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We had a nice long weekend in Long Island - Saturday to Monday. We did spend Saturday and Sunday stuck inside the house because of the heat wave. We left at 8am and Bear's shirt already got sweaty just on the two minute walk to the car. It came as a relief to Bear to be able to take Tanya to the playground on Monday morning. I was making soup and I didn't feel particularly well - most likely a small blood pressure jump - so I was happy to sit home and read, while checking on the soup. Plus, she was all "Papa, papa" practically the whole day and was telling me to "go away, Mama" - at least until nap time and then around 7pm. Tanya and I are now at my parents and she won't see Bear until Saturday, so it's good she got a lot of time in with him.

I did finish my cross-stitch. Instead of Mom and Dad owls and baby owl, the owls will represent Marianna's three kids, with their name and date of birth stitched above each owl. Once the baby is born in October, I would be able to finalize it. I already did the names of the older kids once I took the picture.

Picture of the Cross Stitch Here

A link to share:

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire that has been floating around Tumblr. I got "Rationality, Sensitivity and Orderliness", which seems right. Bear got "Rationality, Shyness and Aggression", which also seems to fit.
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A pretty ordinary day. A very cold one. Not just low temperature but big wind too so we couldn't really go to the playground in the morning. But for being stuck at home all day, it wasn't that bad. And we did take a small walk outside for about fifteen minutes around 4pm. But cold.

I watched the first episodes of the last season of "Downton Abbey" today. I read all the recaps when these episodes came out in the UK so I have the general plot lines but reading and watching actual episodes is really not the same.

Downton Abbey S6E1 (US version) )

I finished my cross stitch tonight. Just the personal details are left but the baby needs to be born in about two months first. I will need to find the frame.

I've been trying to embed an image using both DW's image upload and my old HTML method of doing it but it doesn't seem to work. Let me try a link. I will figure it out another day. I downloaded the pics to Google pics. There must be another way. No, I just tried a link. The link worked but Google shows my whole real name. Argh.

Edit: Ok, I posted the pic on LJ. Here is a link: Train record pic

I guess I need a different place to download my pics too before I can upload it to DW or something.
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I had a quite nice weekend. Yesterday, on Saturday, we were just home. The weather is wintry now but not too cold, just crispy pleasant. Bear, Tanya and I all went to the playground in the morning, which was fun. She was kicking the ball around, which is new. I did accidentally hit my nose on her swing at some point when I was throwing a ball at her. I have a bruise now but hopefully nothing is broken. I don't think it is. Other than that, we mostly enjoyed the winter a bit.

In the afternoon, we were just cleaning, which our apartment did need. When I was cleaning the bathroom, Tanya came over to see what I was doing and wanted to do what I was doing. She took the toilet brush from my hand and was swirling it around in the water, since that looked fun. It took some distraction to get her to let go, so I could finish. And then we were cleaning the playmats in the living room; she needed to participate too. I brought a bucket of water into the living room and Tanya needed her own paper towel that she was dipping in the bucket. She pretty much kept her hand inside the bucket the whole time and was sitting there while we were washing each tile in turn. After, of course, I had to change all her wet clothes.

Today, we had a get-together in the afternoon at Yeva's. In the morning I made Tanya's soup and also spinach pie to take with me to the get-together. That took all morning. Meanwhile Bear played with Tanya and took her out too for a while. At one point in the early morning, they were sitting on the bed, reading a book and playing with some stuffed animals. I came over during a break in the cooking to join in a bit. But Tanya just tried pushing me off the bed and said "up," then "go away" and then repeated "away" (in English). I see how it is. When she needs something, it's "mama" "mama," but for playtime papa is good. I'm just happy with her language skills. Today she was eating a banana and told Bear "papa banana Nanya [her pronunciation of Tanya] nyam-nyam" That's the longest construction yet.

After a nap, for her and for me, we drove 15 minutes to Yeva's. In addition to Marianna and her family, Yeva invited her friend Dasha and her daughter. I met her a few times before and we always hang out like old friends. It's rare to just get to that level of comfort with people. Yeva's Mom and brother were also there. We spent over four hours there and it was lots of fun. We all had my spinach pie for an appetizer (and it was a hit, yay. Although Bear prefers the last more saltier version. I like it with less salt. Maybe I will substitute a different cheese for a bit more flavor). And we ordered Uzbekistan food from Nargis restaurant. It was so delicious. I have plov (rice and lamb) and a chicken kebob. Tanya actually ate both the spinach pie and plov. And a melon. And there was lots of desert.

Most importantly it was just nice to hang out and to see my girls and little Galya and Ida.

We got home by 8pm, and got Tanya in bed by 8:30, but it took almost an hour for her to settle down, with all the over stimulation. Then I went to the living room and I was just cross stitching. I finished the back stitch, so only french knots are left. I need to take it to my parents' house to look at my previous pieces to see how I did my signature - it's been awhile and I don't remember the exact stitches.
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Happy New Year!

It feels quite appropriate that at this point of our Dante project (I just finished Canto 27 of Purgatory this week) we just said goodbye to Virgil and Dante is about to enter the Earthly Paradise. Feels auspicious.

This week I've been doing a lot of cross stitching in the evenings. I'm done with cross stitches, almost done with half-stitches and will just have back stitch and french knots left. And once Janna's baby is born, I will add the personalized details. I love seeing the picture grow.

I've been watching 'Friends' episodes in the background as I cross stitch. It's perfect since I mostly listen and don't have to look at the screen as much. I miss that show. I rewatched Monica and Chandler proposal and Phoebe's wedding. I can't believe how long ago it ended.

2015 overall was an even keel year for me. I was mostly either at home with Tanya or at work two days a week during the semesters. I didn't really have vacations but I did spend a week at my in-laws and Bear and I had 3 dates - Hedwig on Broadway, Jeremy and Fran's wedding and our recent hike and Star Wars date. I also went to Yeva's birthday party at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan.

Other than the whole business with the apartment, nothing really upset the status quo.

I read fun books and saw some good TV. I finally watched "Spartacus", which clicked for me this year and I loved "Sense8" and "Jessica Jones". I only saw "Star Wars" at the movie theater this year but it was fun.

The best thing about the year for me was meeting new LJ friends and making my LJ flist much more alive and fun. And getting more book recommendations that I can ever read! And finally reading the eight Tomek book to resolve a 20 year cliffhanger. And my flist led me to the Hamilton biography, which then fed into my interest in Hamilton the Musical - I'm listening to the soundtrack on repeat.

And, of course, watching Tanya grow and learn to walk and talk has really been amazing. At 17 months she is a different person from her 5 months self (with the same core personality though -she's my little hooligan).

I don't make resolutions but I do hope to write more and to master pies in the new year.
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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

I didn't grow up with Christmas. Our main holiday was New Year with a New Year tree and decorations and presents on New Years morning. We dressed up in costumes in school before the winter holidays started right before the New Year and Ded Moroz came with chocolates and candy. I didn't know anything about Christmas as a child (or too much abut Hanukkah either).

New Year continues to be important to me and I still get presents from my parents then (and give my presents to Tanya) but my in-laws are Catholic and Christmas is very important to them. I have been celebrating Christmas with Bear's family for a very long time, so it became traditional to me. Bear and I split our presents to each other, some on Christmas and some on New Years. We spend Christmas with my in-laws and New Year with my parents.

When Bear was a small child, around 10, he was awake on Christmas early but couldn't open his presents yet since everyone was asleep. So to pass the time he started making pancakes. Pancake breakfast became a tradition. Usually he makes pancakes and I make scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and bacon (I don't eat bacon myself, though). This year Carrie, Bear's sister made the sausage and bacon since Tanya was keeping me busy. But Tanya did help mw mix the scramped eggs, so we all did something. Tanya ate two little pancakes too.

Before the breakfast, Tanya came downstairs to find her new little table and chairs with a little dollhouse from her grandparents and then she opened her present from Santa - a little stuffed Elmo. She really had fun playing with the dollhouse today. She doesn't understand the concept of presents yet but she did have fun with new toys and crayons. Her Aunt Carrie even got her a Star Wars coloring book so Papa could have some fun too.

After pancakes and potty time, I gave Bear his presents - the new Jim Butcher book, which I want to read at some point too (Bear loves Dresden Files so I thought he would like it), a CD of piano music and a videogame. He got me Hamilton soundtrack (which I told him quite explicitly I wanted to open on Chtistmas; it was number one on my wish list) and Ravenclaw knee socks.

I already downloaded Hamilton to my computer and put it on my iPod. The annoying thing was that the CDs didn't come with automatic track titles and it took me forever to type them manually to iTunes. By despite that annoyance, I'm super excited to listen to the whole thing instead of bits and pieces. I'm also about 450 pages into the Hamilton book, hoping to finish it soon.

Tanya had a nice long nap while I read my Kindle. Bear and his family went to church. I used to go with them in the past - I like observing other's religious rituals sometimes - but I do prefer reading a book and Tanya really needed her nap.

After nap and some more food, we started exchanging presents around 4pm. It usually takes a while since we open presents one by one.

Christmas Loot:
The latest Coldplay CD, "Gratitude" by Oliver Sacks (his last 4 short essays. I already read the whole thing. It made me want to cry), "Are You My Mother?" by Alison Bechdel, a pie plate for baking pies, a scarf, dangly earings and gloves, and a soft blanket for Bear and I.

We had Christmas dinner and then we put Tanya to bed. I just snuck out to have some apple pie and tea and ended up reading some of the Bechdel book. I couldn't help myself.

I've been cross stitching this week, usually in the evening once Tanya is asleep or in a spare moment here and there in the last few days. I'm trying to get as much done as I can over the winter break.
It's not a big project, 5x7 birth record, and I love the bright colors. I also watched 'Love Actuslly' this week while cross stitching. Since I know that movie by heart I didn't have to actively watch it, so it was perfect as background. I did find that it's starting to lose a bit of magic, though, and I'm not sure why.
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RS Games are now over with the author reveals so I can now talk about the stories I wrote and post them elsewhere - and share them here. And yes, "stories", plural because I ended up doing a pitch hit in the middle of October. I realized only a few days that both stories end up letting Remus escape his lycanthropy - huh, I guess I had a theme.

The first story, Moon Dog , was inspired by the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. I played it while writing the story and one of the commenters said the rhythm of the words reflected it, which was quite accidental on my part. In the story, Sirius the Star hears music and comes to Earth to meet the beautiful musician (Remus).

My pitch hit ended up being a Space AU. It is called Sailing Far Beyond the Air . It is very short, less than 2000 words, because I only had a few days to put it together but I might end up exploring the idea later. Sirius grew up on the colonies of Mars where most pureblood families live (I basically adopted canon to sci-fi) He finds Earth very confining - so the story explores Sirius' ideas of freedom and imprisonment (which fit the prompt I used). It is character study really, with Remus playing a small role in the end.

My favorite story of the Games was a Muggle AU called No Longer Easy On the Eyes by [ profile] nerak_rose. It has Teddy and Harry and a wonderful slow burn of a relationship between Remus and Sirius. It is long 26K but I couldn't stop reading and it didn't really feel that long at all. I just got caught up by the wonderful storytelling.

And now I need to write my story for RS Small Gifts - I'm feeling some self imposed pressure, since my last two stories for that fest are by far my most popular ones (judging by AO3). I also want the recipient to be happy with it. But I think my idea is good enough. I'm going to incorporate Russian New Year holiday traditions in it so that should be fun.


A few days ago I finished the 4th book (out of 7) in the Accursed Kings series by Maurice Druon The Royal Succession . It a historical fiction that is about the succession to Regency and then the Crown of Philippe V of France who ruled from 1316 to 1322. I really love this series. The prose flows so easily and the historical details feels researched and accurate enough (although dramatized accordingly). He often included details like types of dresses the royalty wore or what was pillaged in a castle based on actual 14th century accounts.

Sometimes, I can't read historical fiction if the characters are too far from how I imagined them from studying the history (I'm a medieval historian by training, specializing in 14th century England). But this series works so well for me. In this book, there is a plot involving the poisoning of a baby - and that was very hard to read - too graphic. Now that I'm a mother it is certainly hard to read about terrible things happening to kids (and Yahoo keeps putting gruesome things involving children when I go on it, despite many times I click on the button to remove those kinds of stories.)

So the series continues to be great and next up is Isabella, wife of Edward II. I'm really glad this series is finally getting a good English paperback treatment with Books 6 and 7 coming out soon.

TV: Grimm
Grimm S5E3 )

Cross stitching
My friend Janna is having a baby girl at the end of February so I decided to make a small birth record counted cross stitch for the baby. I picked a 5X7 design of a toy train with animals - it is nice and colorful and a project small enough to be manageable. I haven't cross stitched for 15 months - last thing I did was Tanya's birth record, so it was so nice just to do a little bit today. And I love projects with bright colors.

Today, I just wrapped the fabric in masking tape and found the center. Then I did two strands in orange for the giraffe. I made a mistake, which I thankfully caught before I finished the first strand; the fabric needed to be in landscape but I started doing portrait automatically. Good thing I realized it and was able to pull the stitches and start over again on the proper side.
Catching a mistake in time.
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I can never sleep properly before the first day of school. I'm not nervous about work or meeting new students. I think my brain is just trying to make sure that I'm not late and that I prepared all my first day handouts.

My parents came over last evening and stayed overnight since I had to leave by 6:30 and my Mom is watching Tanya. Bear is away until Saturday afternoon. She roped my Dad into working from my place (his work allows occasional work from home days) so he could help out too when he wasn't working. They are also leaving for a vacation in Aruba tomorrow for 10 days, so both were looking forward to spending time with their granddaughter.

I made sure to say goodbye to Tanya before I left because that is a better option that just disappearing on her. She's been waking up between 6 and 7 lately anyway, so I didn't really wake her up. No crying - pretty successful exit.

My commute is pretty long. I need to take a subway and a train. Since I only have to travel twice a week and I can get a lot of work done on the way, I don't really mind it too much, especially in the morning. I got the luxury of reading my book for a few hours. The beginning of the semester, before the grading starts in earnest is pretty nice. Most of my planning handouts are ready and I can read for pleasure guilt free.

I stopped by the corner store to get my bagel with cream cheese, which I eat later when I get on the train and caught the subway. I saw a very gorgeous sunrise this morning. The subway travels above ground for the while and the window across from me was bright pink with the sun disk all dimmed and slightly yellow. Very lovely.

I was reading On the Move , the autobiography by Oliver Sacks. Since his death on Sunday I just wanted to get started on it. I just finished reading Roadside Picnic by Strugatsky brothers, so the timing was right. (I'm still working on the Hamilton biography but that book is long, so I will break it with other books. And I usually read two or three books at a time). I'm almost 100 pages into the book - I read the first three chapters. I find it interesting that he doesn't really discuss his childhood. He starts as a teenager getting his first motorcycle. As motorcycle enthusiast, it is a major part of his identity, so I understand his choice. It is just unusual not to have a general run through of dates/parents/siblings/childhood memories. Some details make their way through the narrative as he goes along but mostly, the early chapters are his late teens/20s - college/medical school/travels. Some of his other books (I read 2 so far - Mind's Eye and An Anthropologist on Mars ) have autobiographical details, especially Mind's Eye which deals with his eye cancer and perception. But those focus more on his later life. This autobiography is definitely surprising in details about his youth like motorcycles or weight training. And there are his travel letters and accounts which are an entertaining read. I'm definitely enjoying the book so far.

I also listened to my iPod when not reading a book. I haven't recharged it in a month I think - there was just no time with looking after Tanya all the time. We listen to the radio at home or to CDs. (On Tuesday, Tanya rummaged through Bear's CDs, found a CD of sci-fi music from movies and TV and dragged it to the living room. So I put it on. She didn't care for early tracks like Twilight Zone but when I put in Halloween, she just started dancing to the scary horror movie music. It was hysterical). Last week, in anticipation of listening to my music again, I made a Favorite Broadway playlist - taking two tracks from all the musicals I have. I wanted to just have one favorite track per musical but that was too hard. Even two was hard but I stuck through it. My 'flaw' in this playlist was adding songs from Buffy Musical - now I just want to rewatch the whole episode (I picked Rest in Peace and Standing), which will lead to watching more Buffy episodes. Other musicals included Aida, Anything Goes, Avenue Q, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, Cabaret, Hedwig, If/Then, Into the Woods, Once, Rent, Buffy and Rocky Horror. I should probably add Dr. Horrible.

I got some time in the morning before my classes started, since there was no office hour today. I had to print and photocopy syllabi, reading guides, rosters, writing samples and a lot of paperwork. I also put together the first assignment question. We are starting with Jane Goodall's reading again "In the Forest of Gombe" but I am asking them to see the drawbacks to some of her concepts. New approach. Maybe I can teach some critical thinking!

First class is really easy. I talk about the syllabus and class requirements and then the students write a writing sample. During that time I reread the first essay and prepped my discussion question for next week during the first section and read the writing samples from the first section in my second one. (I teach two sections of Basic Composition). My second section filled up - so it has good number of students. I don't have to worry about cancellation, which is a relief.

After my classes, I stopped by the department and said hello to more colleagues I haven't seen all summer and then started making my way home.

It was very hot today and the subway station tried to boil us all alive, I think. It was so hot with no air conditioner. It was a relief when a train pulled up.

Good first day overall. Now I'm home alone with Tanya for 48 hours before Bear comes back. Then we will travel to Long Island for Labor Day weekend. So still a bit of vacation left before the semester really starts.

On exciting front, Tanya is starting to be braver in walking. Lately she's been holding on to just one hand, but yesterday she did a few steps by herself if I let go her hand several times and even started walking by herself from a standing position. Just a few steps but very exciting.

And in TMI, I really hope my body gets the message soon that I weaned and haven't nursed her for over a week now. My boobs are very uncomfortable. No one tells you these things. It's like postpartum. It sucks but no one really mentions the details beforehand.

And in exciting news my friend Janna is pregnant with her second baby. The first one is turning 2 in a month. I probably won't have the time but I found the birth record cross stitch kit anyway to try to make it for the baby. I'm trying to be optimistic about having the time to cross stitch again. Last time I make anything was Tanya's birth record, just before she was born.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday, June 1st, 2013 10:47 pm
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My computer is irritating the hell out of me. It's been slow and has a tendency to freeze for a moment and then unfreeze and then freeze. I ran the anti-virus thing - nothing. I have no idea why it's doing that but it is getting really annoying. I know I should probably take it to someone to see if an expert can help.

Today, for the first time in almost two years, I picked up cross-stitching. I'm making two baby bibs for Janna's baby that is due in September. One of a baby tiger and one of baby panda. Today I did all the satin stitching - not my favorite stitch. I listened to "Barber of Seville" and remembered why I liked cross-stitching in the first place.

My parents stopped by this morning briefly to have some breakfast over at my place since they had early doctor's appointments today. My Mom brought my presents early since one of them is a blue dress I will wear tomorrow for the lunch. I was ironing it this afternoon and I really need a new iron - it was leaking the water a little and leaving little streaks. I did get the dress to look presentable but still.

Papa also got a mysterious package of books from Amazon at his work last week - mysterious since his didn't order them. So he wanted me to contact Amazon for him to find out. I did one of those chats to discover that Amazon messed up and sent him someone else's order. fun times. They are emailing him a return label.

Still working on the "West Wing" - 1/2 season left. I also started reading Bear's birthday present book (his birthday is in two weeks). It is actually fun but I will talk more about it once his birthday actually arrives. He doesn't usually read my blog, but he knows of it - so just in case.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, May 13th, 2012 11:00 pm
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Sandman: I finally finished Volume 4: “Season of Mists.” It was interesting but my brain is too tired I think so it was not holding my attention as well as it should have. Maybe because I’ve read it before, not that I remembered much. But now I will be in Sandman uncharted territory since I never read other volumes.

What I am really enjoying is reading Walter Miller’s “Canticle for Leibowitz” That is one fabulous book. It is technically science fiction since it takes place in the future, centuries after a nuclear war set the civilization back. But it is set in a monastery which is pretty much the only keeper and preserver of old knowledge, waiting for civilization to be ready for it again. So it feels like it is set in medieval world. And all the fabulous church latin just makes it more fun for me. And preserving books and knowledge, and looking at artifacts and not understanding them! Also there is a lot of humor in this book and it is just a very enjoyable read. It hits so many of my buttons. I only read the third of the book so far but I already want to highly recommend it to everyone.

Today was such a fabulous and warm day that I sat on the balcony off the kitchen, just reading my Kindle and then I moved on to the back yard. I think I got a sunburn on my arms but it was so worth.

I went rollerblading too.

And for the first time in almost a year (with the exception of little owl in the summer) I did some cross stitching. I sorted the colors on the little “hang in there” project. A mouse is hanging of the branch with the cat lying under it waiting with words ‘hang in there’ – very cute. I think it is time to pick my hobby back up.

Late in the evening I ended up watching “One Day” since it was on HBO onDemand. (I really don’t miss Netflix DVDs coming to the house and I haven’t watched that many movies lately).movie spoilers )
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I know that once the semester starts I would look back and wish I had all this time – although I do have things to do. Still, today was pretty quiet.

I am starting to think about a new cross stitching project. I spent five month last year doing the blanket and then I did the bib and I think I burned out a bit on cross stitching. Today I do out a kit I bought last year – it is not a big one but I am thinking of starting it.

I finally got to a few more episodes of “Leverage” despite some reluctance as it has not been exciting for me lately. But I did watch “Girls’ Night Out” and “Boys Night Out” - and I found them really cute, especially the Girls episode. I especially loved one woman just beating the guy up with a pan. She rocked. The only thing that made me roll my eyes is the explanation for Boys’ plan since that was ridiculously obvious without a detailed explanation.

But what I was really looking forward to was the premiere of “Downton Abbey” here in the States. I watched Season One on Netflix this fall in couple of days and just fell in love with it like so many others. And today, we finally got two new episodes at once. This show is like a nice comfy blanket in all its britishness. I was happy to have two episodes. I still would rather just watch it all at once. My parents watched the first hour with me and taped the second one – I got them to watch Season One before too.

I went for a walk and decided to go to a store since I needed shampoo and toothpaste. When I got home after the shopping and a little walk I discovered a hole in my plastic bag. It seems one of my toothpastes decided to run away. So I had to backtrack my footsteps in the dark for a few block before I found it. It didn’t escape far! But on this walk I’ve seen the most beautiful full moon. It was low in the sky and quite big and bright.
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I got back into cross stitching today after a two month break. I was going to take the whole summer off but my hands were itching. I did the little owl on the baby bib from the book of designs for kids Bear gave me once. Now I need to decide what else to add to it. I’m thinking pink hearts and Galya’s name maybe. I was watching “Real Time” and cross stitching and it is a good way to spend Sunday afternoon.

I’ll actually be fine in September with just getting one movie a month from Netflix since I barely have time to watch the two they sent me. I rewatched “X Men: Wolverine” today, even as I was not really in a movie mood because I want to get my next ‘QaF US’ DVD (I still don’t know why they skipped it on my queue.) Unlike X-Men 2, this movie was fine to watch in the movie theater but not as interesting upon re-watch.

I did get to go rollerblading again tonight in the evening. The right one is cutting into my foot a bit for some reason; I need to watch that.

True Blood S4E6 )

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 11:00 pm
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I’m so behind on blogging. I’ve been writing notes but I really need to stop being lazy and catch up.

Rainy morning put a kibosh into rollerblading plans. We did go to Michaels, Best Buy and AC Moore where I finally found a blank baby bib for cross stitch so I can do the owl design from my cross stitching book. My hands are itching to do something.

I’m eating too many brownies that James’ Mom sent over – they are good.

Bear left around 3:30 and I was not expecting my parents back until Monday but they decided not to stop at Vermont but just drive all the way though. They came home around 11:30. I made sure to clean up the kitchen before that. I was enjoying having the house to myself again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Another lovely summer day. I went for a walk to the bank around noon and I did an extra block loop since I didn’t want to go inside and just wanted to enjoy the sunshine. This weather certainly contributes to my good mood. And I got a little tan reading on the balcony again this afternoon.

In honor of summer, I painted my toe nails red. I’m not a girly girl, really – I don’t really wear make-up or bother much about my hair or care for shopping (shoes and clothes shopping bore me) but I love painting my toes nails especially in the summer for the sandals. That and summer t-shirts and tops make me a happy girl.

Last night I figured out why I prefer regular books to Kindle and why that is unlikely to change. Now, I don’t mind the Kindle, it is certainly easy to handle and fine for the eyes and I read lots of things on the computer (like fanfic) so it is not new technology but I can’t skim ahead with Kindle. The way I read, I start a book in a regular way and at some point I skim ahead a few chapters just to see what happens and then I go back and read it slowly. There are occasions when I restrain myself like with the last Harry Potter book when I peaked ahead just once. With Kindle I can’t really do that. And also while I can see on the bottom just much of the book I read and how much I still have to read, I really would like to see it physically. I have no actually sense of the book.

Borgias Season One )

Avatar:TLA S3E4 )

Cross-stitch: I’m done! I was cross-stitching for two hours this evening with TV on and I finished all the dark grey backstitch. I used every single thread of this color too. But since the little bear’s eyes also needed this color I did have to pull out my box of thread. And then I figured I just have stem-stitch (green for balloon strings) and French knots (eye sparkle and cuffs), so I might as well just get it done. It took another hour. I never done stem stitch before so that was interesting but I got a handle on it pretty quickly. And then I just did my cross-stitch signature and I was done. The baby is due any day so I made it on time. I do still have to wash it and make the backing for it and buy the fabric for that but the cross stitching portion of it is done. I started this on January 1 but almost half was done this month. Yay, I'm done

Here is the picture of it:

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 10:54 pm
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I feel like I’m in the zen state today since I don’t really interact with people all day since I’m working from home and I have a house to myself. I did talk to Bear and then Papa on the phone today but for the most day I exist in my head. It is nice in a way but a little weird – it really has been awhile.

It is finally summer. It is warm and I can wear my summer shirts. I can get a little tan. I sat on the balcony in late afternoon reading “Hunger Games” and it was so nice to feel the sun and warm wind. I smell of summer now and I love the heat and the sun.

“Borgias” keeps being excellent. It is not as great as “Rome” was but it is very good. I love the characters.

Cross-stitch: backstitch of middle bear, balloons, and big bear’s head. Not long now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 11:04 pm
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It’s 22 of May and the weather thinks its early April or something. Yesterday we had some inkling of the summer weather – I even put on my ankle bracelet that I wear in the summer – but today it was back to depressing skies, cold wind and a jacket. Can it stop raining/being gloomy and start being actual summer.

Bear and I had a nice quiet Sunday today. We went to the Indian place for their awesome lunch buffet and went rollerblading too. It was a bit chilly but I really just wanted to go, I miss roller blading by the beach. My legs were all tired after half an hour; I need to train myself again. Then we went to the frozen yogurt place – another one near my house and got a nice mix of flavors. I liked the mango one since it was nice and tart.

We are thinking of seeing the new Pirates movie but since I can barely remember the last two, we decided to rewatch the first three before heading to the movie theater. So first Pirate movie tonight. I was cross stitching during some of it but it was just as awesome as I remember. This movie came out the summer I taught my first class and my roommate drove us to the movie theater as the celebration for the end of class. We decided to see it but were really not expecting the awesomeness. Watching it this time made me really appreciate Norrington. I always liked him but more in the later movies; it was fun to really like him here.

Papa left his kindle at home when he left for vacation yesterday so that I can read “Hunger Games” while he is travelling. I re-read the first chapter and read the second one and I did not want to put it down. This hasn’t happened for a while with a book. I have a feeling I will read it quickly. It will be my reward next week for writing my dissertation during the day.

Cross-stitch: backstitch for the book and a little for middle bear.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, May 21st, 2011 10:28 pm
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Pope talked to astronauts today.

I was playing around in DW circle page – which I didn’t really see for two years (doh) and it is very easy to update subscription/access. Since I don’t really lock my posts I never needed to give access but I decided to update that in case I do need to lock something.

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My parents left on their two week vacation in Europe. I’m really looking forward to cooking and having the house to myself. Although, I will probably get tired of that soon enough. And they will miss my birthday too, which usually doesn’t happen. Papa told me where to find my presents under strict instructions not to peek. I wouldn’t, since I learned that lesson as a child when I found my presents early and I realized that it is much more fun to get them on the actual day.

But having a house to myself means Bear can spend more time here on his days off from work, which happens to be tonight. Yay. I made my rice pilaf with mushrooms and onions, it came out really well.

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I’m tracking my parents’ plane right now online – they are over the Atlantic. Sometimes modern technology is really amazing.

Cross-stitch: more backstitch, this time of the cute and the bunny.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20th, 2011 11:49 pm
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I think the hardest part this summer will be limiting internet use. I discovered today that is it easier to take a couple 30 min internet breaks during the day than not the use internet at all until evening. I don’t remember what I used to do before having internet so easily accessible.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Scandal in Bohemia” I wanted to read this story for a long time and one of the episodes of the next season of “Sherlock” will be based on it.
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I signed up for Historical Big Bang for the fall/winter. I’m going to do some kind of Highlander story; I just couldn’t pass up history. And it will be challenge to write 10,000-20,000 words. I think 8,000 or so was the longest I ever wrote. Can’t think of this now, but in September this should be interesting to do after teaching and grading all day.

Cross-stitch: all backstitch for baby bear and blanket and some backstitch for the cube. All dark grey again.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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I went up to University campus early this morning, and by early I mean I left the house at 6:45. I couldn’t sleep well past 5am anyway because I was going to see my Advisor today and really figure out my future. The last few years I have not really been working too hard on my dissertation. I let a million things distract me. And I was seriously thinking of just stopping, taking the masters and doing something else. But I just don’t like quitting. I took my Toronto Latin PhD exam many, many times just because I couldn’t not quit. So today I asked my Advisor if I could just have the summer. Either I get it together this summer and finish it or I’m done.

To encourage me in this venture – because I really don’t want to work on it even if it is more than half done (dissertations suck) – I am putting certain incentives in my way. I asked Advisor if I could email him every evening this summer (except for my vacation week) with the day’s progress report and if I don’t email him that he should bug me about it. Since the last thing I want is an email from the Advisor, that might help. I also got Bear to help – since we talk every night on the phone before we go to sleep, I need to tell him about daily progress if I want our nightly ritual – a definite incentive.

So this summer I need to be busy and I came up with a list of rules for myself – like limiting internet time and TV too. I really need to push myself despite my natural inclination for procrastination because the constant guilt I live under and the feeling of failure needs to go.

I also picked up the rest of the book I requested at the library – the books I will teach next semester in my “History of Law” class. I started reading “Roman Law” book by Riggsby – it is written for undergraduates and it will work really well, I’m glad I chose it and I will get a free copy too. This afternoon, I worked on Global Encounters syllabus for next semester too, with new dates and paper due dates and I started to figure out the “History of Law” syllabus too. I know this is not a priority right now but I just needed to feel like it is sorted in case I won’t have time closer to end of August.

Falafel for lunch and finishing National Geographic for May was a good lunch break too.

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Cross stitch: I started backstitch with dark grey. It stands out really well. I did the ball and the duck backstitch and a bit of a baby bear.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 10:43 pm
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As I got up this morning, first thing I did was book the vacation Bear and I have been talking about for the last month. Orlando and Harry Potter World here we go. I’ve never been to Orlando and I’m looking forward to Disneyworld too; I did want to go ever since I was eight and read the first Mickey Mouse book. So in one month I will finally get to see it and be a kid for a bit.

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This evening I also watched “Borgias” (I do love having on Demand): the rest of the first two-parter and Episode 3. I like it a lot and can’t wait to see the rest of the season. All that scheming. And I’m enjoying the characters. I do prefer it to “Game of Thrones.” I’m really liking Cesare, which is unexpected.

When will this rain stop. It is making everything so depressing.

Cross stitch: with yellow and gold for the balloon I finished all the cross stitches for the blanket. Now I just have to do backstitch, stem stitch and French knots and signature and I’m done. I’m thinking of adding the baby’s name somewhere too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 10:34 pm
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Endeavor crew made their own space shuttle Star Trek poster . Awesome.

Season 8 of ‘House’ will not have Cuddy in it. This show is already sketchy in how it writes women. Well, at least in will be a change. I wonder if there will be new boss dynamic. I watch House for Hugh Laurie and his amazing acting but it will certainly be different.

Today I watched more Avatar: The Last Airbender and finished season one of “Queer as Folk US”. But the best thing I saw today was “Easy A.” That was a really fun movie and a comedy I can get behind. Nice crispy dialogue and very entertaining. I highly recommend it.

The guests are leaving tomorrow, so there is still lots of food every evening and more socializing than usual. A big contrast to next few weeks, I think, when I will get a house all to myself. I did really like Mama’s friend and her family and I have a standing invitation to Miami which I might actually take up sometimes.

Cross stitch: more yellow


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