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I am grateful to my parents for getting me a new laptop. I really am. But Windows 8 really sucks. I now know what everyone was talking about. Windows 7 was perfectly lovely, easy to use and not ugly. Windows 8 is already irritating me quite a bit. I only use the desktop but it wants me to switch to its stupid 'tablet' like interface. And I can't use the start menu like a proper person. And their Skype widget wants me to sink my Skype account with my new Microsoft account I had to create for this computer. I'll try downloading Skype through the internet instead. It is just this one giant hassle. I have to wait for my Microsoft Works Suite to show up - I ordered it last night from University for $30 - one advantage of working for academia - to properly use everything and I need to install all my favorite programs again. I'm sure I'll settle down into this computer but I need time. It is also a bit heavier than my last one, and less wieldy to use on my lap - I rarely use a laptop on a desk. It is not the laptop I would have chosen for myself. I know, I know, gift horse, mouth.

Yesterday, when my Dad took Tanya for her long afternoon nap, Bear and I could finally sit down in front of TV to watch a movie. We wanted to watch "Captain America: Winter Soldier" for a while and haven't had the time. We don't want to watch TV when Tanya can see it - so while we watched "Community" episodes when she was a few months old, now she would move herself and roll over to watch the screen. So no TV for us, which is probably a good thing overall. But no movies for a while. We only got through the first half and then my relatives came over. I finished watching it today in few installments. The first half was a bit too silly and predictable but I did enjoy the second half once the plot point started to be clear. I could predict who the Winter Solider was as soon as Steve Rogers went to his own museum - modern scripts follow such a predictable storytelling patters. But I still enjoyed it overall and I think I want to now go back to "Agents of SHIELD" - I only watched 12 episodes or so. The show is now on Netflix.

When Steve Rogers visited his own museum in the movie, Bear and I had a laugh because Bear works in a place where once a world renowned, very famous scientist just sat in the big auditorium all by himself and watched a movie about himself.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012 11:00 pm
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I finally caught up on “House” not that I cared for many of these latest episodes. But at least I’m all set for the finale.

I spent the afternoon putting together a spinach lasagna – I used tons of turkey meat. I figure it would be easier to put together in the afternoon and then put in the fridge until closer to dinner time and then just stick it in the oven. Bear was coming over after work around dinner time. I also make a nice salad. And I got whole wheat noodles too for the lasagna. It all came out really well. It is a lot of food – even with Bear eating in for two nights and giving him food to take home, I will be eating it all week. But it did came out really well.

After cooking I did spent a significant time in the afternoon reading on the balcony in the sunshine. It was so lovely.

Bear and I spent some time online picking our Ketubah. We both like blue for color and we picked Interfaith vows we both loved. I think I want to order a sample to decide on the size but we do both agree on what we liked best. Here is a link.

We also went for a walk to a Redbox and rented “Captain America.” Since we saw The Avengers, I wanted to catch up. But we only watched half since it was getting late and I was too tired and just wanted to sleep, so we’ll watch the rest tomorrow. It is silly fun, though. I like it so far.


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