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Grimm was the little show that could. I watched it from the very beginning as the trailer was interesting and it was from creators of Angel. My Dad and I checked out the first episode together and both continued to watch it although not at the same time once I moved. The show got me from the very first episode with Monroe and Nick and their friendship was such a highlight of the show. I think I wanted to ship them in the beginning but then Rosalee showed up and it was Monroe/Rosalee all the way for me - I adore them to pieces and I love Rosalee in general, such a great character. I also really liked that it was a police show that followed police procedure and was often very detailed in it - and that it morphed into a show of friends who all worked together. I really enjoy it when characters stop keeping secrets, talk to each other and start to work together.

I didn't really like Adelind in the beginning and wasn't really feeling the idea of her and Nick getting together at all after what she did to him. But once the storyline started happening I did go with it and I felt Adalind really did grow as a person and by the end of it I was fine with that relationship. So the show did do a good job convincing me about that relationship. Nick and Juliette were certainly over once she burned the trailer and contributed to his mother's death, so it was great the show didn't really go for the triangle. And Juliette/Eve really came into her own with her powers, and especially in the 6th season - I started to like her again. And I loved Trubel - so the show did built its female characters after a slow start.

By season 5 I did think it was time for it to end - it was getting a bit of a chore to watch, so I was happy with the last season 13 episode order to finish it properly. I really enjoyed this season though and I will miss this show now that it is done. I will miss the characters and their dynamic. At least the show was definitely finished well. Still, I will miss it.

I watched the final three episodes - one on Sunday, and the last two on Monday - and it was a great way to finish watching it. I found the penultimate episode particularly well done and intense.

In the Episode 11, the conversation between Eve and Nick was my favorite thing - they cleared the air finally and Eve was clear that she accepted who she was now and wouldn't want to change it and that Nick should stop feeling guilty about it. I love her agency in her own life now and acknowledgment of the past while going for the future. Eve was finally truly herself I felt.

It was very brutal to watch everyone die after the end of the 12th episode, but by the time Adelind died, and Monroe and Rosalee, I figured there would be a reset. Still watching Nick and Trubel fight at the end, and Nick being at his lowest was not easy to do. NBC website where I was watching the episode spoiled the Kelly and Marie entrance for me (they had a clip with their pictures under the episode), but I loved seeing them and having those power walks and all the female Grimms. And the happy ending was great - all the Schodinger's Cat talk about two universes had a good payoff here. Nick was just so happy to see everyone and so was the audience. Nice flashforward too - I though it was a really good ending and every appropriate for a show about fairy tales. Original fairy tales often didn't have a happy ending but the moderns ones do - so we got both. I thought the writers did very well in the larger plot and trying all the loose ends together. And for creating such wonderful characters.


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