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Happy Purim! I made the hamentashen cookies today, 38 of then, in three batches. I made the dough in the morning and put it in the fridge and then made them in the new oven after Tanya's nap so she could help me. She and Bear buttered the tray and she had fun trying to roll the dough and made little balls out of leftover dough. And she liked eating the cookies, although not the jam part. I used fig jam and black raspberry jam this year that my Mom got in Home Goods. Before dinner, Tanya asked for another cookie and I told her she can have some after she eats her dinner. So she ate her meatball and a little cauliflower and pasta and drank her milk. Then I gave her the cookie, she sniffed it and realized she wasn't hungry anymore so she told me to eat it. :) I wish I had the self-control of a two year old about food sometimes.

My Mom was supposed to come yesterday to make it with me since she wanted to try my oven too, but she got a cold. Didn't come today either. My Dad just stopped by on the way to visiting his parents (they are still in the recap place but my grandma is finally going home next week. My grandfather had a bit of a set back and had to go to the hospital again for another foot surgery, but he is better now and back at rehab place). So this weekend was the first weekend in a while that is was pretty much just Bear, Tanya and me and it was very nice and domestic. We are getting used to the new place for sure - it is feeling much more homey now.

It is cold outside, so we were home all day yesterday (Bear did go to the store to get chicken, mushrooms and eggs for me and I just went to check the mail downstairs), but today they did go to the playground in the late afternoon. Good thing too as it tired her out and she went to sleep ok at the new Daylight time (I'm sure her bath helped too). I'm not a big fan of the time change, mostly because I'm already lacking on sleep, and I always worry about Tanya adjusting, but she seems pretty fine. She is still waking up at night calling for me, so sometimes I need to sit with her a while, so I have been a bit groggy. It depends on the night. Yesterday wasn't too bad; she let me go after 15 minutes or so. The worst was Friday to Saturday, where she would not let me leave from 2:30 to 4:30, and even woke Bear up. I know it will take some time and at least she is sleeping on her own, but man, I feel that co-sleeping was definitely the right call for us for a while.

Over the last week I cooked some in the new kitchen, mostly soups and meatballs for Tanya, and a little for me like potatoes and a turkey burger. But on Saturday I finally did a meal for all of us, with pasta, brussel sprouts/mushroom/onion stir fry and chicken. And I baked today. So I'm starting to feel this kitchen now - making it mine. The oven is really nice, it warms up quickly and the cookies came out nice and soft and lovely. The third batch did try to escape a bit with the jam, but it was still delicious. I don't care about aesthetic of it too much, just tastiness.

I've been catching up on TV - I caught up on most of the Grimm, and Supernatural and Flash and Supergirl. I'm glad Supernatural is not back until the end of March though and Victoria is done. There is just a little too much to watch. I'd rather be reading lately and have been enjoying "The Goblin Emperor" when I have the time. Next week is Spring Break, so I don't have to go in to work, but I have a lot of papers to grade. And Bear is going to leave tomorrow night (Monday) until Saturday (his work has meeting season where he needs to stay late there and makes more sense for him to stay at his parents, which is much closer to work. In return, he has Mondays off, and he watches Tanya when I work. And he gets free dinners at work. And brings me back brunch food for Sundays). He was supposed to go on Tuesday late morning, but we will have a giant snowstorm apparently, so he will leave a little earlier. That way he can also shovel snow for his parents.

The old apartment management was surprisingly efficient and already sent up our security deposit back. yay. Tomorrow we will go to our accountant and do our taxes. And now, a little more book and early bedtime to catch up on some sleep. Tanya's night soothing is already preparing me for the baby :)
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Since it was Purim today, here is a link to my entry from last Purim where I read the Book of Esther and wrote down my thoughts on it. It is always interesting to compare actual written story to how it is presented in the retelling.
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This Cracked article was pretty funny. I was highly amused mostly because I have a personal obsession about real food and all the fake chemical stuff we eat.

“Community” got renewed! Yay! Today’s episode was a little weird, but it is still a great comedy.
I also watched “Bones.” I like when characters have adult conversations and I really liked all the ways the lab had to get results without electricity. Lots of fun science and experiments. That is what this show should be more.

I’m thinking of writing a short Purim story from Esther’s point of view this weekend in honor of Purim on Sunday and has a surprising number of Bible stories. Which amused me for some reason. Technically, Bible is in public domain so I don’t even have to give any disclaimers at all.

Exercise: 50 min walk. Such a nice warm evening
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Purim is tomorrow and it preparation, and to go with whole reading some Bible this year theme, I decided to actually read the Book of Esther. I did a Purim play when I was fifteen and was in a drama club at local YM-YWHA in my sophomore year of high school. I played several roles including the Queen who got her head chopped off. (I got to scream loudly off-stage) So I know the story, but of course, I want to read the actual bible now. There are only 10 chapters, so the book is pretty short and I can just read it all at once, especially since it really reads like a story. And the actual story is probably very different from the play we did anyway. Beside part of Purim is actually reading the story in the evening and in the morning, which I’m technically doing since the sun has already set.

Esther WTF moments of the day:

Queen Vashti is banned from king’s presence and her throne because she disobeyed King Xerxes’s order to show up at his feast so he could “display her beauty”. It was thought by the law council that that disobedience will inspire other women to disobey their husbands, so, of course, she had to go away to set up the example. Nice, King. The gender stuff didn’t bug me in high school but it sure does now. (Actually, I might have played her a bit differently too, and she doesn’t die in the actual Bible anyway.) So the whole deposition was over their masculine pride and, god forbid, should a woman do something she wants.

But, of course, the King is all happy since now he can pick from lots of beautiful virgins. I do like that at least the girls get spa treatments in the harem. Esther had a year worth of “beauty treatments” before she even came to the King for her sex interview. (It just occurs to me that Esther is Mary Sue since everyone likes her upon meeting her, she is just so perfect.)

So the whole trouble with Haman started because Mordecai, Esther’s cousin and guardian would not bow to him. Still, Haman did take his personal dis a bit too far by wanting to kill all Mordecai’s people, namely the Jews. And the King doesn’t even question this, he is like, yes, go kill them since they are different and might not obey me, you don’t even need to put up your own money to do it.

Esther, had to sort of actually disobey the King, by going to see him without a summons from him. After knowing what happened to Vashti, that was actually brave of her. But she did play it smart, by getting into King’s field of vision, so he would request to see her and think it was his idea. I like that when the king can’t sleep he had a book of chronicles of his reign read to him as a bed time story – it sure would put him to sleep. Haman is a bit of a Lockhart too, too full of himself. Chapter 6 is a bit of a farce too – Haman has to give boons to his greatest enemy because he suggested them, thinking it will be for himself. Bible is amusing at times. Esther claims that she is only bothering the King with her request because her people will be destroyed, if they were just sold into slavery, she wouldn’t bother. (Haman thinks – doh!)

Since King’s commands sealed with signet ring could not just be revoked, Mordecai wrote another one that allowed Jews to assemble to defend themselves. Very clever there. And Jews actually kill lots and lots of people, thousands – they weren’t merely spared – funny, that most modern retellings leave this out. And on the next day, after all the killing (they did not take the plunder, though, the Bible is careful to note) there was feasting and rejoicing that we celebrate to this day as the happiest of the Jewish holidays. The end.

My little Jewish calendar with dates and various holiday descriptions tells a slightly different version that makes Haman a bit more evil in claiming divine bows and other details. I’m glad to have actually read the biblical account of it. In the Purim play I did, Esther and Xerxes were portrayed as a grand love story too.

Actually, to me Esther is also a story of how women were limited in their power but also how they used the limited power they had to influence state affairs. Esther was able to plead and change policy and, through her, her cousin Mordecai was appointed as a sort of prime minister. He would not have otherwise gained that position. She gave him control of Haman’s estates after Haman’s execution and Mordecai was able to hear of a plot against the king that he could stop because he came to the gates to check on Esther. I can’t turn off my brain from analyzing all the gender issues in this story. Stupid graduate school!

I should see what movies they made of this – so much drama.

When my universes collide, it is a bit weird. On EW review of last night’s “Caprica” episode, the reviewer began with extensive reference to “Ender’s Game” – a book I got as a gift for New
Year and which is next on my reading queue. I do enjoy these coincidences sometimes.

I wish NBC could show the whole exhibition gala stake at one time. Kim Yu-Na does beautiful movements with her arms when she skates. Plushenko did a great routine as well; he can be artistic when he wants to.

Bobsled men’s outfits are really really tight.

Possession scene in “Order of the Phoenix” is my favorite scene in all Harry Potter movies. Starting with when Sirius calls Harry ‘James’ until Voldemort leaves the ministry – I just have to watch it whenever those scenes are on, like today on ABC. It all works so well and the filmmakers assumes the viewers are intelligent to understand all the points, he doesn’t overstate.

We went to Brooklyn today, to show the girl staying with us Brighton Beach. It is always fun to see the familiar streets through the eyes of people who never saw it before.


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