Saturday, August 4th, 2012

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I had a really busy morning-afternoon today. My parents and I all left the house early and stopped by the bakery where I’m getting the wedding cake to pay off the balance (and got some delicious pastries). Then we carried some more kitchen things and linens to the apartment where Mama finished with the kitchen set-up and did the linen closet while I cleaned the bathroom for almost three hours. And with no air conditioner and a hot day, my face was getting all red. I tried drinking lots of water. The bathroom just needed to be cleaned a lot, especially the tiles – I don’t know when was the last time anyone washed the walls. But now the bathroom is all clean and ready to use. I also put all my refrigerator magnets on the fridge – I always get them when I travel – so the place is starting to look more homey.

Then after the cleaning, we went to order the flowers and to talk to the restaurant about some questions like juice order and how the room will be arranged. Our party room is bigger than I remember it and we will certainly have space for the ceremony there. We are not doing a lot of flowers – just an arrangement for Bear and I’s table and a bouquet and a boutonniere.

We came back home after 2 and I was very grateful for a shower. I didn’t watch much Olympics today, just a little trampoline. I watched “In Time” on HBO OnDemand instead. It is a movie about a world where everyone stops aging at 25 and has a certain amount of time on their hand and time is used as currency. The movie was alright – the metaphor was a little too obvious but it was an interesting concept. I thought the movie could have been shorter, though.

For some reason, my legs are getting bruised a little too easily these days. It is a little weird – maybe I’m sitting too long and need to exercise more. I was on my knees a little while cleaning the bathtub and now I have a large bruise under my knee.


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