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Blog for Feb 24 – Mar 2

We’ve moved! I don't have the Internet until Thursday, March 2nd, so I'm just going to type and update in a Word document, and then post when it is finally installed. I do have some 4G data, so I'm not completely cut off and can read blogs and news, but I am trying to be a little conservative with it.

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Tuesday, Feb 28 was a low key day. I did finish "A Wrinkle in Time" which I didn't really like. I don’t know why – I think the plot was a little silly/weird and some religious undertones made me uncomfortable. Maybe I would have liked it as a child.

Wed, March 1st – Tanya slept through the night without bugging anyone – yay. I graded midterms in the morning and then went outside with her for a bit. Got potato filled samsa for work today from local supermarket – yummy. Kitchen guy finally showed up to finish the kitchen today, so when I got home from work, my Mom already organized the kitchen well.

Bear sold my Buffy Season 8 comic books on EBay! He's on the selling streak this week as our little Panda washer from the old apartment sold too, and he shipped it already.

And now we got internet installed and I need to grade because I have a big work deadline on Monday. Good to be able to just go online. And I just downloaded "The Goblin Emperor" from the library so there is distraction too.
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I had a really busy morning-afternoon today. My parents and I all left the house early and stopped by the bakery where I’m getting the wedding cake to pay off the balance (and got some delicious pastries). Then we carried some more kitchen things and linens to the apartment where Mama finished with the kitchen set-up and did the linen closet while I cleaned the bathroom for almost three hours. And with no air conditioner and a hot day, my face was getting all red. I tried drinking lots of water. The bathroom just needed to be cleaned a lot, especially the tiles – I don’t know when was the last time anyone washed the walls. But now the bathroom is all clean and ready to use. I also put all my refrigerator magnets on the fridge – I always get them when I travel – so the place is starting to look more homey.

Then after the cleaning, we went to order the flowers and to talk to the restaurant about some questions like juice order and how the room will be arranged. Our party room is bigger than I remember it and we will certainly have space for the ceremony there. We are not doing a lot of flowers – just an arrangement for Bear and I’s table and a bouquet and a boutonniere.

We came back home after 2 and I was very grateful for a shower. I didn’t watch much Olympics today, just a little trampoline. I watched “In Time” on HBO OnDemand instead. It is a movie about a world where everyone stops aging at 25 and has a certain amount of time on their hand and time is used as currency. The movie was alright – the metaphor was a little too obvious but it was an interesting concept. I thought the movie could have been shorter, though.

For some reason, my legs are getting bruised a little too easily these days. It is a little weird – maybe I’m sitting too long and need to exercise more. I was on my knees a little while cleaning the bathtub and now I have a large bruise under my knee.
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Mama woke me at 7:20 today since she wanted an early start. We don’t have the air conditioner in the new apartment yet, just a fan, so she wanted to go start cleaning before it got too hot. We stopped by my grandmother’s to grab my copy of the keys that Bear made yesterday and dropped them off. Today, Mama and I tackled the kitchen. I watched the fridge. All the little nooks and crannies. We also lined some of the drawers and washed and put away half of kitchen things. We will finish it tomorrow. And I’m going to tackle the bathroom. The apartment is not a terrible mess or anything but I think it was empty for a while and it is dusty and wasn’t clean to my standards. There is a lot to do and I’m glad we have another three weeks to do it.

Bear called around noon to say that super was going to come around 3:30 to install one of the air conditioners. Mama and I were ready to go home after more than three hours of cleaning but we obviously hung around. We got sandwiches at the deli – very delicious – and ate them at DunkinDonuts. And we went around different discount stores were I was picking up little things like a mop, welcome mat, step-stool, bathroom mat, etc. Then we waited in a hot apartment with no air conditioner. The super only showed up at 4:30 and just took a look at the air conditioner. He and his son will install this one and the one Bear is bringing on Sunday and he will fix a small leak in the kitchen sink. But we basically hung around half a day for nothing. Bear will deal with it on Sunday.

Fun link: Facts about US foreigners don’t believe until they visit.

Olympics. NBC spend 30 minutes of primetime coverage to recap 1996 women’s gymnastics and only showed one long jump. Argh. I took a shower during volleyball coverage and then watched some swimming, running and throwing just waiting for the trampoline. Trampoline is amazing! They are jumping so high and all those twists look complex and beautiful. We only got to see three routines, though. I’m going to try to catch the replay for this, because that was awesome.
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After such a long day on my feet yesterday, and two days ahead of me with a lot to do, today was a bit of a rest day. At least I didn’t go for my usual walk. I did go to my second dress fitting – and they only need to fix the shoulder strap – and to the Russian store for bread. And I stopped by the salon there and arranged for wedding make-up person to come to the house. Yeva was going to do it – but there were just too many logistics involved as she wanted to do at her house, and that is just too much driving around.

Other than that I was pretty much home.

I did wake up at 7 to make a very cranky Bear’s breakfast (lack of sleep is not his friend) and then he went to the apartment. They fixed the windows and the IKEA guys came even earlier than scheduled. So that’s done. Now I need to really clean it and put the kitchen in order. Mama and I took out the gigantic box of kitchen stuff and put them in manageable bags – I did miss all my plates and glasses. I’m looking forward to this part.

Olympics – I caught that really close swim from yesterday online and some of men’s gymnastics. I’m going to try to catch up on the whole thing later. The online main feed shows so many varied performances that it is much better than live coverage, it seems. And I watched the women’s gymnastics and some swimming today. Gabby Douglas’ mom was so happy there.


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