Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014 09:45 am
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Writing on a tablet is still weird to me. I'm at my parents' house today (Thursday) and since I don't want to turn my computer on, I just have to use the tablet. At l the automatic suggestions are interesting.

Wednesday was a pretty quite day. I went for a walk to go to the Rite Aid pharmacy and to get some fruit for lunch. They didn't have thre iron pills my doctor prescribed, so I have to wait a while. I watched some more Season 6 of "Supernatural", and a little of "Brothers and Sisters" which I'm kind of rewatching. (Kindle fire just tried to auto correct 'rewatching' into 'birdwatching' hee).

My parents came back from Aruba around 7:30pm and my Dad picked me up a few hours later to stay with them for a few days.

The best part of the day was the premiere of Season 11 of ' So you think you can dance'. I adore that show. I watched it since Season 2 and it just feels like summer to me. I just love the positivity of it without many horrible auditions or making fun of people. I probably won't have a chance to see the whole season this year, but I'll take it as it goes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 10:13 pm
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I finally got on the exercise bike this morning after a few month of not having time. I'm going to try to be more proactive this summer about it.

Yeva went to Sierra Leone this week on a humanitarian mission, which is pretty awesome, if a little nerve wracking for us at home. She is graduating with the Masters in Nursing next week and today she needed to get her cap and gown. Since she is in Africa, she got me a notarized letter so I could go do that for her. I took a couple of buses and a subway and filled out a bunch of forms.

It was such a summer outside. I love it. I finally got to wear my summer shoes and my green khaki pants. On the way back, I tried getting ice-cream at McDonalds, but they were out, so I stopped by at Yogurt City for some expensive frozen yogurt. It was most of my dinner. But totally worth it.

I finished watching Season 5 of "West Wing" today. I like that show but there are times were it gets a bit...not tedious... but I can tell when they are setting up a plot and it is just so put upon. And end and beginning of the season of particular get to be too much. I do like the characters but it will not be a show I will rewatch. I am looking forward to the next two seasons but it is getting tiring for me.

I forgot that today was SYTYCD night and only tuned in for the last hour. At least it is just auditions episode. This show always feels like summer to me and I just love it.

Tonight was also season finale of Grimm. spoilers for Grimm )
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Over the last three weeks I haven’t been blogging. Mostly it was moving and setting up new internet and run down to the wedding, the wedding itself, first week of classes at Local College and figuring out transportation and the mini-honeymoon Bear and I spent in New Hope, PA for the last two days. So it has been a pretty busy three weeks. But now we’re home in our apartment and I will blog much more regularly as I settle into the new routine.

The wedding last Sunday went well – all according to plan, which was nice. I love my dress – it was so lovely and Bear looked very handsome in his suit. In the morning, Mama and I went to Brooklyn to the hair dresser and then the make-up girl came to my house. Bear and Jeremy, his best men, came around 1:30, had lunch, changed and then we all went to Fort Wadsworth, right by Verrazano Bridge to take pictures of fabulous views. (By Russian tradition, the groom needs to go to bride’s house to pick her up). Yeva met us there since as usual she was running late.

After all the pictures we drove to the restaurant. All the guests came on time and we had our ceremony at 6:30 with a priest and a rabbi. Everyone seemed to have a good time. There was a lot of alcohol and Bear’s friends were really into Belarussian champagne (we also gave alcohol as parting gifts). There was a show in the restaurant and dancing too. Bear and I danced in the private room before we did the main restaurant floor to cheesy music and green fog – it was such a fun cheesy moment. And we had our cake with wedding bears on top. We actually took the bottom half home – the chocolate layer (the top layer was walnut) – and Bear took most of it into work and we’ve been eating the rest all week. So much delicious cake. And after the restaurant, Bear and I drove a short way to our new apartment.

wedding pictures )

After fourteen years together, getting married doesn’t actually feel all the different. It is a little weird to call him my husband but other than that even living together doesn’t feel that new, although it sort of is. Mostly, I’m just happy we could spend more time together but so far, it is not that different.

For our mini-moon, we went to New Hope for a few days (we want to go to Grand Canyon in January for the actual honeymoon). I needed to go into work on Thursday for my Writing Program orientation but that was on the way to the vacation. We stayed in a very nice B&B and we actually got a lot done in two and a half days. We walked around the town and shopped a bit (I love a magnet that says “A monkey can do my job but he would demand better pay”), went canoeing, had a giant milkshake, watched fireworks, went on a 1920s style train ride and went to all three Washington Crossing National Park sights. And had nice food too.

We almost done setting up the apartment – we still need a couch and different bar stools but it is coming together. Bear bought an exercise bike – so now I have no excuse but to work out at home. I will try to get into a more productive routine now that I have to set a new routine. And teaching has started and I will need to figure out a new commute too. But it is good – I do like the change.

I haven’t been reading that much actual books this summer but I did finish “Infidel” by Aayan Hirsi Ali – which I liked but found a bit problematic at times since I do believe in multiculturalism more than the author does. Now I’m reading “Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy” by John le Carre (I want to see the movie and I know practically nothing about it.

As for TV, I’m loving the second season of “Grimm” and I watched Season 1 of “Teen Wolf” on Netflix, which I enjoyed. I will catch up with second season online too. I can’t watch SYTYCD here since I don’t have cable, just the internet but I do catch up on dances the next day, so there is that. This Fall TV Season I have the least number of TV shows to watch in the longest time and I’m really OK with that.
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When summer comes, I seem to lose the drive to blog. I write down notes every day in my Word document and tell myself that I will catch up on the more full entries and I usually do. But this June I just don’t feel up to it. And before I knew it, four weeks have passed. And I decided to change the format, at least for June, and to combine my notes into a few themed posts. Less reading list spam too that way.

Part 1: TV

In the summer, and in particular this summer, I only have three TV shows to watch – “True Blood” “SYTYCD” and “Burn Notice.” And well, “Buffy” and “Angel” rewatch along with MarkWatches project. Watching it slowly and reading all the comments and reviews are making me appreciate and feel it more too. (And I also catch up on YouTube clips of Chrolli and Chryed storylines for my soap fix, although there haven’t been my screen time on that). This past year, I seem to be really backing off TV, although it is still my favorite story telling medium. I guess not many shows hold my attention anymore.

I also finished catching up to “Legend of Korra” online.

I can’t wait until the Olympics, though – gymnastics and swimming make great summer TV. “True Blood” and “Burn Notice” I watch with my Dad – which occasionally gets a little uncomfortable in watching the former but that show is such crack.

So here are my thoughts so far.

True Blood S5E1-3 )

SYTYCD Up to Choosing Top20 )

Burn Notice S6E1-3 )

Legend of Korra Season 1 )

Dawson’s Creek is now on Netflix Instant Queue. I’m ridiculously excited about it. I might not even rewatch it but it holds a special place in my heart. I did rewatch the finale and the pilot and a few scenes along the way. Oh, the drama. And the 90s songs, which makes it very nostalgic.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 11:00 pm
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I’m on Team Remus for R/S Games this year again. Yay.

Teaching schedule for Fall for writing came in today – T/F schedule. And good time too.

SYTYCD auditions were great to watch in the background. I want regular season to begin already, though.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 11:00 pm
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Not much is going on. My day is spent basically in pajamas.

Sandman Vol 6. I love historical stories like “Thermidor” and “August” and I did notice the whole July, August, September titles. Sandman keeps surprising me in going in all these different directions – but I’m loving it every time we get to a legend or history.

SYTYCD. Yes, it is back! I adore Cat Deeley – and she was on point in many segments tonight like telling a guy he had no chance in hell for criticizing the show. When this show starts, it just feels like summer. It very much represents summer for me.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012 11:00 pm
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For the first time in maybe half a year I actually watched Monday’s TV live. First “How I met Your Mother (HIMYM)” and then “House.”

I have been keeping up with “HIMYM” online but I was mostly bored with it and in the first half of this evening’s episode I switched to HBO and Harry Potter during the commercial and didn’t care to go back. The show seems to mostly stay in place and it is just not interesting anymore. I don’t think I’m coming back for it next season.

I need to catch up to about 4 episodes of ‘House’ and I don’t really care. I do like House and Wilson interaction in the latest storyline but that is about it – the rest, the patients just leave me indifferent. I will watch the finale, of course, and I will probably catch up to the episodes I missed by having them run in the background while I’m doing something else but I’m glad the show is ending. It used to be a must watch for me but I really stopped caring.

In fact, this TV season has the lowest number of shows that I follow or that I watch live. There are only three that I watch as they actually air and that I get excited about: Glee, Community and Grimm. I’m still surprised by how much I got into Glee this year after two years of indifference and occasional watching. Community is the funniest comedy around and Grimm is my favorite new show and I adore it to pieces and it just keeps getting better and better.

Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy are shows I like that I usually watch online after they air. HIMYM is the show I do watch online but reluctantly. And House I kind of watch online now, but not really. I gave up on Bones in April when I realized that I just didn’t care anymore and I don’t miss it at all. But that’s it.

At least summer is coming up with the crack that is True Blood, SYTYCD and Burn Notice. I’m done with Leverage and I don’t even remember other shows. I haven’t even finished last four episodes of Dexter Season 6. (And I will watch Borgias all at once on Demand probably).
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We finally have a new textbook for the Basic Comp class I’m teaching in the fall. About time too, I was getting sick of old essays. And a few essays I actually read before for fun, on my own time, like Gladwell’s piece from the New Yorker last October about Tweeter, revolution and social change. (I will need to have students research about Iran’s Green Revolution and a little on what happened in Egypt too). And the Intro from Kristof and WuDunn’s book “Half the Sky”(I love that book). I think, just looking at the table of context is that I want one sequence to focus on social change with technology angle. Maybe. I really need to skim all the articles first. But I will do these two definitely at least. Then there is medical technology articles I will use in the second half of the semester.

Belkin’s article on babies genetically engineered to help save their sick kids, which I taught before, would go great with a new article by Lauren Slater’s “Who Holds the Clicker.” It is about brain surgery for patients with psychiatric disorders and the ethics of helping people with the technology that might potentially control them. I like Slater’s articles because they always present many sides and the case study in this article was really helped to control his OCD. And I like her writing style too.

I got a haircut this morning – it is shoulder length now with layers, about 3-4 inches shorter than before. There was so drama with my Mom about the highlights. I never colored my hair or did anything to it but it is really time to start because of the grey hair (in my family we get grey hair pretty young). And today when the hairdresser suggested highlights I actually thought that it was time. But Mama, who was with me, didn’t want to wait the extra time and she is insistent that I don’t need them yet since I have nice dark thick hair that should not be spoiled by chemicals, as she put it. It is really useless to argue with my mother, she is a difficult person most of the time. But next time I go, I think, I will get the highlights.
Amusing story - When Papa came home, he said hello and I waited for him to mention the haircut – it is three or four inches shorter at least – but, of course, he is a guy, so he didn’t really notice even as he was looking directly at me. And then, hilariously, he asked when I will go to the hairdressers before school starts to coordinate some dates. I just told him to look at me again and then we laughed about it.

I paid bills, changed appointments and did other administrative things today. While I was doing that I looked at my planner and realized that I start teaching on August 29. That is two and a half weeks. Where did the summer go? I need to work on my law class syllabus some more and first week of lectures. It is actually soon!

SYTYCD Season 8 Finale )
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Migraines are no fun. Thank goodness they respond to Advil.

I looked at my rosters for the fall semester today both for writing classes and the history ones. I actually forgot that Basic Comp classes have a lower student count and therefore there will be less to grade! My history of law class is almost full. And my Global class was already full by May. I set up the class websites for the Writing classes and I think I need to wait for late August to do it for history. I hope they did back-up on the Global one I had in Spring – I’d rather not copy everything again, although I did save most of PDF files.

SYTYCD Top 6 Results )

Burn Notice continues to balance well between story of the week and the main plot.

A few Cracked links that I found amusing:

One about websites and their stupidity.

And the second - I have the best boyfriend – he sent me a link for a Cracked article that referenced some slashy fanfic and Methos just because he knows what I like. And this is actually hilarious. Bad writing is awesome sometimes.
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Being woken up at 3am by some random caller is really annoying.

SYTYCD Top 6 perform )
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Mysterious Amazon package arrived in the mail today with $50 worth of my wish list gifts. I got “Book of Mormon” CD, “The Painted Veil” DVD, Neil Gaiman’s “Adventures in the Dream Trade” and Bryan Lynch’s last “Spike” comic book. I went on Amazon Chat and asked them to check who sent it and it was Marianna like I thought. She is awesome! This is my belated birthday gift.

SYTYCD Top 8 Results. Mark performing with Lady Gaga – best thing about the show. Jordan and Jesse went home today – not that expected since I thought they would leave next week. I’m actually glad that Ricky got in the safe zone and that Nigel actually went with America’s vote for the girls.

Burn Notice S5E6 I really like this season, it is really good. I don’t like Sam in danger even as I know the show won’t really kill him.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Bitching to Amazon actually works; they checked our shipping option with no charge to get the book delivered sooner. Yay. I’ll get “Ghost Story” on Friday if it arrives at Papa’s work on time. With three people waiting to read this book we really were relying on it arriving on time.

SYTYCD Top 8 perform )

I really love “Real Time with Bill Maher” – the new rules really made me crack up tonight.
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SYTYCD Top 10 results )

Papa and I watched “Burn Notice” after the dance show – it is very entertaining this season.

102 today, 95 in late evening. The hardest part of it is not being able to go outside to walk or stretch my legs.
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Mama and I spent half a day in Costco. It was a while since I had my eyes checked and I’ve been feeling for a while that I need a new subscription and glasses so we went to Costco today to take care of that. My eye exam was fine and my new prescription is only a little bit stronger, which made me happy. I ordered new eyeglasses with reddish frames with sparkling stones on the side. I’m still keeping my old glasses for computer and for use at home.


Burn Notice S5E4 )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Torchwood radioplay: House of the Dead )

Almost passing out is not fun. Mama called me into the kitchen around 5pm to look at the small French print of the sauce she got from France and while I was looking at it in the kitchen I felt the eye unfocus and blood start rushing into my ears a bit. I did not get dizzy but I felt like I was about to pass out. So I quickly sat down on the floor and the feeling passed. I knew I had to lift my feet up. I also drank some water. My body felt a little weak for the evening and my head felt like someone was squishing it. My blood pressure probably jumped or something. Mama got worried of course and made me lie downstairs on the couch for a bit but I was fine. I’m just glad I didn’t actually pass out.

SYTYCD Top 12 Perform )

“Social Network” Papa and I watched the first half of it. We both liked it so far and can’t wait to see more.
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I barely got out of my pajamas today – I get days like that occasionally – it is one of those depressive days where I don’t want to get out of bed. And since I’m home by myself I could just do that today.

I finished rewatching “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I” in preparation for the last movie. I do love cinematography in this movie, and this time Dobby’s death was more affective to me.

SYTYCD 2 out 16 go home )

Burn Notice S5E2 )


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