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It's April 9th and we are wearing winter jackets. It's rainy and might even snow a bit. What is this spring? I suspect it will go from cold straight to hot and humid without the nice, breathy period in between. Well, at least it wasn't raining in the morning so we could go outside a bit.

Of course, I also get extra exercise because our elevator hasn't been working since Wednesday. We live on the fifth floor, which is really the sixth since there is a ground floor with the lobby, so that's a lot of stairs (69, I counted). On top of just walking up and down those stairs I have to carry the stroller and a toddler. Although, sometimes she wants to walk up herself holding on to the railing - she did three floors that way the other day. I kept asking her if she was tired, but she was having fun. Still, to go up and down the stairs, it's bringing down baby for one landing (there are two per floor), go back up, bring down stroller, then next landing. Lots of exercise. I ran into the elevator guy, who was fixing it this morning, and he said that while he fixed the actual elevator, the lobby door is off or stuck or whatever and needs to be taken off and welded, which won't happen until Monday. At least Bear is home now and he can carry everyone down until Tuesday morning.

Bear was away for work since Wednesday afternoon and just got back at 5:45pm tonight, so Tanya and I were just by ourselves on Wednesday night, and then again once I came home on Thursday afternoon. So last 48 hours, it was a lot of Skype to Bear and to my parents to have some adult conversation. Mostly, it's not very exiting. She is playing with a ball more, ever since she watched the Elmo episode with balls, and she has mastered her colors, so she names everything with color now. We had to buy a new ball on Friday since someone took ours on the playground (which is weird since usually people are good about it. maybe it was the cleaning crew who thought it was left behind while we were on the slide?). So in the store Tanya wanted "siniy ball" (blue ball - in her combination of languages). She also saw kids walking the other day and had to point out that they had "zelyenyi boots" (green boots). She's starting to make sentences of three and four words, which is fun to see. We are trying to teach her shapes, since she's not quite there yet.

Other than that, I kind of, accidentally, started watching "The Flash." I wanted something to watch the other day and I was looking around on Netflix and I figured I could watch the pilot. I liked the crossover "Supergirl" episode with the Flash and I like Grant Gustin in general from Glee. So I watched the pilot and liked it a lot, enough to watch two more episodes since then. I like it - it's really good for early episodes, especially Barry and Joe, their acting and their relationship (my favorite thing so far). Of course, there is a big CW quality with people too pretty and too young and too smart for the jobs they have, which makes it hard to buy at times (too few people working on that giant reactor too), but it is charming too. And I can't take Barry's Dad seriously since he was Dawson's Dad on "Dawson's Creek." But I guess I'm watching it now.


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