work, by until eleven when he left we relaxed and read our books together. He read that new Harry Dresden story I picked up.

After Bear left, I caught up on the summer finale of “Leverage” online.
Leverage )

I spent the afternoon reading rough drafts and using a “Highlander” episode as a reward. Every five brain numbing papers that can’t use quotes or know what a topic sentences is and tell me how religion provides morality or, the opposite, that religion should stay out of science because science doesn’t need morals to do its job, I get some sort of a TV episode. Then I have enough sanity to point to logical flaws in their ‘arguments’ and to tell them to be less vague.

Highlander S5E17 )

Bit of Hugh and Laurie. S1E5. The teacher sketch where everything Hugh Laurie tries to teach about “Romeo and Juliet” is met by black stares was hilarious in its accuracy of what it sometimes feels like to be a teacher.

True Blood S3E12 )
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Tonight is Yeva’s birthday party at a Russian restaurant so most of the day related to this outing in some way.

I woke up this morning and turned on the radio to listen to 9/11 memorial. TV was on too as I was eating breakfast and I was watching the names of the dead being read. I watch it every year and it always makes me feel sad. I do like that part of the memorial is listening to all these names for hours and hours. It makes it more real, and not just an abstract tragedy. Just the number of people lost. A sister of one of the dead, I think Christopher Epps, read a poem referencing his love of Star Wars and while it was a pretty simple poem, it made me teary and emotional.

I spent the rest of the morning vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom since Bear would be staying over my house after the restaurant.

Mama was talking to my Aunt on Skype on my laptop, so I couldn’t go online. I just read Stephen Fry for a while.

At around 3:30 I left with my blue duffle bag full of restaurant clothes to go to Yeva’s apartment. Since Bear was working left, he was driving straight to Brooklyn and it made more sense to go to Yeva’s and change there. I had to take a slightly different bus route since MTA changed lots of bus routes this summer. There is a longer walk from a new bus stop to Yeva’s but the day was nice and clear so this wasn’t a hardship.

Yeva is very much a girl’s girl and she knows all about make-up and hair, beyond by paltry basics. She helped me with my make-up by showing me what to do and how to put it on and she has all kinds of lotions and foundations and other stuff to put on the face. One of these days, I will go with her to a make-up store where she can show me some basic things to buy beyond my lipstick and eye-shadow. I wore my black dress again with my new Thai pearl necklace.

Bear actually got to Yeva’s just as the family and boyfriend gathered to leave, so we took Yeva’s brother in our car and left for the restaurant. Instead of circling the block looking for parking, which is really impossible, we actually just went to a parking garage nearby. I’d rather pay $15 and have less stress.

The restaurant was a typical Russian restaurant with lots and lots of food, delicious too, with seafood appetizers and wonderful mushrooms with potatoes, and beef, fish and foie gras made with soaked pears, and good Napoleon cake. Russian restaurants don’t just ask if you want fish or chicken, they give you both. I don’t like that they start at 8pm because we only get to deserts at 12:30am but the food was delicious. One of Yeva's friends mixed some drinks and I had a really delicious pomegranate with vodka cocktail.

There were good singers accompanied by scantily clad women dancing around. At one point the back-up dancers wore pink leather corsets, at another they were in a fake boxing ring in bikinis. One of the parties in the hall was for a 12 year old boy, so I’m sure he had a very happy birthday. They were good dancers. One of the singers won a famous Russian singing competition a few years ago and she had a wonderful voice. And we danced a lot. I even got Bear to dance not just to slow songs but to some fast ones, although he mostly stood there handing my hands as I danced. There was also a guy who played the saxophone and he was wonderful. At the singing break, they randomly put on a screen and a silent Charlie Chaplin movie, while continuing to play music a bit softly. The music was a bit loud; Bear went to his car to get ear plugs at one point, and after a long bit of dancing the two of us stood outside the hall for a bit to get some air.

We got home at 1:40 in the morning, although we could have stayed later. But I not really a late person and Bear did have to go back to work the next day. It was a fun party.

Highlander S5 E15,16 )

I’m performing a community service for Netflix. Highlander’s “Modern Prometheus” episode is only 26 minutes on Netflix. The whole episode is available for free on Hulu, so it doesn’t bother me too much, but I did call Netflix and let them know that there is a mistake on their site.
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It is a teaching day, which means my body doesn’t like to sleep that much knowing I have to get up early. I woke up without the alarm clock at 6:40. Way too early.

I read some Stephen Fry this morning while eating breakfast in a lounge near my office; I finally got to the part where he falls in love for the first time with a boy at his school and I love his description of bowled over nature of it.

This was a Peer Review Day – the easiest day to teach. I printed out the Peer Review sheet on Tuesday. All I had to do today was collect one copy of their drafts and look over them and give some comments to the students while they read other student’s papers. Many don’t know why topic sentences matter. They like to start their paragraphs with a quote. I already got one guy who thinks he knows better and tries to argue with me when I point out that his thesis is unclear. Seriously, dude, if you want an “A” do listen to your teacher.

I got grilled chicken for lunch and finished the National Geographic article about King Tut’s family. Through DNA analysis, they discovered that his parents were full siblings. With CT scan, it was also apparent than Tut had a club foot and walking was very painful. He is always show with a walking stick – it is not ceremonial. I discovered that I really like archeological articles in this magazine. I think school is the perfect time to read this magazine too.

SyFy channel will show the rest of Season 1 of “Caprica” this year. They will start on Oct 5 at 10pm. Yay. I hope there will be a second season. This is my second favorite current TV show after “True Blood.” “House” is third, “Brothers and Sisters” is forth, followed by “Community” and “Modern Family” and “Dexter.”

Neil Gaiman is doing an interview at the New Yorker Festival in October and the tickets went on sale today. After some thinking about it and staring at the $30 price tag for a while and talking to Papa, I decided to go for it. I do enjoy seeing authors I like to read in person. One of my favorite outings remains J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and John Irving at Radio City Music hall many years ago. So I bought one ticket. Papa would have went with me but this is not Mama’s cup of tea, and she doesn’t like to be left by herself.

Highlander S5 E13,14 )

“Bit of Fry and Laurie” S1E4. Heavy metal recitation –hee. And I really liked the poem sketch in the beginning.
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Happy Birthday, Yeva!

I finished all the blog entries for the previous year today. This year I will try to write on the day I mean to post and not just make notes and come back to the full entry later. I looked at my entries from the beginning of last year, and I wrote a lot more and much better too. I changed the blog’s name to something simple and not that original (maybe I’ll think of something better later) and the layout as well (from pink to purple) to usher in a new year.

That fire that raged yesterday in our vicinity was back again. My grandfather could see it from his window in Brooklyn and he got all concerned. We kept hearing fire trucks all afternoon. But as long as we don’t see black smoke near us, we just take it easy.

I took a walk to the library today to pick up the books on hold for me. There is a new Dresden Files story told from Marcone’s point of view called “Even Hand” that finally came in. Also I got the original “Sex and the City” novel. I got curious about it a few month ago. But I want to finish Stephen Fry autobiography first.

I also stopped by Stop n Shop and got oreo cookies for my class next week. I teach them paragraphs with the cookies – the black parts represent their own ideas like a topic sentence and point to paragraph, and the white parts are quotes or evidence.

My student who I want to transfer to a class that has more reading help sent me a very grammatically and stylistically unsound email not really wanting to transfer. She claims being overwhelmed by the beginning of college and therefore composing a bad writing sample. Maybe she should check the writing of the email first before tackling actual papers. I think I will have to deal with her this semester because she thinks she can do better. It is her choice. We are not trying to trick her here or punish her, but she doesn’t get it.

First of the month = Global Giving . It will be harder to keep track of first of the month now that I won’t use the Jewish calendar dating system in my blog entries but I’ll try to consult my little Jewish calendar often enough.

Highlander S5 E10-12 )
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This is the last day of year 5770, so tomorrow I will need a new name for my blog. I’m really bad at thinking up titles and I can’t think of something to reflect all my interests: history, tv, books, cross-stitch, feminism etc. I’ve been trying to think of some sort of quote, maybe Shakespeare or some medieval author or a really cool woman, but nothing comes to me. I’ll probably just do something basic.

So Janna’s husband does have meningitis. Now they are checking to see if it is viral or bacterial. But that is one scary thing to deal with. I’m sending good thoughts into the universe.

Awesome Secretary took care of the health insurance paperwork really quickly, so the University graciously allowed me to purchase insurance until January. At least I have insurance again. One thing not to think about.

I went to the bank today to deposit some money and saw the smoke and all the fire trucks. We live close to the ocean and fields of reeds and last year we had a really close call with the giant fire. This time the fire was in a park area some distance away but the smoke was very noticeable on the blue sky background. I think it took firefighters eight hours to put it out.

Highlander S5 E8,9 )

Bear’s parents got a kitty named Kate in the beginning of August. Here are some cute kitty pictures.

kitty pictures )

Since it is New Year, we dipped the apples in honey and I said some prayers. I do like the ten days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur since by the end of it, it feels like a renewal. And renewal is always welcome.

This past year since I have started this blog has been interesting, full of ups and downs, as I think most years are. I’m glad I wrote it down. It has been a difficult summer because of my family health issues and I hope that next year will bring health to my loved ones and some happiness too.

I did manage to keep the blog for the whole year, give a day or two, so yay! 352 journal entries. 267 pages in Word.

Shana Tova! Happy 5771!


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