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Today was my wedding shower, so most of the day was about that. I got to wear my nice summer light green color dress and nice black shoes. Papa drove Mama and me to the restaurant in Brooklyn where the party was taking place and then he went to drop things off at my apartment and visit my grandparents. There were about ten of us in the restaurant, including Yeva (who was hosting), Marianna, Janna, Yeva’s Mom, my Mom, Bear’s Mom and sister, my cousin Anna and my friend Fran.

I’ve never been to a wedding shower before (it is not a Russian tradition) but it ended up being pretty nice. I got to wear silly pink bunny ears that said “bride to be” on them and Yeva brought balloons. I think I was just nervous about so many people having to interact and all the drama that Bear’s family can be. Also, Yeva, in her Russian perspective, expected all the people to pay for lunch themselves but I knew the American side expected the host to pay. So I gave Yeva 2/3 of the money to cover most people except my closest friends, who are also Russian and expected to pay. That actually made me feel more relaxed about the shower and enjoy it more. I used some of my birthday money but it was worth the peace of mind.

The food was very good – unlimited cocktails (although I just had one pina colada since I was taking Advil today), and a nice brunch menu with salad and desert. And I got to open lots of presents. I got a lot of tea stuff from Teavana – I just had a thermos on my list but Marianna got me a gift set with lots of teas and Anna got me a lot of nice tea too. There were also lots of other nice gifts.

After the restaurant, everyone wanted to see the apartment so we all went. Anna came in our car and she texted my Uncle and Aunt to meet us there – there were hanging around in Brooklyn and visiting my grandparents too. So everyone came, saw our new place. Next up – wedding in two weeks. Everything turned out well today.

And in the evening to make it a perfect day, we watched the Olympic closing ceremony. I adore British music so it was a great giant music party that made me want to dance. My favorite part was definitely Eric Idle. Now comes Olympic TV crash with no more sports to watch.

My Highlander fanfic was also due today so I scrambled to finish writing it. I still need to proof it but I did at least post it. I’ll need to proofread it this week.
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