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I need to keep all my fanfiction in one place especially since I want to write more of it. So here it is.

Harry Potter

1. No Words Needed
An unexpected visit late at night. A mood piece on a rainy day. Character: Severus Snape

2. A Happy Life
Remus reflects on his life and the meaning of happiness. Remus/Sirius and Remus/Tonks.

3. Never Friends
When Remus is injured, it is up to Snape to help whether he wants to or not. In the process, they talk of the past, air grievances and perhaps offer each other a tiny bit of friendship. Written for Snape’s birthday. Mention of R/S, R/T, Severus/Lily, James/Lily.

4. Stop Fidgeting
Sirius is nervous about his first airplane ride. Remus/Sirius

5. Covered in Snow
Forced to take a short holiday between Order missions in February 1997, Remus travels to the Lake District, where he long ago came with Sirius. Written for RS Games 2011.

6. A Merry Little Christmas
Christmas is a great day to leave all your troubles behind. AU where everyone lives. Written for RS Small Gifts 2011

7. Five Times Sirius Did Not Back Down and the One Time He Did
Sirius never backs down. Especially when it comes to family. Even if it would make his life so much easier. Written for Black Circle DJ 2012

8. Sweaty Palms and Butterflies
The first time Remus’s heart sped up and butterflies appeared when looking at Sirius. Written for Firsts Fest 2012.

9. A Good Heart
When Remus got to live his favorite fairy tale in his own life, his role was quite unexpected. Written for RS Games 2012.

10. Midnight Conversations
All the important conversations seem to always happen in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Or how Remus and Sirius got together as adults at Grimmauld Place. Written for RS Small Gifts 2012.

11. All These Whispered Words
Rumours get out of hand when even your friends believe them over you. Written for Black Circle DJ 2013.

12. Letters at 4am
"It's four in the morning, the end of December / I'm writing you now just to see if you're better / New York is cold, but I like where I'm living / There's music on Clinton Street all through the evening."
~ Leonard Cohen, "Famous Blue Raincoat"
Written for RS Games 2013

13. Somebody to Love
Both Remus and Sirius are a little reluctant when an overly enthusiastic Peter sets them up on a blind date. But maybe getting out of the house won’t be that terrible. Non-magic AU. Written for RS Small Gifts 2013.

14. Warm Summer Nights
Sirius can’t fully remember his favourite summer, so Remus brings summer to Grimmauld Place. Written for RS Games 2014.

15. A Simple Favor
Remus just wanted to go to a fancy party. Sirius just wanted to see the look on his mother’s face if he brought someone non-aristocratic. All perfectly logical reasons to pretend to be dating. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Muggle AU. Written for RS Small Gifts 2014.

16. Seagull
Minerva McGonagall just wants to get to lunch. Unfortunately, Luna Lovegood has questions. Written for RS Games Inter-Team activity.

17. Moon Dog
Once upon a time a bored star in the sky heard music and came to Earth to meet the beautiful musician; or How the star Sirius became a binary. Written for RS Games 2015.

18. Sailing Far Beyond the Air
For a child who grew up on the colonies of Mars, Earth was confining. A tiny spaceship could defy prisons. AU. Pitch hit for RS Games 2015.

19. How to Find a Bloke at Holiday Parties
Sirius really should have gotten Remus’ last name during Lily’s holiday party or some way to contact him. They were just too busy making out to get to all the important details. But Sirius is not one to give up. He will find the mysterious gorgeous stranger, maybe in time for another party. AU where Remus never went to Hogwarts. Written for RS Small Gifts 2015.

20. The Past, the Future and the Present Moment
As Remus is putting Teddy to bed, he sees a young Sirius Black in his window. A time travel accident brings a 19 year old Sirius and 38 year old Remus face to face. One is filled with hope for the future, the other with burdens of the past; their meeting will help them both. Written for RS Games 2016

21. Christmas in July
Being stuck and lying low at Remus’ place is testing all of Sirius’ patience. But a magic snow globe, ice skating and a glimpse of a past life might just help Sirius see his predicament in a new way. Written for RS Small Gifts 2016.

Highlander:The Series

1. Holiday in the Sun
Six years after Endgame, in the middle of a busy and tiring Christmas season, Mac receives an invitation to a holiday. Duncan/Methos

2. Database
In 1995, Watchers thought that the computer database was a really bad idea as Kalas almost exposed them to the world. And yet, less than two years later, a database is up and running as Joe tracks the Horsemen. Even Watchers must adjust to new technology. In the fall of 1995, Methos just needs to convince Joe it is a good idea. Written for Fannish Library Fest.

3. Global Encounters to 1600
History through Methos’ eyes.

4. A New Life or Something Like It
In 1347, Methos was looking for a new life. He found it in Norfolk, of all places, in a midst of a court case. And he should always listen to Rebecca. Written for 2012 History Big Bang.

5. A Lifetime
Twenty years can be a whole life or just a moment. Six characters reflect, sometimes reluctantly. Written for HL Chronicles 2012.


1. A Nice Sunny Day
A thousand years later, in London 2005, traveling with the Doctor and his new companion, Jack watches Ianto in a park.


1. A Matter of Pride
Queen Vashti would not obey the King's command. Book of Esther 1.