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May 14: My semester is finally over so I can catch up here. I will try to keep most of it off the Reading page so not to spam anyone. It is really nice not to be grading anymore!

I signed up for R/S Firsts Fest, knowing that by end of the semester I won’t have time. But I could write a very very short story. So I did just in time for a deadline today. And I got Bear to beta it since it was such last notice. How much do I love my fiancée for his willingness to read my slash stories!

Mama and I went to Brooklyn to do my wedding hair trial. Yeva recommended the hairdresser so off we went. And I did like the style and her and the hair did hold all day. Lots and lots of pins in my hair. So although it would involve a lot of traveling on the day of, I will do my hair with her.

Grimm S1E19 Nick is such a badass now – taking out two Reapers. And sending their heads as a message. And he called Monroe for a shovel. Only a close friend would do that. Monroe coming to dinner was so awkward and wonderful. I think the writers are playing with shippers deliberately.


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