Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012 11:00 pm
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For the first time in maybe half a year I actually watched Monday’s TV live. First “How I met Your Mother (HIMYM)” and then “House.”

I have been keeping up with “HIMYM” online but I was mostly bored with it and in the first half of this evening’s episode I switched to HBO and Harry Potter during the commercial and didn’t care to go back. The show seems to mostly stay in place and it is just not interesting anymore. I don’t think I’m coming back for it next season.

I need to catch up to about 4 episodes of ‘House’ and I don’t really care. I do like House and Wilson interaction in the latest storyline but that is about it – the rest, the patients just leave me indifferent. I will watch the finale, of course, and I will probably catch up to the episodes I missed by having them run in the background while I’m doing something else but I’m glad the show is ending. It used to be a must watch for me but I really stopped caring.

In fact, this TV season has the lowest number of shows that I follow or that I watch live. There are only three that I watch as they actually air and that I get excited about: Glee, Community and Grimm. I’m still surprised by how much I got into Glee this year after two years of indifference and occasional watching. Community is the funniest comedy around and Grimm is my favorite new show and I adore it to pieces and it just keeps getting better and better.

Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy are shows I like that I usually watch online after they air. HIMYM is the show I do watch online but reluctantly. And House I kind of watch online now, but not really. I gave up on Bones in April when I realized that I just didn’t care anymore and I don’t miss it at all. But that’s it.

At least summer is coming up with the crack that is True Blood, SYTYCD and Burn Notice. I’m done with Leverage and I don’t even remember other shows. I haven’t even finished last four episodes of Dexter Season 6. (And I will watch Borgias all at once on Demand probably).
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From Tuesday, forgot to write: “Slynx” is being hysterical with Kirkorov song references – really, I don’t know how non Russian people would get it. I had to stop reading and laugh for two minutes at least because I could hear the song in my head. So it was funny to me. I need to see Bear’s English copy of it over Thanksgiving to see how the translation sounds.

I now officially love the whole “21” album by Adele. I look forward to every song. Doesn’t happen often.

I watched “Community” (which remains awesome – I was strangely distracted by Dean’s unexpected muscles tonight) and “Bones” which is the show I watch while doing other things now. It’s fine but it is definitely past its prime
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It is again one of those day where I can’t bring myself to grade. Migraine is not helping. At least I put together my lesson plan for tomorrow on how to have a good thesis.

Wow, the new TV resolution is amazing. Even before I turned it to HD. I was watching “Bones” on it and it was like I was in the room with the characters. Which was not always a great thing as the corpse was also in a very high resolution and a little gloss.

I’m still mad at “Bones” for denying an audience significant moments but at least we don’t have to deal with annoying will they/won’t they anymore. I like it better this way.

“Community” continues to rock. I want that jingle as a song.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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I went up to University campus early this morning, and by early I mean I left the house at 6:45. I couldn’t sleep well past 5am anyway because I was going to see my Advisor today and really figure out my future. The last few years I have not really been working too hard on my dissertation. I let a million things distract me. And I was seriously thinking of just stopping, taking the masters and doing something else. But I just don’t like quitting. I took my Toronto Latin PhD exam many, many times just because I couldn’t not quit. So today I asked my Advisor if I could just have the summer. Either I get it together this summer and finish it or I’m done.

To encourage me in this venture – because I really don’t want to work on it even if it is more than half done (dissertations suck) – I am putting certain incentives in my way. I asked Advisor if I could email him every evening this summer (except for my vacation week) with the day’s progress report and if I don’t email him that he should bug me about it. Since the last thing I want is an email from the Advisor, that might help. I also got Bear to help – since we talk every night on the phone before we go to sleep, I need to tell him about daily progress if I want our nightly ritual – a definite incentive.

So this summer I need to be busy and I came up with a list of rules for myself – like limiting internet time and TV too. I really need to push myself despite my natural inclination for procrastination because the constant guilt I live under and the feeling of failure needs to go.

I also picked up the rest of the book I requested at the library – the books I will teach next semester in my “History of Law” class. I started reading “Roman Law” book by Riggsby – it is written for undergraduates and it will work really well, I’m glad I chose it and I will get a free copy too. This afternoon, I worked on Global Encounters syllabus for next semester too, with new dates and paper due dates and I started to figure out the “History of Law” syllabus too. I know this is not a priority right now but I just needed to feel like it is sorted in case I won’t have time closer to end of August.

Falafel for lunch and finishing National Geographic for May was a good lunch break too.

Bones S6E23 )

Cross stitch: I started backstitch with dark grey. It stands out really well. I did the ball and the duck backstitch and a bit of a baby bear.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 13th, 2011 09:59 pm
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Since we had guests last night I did not have a chance to watch “Bones” which is probably a good thing since I would have been cross stitching. And this episode was actually really good, so I’m glad I watched it this morning.

Bones S6E22 )

“Brothers and Sisters” is officially cancelled. I was checking the news every day and even though it was expected I’m still sad about it. I know it is just the TV show but I loved the characters.

I finished my semester today. I graded all the final exams and calculated the grades. I have a few students who did not turn in their final papers and I gave plenty of chances so those are the only D and Fs. The rest did pretty well, a nice curve. I was done by 2pm and took the rest of the day off. Yay, it is summer.

I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” and one “Avatar: TLA” episode and then I went outside and actually did something active.

I was showing the Kid and her brother how to rollerblade. It felt nice to get on the roller blades again, it really feels like summer now. I spent an hour outside.

Our guests are staying until next Thursday, I think. It is weird to have to be social every evening.

Cross-stitching: all purple is done, that’s Big Bear’s bow and middle bear’s suit. It is coming along, two more weeks if I keep up this pace.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 11:46 pm
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Folder review day. Today was the last day of my writing class where I meet with one of the directors and we go over the folders with all the students’ work and I turn in their final exams and grades and get a second opinion on some grades if I need it. The only people who failed this semester in both my sections (41 students) are the two students who stopped coming and missed too many classes. Everyone else passed and I had 5 “A” in my two classes, which is really good. This writing class, which is mandatory for all the students in the University, is considered one of the hardest classes in the school since they need to write a lot and actually think about their ideas. And this semester I had some good kids. Most took Basic Comp before, so it helped prepare them.

And while my folder review for the Fall semester was the least stressful in all my years of teaching in the writing program, this folder review was the most stressful. I think I had to look at 50 papers today and write some little comments. That is over 250 pages of mostly crappy ideas.

Basically, I worked from 6am to 6pm today non-stop with only a small break for lunch. But I’M DONE. Yay.

And when the students came to pick up their folders in the afternoon I got some appreciation and even some hugs. A lot are happy just to pass this class. And reactions are always weird. Many are happy with a “C+” while some don’t look happy at a “B+” even though they knew they would not get better. But giving the grades out and seeing some jumping for joy at passing this class or getting that “A” is so worth it. Many come a very long way. Four of these students were in my Basic Comp class last semester too, and two got “A”s and both failed that first paper in the fall. One reason I like teaching in the writing program, despite all this grading, is I can see them actually learn and get better over the course of the semester.

You know it is folder review day when at the end of it when you are all done and you should be excited since it is the end of the semester and you are done with the writing classes and no more grading, and all you feel is your brain fried and you just want to rest. I’ll be excited tomorrow.

In my only break, I picked up “Medieval Justice” in the library and it is a go. It looks like a good primer for a more general public and it is well researched. So I will submit my booklist tomorrow probably. And I got pizza, a boston kreme donut for brain sugar and tea.

In the evening, I wrote my jury letter and a make-up final history exam for a student tomorrow. And then I relaxed a bit in front of the TV since my brain is dead. “Community” was amazingly awesome in their first part of the Paintball finale. I do like their take on Westerns and despite the awesomeness of last year’s “modern warfare” episode, this actually matches in quality. I love this show, I can’t say it enough. I also had “Bones” on as I was cross stitching, although I was done with the cross stitching to watch the emotionally manipulative moment at the end. Still, this show is just the background now.

Cross stitch: pumpkin for big bear’s head (and it is a big head, still lots to do) and some pink for big bear’s ears. (I’m making a baby blanket with animals reading for one of my best friends).
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Today’s storm played havoc with my head. We don’t have anything like what is going on in the South (those poor people) but today’s skies were dark and threatening at many points. And in the afternoon, around eleven thirty, I was getting some lab work done for a doctor’s appointment next week, when I started to feel off filling out the paperwork. My head got full and heavy and I just didn’t feel stable. Since I got so used to this few years ago, I don’t immediately freak out but half an hour later when I was having a conversation with fellow teachers and eating pizza, my head felt like someone was squeezing it pretty hard. My blood pressure was doing something and reacting to the storm. I went and got water and paced mostly, since I feel better if I move and not sit still. As soon as the rain started my head began to feel better.

I had to give final exams today in my writing classes, and I’m glad the rain started when it did, so I felt relatively ok to give the test and sit at the desk. I graded my history quizzes and a few history papers while proctoring. I gave more "C" on the papers than usual; I just got mad at bad writing. Topic sentences are not that hard. And I read some National Geographic May issue.

I’m going to get more sleep tonight and hopefully my head and balance can get back to normal.
I did wear a suit to work today, I love my suit.

In the evening I watched “Community” and then “Bones”. The good thing about not caring that much about “Bones” anymore is that I just sat there and cross stitched. I didn’t really have to pay attention to the screen too much. I did a little more than hour and a half of cross stitching since I really have to finish that blanket in a month and last two month I didn’t have much time to work on it. So lots of May cross stitching coming up.

Cross-stitch: tan, tan, tan – I’m going to just work all tan color until I do all of it – middle bear’s head and paws and some on Big Bear.
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I maybe got at most five hours of sleep last night. This whole week, I’ve been busy so I would get 5 to 6 hours. I really need a day to sleep in. On top of all the grading I’ve been doing (and all I have to do), I know I need rest.

Today grading total – 14 papers for Writing class.

Read more... )

Since it is Passover and I can’t buy lunch I brought my mazza and turkey sandwich with me to school. And a banana. And I decided to go buy French fries for my tired brain. So I did. I can’t have ketchup (it has high fructose corn syrup which I can’t have this week) but the fries were delicious.

Today was an easy teaching day. My students did evaluations for a bit and I got to enjoy the sun for ten minutes.

So a little while ago I checked out the first chapter of “Hunger Games” since I heard things about it and I figured I would pick up the book eventually this summer. I mentioned it to Papa that day in passing. We were in the car today, after he picked me up from work and having a conversation and sci-fi and books and he stared giving his opinion on “Hunger Games” after I mentioned it as something to recommend to a daughter of his friend. And I was like “did you read the reviews or something?” Turns out he downloaded it into his Kindle from some free Russian site and has been secretly reading it. He just finished the first book. He thought the author took the easy way out on some plots and I had to yell at him for not spoiling it. But he did like it enough to download the second one. So once my parents go on vacation in May, I will read it on his Kindle. My dad is awesome. We do have similar tastes in books and TV so those are our bonding activities. We watch “True Blood” and “Dexter” together and he watched “Buffy” and "Firefly" and “Farscape” and “Battlestar Galactica” and "Dollhouse" and "Caprica" with me. And read “Harry Potter.” He rocks. (although watching 'True Blood' gets a bit awkward occasionally at sexy scenes) We are going to try "Game of Thrones" tomorrow.

“Community” just reached a whole new level of awesomeness. I laughed so hard and so often. I love you, show. Happy random exclamations about the episode ) I have a feeling I will watch this episode a couple of more time this weekend.

Avatar: TLA S1E8 )

As I started watching “Bones”, I realized just how much I couldn’t care. Especially as it is a backdoor pilot. So just watched the cold open. I think I might be done once this season is over.
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My brain was so wired from all the grading and stress about grading that I barely slept last night. I worked 6 to 6 again. I didn’t finish all grading, I still have more this weekend and then a whole new cycle starts. I’m so taking this one step at the time and not thinking of having to grade 126 papers in April plus 42 rough drafts. The deadlines got weird this semester. Well, I have all the rough drafts done, and 30 papers graded so far. (I’m not counting 58 history papers waiting for me – I wish I had a grader for those. But at least history papers are easier to grade.) My plan this weekend is 4 papers a day to finish Paper 3 grading before I start on 4 next week.

My two writing classes are on the different schedule for the next paper because of the delayed grading for the second one. So in my first class, they turned in their Paper 4 and I assigned the new reading. Jonathan Boyarin’s “Waiting for a Jew: Marginal Redemption at the Eighth Street Shul” is one of my favorite readings from the book for the class and I’ve taught it every time I taught this class. And this is maybe my third or fourth time reading it and I always find new and wonderful sentences in it. He is an anthropologist and he writes about his identity as a Jewish man and how it evolved over time from a New Jersey farm to New York and Paris. He grew more religious over time but he also thinks his search for Jewishness was to recover that lost childhood sense of community that, of course, was an illusion.

So in class today, I gave the students a crash course on Jewish terms like shul, yarmulke, synagogue, Yiddish, kosher, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Ashkenazi, Sephardic and most importantly for the story, minyan (10 men needed for a formal prayer service). I so take all these terms for granted, being Jewish myself, that I need to remember that the students don’t really know specifics. One of my students, a Catholic, I think, didn’t even know Christianity came out of Judaism. He asked if Jews had the Ten Commandments and was very surprised to learn that the Old Testament is the Jewish Bible. A few students, who are Jewish, did ask him if he knew Jesus was Jewish. Another kid, also a Christian, actually told the student who didn’t know of Jesus’ origins to perhaps check out an episode of “Family Guy” where Chris finds out Jesus is Jewish.

For Paper 5, they have to look at Boyarin and Ahmed and one more past reading from the class to answer this question (I came up with it in the car on the way to work, and typed it up at the end of office hours):

How do marginal groups define their identity as opposed to mainstream groups? What function does identity perform in both these groups?

In my second class, we went over thesis and topic sentences as their paper is due on Tuesday. My students did much better on Paper 3, I think they liked the question and Gladwell was pretty easy and it was really fun to see some get so excited over grades. One of my girls who wasn’t passing got a C+ on this paper and her gasp of happiness was wonderful. Another was so excited that he progressed from C to C+ to a B. Now, I told him, you have to keep it. (They have to get the grade twice to get it as a final grade – we really only look at the last three papers).

And students came to office hours, one with her anthropology paper, which was fun little personal essay. So long day but it is nice to feel productive. And a student who I had in my “Development of Europe 1” class in 2006, her freshman year of college, and later in my “England in Middle Ages” class, who is now doing a Masters in education came to visit too, to ask questions about a lecture on ancient Rome she will be student teaching.

Bones )
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This Cracked article was pretty funny. I was highly amused mostly because I have a personal obsession about real food and all the fake chemical stuff we eat.

“Community” got renewed! Yay! Today’s episode was a little weird, but it is still a great comedy.
I also watched “Bones.” I like when characters have adult conversations and I really liked all the ways the lab had to get results without electricity. Lots of fun science and experiments. That is what this show should be more.

I’m thinking of writing a short Purim story from Esther’s point of view this weekend in honor of Purim on Sunday and has a surprising number of Bible stories. Which amused me for some reason. Technically, Bible is in public domain so I don’t even have to give any disclaimers at all.

Exercise: 50 min walk. Such a nice warm evening
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Last day of writing class before Spring Break and, boy, I’m so ready for a break. I’ll still have to grade and everything but I just need a break from teaching. I taught them ‘idea’ and ‘example’ quotes today and how to explain their quotes better and make connections.

I also graded the map quiz for the second section of my history class. I really did not know Rome was in China. Half the class studied and got an “A” and too many got 34 and 40, which is silly since they had the study material beforehand.

I watched ‘Bones’ as my study break. It is really not that interesting anymore.
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6am to 6pm non-stop work today. I managed 18 papers – a record for me. I even got it down to a little over 20 minutes per paper sometimes, instead of usual 30. I need to keep this day in mind to motivate myself to pace with the grading. But one of my sections of 22 students is done. I don’t even care that I have more to do this weekend. And I taught two classes – thesis statement and connections. The only break I had from 6 am to 6 pm was shower and driving to school.

It was so nice and warm today, not that I got to enjoy it much

“Community” An excellent episode as usual and Levar Burton! I had the same fan reaction to him as Troy, one of the characters, did. I love this show. I watched “Bones” too but I have very little to say about it. I’m still watching that show because I’m used to it, but I no longer really care.

Exercise: 30 min walk
Cross stitch: blue for the second half of the book
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Today I needed to come up with Assignment 2 for my writing classes. I had a general idea of how I saw Jenkins and Faludi working together but I needed to talk and write things through to get at what I wanted to ask. With the help from Medusa by instant chat and Karen, a fellow teacher in my office, I have a question that is really about communities and the benefits and drawbacks of being a part of an interest-based community (like an online fan community and the military-type community of The Citadel). Big thanks for the help. Hopefully, my students will be able to say something intelligent about it.

About 40 minutes into one discussion class about the Faludi article, it finally occurred to one of my students that the story was non-fiction. The fact that Faludi was a journalist writing for the New Yorker did not give it away, apparently. I get the stories of the hazing at The Citadel seemed too extreme for her. At least, she realized this before she had to write her paper.

So after every lecture I give for my history class, I’ve been adding a drabble to a Highlander Methos story were he thinks or remembers something from that period of history. And this morning I wrote the Greece one where he thinks on the Thermopylae after watching “300.” He fought for the Persians, of course. Out of five I wrote so far, I think it is my favorite. I’m curious to see where these drabbles will go and what particular points of my lectures stick with me for this character.

“Community” was sweet today. I like having a Valentines episode that was about friendship more than it was about grand love. “Bones” – the episode was boring but the last scene, oh the last scene. I need to rewatch it. For once, great acting from Booth.
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Today was weird. Papa managed to blow out two tires in two separate incidents. First in the morning on the way to work and then once he went to the shop to replace the tire and was heading to work again and a different icy pothole punctured another tire. It was not his day.

I spend the morning and a little class time finishing the rough drafts comments for one of my classes. I told the other class to send me the electronic copy so I could send them comments this weekend. Two days was just not enough time to turn over 45 drafts.

The classes were good. I basically taught them outlining after you write and how to use that to have better topic sentences and thesis. Hopefully, it will help students who are just writing summary right now.

My afternoon office hour I spent mostly on the phone, first with Bear and then with Yeva. I always talk more with her when she is going through a breakup. Or some other relationship drama she wants my rational calm advice on. I never have the right words to cheer anyone up, really, but I’m there for her to vent and lend an ear.

“Community” was just pure Awesomeness. The whole episode was about Dungeons and Dragons. I never played it nor seen it played, so it was actually a lot of fun to watch. And Annie’s elf seduction was hysterical. Oh, how I love you, show.

I cross stitched in between watching “Community” and “Bones” It was a slightly weird day.

Cross stitch: purple letter B and pale yellow
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19 inches of snow. University only cancelled classes before 11:30 and as I teach after 1:30 I had to get to work. I did cancel the office hours in the late morning. So the day felt a bit surreal with no traffic and the whole world being white and clear.

Some pictures of our snow )

In the morning I read and commented on a few close reading assignments. Many talked around the issue without clearly defining anything and many just paraphrased the whole two paragraphs and thought that it was analysis. Sigh. Run-ons also continue to be a problem. I was happy to see that one of my students from Basic Comp had the clearest paragraph that actually answered the assignment question and set up what the debate was in the fair use paragraphs. I was very proud of him. He definitely can write his ideas better now and I’d like to think that I had a little bit to do with it.

The classes went alright. We went over what makes a good paper, the structure of it. And the grading criteria. Then I actually made them take a piece of paper and draw a line on it, writing out how Jenkins would answer the assignment question and then how they would. I wanted them to make sure that the answer was not identical since that would not make a string thesis. I still know they will go for simple. My goal this semester is to get them to complicate their argument just a little bit.

First two minutes of today’s “Community” were so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. I need to rewatch it tomorrow. Good episode of Bones too. Bones )

Yemen joins the growing list of countries rioting against their governments .
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This morning I woke up at 7am since I had a long day ahead and I had to re-read the Jenkins article and come up with Close Reading Assignment. Then as I got up and I was preparing for my day the paragraphs I wanted to chose for the close reading occurred to me in the shower. Inspiration does hit at strangest of places.

Jenkins spends a few paragraphs discussing fair use and copyright and the uncertain place fanfiction occupies and the corporate anxieties about fair use and the lack of legal definitions etc. To me those paragraphs are really easy to understand since this summer the internets were exploding with the discussion of fanfiction and its right to exist and the ideas of fair use and copyright. But it occurred to me that Jenkins never defines ‘fair use’ but assumes that the readers can just talk about copyright. So I’m asking my students to explain what Jenkins means by ‘fair use’ in the two paragraphs he talks about it and why the idea of fair use is contentious in this instance.

We spent some time in class today looking at two other paragraphs and learning how to close read a text – look for key words and breaking a sentence down to figure out the argument. I always have to remind myself that most of these kids don’t read and they don’t pick stuff up from the reading the same way that I do. They did ok in class in group work (they were fine talking in little group but they just got quite if it became a whole class discussion) but they did need a bit of prompting. When I gave them a fairly dense sentence and asked them to paraphrase it for me in their own words, it was fun to see some many different responses. Some had hard time being specific.

I teach two classes back to back, it is the same writing class, just a different group of students. And I think the second class will benefit a bit more this time as I explore the changes in this class from the last time I taught it. But the time I got to the second class, I applied what worked in the first and came up with a better strategy that I think worked a little bit better. I made them write things out a little more.

In the morning, I went to the orientation on the main campus for teachers who taught this class before but a long time ago before the format changed a little. So this was to catch us up on the changes. And it was actually very useful. Plus, afterwards I could run the idea for my Close Reading assignment past the coordinator to make sure it worked. She liked it.

On Thursdays I get to share my office and office hours with my friend Karen and that is really fun. I also get to have the second office hour in the evening from 5 to 6, so that is a good time to work. I was working on my lecture for Monday on Mesopotamia.

In the evening, I tried to do a little bit of everything. I read a little bit, I watched “Community” and “Bones,” I exercised on the Wii for 30 minutes and I cross-stitched. Nice evening overall.

I’m actually happy that “Bones” moved to 9pm since I can now watch “Community” in real time. A few little thoughts on “Bones” tonight: Bones )

Exercise: 30 min on Wii. I did the bike Island course – I do really like the bike thing. My thighs are killing me from two days ago but I’m ignoring them.

Cross stitch: pale green and light green for the body suit.
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Winter Queen by Boris Akunin )

Why do students think I can help them at all with the final exam? It is a final exam – by definition I can’t critique your rough draft.

Grading papers – I do love it when a student tries hard all semester and clearly works at it and gets an “A” on the final paper. She will probably get a “B+” in the class but I’m proud of her that she got to that “A”.

Bones S6E9 )

I also watched Barbara Walters special on Oprah since it was on and I’m in avoiding grading mode.
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Yesterday’s search for my historical atlas, inspired me to go through my Box of Crap and actually throw out anything that was not necessary anymore like old book catalogues. I also putting everything that was left in the box in some better order.

I went to the postoffice/library/comic book store walk this afternoon and by the library there was this gigantic dog, the size of the horse. (Strangely enough I’m not that afraid of really big dogs). This dog was ridiculously huge.

Buffy Season 8 #39 )

Coldplay's “Christmas Lights” music video.

As I was flipping to “Community” during a commercial break on “Bones” I caught them giving a shout out to “Farscape.” That was awesome! Can’t wait for the whole episode tomorrow. I’m not going to do “Bones” reviews that much anymore; it is just a regular show now. I can really like Hannah and her relationship with Booth except that the writers set that whole relationship up as a place holder. I really wish they could just leave Booth and Brennan separate. Next week, angst. I would watch “Community” instead of “Bones” at 8pm except that I actually like watching my comedies online with fewer commercials.
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I went to Local College today to do the paperwork and meet the department chair. It is a very pretty place about 20 minutes away from my house. When I’m in a college environment it always reminds me why I love teaching. School always felt like the place I belonged. Now if I just get myself together and work properly and studiously. I don’t know where that girl went, who used to study and read and learn new things. Well, at least by teaching this global class I will definitely learn new things.

It was a good meeting and I got a lot of information out of it. I also explored the small campus. The bookstore was selling good notebooks for only 99c too. And the view from the café and student union was just amazing. My goal for next week is to come up with a book list for the class.

Bones S6E7 )

I watched the next two 'Neverwhere' episodes as I'm two-thirds through the book. Still like the book more.
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I didn’t realize that “Neverwhere” was a TV show first and the book is an adaptation of the TV show. I thought it was the other way around. Now that I’m making my way through the book, I figure I can watch some episodes once I finish reading about them. (When I read I inevitable skim ahead a bit and then read more slowly, I don’t know when that habit has started. But with this book I actually don’t want to spoil myself). Since the show is available on Netflix InstantPlay I watched the first two episodes. On a random note, I liked that Jessica has a picture of herself on her desk. I found that I like the book much better maybe because we get more into the character’s heads. It was interesting to see what the characters look like.

Burn Notice Bingo . Hee. Totally true, too. I’ll actually catch the new episode this weekend but this is fun.

Bones S6E6 )


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