Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

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Blog for Feb 24 – Mar 2

We’ve moved! I don't have the Internet until Thursday, March 2nd, so I'm just going to type and update in a Word document, and then post when it is finally installed. I do have some 4G data, so I'm not completely cut off and can read blogs and news, but I am trying to be a little conservative with it.

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Tuesday, Feb 28 was a low key day. I did finish "A Wrinkle in Time" which I didn't really like. I don’t know why – I think the plot was a little silly/weird and some religious undertones made me uncomfortable. Maybe I would have liked it as a child.

Wed, March 1st – Tanya slept through the night without bugging anyone – yay. I graded midterms in the morning and then went outside with her for a bit. Got potato filled samsa for work today from local supermarket – yummy. Kitchen guy finally showed up to finish the kitchen today, so when I got home from work, my Mom already organized the kitchen well.

Bear sold my Buffy Season 8 comic books on EBay! He's on the selling streak this week as our little Panda washer from the old apartment sold too, and he shipped it already.

And now we got internet installed and I need to grade because I have a big work deadline on Monday. Good to be able to just go online. And I just downloaded "The Goblin Emperor" from the library so there is distraction too.


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