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I've been home since Friday a week ago. The super fixed the leak upstairs but still hasn't fixed our kitchen ceiling. We keep reminding him about it with the baby and all, but he always been like this, taking forever.

Otherwise, it was a quiet week. My Mom came over Wednesday and Thursday to cook for me a bit and to help out since Bear was gone from Tuesday to Saturday. And I had my first 40 hours straight alone with the baby, which went well. Tanya was the best baby last Friday, with minimal fussiness, when I was all alone. It was very nice of her! I make pea soup last week and white bean soup yesterday and will make meatballs and green onion/egg/cucumber salad today.

We are going to the pediatrician on Wednesday, and I really need to ask if I can stop waking her up at night around 3am for her night feed. Tanya sometimes wakes up on her own to eat but lately I've been waking her up. You are supposed to not go more than 6 hours or so without feeding, but that is up to a certain weight and everyone has a different opinion on it. So I'll ask on Wednesday if we can try to just let her sleep through the whole night - which will be great for me. She did stop creaking and being noisy in her sleep that much, which lets me sleep better lately. I still feel sleepy most of the time, though, probably because of milk hormones.

Otherwise, I'm still reading Harry Potter. I've finished watching "True Blood" Season 7. It certainly felt like the last season and while the end was a bit too pat and happy and hetero-normative, I actually liked it. Those characters deserved some happiness. I can understand why many didn't like this last season, but I just enjoy the crackiness of this show and also, Eric. I will miss my summer fix. I'm watching "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix now. I haven't seen Season 7 properly, and even though it sucks in a lot of ways, I'm working my way through it.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, July 7th, 2013 10:05 pm
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New York is in the middle of a heat wave which does not make for very comfortable outside activities. It is over 90F in the last few day. And yesterday I had to be outside from 11 to 6, canvasing. It was not too far from my house but there was a lot of walking and it was very, very hot. Two bottles of water were not enough. It was nice to be mostly outside today - we only went out for groceries and to dinner with a few of Bear's relatives.

I finished "The Iron King," the historical fiction about Philip IV today. Definitely enjoyed it a lot and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series - there are seven overall. But only the second book is coming out in English this November (it is originally French) - the rest are not as available. Since I don't want to read them all at once, it will actually be nice to just read them slowly, over time.

I started the autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt today. I just wanted a biography and something non-fiction and I really like biographies of women. Some of my favorites were biographies of Simone de Beauvoir and Golda Meir. So I'm giving it a go. I read the first chapter so far. Her writing style is a little weird so I'm not sure if I will like it but I'm curious so far and I want to learn more about American politics, so this could be a fun way.

My week has been pretty good. On Monday, I took a severely needed day off just to recharge my batteries. I basically just caught up on this season of "True Blood." I'm really liking it. "True Blood" is always such a fun summer crack to me. It is telling that the only two shows I'm watching this summer are "Teen Wolf" and "True Blood." Both are such silly, delicious crack. I can't watch my dance show, since Fox is blocking it for like a month unless you have cable.

Tuesday and Wednesday were my last petitioning days. No more signature collecting. I did get to spend my time mostly in Manhattan parks so that was sort of fun (tiring, but fun). Now it will be all canvasing and phonebanking.

Then came two days of Fourth of July holiday. First my parents came over to our apartment for half the day - my Mom wanted to finally frame our ketubah (marriage contract) - and I fed them drumsticks and oven roasted potatoes I made. Then, in the afternoon, we drove out to Long Island to Bear's family where we stayed overnight. That evening, on July 4th, we drove to a Main Street in his little town, and watched distant fireworks near the dock. It was very much a holiday.

So my week was pretty good overall. The only problem I had to deal with was today when one of my credit cards got declined at the store and I realized once I got home that I never got last month's bill and it just slipped my mind and it got overdue. I've been paying credit card bills for over 14 years, always in full and that never happened. I called to pay it right away and set up an online account too but I will still have to charge bare minimum on this card for the next two month, so I don't pay too much interest. Seriously, I forget one time and they just pounce with the charges.
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Fun little animation.

True Blood )

Not much was going on today. After “True Blood” I watched “Political Animals” (which I really like) and some vaulting during the commercial. I also saw “Contagion” in the morning – I’m catching up on some movies. I might start watching “The Wire” finally, since it was ranked by many as number 1 show of the last decade.

I need more sleep.
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Day 2 of the Olympics:

I watched the tiny bits of:

Judo – It looks very much like wrestling. I’m not sure what I thought it would be like. I just watched a little bit when I woke up.
Weightlifting – lifting more than double your weight is always impressive. I was watching the women to this.
Table tennis – just a few points to get the feel for it. I like playing table tennis but it is a little frantic to watch it.
Canoe/Kayak – kayak through rapids – slalom - that looks difficult. And fun. I liked this.
Women’s skeet shooting – target shooting – pretty fun – US won

The main focus of the day, though, was on archery, swimming and gymnastics.

Archery – Women’s team – some quarterfinals, etc. I’m really liking this – I can’t believe I never watched competition archery before. This is why online streaming is so worth it. I did catch the finals (parts of Russia/Japan and China/S. Korea) on TV – I don’t like the commentary though, I’d much rather just watch a straight feed.

NBC people who interview the athletes after they swim ask the stupidest questions. How does it feel to win? I don’t know, pretty good. How does it feel to lose? Not that great, I wager.

True Blood S5E8 )

July books and movies )
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Part 2b More Movies and TV

Since I wrote the last post I truly did not expect to see two more movies in 24 hours. I just thought I would be adding a comment for “Brave.” But on Friday, I emailed Yeva, who is always so busy because of work and school, that if she wants to get distracted we could hang out and maybe see “Magic Mike.” Her relationship of two years just ended a month ago so cheering up was certainly needed. I wasn’t expecting for her to call me to say she took a few days off and has free movie tickets to boot. So, since Papa and I were going to visit my grandparents in Brooklyn anyway after his work, he dropped me off at Yeva’s. Bear picked me up the next day since Brooklyn is on the way to my house. And Yeva and I had a fun girls’ night. I picked up some pizza, we went to the movies and then we went to one of the Sheepshead Bay cafes and had desert and ice-cream and enjoyed a nice summer night. And in the morning I helped set up her printer too – so being all useful.

Then on Saturday, June 30, Bear and I had a fun day too. We went to see “Brave” and in the evening we drove to the park for concert and fireworks on the beach. This was our third year going to this event, and this year it seemed easiest with parking and our beach chairs. We were finally prepared. And Bear got us ice-cream from the trucks, which made it even more summery. I actually don’t mind the heat that’s finally settled over the East Coast – it was nice in the evening.

Magic Mike )

Brave )

True Blood S5E4 )
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When summer comes, I seem to lose the drive to blog. I write down notes every day in my Word document and tell myself that I will catch up on the more full entries and I usually do. But this June I just don’t feel up to it. And before I knew it, four weeks have passed. And I decided to change the format, at least for June, and to combine my notes into a few themed posts. Less reading list spam too that way.

Part 1: TV

In the summer, and in particular this summer, I only have three TV shows to watch – “True Blood” “SYTYCD” and “Burn Notice.” And well, “Buffy” and “Angel” rewatch along with MarkWatches project. Watching it slowly and reading all the comments and reviews are making me appreciate and feel it more too. (And I also catch up on YouTube clips of Chrolli and Chryed storylines for my soap fix, although there haven’t been my screen time on that). This past year, I seem to be really backing off TV, although it is still my favorite story telling medium. I guess not many shows hold my attention anymore.

I also finished catching up to “Legend of Korra” online.

I can’t wait until the Olympics, though – gymnastics and swimming make great summer TV. “True Blood” and “Burn Notice” I watch with my Dad – which occasionally gets a little uncomfortable in watching the former but that show is such crack.

So here are my thoughts so far.

True Blood S5E1-3 )

SYTYCD Up to Choosing Top20 )

Burn Notice S6E1-3 )

Legend of Korra Season 1 )

Dawson’s Creek is now on Netflix Instant Queue. I’m ridiculously excited about it. I might not even rewatch it but it holds a special place in my heart. I did rewatch the finale and the pilot and a few scenes along the way. Oh, the drama. And the 90s songs, which makes it very nostalgic.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012 11:00 pm
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For the first time in maybe half a year I actually watched Monday’s TV live. First “How I met Your Mother (HIMYM)” and then “House.”

I have been keeping up with “HIMYM” online but I was mostly bored with it and in the first half of this evening’s episode I switched to HBO and Harry Potter during the commercial and didn’t care to go back. The show seems to mostly stay in place and it is just not interesting anymore. I don’t think I’m coming back for it next season.

I need to catch up to about 4 episodes of ‘House’ and I don’t really care. I do like House and Wilson interaction in the latest storyline but that is about it – the rest, the patients just leave me indifferent. I will watch the finale, of course, and I will probably catch up to the episodes I missed by having them run in the background while I’m doing something else but I’m glad the show is ending. It used to be a must watch for me but I really stopped caring.

In fact, this TV season has the lowest number of shows that I follow or that I watch live. There are only three that I watch as they actually air and that I get excited about: Glee, Community and Grimm. I’m still surprised by how much I got into Glee this year after two years of indifference and occasional watching. Community is the funniest comedy around and Grimm is my favorite new show and I adore it to pieces and it just keeps getting better and better.

Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy are shows I like that I usually watch online after they air. HIMYM is the show I do watch online but reluctantly. And House I kind of watch online now, but not really. I gave up on Bones in April when I realized that I just didn’t care anymore and I don’t miss it at all. But that’s it.

At least summer is coming up with the crack that is True Blood, SYTYCD and Burn Notice. I’m done with Leverage and I don’t even remember other shows. I haven’t even finished last four episodes of Dexter Season 6. (And I will watch Borgias all at once on Demand probably).
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Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the New Year will bring only good things.

I’m back to posting and being back online consistently – it was nice to take a short break although I did still check email and watched videos online. I also just caught up to posting the last week on my journal. I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone’s reading pages so I posted them just on my journal, in case anyone wants to read it.

But here is a short summary of my Christmas/New Year/holiday week: I had a very nice Christmas with Bear’s family where I got four books among my presents (yay), including Stephen Fry’s latest autobiography, and a pocket watch so I could pretend to be in Doctor Who universe. Then Bear and I went to Montauk for a nice relaxing vacation with hiking every morning and even time at a spa! And in the middle of this vacation on a beautiful Waking Dunes hike, Bear proposed with a lovely ring, which I thought was just perfect for me. It has an art deco design on the sides. So I got to be a bit giddy and girly.

2011 A Year in Review in a list )

Today itself was a low key day. While Bear set up his laptop in my room and was doing some work I read Karen Armstrong’s article “Homo religiosus” which I will teach next semester. I do love her stuff but she is dense and complex. The students will certainly be challenged.

I did go outside to go to the bank with Bear but otherwise I stayed home and read.

Of course, in the evening I had to get ready for our holiday celebration. It was just my parents and Bear but since it is New Year, we all dressed up – with yellow and orange themes since next year is the year of the Dragon. So I’m wearing an orange shirt I got for my birthday, a black skirt and stockings with make-up and everything. I look more like a tiger. Mama made a delicious table of holiday food including a chicken and we took our annual holiday photos with the tree.

I hope 2012 will be a good year. That is the best part about the New Year celebration a hope of a new beginning.

Some pictures from the last week: )
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I had the TV in the background all morning listening to the list of names. I think people need to be remembered and just the long list of names underscores this tragedy.

I went to the story to buy “oreo’ cookies for my writing class demonstration on Tuesday (an oreo cookie = paragraph). I did buy the generic version of the cookies since they were a whole two dollar cheaper.

There is a drawback to electronic books, especially in using Kindle. For my class tomorrow, we are reading an excerpt from Cicero’s “On Laws.” While I can get the Latin version online pretty easily there was only one copy of the English version in one of the free online databases. And I followed Kindle instructions on how to download it to Kindle. And it did work. The problem is the book is about 500 pages and “On Laws” was on page 390. Kindle doesn’t copy the page numbers, I can’t exactly jump there nor can I easily skip to the place I want. So the technology needs to catch up on having searchable free e-books.

True Blood S4E12 )
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I woke up pretty early because I think I had nightmares from the movie we saw last night.

Bear drove me home after breakfast and we went rollerblading The beach road is extremely sandy and we couldn’t skate on it so we went to a riding surface near a parking lot. We watched a Dad teaching his little boy how to ride a bike. It was very adorable. I realized it had been twenty years this year since I learned to ride and my summer of the bike.

After lunch, Bear went home. I cleaned the bathroom, went to the bank (I’ll have health insurance, yay) and basically did chores. I was also thinking up my assignment question for tomorrow. And I caught up with True Blood.

True Blood S4E11 )
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We spent the morning at Yeva’s place and then my parents decided that it was safe to go back home around noon. They called some friends here who reported that most of the streets near our house were not flooded and the route we could take home. So we packed up and went. We did pass some flooded streets and a lots of tree branches on the ground but for the most part everything was not as bad as it could have been. The house smelled a little musty but it was dry. It took a bit of time to put all the books back on the shelf and take the tape off the windows. I’m just glad everything worked out well.

While I was at Yeva’s, it was actually a bit easier to do work. So I started the Gilgamesh book for my Global history class. I’m just reading the intro right now. I never taught “Gilgamesh” before or really read all of it so I’m looking forward to it.

Doctor Who S6E8 )

True Blood S4E10 )
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Bear came over this afternoon but it was raining outside so we pretty much stayed indoors reading, watching a movie and generally hanging out.

“Tangled” We wanted to see it for a while. It was cute. None of the songs really stuck in my head but I liked the story and the characters. Even the evil witch person had complex motivations – I could actually buy that she cared for the girl in her twisted way - she did raise her and everything. The only thing that annoyed is that, of course, blond long hair is magical and it loses its power and turns brown. That is not offensive in any way. But otherwise it was a funny movie – the horse was great.

True Blood S4E9 )
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The pouring rain started at night and didn’t let up all day. In the morning, there was no TV or Internet and I stayed in my room reading to the sound of the thunderstorm. The rain also made me a little sluggish.

Papa ran out of summer TV to watch so he decided to see one of the Star Trek shows on Netflix. So he watched the pilot of “Voyager.” I, of course, watched it with him because I adore the characters. It was fun to see them all so young knowing where the show is going. I can’t believe I was 14-15 when this show started but I did watch it from the beginning then.

True Blood S4E8 )
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I got back into cross stitching today after a two month break. I was going to take the whole summer off but my hands were itching. I did the little owl on the baby bib from the book of designs for kids Bear gave me once. Now I need to decide what else to add to it. I’m thinking pink hearts and Galya’s name maybe. I was watching “Real Time” and cross stitching and it is a good way to spend Sunday afternoon.

I’ll actually be fine in September with just getting one movie a month from Netflix since I barely have time to watch the two they sent me. I rewatched “X Men: Wolverine” today, even as I was not really in a movie mood because I want to get my next ‘QaF US’ DVD (I still don’t know why they skipped it on my queue.) Unlike X-Men 2, this movie was fine to watch in the movie theater but not as interesting upon re-watch.

I did get to go rollerblading again tonight in the evening. The right one is cutting into my foot a bit for some reason; I need to watch that.

True Blood S4E6 )
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My new red glasses match my phone and my camera. When did I turn into such a girl? I do like them - they have little stones on the side in decoration. I’m still wearing my old glasses for the computer and most things but it is good to have a stronger pair.

“Adjustment Bureau” Seeing actually New York people talk to and about Matt Damon’s character is weird : Jon Stewart, our local Newscaster, Bloomberg even! You know movie, Dark Ages is a myth and equating that with low point of civilizations ignores all the prosperity of outside Europe and takes me out of the movie. God or whoever is very ethnocentric in this movie (since nothing horrible happened in Europe from 1500 to 1900 at all, obviously.) The final voice over was unnecessary because we are not really stupid. But this movie did make me cry happy tears – I’m a sappy romantic sometimes. I found it to be a good adaptation of the story even if some plot points were heavily foreshadowed. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were great in it. So other than Eurocentric bias and the final voice over I really liked this movie.

True Blood S4E5 )

Today was the first day of gay marriage in New York and it is wonderful to watch. Listening to people’s stories , people who been together for 4, 10, 18, even 42 years is better than all the negative news we get all the time. It made me very teary.
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Since I got my Kindle back from Bear I can get back to reading Thomas Hardy. I just love his humor and his prose. But I have a feeling it will take me a while to read this book.

We had guests today – Papa’s best friend from high school and her husband. We had lots of food and even went to the beach where I rollerbladed despite the heat. We also had the Women’s World Cup (soccer) in the background as one of the guests watched it very intently. He would yell loudly at certain point startling us. It was fun.

True Blood S4E4 )
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Finally, I got to go rollerblading again this morning. It was rather lovely but a bit tiring. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful.

True Blood S4E3 )
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Check out was at 8am and our flight at 10:45am. Again all the logistics went smoothly. We had breakfast in our room (I had my oatmeal and Bear ate his cereal out of his Butterbeer mug) and then our car service met us at the hotel. The check-in process was a little long but it wasn’t too bad. And it was a really good flight: great landing – while my ears did go deaf a bit they did not hurt with the landing as they usually do – so yay. I thanked the pilot since this rarely happens.

We sat at the airport a bit after getting luggage waiting for Mama to pick us up. We got lunch there while we waited. Then we just hung out at my house until dinner so Bear could avoid all traffic going home. I gave my parents their gifts and unpacked. Bear left after dinner and a walk. After coming back from vacation it always takes me a day to settle. In the evening, Papa and I watched “True Blood” together – we always watch this show together which does get a bit awkward sometimes but we both love this show. I like having onDemand and they posted this episode early.

True Blood S4E2 )
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True Blood S4E1 )

Today was a pool day. I got egg and cheese on English muffin and hash browns and tea at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then I just went to the pool. I finished the June National Geographic and went swimming. Then we got Indian buffet for lunch and wrapped up gift shopping. I got a little Minnie bowl for Galya for when she is old enough to eat solid food. After lunch it was pool again. And now I’m all packed. It has been a really good vacation and I don’t really want to go home but it is time.


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