Monday, August 6th, 2012

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It was hot again today so I didn’t leave the house much. I did go to the bank since I need to start preparing envelopes to pay people for the wedding. The rest of the day wasn’t really eventful.

My throat feels a bit scratchy. I hope it doesn’t develop into anything major although I’d rather be sick this week than in the end of the month.

The Mars landing of Curiosity is super awesome. I wish I followed it more last night.


I watched some synchronized swimming, some track and field like hurdles and pole vault, and gymnastics today. Grenada’s winning first gold was so emotional – Kirani James was crying. Damn you, NBC promotional segments meant to elicit tears and drama! For gymnastics, I watched men’s rings – one of my favorite apparatuses, men’s vault and women’s high bar. The rings do impress me most. And I really don’t know how those women do all that synchronized swimming – it is hard enough to hold yourself above water. I liked the Russian routine a lot – it was so much fun.

I did like the Longitude segment of NBC broadcast – one of my favorite memories of study abroad in London in 2000 was standing on the Prime Meridian line. I still have the picture of being both in the East and West Hemisphere at the same time. I wanted to do that since I was a kid and actually getting there was just amazing.


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