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Part 3: wedding planning

We don’t have that much wedding planning left to do but when I put together a list of what we actually did for it in June the list was actually bigger than I thought it would be.

On June 18, we went to meet with the rabbi and the priest at Rabbi Frank’s apartment in the city. They were both quite nice and we spend maybe 45 minutes with them going over the ceremony and the combination of two traditions.

Bear’s parents also gave us a very generous wedding gift the weekend earlier, for various expenses, and Bear and I set up a joint account in his bank. I think we worked out how we are going to manage finances too.

I also got us a cake topper – bears, of course – boy bear in a suit and girl bear in the dress. I got them on Ebay for $12.50 and they were Vintage 1980 (which was years of our birth – so it seemed like it was meant to be). They are very cute. This was my first time buying something on EBay too.

Cake Topper

We also tried selling that summer wedding dress from China on Ebay but we weren’t that successful. I need to figure out a way to sell it.

A few days after Bear and I booked ourselves for those two days at a B&B for the mini honeymoon, I looked up my teaching schedule for the Fall semester. And while University starts after Labor Day, Local College actually starts on August 27 – the day after the wedding! I’m just going to be handing out syllabi – so lack of sleep and general post-wedding state should be ok, since the wedding is the day before but we needed to reschedule the mini-honeymoon. We are going on the 30th now, right after my Writing orientation.

Overall, the planning has been pretty smooth. For some reason I did have nightmares thought about the wedding and things going as they plan for a few nights in mid-June. I really don’t know what caused them – I don’t care about perfection. Just weird, I guess.

Bridal shower planning is actually stressing me and I’m not the one planning it! Nor did I really want it originally but my maid of honor insisted. And now Bear’s sister is causing a fun since she didn’t not get the Evite in her email, even though it was sent to her. She doesn’t want a practical solution of using her Mom’s evite to get information nor look at email Bear sent her with all the details. I’m just trying really hard to avoid this unnecessary drama.


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