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It is a really weird thing, but on the night before the first day of class, no matter how many years I’ve taught, I can’t sleep much and I keep waking up looking at the alarm clock. I think it is just not knowing the routine yet and wanting to be on time.

I finally got out of bed at 6:45 and got out of the house at 7:20 after eating breakfast and making lunch. I was meeting Rosemary at 7:50 and I was just a few minutes late because the subway was a little late, so it wasn’t too bad. And it took us an hour to get to school, which is definitely better than taking the train in. I will save time and money by carpooling.

The first day of class is always a little weird since I’m just giving out the syllabus, explaining the class and giving them the Writing Sample. I don’t actually get the feel for the group dynamics until the first class. But they seem like nice kids. It is their first day of college so most were pretty nervous. While they were writing, I reread the article we will discuss on Friday and, in the second class, looked over the writing from the first class. One students from my second class might need more help so he might be transferred out.

I got home by 5. It was pouring rain so I just stopped in the little Russian store for bread and did not buy sausages like I wanted. I‘ll do that tomorrow. I still made myself a nice salad for dinner and reheated some pasta from yesterday. Bear is at work late, he will probably stay at his parents’ for the night, so it is just me.

Thank you cards are never done – just when you think you got all of them, there are still people to thank. Argh. It is not my cultural practice at all, so I find them a little weird but for a wedding, I understand the necessity.

My parents are in Aruba right now, and today I called them on Skype. They are too busy to go into town there because they are busy sunbathing and swimming. I really want to be on the beach right now too.


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