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I should really catch up before another week runs away from me.

Mon, March 13 - Sun, March 19

It was a Spring Break week so I was home all week. I had grading to do but I slacked some, since I really did need a break. On Monday, 13th, we went to do our taxes since both Bear and I had a day off. We went to our accountant and took Tanya with us for a small outing. It was still pretty cold outside but we went to a playground after. Too freezing for me. I'm just glad to get the taxes done and we are getting some money back, which is good.

Spring Break week was also strange because we had a "snowstorm" on Tuesday, March 14. They were predicting a blizzard, so Bear left for his parents' early. It was a meeting week and he was supposed to leave Tuesday afternoon, but we figured he should go Monday night. It wasn't really a blizzard. There was snow but not a major predicted snowstorm. Still, Tanya and I just hung out at home by ourselves for two days, leading to an epic terrible, not so good bedtime where she wasn't listening at all and I had to drag her from task to task, which is not easy for me to do with my giant stomach.

My Mom came on Thursday for a visit and she actually ended up staying until Saturday, which was an enormous help. She not only cooked but provided back-up. We could go to the playground and play in the snow a bit, since I can only manage to go to the yard behind the building by myself with her. My Dad stayed over on Friday night too, since he misinterpreted my Mom's instructions and drove here after work instead of home. He probably just didn't want to be alone in the house for two nights.

And that Friday night, a week ago now, after staying up at night with Tanya the night before and not getting a lot of rest (my Mom wanted me to rest so she took the shift), my Mom finally decided that enough was enough and that Tanya was old enough to get a little sleep trained. My Mom was the one who got Tanya out of her crib at 8 month and first brought her into bed, effectively starting almost two years of co-sleeping, so it was proper she was the one to end night shenanigans. Co-sleeping worked for us until about a few months ago, when it took her longer to fall asleep and she got clingier, and Tanya has been progressing well in sleeping in her own bed for the last month. But sitting with her in the middle of the night was proving too tiring and with a baby coming, it would be impossible. So sleep training it was. I was forbidden to get up from the bed and go to her in any way (Tanya would soothe herself with my hair and was crying for me to come to give her the hair). She cried for a bit but then went to sleep and cried maybe for 10 minutes in the middle of the night. My Mom would go over but then leave soon after and not stay and I wasn't allowed to go in. The next night, I put her to bed, sat with her for 10 minutes and told her goodnight. She cried for maybe 5 minutes and then went to sleep. At night, I only went in for five minutes as well, and then left. Again she cried for 5 minutes - so it wasn't bad. I do feel a little bad for neighbors. But every night it has been getting better and tonight she didn't even cry or protest when I said goodnight and left. A few nights she slept through the night and the rest she didn't cry much once I left. So I'm much more rested now and I'm sure she is too. It was definitely the right time for it.

I had a very good day last Saturday. First, I had another OB appointment and my placenta is finally moving up. Yay. I was very happy to hear that. In the evening Yeva and her Mom stopped up for a visit to see the apartment and it was great to see her. (Although the next day, after we talked on the phone, our divergent ideas about money were rearing its head again, and I was getting upset because I really feel our friendship is dying. We just have different priorities in life, which happens. She wants to skip our friend Passover to go on vacation, which I took a little too personally because I plan those things and it means a lot to me. And she was just in Amsterdam in February and Vegas in March). Bear also came home Saturday evening, so that was great, and he brought me "Pride" movie from the library, which I wanted to see for a while. I actually watched it that night, in one night - and I haven't just watched a movie in so long. It was such a lovely, very British movie, just what I like and it made me cry by the end of it.

On Sunday, I made chicken wontons. They came out so good. And while I was cooking, I started watching "The Great British Bake Off" on Netflix. I loved it. British reality shows don't have so much fake drama, which was much nicer to watch, and those cakes looked so delicious and inspiring. Now I want to bake more.

I also finished "The Goblin Emperor" this week, which I really enjoyed. I started Hardy's "Jude the Obscure" but maybe I'm just immersed in Penman some more.

Mon, March 20-Sat, March 25
Since I slacked off on grading last week, I was paying for it this week. I have until Wednesday to catch up. Most days are pretty ordinary. Bear is home every night this week, so more cooking but also nice since he takes over the time between dinner and bed and I can take a break. I made spinach lasagna today, which came out really well- love the new oven.

Last week, Tanya has discovered my box of CDs, and since then I organized them in a tower. But she loves putting a CD into the CD player in the living room, turning it on herself and dancing to it. Mostly she goes for pretty covers and wants the same CD over and over. For a while it was Lady Gaga, then she wanted some K's Choice, Rasputina and James Marsters because those three were homemade in colorful CD cases. And Jason Mraz. And just recently she took my "Dr Horrible" CD from the shelf (which has a few random songs on it too since it was a CD backup from my downloads) and she's been turning that on a lot. (She thinks that her stuffed toys Dr. Dog and Froggy are singing on it, since when I told her it was called Dr. Horrible, she associated it with her toy Dr. Dog).

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Date: 2017-04-01 06:06 am (UTC)
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The association of Dr Horrible with her Dr Dog is just adorable! :D (Dr Horrible as an Angel-style puppet also springs to mind!)


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