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I took a bus to Brooklyn this afternoon to meet with Bear and stop by bakeries to pick our cake. I wondered around Bay Ridge for a while waiting for him, scouting lunch possibilities – there are some cute stores. By the time he got there it was time for lunch and I really wanted a burger, so we went to a pub type place and we both got really tasty and delicious burgers. The bar was a bit crowded after a while since all the hockey fans were coming in for a game, but still the food was good.

I made a list of bakeries and we were pretty much walking around. In one bakery, there was a creating ‘cupcake’ cake but the baker is going on vacation in August. But while we were there looking at cake pictures we decided on the white/red/black colors for our cake.

In the next bakery, the baker was out and in the third one the guy was going out of the door to deliver one but he gave us his card and basically told us what kind of cake we would need – only two tier since there are about 35 people and his reasonable pricing. We were going to come back after making an appointment but I wanted to stop by a Russian bakery on 86th street too, so we drove over there.

And we ended up picking out a cake. It was more expensive than in the other bakery but we could just order one right there, without coming back. Both Bear and I like that – we don’t want to spend more time on this than needed. And we picked a good design and talked to the baker right there. And we got to taste delicious samples. The bottom will be chocolate and the top a walnut. So tasty. But expensive.

And in the evening, quite accidentally, we also ended up taking care of the ring for Bear. Since I had to return the Macy’s ring (oh my God the hassle there), we needed a new one. So out of curiosity we looked on Amazon and they have very cheap ones made of the same material as the Macy’s one. So since Bear is not actually planning to wear his ring all the time and he really doesn’t want to go shopping for it, he just picked one on Amazon. And since it was pretty cheap, I got him a black ring too with a batman symbol for fun in addition to the actual one. So we crossed two things from our wedding to do list today.
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