Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Today was my first day at the new job. It was mostly boring because I don't really have anything to do yet. I left the house a bit early at 7:20 so I could recharge the Metrocard and give myself extra time to walk to the subway. The commute is an hour or so with the walking (subway is about 12 minutes away from my place and about 5-10 minutes from the Manhattan station), so I had plenty of time before I had to be in HR at 9am to enjoy the views of the river. Before I left, I had time to eat breakfast and make Tanya her breakfast and feed her, so it felt rather nice not having to rush out of the door at 6:20.

From 9am to about 11am there was orientation at Human Resources department. They gave us a give blue giant folder with all the booklets and policies and forms to fill out like Pension fund and direct deposit and health insurance info - the works. A few people came to talk to us about the forms and how payroll would work. We got our IDs too. And then around 11 I got to go to my new department. I got my own desk and an IT guy came to reset my password. It is a pretty big desk in an open cubicle area. I met a bunch of people I will be working with. I remember maybe half the names but I will figure that out as I go along. I also go a bunch of office supplies, which felt like first day of school a bit.

Mostly I just sat there. The boss D had a lot of meetings today - he stopped by to welcome me but didn't have time for much more. Hopefully tomorrow. Another person who is sort of in charge too, gave me a couple of manuals so I could at least take a look at how procurement works and some of their reports. She was basically not sure if they should train me to do reports now, since I'm going on leave in the few weeks. I have no idea how much work I will have in the next months - but I do hope I will get something to do. I went out to enjoy the view and nice weather for lunch and I did get a building pass. I need to relax and bit and take it easy, and stop being so eager to prove myself. It will come.

The commute back was pretty easy and not too crowded. I got back at 6pm, and ran into Bear and Tanya on the way to the playground. So I came home and made some pasta and a turkey burger for dinner. Then fed them when they got back home at 7. I'm exhausted. Not from mental work, obviously, but it is very hard physically with with commute and sitting in the office and being 8 months pregnant. But it is something I will just have to do. I just paid some bills on the computer and will probably with read a little or watch Sense8 and just go to bed.

Yesterday, I actually managed to watch a whole movie in one sitting while Tanya napped. I saw "Bad Moms" which is silly and ridiculous in a lot of ways with a lot of jokes that are not my sense of humor but it still managed to make me tear up - I blame hormones. And I liked that the villain in the end wasn't just one note character. Of course, I loved the interviews with the actresses and their moms at the end and in special feature the most, of all things.
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