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We finally have the date for the closing for the apartment we are buying! November 10. Finally.

I got so tired and frustrated with the paperwork. We had a mortgage commitment but it felt like we were applying all over again. It was one thing after another. At one point, after the bank did a lien search, our mortgage broker tells us that Bear has judgment liens and he must pay it by closing. Which sent me in the confusion because, no he doesn't. I know his financial history and I've seen both our credit reports. I get the broker to send us the liens and, of course, they just searched for Bear's fairly common name in Brooklyn and found three guys at the addresses he never lived in and two bankruptcies of the guys with the same general name but with a different middle name and social security numbers. So obviously not Bear. But we had to prove it was not Bear. After back and forth with the broker and the lawyer the solution was for Bear to write a letter to this effect and notarize it. Just so much useless paperwork. I'm very glad it is almost done.

I haven't been feeling well lately, especially in the evenings, (I know why and it's a problem that will solve itself hopefully by the end of the semester) but that means I try to go to sleep when Tanya does and I'm usually in bed by 9. I don't have too much time or inclination to write or post, although I read all the entries, usually around 5am. Forgive me for the lack of entries for the next month. I will try. Early morning is great to catch up on TV.

I finished Season 2 of Flash, which I enjoyed and managed to catch up to current episodes of Season 3. I don't know if I will like watching the season in real time, I tend to prefer a whole complete season, but I will give it a shot. I don't know if I like the new timeline idea yet but we'll see. It might grow on me.

I finished "All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr today. It was really hard not to cry for the last 60 pages. He weaves all the narratives together so well and his prose is just so beautiful. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the two protagonists and I felt all the characters were fairly complex, even the villain. I'm glad I picked it to give to my Dad last year for his birthday.
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I just made a lot (42) chicken wontons. I got toasted sesame sauce today just for the purpose. It turned out just a tad dry but great overall, especially with soy sauce. Bear was happy. And they were Tanya approved. So success.

I'm in the middle of Season 2 of the Flash right now - really enjoying that. I also watched "Hamilton's America" today - it was great to see some staging of the songs. I listened to the soundtrack so much and I read the libretto book. But I only seen just a couple of songs staged. One day when it becomes affordable I would love to go see "Hamilton" live.

I started reading Anthony Doerr's All the Light We Cannot See . It's really, really good.

Book Meme
22. The book you finished even though you hated it, and the reasons why

Mostly this happened in school. If I start hating the book that I read for fun I would give up. Although I did finish Dune despite my dislike. In high school I really didn't like Great Gatsby by I had to finish it for the AP class. But there weren't too many books that I just hated.
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The semester is almost over. Classes are done next Monday, when I will give my final exam, and then I have to finish all the grading by May 11th. I just printed out the exam, so I'm all set in prep. Now just to grade Paper 5.

I've been a little bit consumed by watching Season 1 of "The Flash" on Netflix in the past week, so I suspect I will only start to focus on grading once I finish the final two episodes. I love this show, which is a little unexpected. But the villain is so, so good and the tension is built nicely. I'm a tad obsessed at this point, which hasn't happened in a while. Watching the whole season at once only confirms to me that that is how I prefer my TV now - all at once with no commercials. I think I will continue to watch this show just on Netflix, the same way I do with "Agents of Shield" - it just works so much better watching at my pace in a month, rather than over the course of the year.

It's Passover and I'm keeping it - so no bread or pasta or rice or oatmeal for me. It's been cottage cheese and eggs and cheese for breakfast and lots of potatoes. I do miss my bread - but it is only three days left. On Friday, we were still at my parents so we had a Seder there. My parents don't really like the whole ritual, just the food, so I did a very short version of prayers from my Haggadah. But the food, as usual, was delicious. Tanya really loves chicken soup (the other day, I was giving it to her at home and she wanted to say "Tanya is eating soup" and was trying to get to the Russian word 'to eat', saying the English one. So I helped with 'Tanya kushaet soup" and she corrected me with "bulyon," which is Russian for chicken soup. She cracks me up) and she really liked munching on mazza.

On Saturday, after my parents drove us home and Bear came home from work and food shopping, we drove to Queens to Marianna's for our friend Seder, which we do every year on a convenient Passover Saturday. It was a smaller gathering this year, since Janna's baby is only a few months and she opted out. It was Marianna, her husband Adama, their daughters Galya and Ida, Yeva, Bear, Tanya and I. The boys took care of the kids while Marianna and I with some assist from Yeva cooked. It was so nice just to cook together and talk.

Our menu this year was chicken soup with mazza balls, Ethiopian cabbage dish (potatoes and cabbage), asparagus, salad, baked wild salmon, mazza bread with mushrooms and onions, eggs and desert (I got a Passover cake in Costco). And I put together the Passover Plate, of course Adama got plaintains which we usually have every year too, but it was getting late so he gave us some to take home and Bear made them Monday. Lots and lots delicious food. I still did a shortened Seder since we had to leave by 8, but I got most important bits in.

Tanya didn't nap in the car on the way there and, of course, couldn't settle down for a nap in a new place filled with new fun toys, so she didn't nap. She did very well, surprisingly, and wasn't too cranky in the evening. She fell asleep right away on the way home at 8pm, went to bed quickly again once we got home and slept in until 7:40 the next morning - so she caught up on her sleep. But Saturday she was just excited to play with Galya and then Ida, once Ida was up from her nap. For the first time, Tanya was actually playing with others, not just parallel playing, but playing. Even last time we came for a visit, she was more cautious. This time, she even led Ida by the hand herself to join in some game. It was fun to see.

Yesterday, we went to the playground twice, in the morning and in the afternoon. And both times she started following two girls around. In the morning, it were sisters who were maybe 7 and 5, playing on the slide, and Tanya wanted to climb on the side like them and touch their jackets. And in the afternoon, she saw two other sisters, maybe 4 and 3, drawing with chalk, so she went to the opposite corner of the playground to her stroller to get her chalk, then ran to the girls and joined them. Offered them chalk, tried jumping/running after them as they jumped the chalk drawn numbers game. They were mostly puzzled but let her follow them, prompted by their mother. She is starting to join it, though.

And she is making more and more sentences - in present and past tense. And it's often so amusing to me. Yesterday morning, I was washing the floors and she would come up to me and try to grab the mop and wash the floors herself, saying "otdai shvabru", loosely translated as 'give me back the mop', kind of. It's funnier in Russian.
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It's April 9th and we are wearing winter jackets. It's rainy and might even snow a bit. What is this spring? I suspect it will go from cold straight to hot and humid without the nice, breathy period in between. Well, at least it wasn't raining in the morning so we could go outside a bit.

Of course, I also get extra exercise because our elevator hasn't been working since Wednesday. We live on the fifth floor, which is really the sixth since there is a ground floor with the lobby, so that's a lot of stairs (69, I counted). On top of just walking up and down those stairs I have to carry the stroller and a toddler. Although, sometimes she wants to walk up herself holding on to the railing - she did three floors that way the other day. I kept asking her if she was tired, but she was having fun. Still, to go up and down the stairs, it's bringing down baby for one landing (there are two per floor), go back up, bring down stroller, then next landing. Lots of exercise. I ran into the elevator guy, who was fixing it this morning, and he said that while he fixed the actual elevator, the lobby door is off or stuck or whatever and needs to be taken off and welded, which won't happen until Monday. At least Bear is home now and he can carry everyone down until Tuesday morning.

Bear was away for work since Wednesday afternoon and just got back at 5:45pm tonight, so Tanya and I were just by ourselves on Wednesday night, and then again once I came home on Thursday afternoon. So last 48 hours, it was a lot of Skype to Bear and to my parents to have some adult conversation. Mostly, it's not very exiting. She is playing with a ball more, ever since she watched the Elmo episode with balls, and she has mastered her colors, so she names everything with color now. We had to buy a new ball on Friday since someone took ours on the playground (which is weird since usually people are good about it. maybe it was the cleaning crew who thought it was left behind while we were on the slide?). So in the store Tanya wanted "siniy ball" (blue ball - in her combination of languages). She also saw kids walking the other day and had to point out that they had "zelyenyi boots" (green boots). She's starting to make sentences of three and four words, which is fun to see. We are trying to teach her shapes, since she's not quite there yet.

Other than that, I kind of, accidentally, started watching "The Flash." I wanted something to watch the other day and I was looking around on Netflix and I figured I could watch the pilot. I liked the crossover "Supergirl" episode with the Flash and I like Grant Gustin in general from Glee. So I watched the pilot and liked it a lot, enough to watch two more episodes since then. I like it - it's really good for early episodes, especially Barry and Joe, their acting and their relationship (my favorite thing so far). Of course, there is a big CW quality with people too pretty and too young and too smart for the jobs they have, which makes it hard to buy at times (too few people working on that giant reactor too), but it is charming too. And I can't take Barry's Dad seriously since he was Dawson's Dad on "Dawson's Creek." But I guess I'm watching it now.


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