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Monday, June 12th, 2017 01:43 pm
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High School Meme - from a lot of people on the flist

Class of: 1998

Class size: Maybe 350? Maybe more, It was a really big school. A New York City public school.

Did you know your spouse? No

Did you car pool? No. I had a discount Metrocard and I took the city bus to school. I moved to Staten Island (another borough of New York City) in January of my senior year - so I took two buses with free Metrocard by then. (I didn't want to change schools in my last half a year, nor did I need to).

What kind of car did you have? I didn't have a car.

It's FRIDAY night where are you going? Just home. I never stayed out late and mostly just went home after school. When I had to stay late in school for Mock Trial Club, I would hang at my friend Marianna's apartment until my Dad picked me up, but otherwise I just went straight home. I was very boring. Still am. Not a party person.

What kind of job did you have? I didn't have a job in high school.

Were you a party animal? Not even a little bit.

Were you considered a jock? No. But funnily, our high school didn't have sports - it was experimental school focused mostly on academics. So there were no jocks or sport teams. But there were gym leaders - basically TAs to gym teachers. I got into that program since it was a guaranteed equivalent to an A and I didn't want to lower my GPA with a gym class. So I was part of a sport group.

Were you in choir/band? No

Were you a nerd? Yes. I was in the honors classes and AP classes and all that.

Did you get suspended? No.

Can you sing the fight/school song? We didn't have one, I don't think

Where did you eat? In the cafeteria for both breakfast and lunch. I would get school breakfast - I liked coming earlier. And just eat school lunch mostly - there was always someone from my classes to eat with. I'm not picky about food at all, so school lunch food tasted fine to me.

Where was high school? Brooklyn, New York

What was your school mascot? We didn't have any.

If you could go back and do it over? No. I wouldn't want to be a teenager again.

Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? I didn't go to prom. I used that money and my parents and I went to see my first Broadway show (Les Miserables)

Are you planning on going to the next reunion? Not really.

Are you still in contact with people from high school? Yes. I'm still best friends with Marianna and Yeva.

Did you skip school? No. Never. I liked school.

Do you know where your high school crush is? Not really.

What was your favourite subject? History

Do you still have your High School ring? No. I never bought one. Didn't see the point.

Do you still have your year-books? We just had one yearbook of the senior year and, yes, I still have it at my parents' house. I have my junior high year book too from 8th grade.
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First a meme taken from pretty much everyone:

2016 Meme )

Today is the first day of the new semester for me, so I'm at work. My Dad dropped off my Mom very early (6:20am) and drove me to work. He will pick me up at 5 today. I already printed everything I needed to print from Syllabi to first day Writing Samples to my rosters, so now I just have time to kill. My classes are from 1:40 to 4:40 this semester (an hour 20 minutes for each class) and I technically have office hours from 12:30 to 1:30. So I'm now I'm just catching up on books and emails and blogs and commenting.

Before the offices opened and I could print and use a computer, I was looking forward to sitting on the new comfy couches close to the offices. But they replaced them with these modern looking armchairs, which are not nearly as comfortable! Sometimes, new things are not better.

I also wrote an official "intent to move" letter to our apartment's management company. They have no problem in our breaking our lease, as long as they get 30 days notice. They won't have any issues renting the place and for a higher rent pretty quickly. So we will officially move on February 28. Renovations are going well so far, and they should be done by mid February hopefully. As long as they are done enough for us to move our furniture, that should be fine. I definitely don't want to be paying double rent after February.

I watched the first episode of "Victoria" on Monday, which I really enjoyed. This is not a surpise as I generally like historical dramas and English TV series. And while I was neurtal on Jenna Colman on Doctor Who, I do like her in this role. And yesterday, I brought myself to watch the final episode of "Sherlock" for Season 4. I was a bit bored with it and a lot of the plot didn't make sense. I wish they just had a normal mystery and not a convoluted conspiracy/family soap opera drama. I did like where it all ended and I'm happy if it is the end of the show. If it's not, I hope they get back to fun mysteries again.

Something I want to write down so I don't forget later: this last week, Tanya started playing by pretending to be a character and assigning us roles. She is Cookie Monster, Bear is Elmo (somethimes its vice versa) and I'm the Cat in the Hat. It's pretty cute and an interesting stage in her play development.
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31 best moment of the month ([personal profile] zhelana)

Not being too nauseous anymore tops the list! As is the ability to often stay up past 9!

But in seriousness, the holiday season for sure - with potato pancakes for the whole family on Hanukkah and celebrating Christmas and today really looking forward to New Year tonight with photos and big holiday meal and new year.

Also end of the semester was very nice and welcome. So was an unexpected job interview in mid-December and a letter that my job appeal for a city job (the appeal which I sent in in June) was finally granted and I will be placed on the list.

And I had a dinner with Yeva in a Turkish place, and a visit to Marianna to meet her baby son Mozen and eat Himalayan food - both very nice times.

And so is Tanya singing "V Lesy Rodilas Yelochka" (In the forest there was born a fir tree) - a traditional New Year Russian song, at the top of her lungs everytime we pass the Christmas tree in the lobby of our building.
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Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

25.What is your most favourite and least Christmas traditions? ([identity profile] zoefruitcake.livejournal.com)

I didn't grow up with Christmas. In fact, I didn't even know about it as a kid. Our main winter holiday was New Year. Kids got to dress up in costumes and have a party in school where we would get candy from Ded Moroz (Russian Santa). On New Year's Eve, my whole family would go to my Aunt's to celebrate at a big holiday table with lots of food. There would be holiday TV on with lots of songs. I would stay over there overnight, and in the morning, my cousin and I would wake up for presents from Ded Moroz under a New Year tree and have leftover holiday food gor breakfast.

When I came to US, I was amazed by all the holiday lights outside in December. But we still didn't celebrate Christmas ourselves. We did learn about Hanukkah and did candles and continued New Year traditions. Usually we would go to a movie on Christmas Day.

In college, I met Bear, whose family is Catholic. And after a few years I got invited to their family Christmas. And I have been going ever since. That's when I did get Christmas traditions on top of Hanukkah and New Year. And I do like celebrating everything.

My favorite things are helping Bear make Christmas breakfast for his family. He was making pancakes for everyone since he was a kid. I now make scrambled eggs and turkey sausages while he makes pancakes and bacon (I don't eat bacon). We did the breakfast this morning and it was great.

I also like leisurely opening of presents, usually in the afternoon. But with Tanya, we were opening presents in the morning, a little bit at a time. And this year I had a deal with Bear's sister and brother not to exchange gifts. I just got presents for Bear and he got presents for Tanya (along with lots of family giving Tanya presents. I get Tanya presents for New Year). Bear got me a Peer Gynt CD and Ravenclaw socks (again, since he forgot he got me a pair last year :) ).

My least favorite tradition was going to church with Bear's family. I don't mind it, but when everyone chants the creed, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I haven't gone in the last few years since Tanya needs to nap at the time they go. But I generally do enjoy the day and even some church songs as when I went.

Yesterday was the 1st night of Hanukkah too, so we lit the menorah and I made potato pancakes for everyone, with Bear's help (he grated potatoes and flipped them). I love potato pancakes.
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18.What is the one place in the world that you'd most like to visit? ([identity profile] moongirl24.livejournal.com)

There are so many places that I want to go. From California to Australia to China. Too many. But one place was on my list for a very long time - and that is Prague. So many of my friends and relatives have been there and absolutely love it. I would definitely like to go someday. That would be a great vacation.
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My semester is finally over as of Thursday. Yay. So last week has been very busy with all the grading and finishing everything up. I barely had time for anything else. So I will now catch up to some Ask Me Anything questions, comments and just general posts I've been meaning to make.

11.What is your favorite thing about the place where you live? (user name=moongirl24.livejournal.com)

I live in Brooklyn, New York and I love being in the New York. I don't get to go to the city (Manhattan) that often (other than passing Macys in the work commute) but I love the ability to go there if I have time/inclination. I love having Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Met Opera, Broadway and other Manhattan things within reasonable distance. And even after living in New York for over twenty years, there are still so many little corners and museums and new things to discover. I love the variety of food and just the general diversity of it all. Just the other day Yeva and I got together and went to get Turkish food.

Also, thank you [identity profile] moongirl24.livejournal.com for the pretty holiday card - I loved it!

12.If you could magically give yourself a skill or talent that you don't have, what would it be and why? (user name=qwentoozla.livejournal.com)

To be less awkward and more street smart so I can charm myself into a better job and be much better at social situations that seem to help people network. I'm not that great at networking, although I'm not terrible at being social. But I tend to be shyer that I need to be to promote myself - I wish I had the skills to push, to make connections and to advance myself more.

And thank you very much [identity profile] qwentoozla.livejournal.com for your awesome holiday card - loved the llama - it made me laugh.
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10. biggest surprises of parenthood -- how has having a child compared to what you thought parenthood would be like? ([identity profile] hamsterwoman.livejournal.com)

I always thought that I would be a parent, mostly in an abstract way. When we were 19 and first talked about kids, Bear wasn't sure about kids at all but I knew I wanted them at some point. (As he got older he came around, obviously). I never really dealt with babies or toddlers at all, so that was all a big mystery to me. I barely held a baby until my friend Marianna had one and even then it was for like a minute. And I was just scared of that stage. I never even thought about what being pregnant would be like. I did always like kids and I worked in summer camps for all three summers of college when I was 19 to 21, first at sleepaway camp and then at day camp. There I dealt with girls aged 7 to 10, so I was always comfortable with that and could picture that age. But I never really deeply thought or fantasized about parenthood, other than abstract, yes I would like kids someday, to have a family. Once in a while I would have most idealic pictures of playing and talking and sharing my love of books. I didn't really have expectations other than what the hell do you do with a baby? Can't they just magically get to be 6?

So a year after we were married and I was 33, it was really time to get pregnant. And I did pretty quickly. My pregnancy gave me all the happy hormones until about month 6, I only started getting nervous then. But there are books, which helped and I had my Mom who came around a lot and helped tremendously. The most terrifying moment was when we came home from the hospital and my parents left in the evening. They were coming back the next morning, but Bear and I were left with this helpless 2 day old baby with no idea of what we were doing. I don't think i slept that night or for that first week.

The biggest surprise so far was just how much I love this little person. Like we made an actual person. Daily life with a baby or toddler can be boring, frustrating, annoying, tedious but then I look at her perfect face and her curiosity or she says something and it's just amazing. She wanted me to climb up the chain ladder at the playground today, and I said I can't and she just tells me "poprobuy" (try). She won't accept, "I can't". It's funny every time. She is just amazing. She didn't sleep through the night for like 13 months, but I was just willing to wake up at night and take care of her. Just that protective/nurturing instinct was surprising.

And I get so proud of all the little things she does. When she was 2 months old, she was lying on her stomach and I held up her toy giraffe and she raised her head super high for the first time. And I got so happy. How happy she makes me when I think of her is definitely was not something I was expecting very much - I was never a super emotional person.

My other surprise, I think, is how much easier it has gotten with every year. She's still very demanding obviously, but I preferred her being 1 to being a baby and I definitely prefer her being 2 to being 1 - I love her talking all the time and her ability to tell me what she wants. I thought terrible twos would be terrible but it hasn't been bad at all. She has occasional tantrum but I usually know the cause and don't overreact. But she's on the good schedule so she doesn't tantrum often. I think because I didn't know what I was doing and nursing for over a year, so having to pump when I was at work, and lack of sleep all that made the first year the hardest. I'm hoping the baby stage will be a little easier with the second one, although there will be two of them and that will take some new skills and I have no clue how to cope with that. But I will learn.

Speaking of the second one, if everything will go well, I will have one in June! I'm pregnant! Just officially entering my second trimester (there is a reason I put this question on this date). The last two months were pretty terrible - so much nauseousness. I basically coped by going to bed with Tanya at 8:30pm and sleeping early to avoid the worst of it. It's easing up during the mornings and days, but evenings are still hard. Hopefully, it should taper off now. I would really like my evenings back. I barely see Bear as it is. I really hope everything works out since I really don't want to be pregnant again. Fingers crossed.
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6. What's most likely to draw you to pick up a new book or movie or start a show? ([identity profile] qwentoozla.livejournal.com)

For a book, I usually pay attention to recs, whether in real life or on LJ/DW. Or if another author recommends something (I got a lot of recs from the non-fiction Neil Gaiman book). I also look at some awards like Hugo or Nebula awards. There are also classics I wanted to read for a while. I also would read a book if I get them as presents - I feel obligated at least to try. And sometimes I pick a new book because I saw a movie trailer and it looked interesting, but I usually want to read a book first.

For movies - I know the genres I like and I watch those like Marvel movies. I don't have a lot of time for movies, so I tend to be picky. I would watch movies nominated for an Oscar more as well. Some movies convince me from the trailer - I really want to watch "Bad Moms' because of the trailer.

For a TV show - reviews and a trial period of 2/3 episodes. I started watching The Flash because I liked the cross over in "Supergirl" and then Netflix had all episodes. Some shows I watched because Mark Watches website was covering it - that is how I watched all of West Wing, Avatar: The Last Airbender and finally tackled Supernatural. Once in a while I like the actor and go see some of his body of work. I liked Peter Wingfield in "Riverworld" miniseries, so I ended up watching and loving "Highlander: TV series". I also try all shows by Joss Wheadon for example. And sometimes friends recommend shows to me - Dexter and Leverage were on that list. My Dad got me to watch Burn Notice in exchange for him watching Buffy. If Netflix has all seasons, I would more likely to watch it - since I rarely watch shows in real time anymore.
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5. favorite games/toys/etc. from your childhood ([identity profile] hamsterwoman.livejournal.com)

There are a few that come to my mind

1. dish set - when I was around 6 I had a big toy dish set and I was very proud of it. I brought it out to play with other kids in your playground right outside our apartment.

2. I has lots of dolls and I loved playing school with them. If I had to memorize a poem for school, I would line them up and the dolls had to recite it. I also named my crayons and played school with them too. Clearly, I was meant to be a teacher from early childhood.

3. My parents had a record player and I had this record of children's songs from cartoons and such. I loved playing that record and dancing to it.

4. We also had a diofilm player (it's like a projector and you click to show the next slide, which is the next part of the story. Some stories came with a record for a record player too). My Dad would hang a white sheet in the living room and I loved watching those slides. My favorite was about a Bear who had to wash his paws.

5.When I was about 10, Monopoly exploded in the Soviet Union. So we played it a lot. One summer, my cousin Sasha and I played the game all summer until it was done. The Soviet Union version didn't have a mortgage feature (since most people didn't know what that was).

6. I had this favorite toy that did fashion drawing for paper dolls. You put plates into it and use a shade to make different designs, which you can then cut out. I loved paper dolls. I had a book with a paper doll family. When we were moving to America, I sold that toy outside the toy store - and bought lots of candy and gum with it.

7. When we came to America, two months later was my 13th birthday. I really wanted a Barbie since we really didn't have them in Belarus yet. My uncle took my Dad and I to a Toys R Us. I have never seen a toy store that big, a whole aisle of Barbies. My eyes were so wide. My Dad got me a Troll Barbie and my uncle got me a Ken doll. I was very happy.
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4.What makes you like a person and/or become friends with them? ([Bad username or unknown identity: pax_athena.livejournal.com])

With a lot of people I want to be friends with, it's not really explainable. There is a click, a knowledge that you want to know the person better. Something about them or the vibe. Often it's a similar level of personality. I don't know how to explain it. In high school, there were 8 Russian girls in our grade, including me, and we divided into two groups of four. The other four girls were friendly and nice and my group was friendly with them, but they were bolder, dated in high school, had sex, wore make-up, were confidence type girls. And our group was shyer.

In general similar interests definitely attract; having things to talk about. Someone who is nice and unpretentious. Who gets my snarky sense of humor. Someone with not a lot of drama - I can't stand useless drama. But sometimes friends surprise and ebb and flow and it's the right circumstances that draw two people to spend more time together and become friends. But some commonality must exist for certain.
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3.Who would you invite to a dinner party, living or dead? (No family, friends or people you actually know!) ([identity profile] denorios.livejournal.com)

I would want someone who is clever and can carry on a conversation, since I get awkward with people I don't really know. I can be social and snarky but only once I get to know people and can relax. So some writers from the present. And I would like to meet some people I studied from history too, just to see what they are like, assuming everyone would magically speak English and get along. And some famous historians whom I admire but haven't met (I met a lot of really cool women historians whom I admire like Judith Bennett and Ruth Mazo Karras, so I can't iclude them). So for my dinner party, I would invite Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen, Sharon Kay Penman, Eileen Power, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Hildergard of Bingen, Heloise (I do not want Abelard at this party - he would just take over) and Melisande of Jerusalem. I think Neil Gaiman can handle being the only guy at the party.
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2.how has your relationship with Harry Potter (canon or fandom) changed over the years ([identity profile] hamsterwoman.livejournal.com)

I bought the first book in the summer of 2001 because I've heard buzz about it and a lot of kids in the summer camp where I worked were reading it. (I was 21) I read it that fall and liked it. But it was only when I saw the first movie in the movie theater that November that I wanted to read the sequels. My Dad's friend got me books 2 to 4 in some sort of promotion deal and I spent the next 2 months or so reading them. I really got into them then and was waiting until 2003 to get book 5.

I wasn't much into online fandom then, although I did go to some sites, I think. Mostly, it was fun to talk about the books with others. My first real conversation with one of my close friends was about Snape and our mutual love for the character.

I got Bear into the books at the end of 2004 by leaving a copy of the 1st book in his room and loaning him the rest as I went to England to do research in 2005. He caught some of the 2nd movie on TV right before and showed interest so I seized the opportunity. He ended up being a big fan to (although he prefers Dresden Files).

2005 was a big year because that is when I really got into fanfic. I read an article about Harry Potter fanfic in USA Today newspaper and went to check out the sites. I was hooked. Before long, I was reading a lot of Snape/Hermione pairing, mostly because I wanted to read a lot about Snape and that was most common pairing that. And Ashwinder was a good site. I had to limit my intake because I was reading a lot. So many stories.

At some point my friend recommended Sam the Storyteller's stories and I read my very first slash story with Remus/Sirius. It was strange but interesting and took me on a slash path on which I'm still on. And Remus/Sirius are still the pairing I read (and write) to this day, while my Snape phase has cooled.

In the summer of 2005 I was in London, so I got the 6th book at a store there. I wasn't feeling well but I dragged myself to the store, trying not to pass out on the way, but I got the book and read it over the next 4 days. I loved those days where we didn't have all the books, so there was a lot of speculation and a lot of theories. I even got one of those books with speculation essays for New Year one year.

In 2007, my friend and I got book 7 in midnight release and I stayed up for the next 21 hours reading it non-stop. No sleep for me.

After books ended, there were movies but I was mostly in the fanfic world. Around 2010 I started writing my own stories. I wrote one Snape/Lily but then I mostly stuck to Remus and Sirius. In 2011 I got brave enough to join RS Games, which I did every year since and other fests. Writing the characters gave me a deeper understanding of them. I always loved Remus but I couldn't care much for Sirius in canon. But writing about Sirius gave me an appreciation about his character.

In 2011, Bear and I went to Orlando to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which we both loved. In 2014, when Tanya was born and my brain was too tired from lack of sleep, I reread all the books on my Kindle, and that was a great decision. And this summer I eagerly read "Cursed Child" and was happy to be in that world again. I still have to watch Fantastic Beasts but I don't have the chance to go to the movie theater now so it would have to wait.

Still my main connection with Harry Potter now is fanfic. Although this year I can see my interest waning a bit, mostly because of real life stuff. But Harry Potter remains one of the core defining books of my life be a use it defined my online life and real life friendships so much. And inspired me to finally write. I'm less intense about it now but no less in love with the world of it.
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1. thing you are most looking forward to this month ([personal profile] zhelana)

* End of the semester and end to all the grading.
* a visit to Marianna on Dec 18 to meet her new baby boy Mozen, who was born on October 21st
* holidays - Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year and all the holiday food and rituals and all the decorations
* R/S Small Gifts - it just started today and the first story is for me!
* "Fuller House: Season 2"
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I have never done one of these but they always look fun and I like reading other people's questions and answers. So to keep me posting more in December, please ask me questions, as many as you like and on any theme (real life, holidays, childhood, parenthood, TV, movies, books - anything).

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Friday, August 5th, 2016 12:02 am
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 11:02 pm
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Meme stolen from all over - x's by the things you've done:

Fired a Gun -
Been Married - X
Fell in love - X
Been divorced -
Swam in the sea - X
Gone on a blind date -
Skipped lessons or lectures -X (only a recitation that was useless)
Watched someone give birth - (I didn't really watch myself give birth, so no)
Been to North America - X
Been to Australia -
Been to Asia -
Been to South or Central America -
Lived in more than one European country - X
Been to London - X
Been to Paris -X
Been to Venice - X
Been to Spain - X
Been to Russia -X
Seen the Northern Lights -
Been on a cruise - X
Served on a jury - X
Been in a movie -
Been to a Scandinavian country -
Been to Iceland -
Played in a band -
Sang karaoke -
Made prank phone calls -
Laughed so much you cried - X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue - X
Had children -X
Had a pet(s)-
Been sledding on big hill - X
Been skiing - X
Been water skiing or parascending -
Rode on a motorcycle -
Been to a music festival - (I've been to concerts, but not a festival)
Spent at least one night on an island - X
Rode an elephant -
Been on TV - X
Been in newspaper - X
Stayed in a Hospital - X
Donated blood -
Got a piercing - X
Got a tattoo -
Driven an automatic vehicle - X
Driven over 100 mph -
Lived on your own - X
Rode in the back of police car -
Rode in the back of an ambulance - X
Got a speeding ticket -
Got a parking ticket -
Rode a horse - X
Swam with a Dolphin or whale -
Been in a podcast -
Appeared in Dr. Who -
Have an Equity card or equivalent -
Used an Oyster card - X
Have been in a play - X
Have played with a monkey -
Have trained animals -
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It doesn't really feel like spring with cold temperatures and a winter coat but at least it didn't snow as much as it could have. In fact it all melted by morning. The rest of the week is going to be warmer so that's good.

Last week I had Spring Break. It was really nice not to have to go into work. I still had grading and actually got through a little more than half, which is pretty good for Spring Break. I spent most of the week at my parent's house with Tanya, which is not very conducive to doing work. We didn't do anything exciting, it was mostly home and playground and occasional trip to a story, but it was still good to do it somewhere else.

On Tuesday, Bear and I went to our accountant to do our taxes in the morning, and then Bear left for half a week since his work sessions have started and my Mom picked Tanya and I up until Saturday. From now until beginning of June he will have weeks when he has to work very late so it makes sense for him to stay with his parents, just twenty minutes away from his work, rather than drive all the way back to Brooklyn. Those week I and Tanya often go stay with my parents. On the upshot, he will have Monday's off and can watch Tanya then, so less work for my Mom. This week is a regular week for both of us except for Purim and Easter, which will mean baking and some travel.

I still have tons of grading to catch up on but I wanted to do a meme. I also want to keep reading Hardy's "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" which is surprising me. I'm really into it. It's my Hardy novel for the year and I'm really glad I picked it. But alas, work beckons.

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I'm not a big fan of Daylight Savings Time. I mean I like the extra sunlight - not that I go out much in the evening, but I really, really don't like adjusting to the new time. It takes about a week and I read somewhere that your body never really does adjust to it properly. At least my Uni is on Spring Break and I don't have to go to work tomorrow, so I won't have to wake up at what my body thinks is 5am. And if it was just me, I would just grumble a little about it, but it wouldn't be too bad. But I have a toddler, who didn't appreciate going to bed an hour earlier today under the announcement that the time changed. Bedtime took an hour and 20 minutes and I got really tired singing the bedtime lullaby.

She didn't nap yesterday because I was away and Bear wasn't able to get her to nap. So I put her to bed an hour earlier (her usual bedtime is 8pm) and she was asleep by 7:20. But because she didn't have a nap she slept longer and only woke up at 8 by new time. We adjusted the mealtime and nap schedule today but I suspect bedtime would take a while. And I need that time once she goes to sleep to grade this week, so that should be lots of fun.

My friend Janna had a baby three weeks ago, so yesterday I went to visit them. Yeva also wanted to go - I changed the date of the visit to fit her schedule. But Yeva is notoriously late to everything, so I was actually happy that we agreed to just meet in the city and not just go together from here. (We both live in Brooklyn, while Janna lives in Manhattan). I took the subway and was by Grand Central by 10am, right on time. Janna texted me and asked me to stop by and get her a cappuccino as a nearby local shop - she declared it the best gift ever. Yeva didn't even leave her house by then :) I spent about three hours at Janna's. First it was just us and a sleeping, tiny baby. She was born 5 pounds 15 ounces, and while she has been gaining weight well, she is still so tiny and adorable. Like a tiny live doll. Then Yeva came about an hour later. And then Janna's husband and her older daughter, 2 and a half year old Jo, came home from shopping as well. It was very nice to just hang out. I gave Janna the cross-stitch I did for baby Jac (short for Jacqueline), a little toy monkey and a monkey outfit. This is a year of a monkey and I was born in the monkey year too - so represent. And I got some coloring books for Jo, so she wouldn't feel left out.

At around 1, after holding the baby, who was awake, changed and fed by then, and taking lots of pictures, Yeva and I headed out. Since Yeva had her car, I just went with her. We went to get some pizza and hung out some more. And then I headed home, stopping by to get some cheese for the lasagna I was making that night. So a nice half a day just being social, something I did need.

Today was a much quieter day. I washed the floors, then we went to the playground. Nothing extraordinary. But the weather is so lovely and spring like this weekend, that it just felt very relaxing. Back to grading tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 09:25 pm
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I'm too tired for a real post right now. I had to stay later at work for Folder Review - a meeting with one of the program directors. So I'm going to do a meme for fun. Taken from [personal profile] hamsterwoman

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