Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

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I woke up this morning thinking that it’s Saturday, mostly because I’m leaving the house early and in the summer I usually do that on weekends.

I left the house at 9:20am and came back at 10:50pm. A very long day. But we did get a lot done. I took buses to get to the apartment and Bear met me there. He already got the keys. The windows were still not done, obviously, since it always seems to need to keep calling people and bugging them for anything to be accomplished. But we did set up an appointment with the maintenance guy for 8:30am tomorrow. And after a long day figuring out if I’ll sleep at a friend’s in Brooklyn to make that appointment since my apartment has no furniture yet and at the same time somehow make it to 2pm final dress fitting, Bear ended up staying in my house and skipping work since we’ll also get furniture delivery tomorrow.

But in the morning we measured the apartment and ate lunch there while waiting for pouring rain to subside. Then we drove to Municipal building to get the marriage license. Parking in that neighborhood, full of government buildings is insane so we ended up in a parking lot – it was so worth the money. Getting the license took some time since the line was long and slow (plus a metal detector line)– it is not a complicated process. Very officy there. In the process, Bear learned that his Dad was born in Ohio, which he never bothered to ask before – he did have to ask his Mom today before he headed into the office. And I didn’t change my name. Too much hassle and no matter how easier it would be, my name has always been my name. Bear doesn’t mind this at all – he liked the idea of individuality in a partnership. (We have this theme in our Ketubah too).

And finally we went to IKEA at 4pm and ended up spending 5.5 hours there. We needed everything! That what happens when you decide to sell all your stuff when you move, years earlier, instead of putting it all in storage. And there was a lot of furniture. We had a regular cart plus 3 furniture carts. $2000.38 of stuff (we still need – sofa, blinds, new toilet seat.) IKEA does have a brilliant delivery service and we are getting everything by tomorrow for only $60. Good thing IKEA has that really good restaurant – we got dinner there – which was delicious, especially the free desert. My parents drove to the apartment late at night to meet up and bring some stuff like air conditioner and kitchen supplies. And then we all made our way home. So it was a really, really long day and my feet are yelling at me.

I missed an exciting Olympic day, I hear. I’ll need to catch up.


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