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Today is the last day of the year 5772 by the Jewish Calendar. Since I started keeping this blog three years ago, on the 1st day of 5770, I feel I need to wrap up the year and also do a new layout tomorrow on my blog site.

I have not been as consistent this year in keeping the blog – there were many skipped days, especially this summer. And last week. Quick summary of last week – for Yeva’s birthday last Sunday we went to baths which were in the style of Roman baths and that was pretty fun. The rest of the week was the usual work week. My parents came back from Aruba and brought me back lots of chocolate and cheese. I finally put up postcards and a few photographs above my desk. And I’m generally settling in the new routine.

There were certainly a lot of changes this year – with getting married and moving – it has been a good year, overall, I think. And I’m looking forward to the next one. And my one firm resolution is not to get behind on my blogs. And to write more. So contrary to my nature, I will attempt to not procrastinate.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading John Le Carre’s “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” because I want to see the movie with Gary Oldman. I knew almost nothing of the plot. I read “Little Drummer Girl” seven years ago and loved it, but I’m not a big fan of thrillers so this is my second book of his. I didn’t have much time to read, only in the mornings sometimes, in the last few weeks – I was busy with Herodotus – but I think I read almost a third of the book today, because I just had to know what happened and who the spy was. I couldn’t put it down. I still have about twenty pages left and I have a feeling I won’t sleep until I’m done. I love it when a book does that.

Happy New Year to all who celebrate it!
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Over the last three weeks I haven’t been blogging. Mostly it was moving and setting up new internet and run down to the wedding, the wedding itself, first week of classes at Local College and figuring out transportation and the mini-honeymoon Bear and I spent in New Hope, PA for the last two days. So it has been a pretty busy three weeks. But now we’re home in our apartment and I will blog much more regularly as I settle into the new routine.

The wedding last Sunday went well – all according to plan, which was nice. I love my dress – it was so lovely and Bear looked very handsome in his suit. In the morning, Mama and I went to Brooklyn to the hair dresser and then the make-up girl came to my house. Bear and Jeremy, his best men, came around 1:30, had lunch, changed and then we all went to Fort Wadsworth, right by Verrazano Bridge to take pictures of fabulous views. (By Russian tradition, the groom needs to go to bride’s house to pick her up). Yeva met us there since as usual she was running late.

After all the pictures we drove to the restaurant. All the guests came on time and we had our ceremony at 6:30 with a priest and a rabbi. Everyone seemed to have a good time. There was a lot of alcohol and Bear’s friends were really into Belarussian champagne (we also gave alcohol as parting gifts). There was a show in the restaurant and dancing too. Bear and I danced in the private room before we did the main restaurant floor to cheesy music and green fog – it was such a fun cheesy moment. And we had our cake with wedding bears on top. We actually took the bottom half home – the chocolate layer (the top layer was walnut) – and Bear took most of it into work and we’ve been eating the rest all week. So much delicious cake. And after the restaurant, Bear and I drove a short way to our new apartment.

wedding pictures )

After fourteen years together, getting married doesn’t actually feel all the different. It is a little weird to call him my husband but other than that even living together doesn’t feel that new, although it sort of is. Mostly, I’m just happy we could spend more time together but so far, it is not that different.

For our mini-moon, we went to New Hope for a few days (we want to go to Grand Canyon in January for the actual honeymoon). I needed to go into work on Thursday for my Writing Program orientation but that was on the way to the vacation. We stayed in a very nice B&B and we actually got a lot done in two and a half days. We walked around the town and shopped a bit (I love a magnet that says “A monkey can do my job but he would demand better pay”), went canoeing, had a giant milkshake, watched fireworks, went on a 1920s style train ride and went to all three Washington Crossing National Park sights. And had nice food too.

We almost done setting up the apartment – we still need a couch and different bar stools but it is coming together. Bear bought an exercise bike – so now I have no excuse but to work out at home. I will try to get into a more productive routine now that I have to set a new routine. And teaching has started and I will need to figure out a new commute too. But it is good – I do like the change.

I haven’t been reading that much actual books this summer but I did finish “Infidel” by Aayan Hirsi Ali – which I liked but found a bit problematic at times since I do believe in multiculturalism more than the author does. Now I’m reading “Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy” by John le Carre (I want to see the movie and I know practically nothing about it.

As for TV, I’m loving the second season of “Grimm” and I watched Season 1 of “Teen Wolf” on Netflix, which I enjoyed. I will catch up with second season online too. I can’t watch SYTYCD here since I don’t have cable, just the internet but I do catch up on dances the next day, so there is that. This Fall TV Season I have the least number of TV shows to watch in the longest time and I’m really OK with that.


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