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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 11:00 pm
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I need to keep all my fanfiction in one place especially since I want to write more of it. So here it is.

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Nobel Prize in Literature - I was very happy to hear that Kazuo Ishiguro won because I read, I think, three books by him and enjoyed them all. I admire his ability to writing in a different style every time. His books are certainly not repetitive. (I say, I think, because I don't always remember if it a movie I saw based on his book or if I read that book. I think it was the book with "Remains of the Day" but I'm not 100% sure anymore. I also read "Never Let Me Go" (and again I confuse it with the movie in my head), and "Buried Giant")
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My parents went on vacation to Aruba from Saturday September 2 to Saturday September 9, and Bear took last week as vacation week as well, to help me out and to just have a nice staycation.

Good thing my parents love Aruba so much and not another Caribbean island, as this was not the week to pick another one. As it was Aruba was too far south from Hurricane Irma and the weather there was all sunny with really warm water. My Mom said it was the best water temperature from any time they went and they been six or seven time already, I lose track. (I went once with them in 2009).

I'm just happy they were able to have a good vacation. It is so terrible what all these islands are suffering through. And waiting for Irma to hit Florida was just stressful and I don't even live in Florida. We do know people in Miami and they are ok.

Other than the news and the hurricane, we did have a nice little vacation at home. Bear was home from Saturday night to Thursday morning last week (and I really needed him to come back that Saturday because I was alone with two kids all day and Tanya was not in cooperative mood in the afternoon), and then he took Tanya to Long Island to visit his parents from Thursday to this past Saturday for 3 days. My parents stopped by on Sunday to give us some presents - lots of dresses for the girls, another Aruba doll, this time for Olivia,( although Tanya took it to compare to hers and is now playing with both, since as she put it "Olivia is too small to play with it"), lots of nice t-shirts and a light sweatshirt for me. And of course, chocolate. Real Cadbury.

My Mom also cooked a bit on Sunday. Bear was home on Monday as well and just left for work for his half week away on Tuesday, September 12. Before he left, we all walked over to the school two blocks away so I could go vote in the Primary election. Tanya came in with me, while Bear was with the stroller outside, and she saw me vote and helped push the ballot into the machine. She got "I Voted" sticker too and was very happy about that.

Two cute things these last 10 days:

1. Next to our pharmacy a few blocks away, there are two kiddie rides. For 50c, there was a helicopter and a horsie that played music. We would occasionally go there since Tanya loved the helicopter. She could also stand there for 20 minutes petting that toy horse. Well, I went with her on Saturday, Sept 2, and we discovered that the helicopter was replaced by this gray unicorn. She was a little upset about the helicopter and at first afraid to touch the unicorn.

She didn't know the word for unicorn before, so when Bear came home and she started telling him all about it, she used the word 'popcorn'. Hee. Now she's obsessed with this unicorn. She wants to stop by when we go to the playground. She will sit on it but doesn't want to ride it with the quarters. She just wants to ride the horsie. But that unicorn is featuring in more play now. 'Stinky unicorn' as she calls him.

2.Last week I spent a day in YouTube land, mostly watching React videos, like 'teenagers react to 90s music' or 'parents react to modern music" etc. (I don't really know modern music at all. ). I rarely do this but it was that sort of day. At some point they mentioned Weird Al, which of course meant going to Weird Al channel to watch my favorite videos. I love Weird Al. As I watched "Trapped in the Drive-thru", which I find hysterical, Tanya came to watch it. She really liked 'the cartoon' and the next day asked me to watch 'the cartoon' again on my phone. Who am I to say no.

Last night Olivia was laughing so loud when we said the word "katatsa" which means 'to ride' in English. Something about it was super funny to her. Baby laughter is very infectious.

Post on movies and books to come soon, probably this weekend. I watched "Fantastic Beasts" and "Sing" and read 'Obelisk Gate', 'Stranger than Fanfiction ' and 'Men Explain things to Me'. I'm working on RS Games story this week in the small time I have to write. I need to finish it first since it is due next week.
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Yesterday was Bear's and mine 5th wedding anniversary. (In a week and a half it will be our 19 years together anniversary). We don't really do much for it other than text each other "Happy Anniversary", and Bear bringing me a rose and buying cake from the bakery that did our wedding cake. My parents drove me and the girls home yesterday afternoon from a two week stay at their house and Bear came home around 5:30 from work, only to be waylaid by Tanya, so we only got a little time together to celebrate. But after both Tanya and Olivia were asleep by 9pm (Tanya occasionally drops a nap, like she did yesterday, so she crashes by 8pm, instead of her usual 9pm bedtime. I start Olivia's routine by 8pm, with eating, diaper change, pajamas, a song and stroking her forehead, so she is usually out by 9pm very smoothly, unlike how Tanya used to be. Tanya still fights bedtime, even when she skips a nap and is so clearly sleepy) Bear and I looked through out wedding album and had tea and chocolate cake before I crashed to go to bed. That cake is so so so good. The best chocolate cake ever. I don't know what magic they do on it but it is just so delicious and very rich, so I had only a tiny slice.

Bear's parents actually put more thought into our anniversary than we do. They came to visit this afternoon to see the girls but also to bring dinner and cheesecake for us and some small presents for all. We got a cutlery set for our anniversary. We did have a nice time, as we all went outside for a while and it was a nice visit. But it was also nice when they went home around 8:45 and after the girls were asleep I could just have tea and cheesecake and chat with Bear. They kept trying to convince me to come visit with Olivia when Bear and Tanya will go over their house next week over Labor Day but I really don't want to travel with a small baby. I want her more set on her nap schedule at the very least. Travelling to my mother's house is different - it's closer, they have a crib and a baby set up and she manages Tanya more.

Otherwise last week was pretty usual. We would get up, go to the playground near my parents' house where my Mom would walk with napping Olivia while I played with Tanya, and spend the afternoon at home. The only different and really fun thing was this past Wednesday when the playground had a free puppet show. First, in the morning, Tanya went to the arts and crafts table (the park runs it all summer and she loves paining there) and painted a mask to wear during the puppet show. It was a very professional show by the Puppet Mobile with marionettes and it was called Cinderella Samba - a Cinderella Story based in Brazil with a Carnival theme. This is a link, with a picture. It was a pretty fun show and a great take on Cinderella. We saw maybe 3/4 of it though. Olivia started bawling after her nap because she was hungry and it was very hot outside so I wanted to go home to feed her instead of at the playground. And Tanya started crying because she didn't want me to leave even though she could have just finished watching the show with my Mom. So we all went home instead.

Olivia started to laugh a little - for some reason she was just laughing a lot when we were coming home in the car on Saturday. It was making all of us happy just to hear her baby laugh. And Tanya started telling stories lately - silly ones that make no sense, but she would go through a book, looking at pictures and try to put together a narrative. It's pretty cute too and new.

At some point I need to write my thoughts on "Doctor Who Season 12", "Defenders", "Lion" movie, Clifford Simak's "Way Station" and Connie Willis' "To Say Nothing of the Dog" but it is getting late and I really need to catch some sleep.
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So catching up on last week: July 31 to Aug 6.

Tanya and I have had nice time at the playground a few times. She is fun to be around when she's playing and not just not listening. Sometimes I would stay with Olivia in our courtyard, then come home, feed her and change her diaper, and we would head out again, this time to the big playground where my Mom and Tanya usually go. Then my Mom can sit with Olivia's stroller while I can play with Tanya. Other times we all head to the school playground where there is a nice shade around the stadium. I always let Tanya direct our play although I do try to make suggestions.

Last week, she went up to the fence and started to pretend it was a cage where Baba Yaga put us and then we were running around, hiding from Baba Yaga on the little jumping bridge and on the slide, etc, until finally we went home to hide there (which was great since it is always hard to get Tanya to leave the playground). This play was inspired by the story in the 5-minute Fairy Tale Disney collection my Dad got her for her birthday. It is basically classic stories retold with Disney characters in a very Disney way. It's pretty hilarious. I love the one with Little Red Riding Minnie, where Big Bad Pete wants her chocolate chip cookies that she is carrying to her sick grandmother, and puts on grandmother's clothing outside grandma's house to trick Minnie. He ends up grabbing the wrong tin and eat menthols and gets all red, which teaches him a lesson.

The one Tanya was inspired by was the take on Hansel and Gretel, called "Minnie and Mickey and the Gingerbread House." The witch puts Mickey in a cage and Minnie pushes the witch into an oven. A cold oven, since it is a Disney story, although she then barricades the oven and leaves so one can possibly ponder that witch dying from thirst or even suffocating there. So a witch from the story became Baba Yaga.

Olivia is sitting by herself longer. Smiles a lot. It took about two months last time too, but I'm finally into the rhythm of taking care of the baby and I'm able to enjoy having a baby more. It is not my favorite stage but it does have its moments. One thing Olivia does that Tanya never did is vocalize this early with cooing and saying a-ga. It's very cute.

Last week was not that eventful. On Monday, I wasn't feeling well in the afternoon - waking up all the time at night catching up with me a bit. I was able to grab a nap, but naps actually make me feel more groggy, so I'm resisting them. And then on Saturday, but really yesterday Tanya got sick. She doesn't have a temperature today but still doesn't want to eat much at all. She barely ate yesterday. My Mom came over today and made her chicken soup but she still didn't want to eat a lot of it. At least she is drinking her milk.

We did put on "Frozen" movie for her on the big TV yesterday to cheer her up. Bear got it for her for her birthday. She watched "Secret Life of Pets" a few times before but in installments on a tablet (Netflix has it). This was the first time we let her watch a whole movie on TV. She didn't finish all of it (I did, after she was done!), but she did like it. And when Elsa started singing "Let it Go", a song Tanya knows well from YouTube, she got off the couch and was dancing to it, with all the hand movements Elsa was doing. And told me to dance too with Olivia.

Another random thing last week - on Tuesday I learned the Russian word for celery.
сельдерей (sel'derey). I'm fluent in Russian but I left Belarus when I was 12, almost 13, so there is some vocabulary (like anything higher education) that I don't always have. My Mom, who left at 36, also didn't know how to say celery in Russian. We are on Skype with my Aunt and my Mom was trying to tell her a recipe for something. And neither of us knew how to say celery in Russian. I looked it up on my phone.

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My parents took Tanya for the weekend again. My Mom is actually bringing her back tomorrow and only because Mom has a doctor's appointment. So Bear and I had a nice, more relaxing weekend again. Or at least when we didn't stress over Olivia's rash.

On Saturday morning we took a nice long walk. We wanted to check out our local library branch and go to a few stores. Bear needed to reactivate his card and I wanted to see if they had some movies. And they did - I got Arrival, Fantastic Beasts and Moonlight. Very exciting! We watched Arrival over the weekend, and Bear copied the others to watch later, at some point.

As I was checking out different genres and shelves, I heard someone calling my name. It was Marianna's Dad, Martin. He was on his computer at one of the tables. It turns out that Marianna's Mom works at this branch and her Dad dropped her off and was hanging out. It was nice to see him - I know Marianna's family for almost 23 years now. Bear was waiting outside with the stroller, as we took turns going into the library since I don't want to take the baby inside a public place, so Martin went to meet the baby, while I watched his computer. Now, Bear did met him before a few times, mostly at Tanya and Ida's joint birthday parties and other occasions. But it has been a while and Bear didn't really remember him. So he sees this guy coming toward him with his arms out, and he thinks 'what did I do now'. And Martin doesn't tell him right away who he is but does this in a round about way, as is his humor. Pretty amusing.

On Sunday, we were mostly home. Olivia's rash was getting better all week, it was almost gone by Friday. But it was starting to get worse on Saturday. It might have been a different diaper we were using. So I started to stress about it. This morning, Bear went to work and I decided to take her to the doctor.

It was just me with no car but Google told me it would be a 33 minute walk. So I called, made an appointment and I took Olivia in her stroller. It was really hot to walk but this was necessary. And Google didn't lie. It took 34 minutes. The doctor ordered more creams for us and checked Olivia out and made me feel better. And I was also glad to have her weighed and measured. She gained about pound and a half in one month and grew an inch taller, with her head 2cm bigger. So that's good. I always worry if she's eating enough and it is nice to know that she is. We'll keep fighting this rash.

We got home after 1pm and she had a long nap in the afternoon, so the day went much quicker than usual.
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1) Do you want to get married?
"Did you want to get married?"

When I was growing up, marriage was a natural assumption. In former Soviet Union people married young (My parents married at just under 22), and if a woman was unmarried by 25, she was thought of as old maid. So I just assumed marriage was the path. I never thought about weddings though. They were nice but nowhere a 'perfect day'.

My cousin Katya, who is 8.5 years older than me was an unusual case that did showed an alternative. After she broke up with her boyfriend in medical school, she pretty much declared her intention not to get married. She had her son by herself at 29 and never married. But despite that example, I still assumed I would marry.

I met Bear in college when we were 18 (we met the second day and we're dating pretty much a week later). When we met I didn't think of marriage, of course. But we just kept dating and proved very compatible. Three years later, when I was 21 and just graduated college, I was visiting Belarus, and there I really thought for the first time and long term and marriage. And then I decided that, yes, I do see my future with Bear. It would be another year before my friend 's Mom prompted a conversation between us and Bear and I agreed we were on the marriage path. But it would be ten more years before we would actually marry.

I went to grad school, we were busy and Bear was nervous about actual marriage part. He was committed to me but he was afraid marriage would change things or me and he didn't feel he was financially ready either. And I didn't just want to get married for the sake of it, I wanted to marry Bear. So I waited for him to get ready. I myself wasn't ready until I was 25 or so.

Finally, when we were 31, close to New Year, Bear knew that if he didn't propose, I would be finally done waiting. I didn't say it, or give him an ultimatum but he could sense it, so when we were on vacation in Montauk he proposed. We got married eight months later in August 2012.

2) Where would you like to get married?
"Where did you get married?"

We got married at a Russian restaurant Tatiana on Brighton Beach. We both wanted a small wedding, 40 guests max, and the restaurant had a beautiful private room, all fancy. Bear was sold on the idea of russiab restaurant years back whrn we went to a friend's wedding in one. Thete is just so much food! We had a rabbi and a priest do a ceremony at the restaurant.

Here's my blog recap of the wedding:
Wedding post with some pics

3) If you were getting married in a week, who would be in your wedding party?
"Who was in your wedding party?"

One thing I didn't care about is having a wedding party. We had a great wedding but there is so much I couldn't care less about. I didn't do a professional photographer because my Mom had an awesome camera, I did minimum of flowers since the room was already decorated. I didn't want a limo etc. And I didn't want my friends in matching dresses. They could wear whatever. Yeva was my maid of honor and Jeremy was Bear's best man. They signed the kettubah and were witnesses for the license. The rest of my friends could just come enjoy the party wearing whatever they wanted.

4) What would your wedding colours be?
What were your wedding colors?

I didn't care for that either. But when we ordered our cake, it was white and red, so I got a white and red bouquet and white and red flowers for main table. So I guess those were the colors.

5) Does marriage mean to you 'til death do us part?'

It does. Provided, of course, no one becomes abusive or becomes a drug addict or some other situation like that. I think both parties need to work to maintain a marriage and be respectful. But I do approach it as a lifetime commitment.


Friday, July 14th, 2017 07:26 pm
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1. Do you make your bed?

Not currently because I feed the baby sitting on it and she naps on me there during the day and it is just not practical right now. But usually I love making my bed in the morning and for it all to look neat. I could make my bed from end of February to early June and it was pretty great. Looking forward to that again.

2. The first car that was officially yours?
I never owned a car. I do have my license but I almost never drive. I don't like to.

3. Three grocery items you don't run out of?
Bread, milk, tea

4. When did you start doing your own laundry?
In college. My Mom is possessive of her machine and she'd rather do everything 'correctly' herself. So first time I did anything other than hand wash was in college.

5. If you could, would you go to High School again?
No. College, why not, but high school is too teenagery.

6. Can you parallel park in under three moves?
I think 4 moves. My driving instructor taught me a full proof method which served me well when I had to parallel park a giant van during my driving test. But, as I said above, I don't really actually drive so while I can still theoretically do it, I haven't done it for real in 16 years.

7. A job you had which people would be shocked to know you had?

I don't think I had any shocking job. I was a camp conselor at a sleepaway camp when I was 19 and day camp at 20 and 21. Since then I've taught history and writing in college and now I have an office job. Nothing really shocking at all.

8. First TV?
My parents came to visit me after a first month in college. I made sure we went to the mall so I could get a very small TV for $100, which at the time was really, really tiny. But it was good enough to watch network shows. I really didn't like being without TV then.

9. Can you drive a stick shift?

10. Favorite TV show?
I don't have just one favorite and there are too many. Star Trek:TNG, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy, Doctor Who, Farscape, Rome, Community, Friends and there are many many more. I can't pick.

11. Would you rather be too hot or cold?
Too hot. I've been too cold (in Grand Canyon, it was super freezing when we went),really didn't like being that cold.

12. If the world ends do you want to be one of the survivors?
Probably not.

13. Sweet or Salty?

14. Do you enjoy soaking in a nice bath?
Once in a while. Mostly I prefer a nice hot shower.

15. Do you consider yourself strong?
Not particularly.

16. Something people do, physically, that drives you crazy?
Clip their nails.

17. Something you do, physically, that you are sure drives other people crazy?
Don't know. I'm sure there's something.

18. Do you have any birthmarks?

19. Favorite card game?
Durak or fool, a Russian card game. Also Uno.

20. Do you talk to yourself?
Yes. All the time. Most of the time I come up with a story and talk it out to myself as different characters.

21. Do you like doing jig-saw puzzles?
Sometimes. I got this world map one for my birthday once, that one was fun to do.

22. Would you go on a reality show?
Most likely not unless it was one of the nice ones like the Baking Show or something. Or travel show. But probably not.

23. Tea or coffee?

24. First thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up?
A teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher. I don't think I wanted to be anything else. As I grew up, level of teaching went up to, from kid's teacher to college professor. And I got to do it for some years too. Big part of me is sad to let that go.

25. No matter how much money you have or don't have, what are you an absolute snob about?
Tea. I want nice tea from Teavana.
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Ursula Le Guin non-fiction book )

Logan )

My Mom took Tanya for the weekend - they left on Friday early morning and will be back tomorrow (Monday) around noon - so Bear and I had a weekend to ourselves (and the baby), which felt very luxurious. Bear took Tanya to his parents last Sunday but this time both of us were home and could actually spend time together.

It's funny, when we just had Tanya, it was just us and the baby but it felt like a lot. Now, with just Olivia but no almost 3 year old around, it feels like freedom. Olivia is a demanding baby right now, she wants to be held all the time (gas and reflux, poor baby) and she cries a lot ( more like screams) but it still feel easier with just one kid around. Bear and I went for a walk, taking Olivia in her stroller. We stopped by a bakery to get some treats too, sat in the courtyard. Had lunch and dinner together. Watched a movie while Olivia napped on me. And that was just Saturday. So very nice weekend for us. When Tanya is home, she usually wants to play with Bear and we don't have lots of time to meaningfully interact. So nice break. I do miss her though, even her demanding energy.
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I think I jinxed myself yesterday morning by thinking that taking care of a baby was much less stressful than I remembered and that the biggest issue was Tanya acting out more. Tanya is almost three and I'm sure she's also jealous of the time I spend on the baby, so she's having more tantrums and more not listening, and being generally stubborn. You tell her not to do something, she's does it deliberately and on purpose. Yesterday morning she was driving both me and my Mom nuts. Olivia, on the other hand, has been sleeping a lot and been generally a good baby. I do have to wake up three times a night to feed her, but she eats quickly and that's pretty normal baby stuff. (And I was terrified being alone with Tanya even when she was like a month, and I'm fine being with a tiny baby now, because I do know what to expect).

But I jinxed it because yesterday, Olivia got gas pains a lot, was crying much more and generally just wanted to be held and to nap on me and not in the crib or the little co-sleeper I use for the first month. So I was basically holding her all day and was trying to soothe her in the evening while she looked like she was in pain, which made me want to cry too. She cried for maybe 5 minutes straight, but that was long enough for me to be upset about it. She did sleep ok at night, in her co-sleeper, and I was rubbing her tummy more, and this morning, after I changed her diaper and fed her, she even sat quietly in her baby chair in the kitchen for ten minutes while I ate breakfast, but boy, I can't wait for this stage to pass and for her tummy to settle down. She's over 9 pounds already, so hopefully it will be just a few months.

Bear went back to work this past week and my Mom has been coming over every day. Usually I would take Olivia outside to nap in the stroller in the courtyard at least once a day, sometimes twice. I would read my book or chat with neighbors. If my Mom and Tanya stopped by on the way to or from the big playground, Tanya would want to sit on me and play with me more than usual - she is definitely reacting to my focus on the baby. Before she would just tell me to go away more. I do try to play with her when I can. I know it is a big change for her.

Bear's birthday was on Thursday. It was very low key this year. Tanya and I drew him a card and I gave him his presents on Thursday morning. I got him another little drone, a book on Black Holes and DVD of Logan. He saw it in the movie theater but he wanted to own it and I wanted to watch it, so win-win. Tomorrow, Bear is taking Tanya to Long Island for the day to celebrate Father's Day and his birthday (he was born on Father's Day so his family always combined the celebrations) and he will get a proper cake. I will just be home with Olivia all day, since she's too young to travel anywhere and I just want to be home anyway.

I've been watching "Orange is the New Black" Season 5 - an episode a day, pretty much. And Great British Baking Show this morning on PBS app. I'm still reading LeGuin book - I'm up to book reviews section. Mostly I'm just sleepy.

High School Meme

Monday, June 12th, 2017 01:43 pm
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High School Meme - from a lot of people on the flist

Class of: 1998

Class size: Maybe 350? Maybe more, It was a really big school. A New York City public school.

Did you know your spouse? No

Did you car pool? No. I had a discount Metrocard and I took the city bus to school. I moved to Staten Island (another borough of New York City) in January of my senior year - so I took two buses with free Metrocard by then. (I didn't want to change schools in my last half a year, nor did I need to).

What kind of car did you have? I didn't have a car.

It's FRIDAY night where are you going? Just home. I never stayed out late and mostly just went home after school. When I had to stay late in school for Mock Trial Club, I would hang at my friend Marianna's apartment until my Dad picked me up, but otherwise I just went straight home. I was very boring. Still am. Not a party person.

What kind of job did you have? I didn't have a job in high school.

Were you a party animal? Not even a little bit.

Were you considered a jock? No. But funnily, our high school didn't have sports - it was experimental school focused mostly on academics. So there were no jocks or sport teams. But there were gym leaders - basically TAs to gym teachers. I got into that program since it was a guaranteed equivalent to an A and I didn't want to lower my GPA with a gym class. So I was part of a sport group.

Were you in choir/band? No

Were you a nerd? Yes. I was in the honors classes and AP classes and all that.

Did you get suspended? No.

Can you sing the fight/school song? We didn't have one, I don't think

Where did you eat? In the cafeteria for both breakfast and lunch. I would get school breakfast - I liked coming earlier. And just eat school lunch mostly - there was always someone from my classes to eat with. I'm not picky about food at all, so school lunch food tasted fine to me.

Where was high school? Brooklyn, New York

What was your school mascot? We didn't have any.

If you could go back and do it over? No. I wouldn't want to be a teenager again.

Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? I didn't go to prom. I used that money and my parents and I went to see my first Broadway show (Les Miserables)

Are you planning on going to the next reunion? Not really.

Are you still in contact with people from high school? Yes. I'm still best friends with Marianna and Yeva.

Did you skip school? No. Never. I liked school.

Do you know where your high school crush is? Not really.

What was your favourite subject? History

Do you still have your High School ring? No. I never bought one. Didn't see the point.

Do you still have your year-books? We just had one yearbook of the senior year and, yes, I still have it at my parents' house. I have my junior high year book too from 8th grade.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 9th, 2017 04:58 pm
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I keep reminding myself that I need to be patient with myself. That postpartum recovery will happen with time and it's only been a week. But I just want to get over this phase of stitches and lochia and engorgement. It was my least favorite part last time and I can't wait to get to normal again. But again, it is easier this time - I can walk normally, unlike last time, and I'm not as stressed about baby care. I can change diapers and she's eating and doing normal baby things. I even sleep a tiny bit more than I did with Tanya. First week with Tanya I could barely sleep. I still get frustrated and feel totally useless when I can't get the baby to sleep easily, but Olivia actually sleeps a lot, much more than Tanya did. And she is eating well. I, thankfully, have enough milk - too much even. (She eats differently than Tanya did. Tanya would eat efficiently in one feeding and not ask for more until a few hours later. Olivia eats in 2-3 stages. She eats, gets tired, burps and asks for seconds. I wonder if this will be reflected in how they eat.) So I need to remind myself to be patient and be in the moment.

What complicated this week is that Tanya got a cold, which became apparent on Wednesday morning. It's tapering off, so hopefully we can get to relatively normal tomorrow. But she is not allowed in my room where the baby is or where she can snuggle with me like she likes in the mornings. Which is very frustrating and upsetting for everyone because Tanya just wants to see the baby and pet the baby and hug my hair. And I want to encourage her bonding with her sister. The good thing is Bear is home this week, so at least she gets a lot of Papa attention and it is less miserable that it could be for her. And I was frustrated a bit because I can't exactly comfort her or snuggle with her because I had to be careful not to catch it since I need to care for the baby. At least I actually gave her breakfast and lunch today. Hopefully, snuggles tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Bear and I also took Olivia to the pediatrician for the first visit - and first vaccine. There is still a little jaundice that we have to watch out for but she's eating and peeing well, so it should clear by next week. The three of us also managed a nice time outside in the courtyard, taking Olivia out for a nap in the stroller so she could get some sun on her face. That was very nice.

And this morning, while Olivia napped on me, I watched the first episode of the new season of Orange is the New Black. It was ok - I liked it enough, especially conversation between Judy and Sosa, but it's not grabbing me yet. Too much going on. I wonder if the whole season will be just about the riot. We'll see. I'll keep watching when I have a chance. Mainly I just try to nap.

Olivia is here!

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 04:29 am
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Olivia Elizabeth was born at 1:33am on June 3rd, wanting her own birthday. She is 8 pounds and 15.4 ounces.

I'm 37. I'm not old.

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 01:03 pm
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This has probably been the weirdest birthday I've ever had. Mostly because I'm just waiting for my contractions to start and I'm on edge a little bit about it. And I'm not very comfortable sleeping or lying down or anything. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I'm basically 3-4cm dilated already so as soon as contractions hit I need to not wait and just get to the hospital immediately and that it can happen at any point now, probably soon. Now, with Tanya I was 2cm dilated for almost a week before I went into labor and he was also saying it could happen at any moment. So it's not unfamiliar situation. But I'm still over analyzing every bodily feeling. Especially as with second kids birth is usually faster and there is a drive to the hospital.

So I'm basically home, on my bed, lounging. My parents are here - my Dad is working from my place, and Tanya is home, of course, while Bear is at work today. He left me presents, which I opened this morning. I couldn't sleep very well, I maybe got 3-4 hours total, waking up often enough, so I was awake since 4:45. Around 6 I decided I could open presents. Bear got me socks with Solar system on them (when Tanya saw them, she insisted she put them on me right away :) ), the Essential Nina Simone CD, a cross stitch kit with a bit polar bear and two cubs, and an Unofficial Harry Potter cookbook (which is basically cookbook of British dishes for American audience, and looks fun).

I got a Kindle book gifts - Bear's parents got me Words Are My Matter by Ursula Le Guin, her non-fiction collection, and Marianna got me My Own Words the autobiography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, both of which where on my wish list.

And my parents got me a new handbag for work, Calvin Klein, beige, very pretty; Lindt dark chocolate bar with sea salt and The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell.

So lots of new books for me to read. And my parents got a little cake for lunch. I also got some cash from grandparents and Janna. Very quiet, informal birthday, which is a good thing right now. So now I wait.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 01:03 pm
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It's my grandfather's 90th birthday today, which is really cool. He is still in the rehab facility but he might actually get to go home this Saturday after 5 months of hospitals/rehab, so that would probably be the best birthday present for him. Fingers crossed. I can't go see him, unfortunately, but I will keep trying to call. Tanya and I recorded a little video singing Happy Birthday to him, but my Dad will only be able to go tomorrow to show it to him.

Something really strange happened this morning with Amazon. I woke up to the message thanking me for my Kindle order of "Handmaid's Tale", which was paid with my gift card credit from Amazon. Now, I didn't order this. (I read the book twice and Bear has a copy on his shelf). So I contacted Amazon by chat to straighten it out. They cancelled the order, refunded the money - all good. Then they told me the order came from my grandfather's Kindle, which is connected to my account. I thought it was weird, since I thought my Dad disabled the internet on my grandfather's Kindle and he is in rehab place with no internet, but I thought maybe it was a wrong button. But five minutes after I get the Cancelled order email, I get another email thanking me for the purchase of this book, this time with today's date. This is 6am, so my grandfather was probably sleeping. I contact Amazon again, cancel the order, refund my gift card. They recommend I deregister my grandfather's Kindle for now, which I do. And I changed my account password for good measure. I did ask Amazon to investigate this glitch just because it's really weird.

Bear was home this morning until 11am, and then he left for his last work meeting session for the season. He should be back Sunday, unless the baby decides it is time to be born. So he played with Tanya all morning. I'm just taking it easy. Then my Mom came around 12 - she is going to stay with me while Bear is away, with a car ready, again, if the baby decides it's time. The due date is June 10 but Tanya was born a week earlier than her due date so we don't want to take chances - it is about an hour to the hospital from here. Plus, my Mom figures she can help me with Tanya and with cooking, which I do appreciate.

Yesterday, I watched "Doctor Strange" movie on Netflix. I loved it. I thought the pacing was terrific and the story and the effects were fun and the movie was just fun as well. Benedict Cumberbatch was great in the role. He was pretty much House but slightly more sympathetic. And as usual with Marvel the humor worked well. The only thing that bothered me is lack of women interacting, which is a general Hollywood thing, but at least the women characters had their own purpose and worked and didn't put up with any of main character's shit, so there wasn't a typical romance story. It is definitely high up for me for the Marvel universe movies.

On Monday, I was home alone all day and I was trying to figure out what to watch. I tired Amy Schumer's comedy special on Netflix and turned it off after 5 minutes, because I'm not a big fan of that kind of raunchy humor. It's not interesting to me. Few comedians can pull it off well. So I watched "Hasan Minhaj's Homecoming King" comedy special on Netflix instead and I loved that one. It was about immigration and racism and parents and growing up and it was well performed - I like comedy based around a story and a comedy that means something. It was really well done.


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