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Yesterday was Bear's and mine 5th wedding anniversary. (In a week and a half it will be our 19 years together anniversary). We don't really do much for it other than text each other "Happy Anniversary", and Bear bringing me a rose and buying cake from the bakery that did our wedding cake. My parents drove me and the girls home yesterday afternoon from a two week stay at their house and Bear came home around 5:30 from work, only to be waylaid by Tanya, so we only got a little time together to celebrate. But after both Tanya and Olivia were asleep by 9pm (Tanya occasionally drops a nap, like she did yesterday, so she crashes by 8pm, instead of her usual 9pm bedtime. I start Olivia's routine by 8pm, with eating, diaper change, pajamas, a song and stroking her forehead, so she is usually out by 9pm very smoothly, unlike how Tanya used to be. Tanya still fights bedtime, even when she skips a nap and is so clearly sleepy) Bear and I looked through out wedding album and had tea and chocolate cake before I crashed to go to bed. That cake is so so so good. The best chocolate cake ever. I don't know what magic they do on it but it is just so delicious and very rich, so I had only a tiny slice.

Bear's parents actually put more thought into our anniversary than we do. They came to visit this afternoon to see the girls but also to bring dinner and cheesecake for us and some small presents for all. We got a cutlery set for our anniversary. We did have a nice time, as we all went outside for a while and it was a nice visit. But it was also nice when they went home around 8:45 and after the girls were asleep I could just have tea and cheesecake and chat with Bear. They kept trying to convince me to come visit with Olivia when Bear and Tanya will go over their house next week over Labor Day but I really don't want to travel with a small baby. I want her more set on her nap schedule at the very least. Travelling to my mother's house is different - it's closer, they have a crib and a baby set up and she manages Tanya more.

Otherwise last week was pretty usual. We would get up, go to the playground near my parents' house where my Mom would walk with napping Olivia while I played with Tanya, and spend the afternoon at home. The only different and really fun thing was this past Wednesday when the playground had a free puppet show. First, in the morning, Tanya went to the arts and crafts table (the park runs it all summer and she loves paining there) and painted a mask to wear during the puppet show. It was a very professional show by the Puppet Mobile with marionettes and it was called Cinderella Samba - a Cinderella Story based in Brazil with a Carnival theme. This is a link, with a picture. It was a pretty fun show and a great take on Cinderella. We saw maybe 3/4 of it though. Olivia started bawling after her nap because she was hungry and it was very hot outside so I wanted to go home to feed her instead of at the playground. And Tanya started crying because she didn't want me to leave even though she could have just finished watching the show with my Mom. So we all went home instead.

Olivia started to laugh a little - for some reason she was just laughing a lot when we were coming home in the car on Saturday. It was making all of us happy just to hear her baby laugh. And Tanya started telling stories lately - silly ones that make no sense, but she would go through a book, looking at pictures and try to put together a narrative. It's pretty cute too and new.

At some point I need to write my thoughts on "Doctor Who Season 12", "Defenders", "Lion" movie, Clifford Simak's "Way Station" and Connie Willis' "To Say Nothing of the Dog" but it is getting late and I really need to catch some sleep.
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Another week gone by. They do tend to go quickly. Back to work next week. I'm already updating syllabi, setting up the class websites and updating first class handouts. The first class is on Thursday. I'm teaching two sections of Basic Composition this semester.

At least, I'm hoping it's two sections. My first class is nice and full at 18 students but the second class is limited to students of a specific program only and not to general uni population. The problem is, it only has 6 students so far. My boss thinks it's not a problem since it's a sponsored section so it should run despite the low enrolment but I won't relax about it until the semester starts. I really can't afford not to teach two sections.

Meanwhile, this week we again went to my parents from Tuesday to Saturday for the last summer hurrah. And on Tuesday night I finally cut off the night nursing. I was weaning my daughter all month and it was time to drop the last feed. No more nursing. I went almost 13 months and soon I will get my body back. Of course, that meant lots of crying that night and lack of sleep. I think I managed 4 hours and Tanya maybe 6 or 7. But to my surprise the next night was really good. She slept better, had water when she woke up at night and didn't cry about it anymore. I was expecting at least 3 miserable nights, so yay. She's not sleeping through the night yet, though. One day. She is also finally got used to regular cow milk.

On Wednesday, despite complete exhaustion we went to the beach in the morning. The water was much colder, so no swimming, but lots of fun in the sand.

On Thursday, my Dad worked from home for half a day so he could drive me to work for the new semester orientation in the afternoon. I met up with a few of my work friends and we had fun catching up. Then the orientation was really about the rise of international students since 2011 and the challenges of teaching not grammar but vocabulary more. It was really nice to shift my mental gears and focus on work.

After the orientation, my Dad and I drove to Costco where I finally ordered new glasses, since it was cheaper to buy them there with no insurance than at another place with insurance. My insurance will reimburse about $50, so that's a plus. The new frames are purple (I have red now). I will keep the red ones for the computer since the new ones will have a stronger prescription.

Then I ate a lot of free food samples, which was great since I was getting hungry. And on top of that I bought their Gelato - 3 scoops on a waffle cone for only $1.50. So cheap and delicious. A bit too much ice-cream really.

After unloading everything my Dad bought at home, we then drove to Toys R Us so I could get more baby food for Tanya. We also stopped by the bank and a nearby store, so I could buy Bear an anniversary card. It was our 3 year wedding anniversary on August 26th. (It will be 17 years together on Sept 6). Today we were going to get some cake from the bakery that made our wedding cake (here's a link to an old post with a couple of wedding pictures including the cake ). But the store has closed. Luckily, they will open soon in a new location -they have really amazing cakes. I went to a local bakery instead. Hopefully, next year we can resume our cake tradition.

Friday was the day of three trips to the playground. Kids today play a lot of zombie games. The boys were chasing zombies with toy guns and on another playgound boys were playing zombie tag. And one kid had a dog costume on and was barking like a dog and running around - Tanya was fascinated by him.


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